Furniture Secretary Desk Cabinet

You have never seen a secretary desk like these. Designed and crafted by master woodworkers and stained to perfection, these secretary desk cabinets will make a very lovely addition to your home. Use it as a desk, or don't. It doesn't change the fact that having one of these gorgeous furniture pieces will complement any room in elegance and style.

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Ludlow secretary

Ludlow secretary
This furniture secretary desk cabinet delights with its unique design. Repurposing old trunks and incorporating them into the project constitutes a fabulous idea, which helps to create a smooth-looking urban decor.

Going greige tips for choosing this all around neutral

Going greige tips for choosing this all around neutral
A fashionable idea to accommodate your kitchen with a touch of contemporary elegance and practicality. The set is made of wood, and hand-painted to look more classy, offering many storage space and multiple drawers, so you could properly organize all your necessities.

Camden Drop Lid Secretary Desk

Camden Drop Lid Secretary Desk
This beautiful black secretary desk with hutch enchants with its traditional appeal, fitting well into refined classic living rooms. Its multiple drawers and drop lid create a very functional storage space.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet

Impressively made furniture secretary with desk cabinet is a perfect solution for living room or home office. The finish in impressive design enjoys with details and beautifully presents itself in the interior.

Antique secretary desk with bookcase

Oak's secretary's furniture - with hand-carved original finish. It's like going to the aristocrat old aunt,o the countryside and see that wooden desk cabinet, with many drawers, glass elements - floristic decorations, mirrors and longevity style.

Antique secretary cabinet with drop down desk for sale

Antique Secretary Cabinet with Drop Down Desk - For Sale

Furniture secretary desk cabinet

This lovely, handcrafted wooden secretary in color of a dusky sky. Made of Peruvian oak and pine hardwoods. Hand-painted, distressed blue finish. Imported. Pull-down door could be a desk surface when opened.

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Ideal for small homes since they are a good space-saving measure, but equally suited to a large home where there is no lack of space, the secretary desk cabinet is a versatile and popular piece of furniture which could make your busy life a lot easier. If you regularly work from home, find yourself without even workspace around the house or just want something different to put in your study or living room, a desk cabinet such as this could be the answer. Let's take a closer look at the designs that you will find.

What are some features of secretary desks to consider?

  • Desk Hutches. A desk hutch will add storage on top of your secretary desk.
  • Roll Top. This is a common feature of narrow secretary desks. The roll top is a cylindrical covering which you can pull over a surface so shelves, compartments, and nooks on the desk are covered.
  • Pull-Out Surface. A panel that can be pulled out and tucked away will give you extra work surface that you can use for writing or mounting a keyboard.
  • Cord Accommodations. Modern secretary desks have specially designed holes to conceal and organize cable wires for effective wire management.

What are some interesting designs of secretary desk cabinets?

Secretary desk cabinet with mirror and shelves

This design is like several pieces of furniture all in one item. It's a great way to get everything you need in one room, even when you are pushed for space. At the top of the cabinet is a mirror, which is either square or circular and has a wooden frame around it. Below this, there may be a pull-out desk, forming the main feature of the cabinet. There are often drawers underneath this for even more convenience when storing your essentials. At the side of the desk, there is a unit of shelves, which may or may not have a glass door protecting it. On the shelves, you are able to store your favorite ornaments, or you can use it as extra storage space for books, paperwork and more. There are normally around four shelves and three to four drawers. The wood may be antique and traditional, or you can opt for a more defined and modern oak or pine wood look.

White shabby chic secretary desk cabinet

If you don't want something that looks too vintage and old in your home, opt for a lighter and brighter secretary desk. White cabinets are able to brighten up your home more, and if they are kept in a natural condition, it's easy to paint over them with a different color in the future if you wish. The cabinet is taller than many other designs, such as the luggage trunk cabinet, and stands at around six or seven feet. The top of the unit often has shelves, covered by a glass door or other form of protection. The middle of the cabinet consists of the secretary desk, which may include other storage space within it as well as the space to do work. Below the desk are either three medium-sized drawers, or more shelves.

Repurposed luggage trunks secretary desk cabinet

A great way to make the most out of luggage trunks which would otherwise go to waste, a repurposed and recycled look is ideal for contemporary homes and is highly practical too. The design takes the form of two or three large trunks, which are turned on their side and affixed together to create a larger unit. The top or middle trunk can be opened and closed to create the secretary desk, while the other trunks can be used for storage space. These desks are often dark in color, and can either be made yourself and then decoupaged for extra design, or bought from a manufacturer.


Furniture secretary desk antique

This secretary bookcase desk will stylishly adorn your bedroom or home office space, creating a space to store not only books, but also documents, papers, office supplies or any other stuff you need.

Beige cabinets 11

Beige is a universal color, it fits perfectly with all colors, and additionally optically enlarges small rooms. An interesting solution is especially kitchen furniture in this color. Here we have beige cabinets with black round knobs and minimalist fronts.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 1

Painting old furniture

Chrome cabinets 1

White cabinets make every kitchen a cozy one. To add elegance you should use marble brown, glossy kitchen countertop just like here. The cutting edge of modernity brings a chrome finish of the remaining cabinets and appliances.

1920s antique oak side by side secretary desk curio cabinet


Antique secretary cabinet

My MIL owns this exact "secretary"... I need to style hers like this!

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 2

Primitive & Proper: Which Way to the USSR? (A Map Wall in the Playroom); And Something I Won't Paint awesome oak arts and crafts secretary as liquor cabinet with anthro snail knobs

Grey cabinets 33

Bright kitchen remodel that uses light beige cabinets, bright sand beige counter and diamond tiles backsplash in matching tone. We tend to forget about the simplest colour layouts, which are however the classiest ones!

Eastman secretary desk

antique secretary desk by Fischer's Furniture Restoration

Secretary desk furniture

A chic traditional wooden secretary unit finished in browns and featuring a chevron design on front panels. It has corner columns, paw-like legs, a rectangular top. A cabinet has a flip down lockable door. Each of 4 drawers has 2 ring brass pulls.

Beige cabinets kitchen

The color used for this spacious cabinets is called -Clay Beige by Benjamin Moore.It present perfect for the kitchen very warm light gray.With the countertops,stone backsplash also in bright,natural color creates beautiful interior for cooking and family time.

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Posted by Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - Oakland at 11:55 AM

Antique side by side golden oak cabinet secretary desk 1800

Antique Side By Side Golden Oak Cabinet Secretary Desk 1800-1899 photo

Office canterbury secretary desk with bookcase top shown in maple

office - Canterbury secretary desk with bookcase top, shown in maple ...

Amish office furniture amish desks amish secretary desks 5

amish office furniture amish desks amish secretary desks

Beige cabinets 7

Neutral-colored cabinets that feature white wooden compartments and drawers with solid metal handles. They are paired with a kitchen island in the same stylization. All these elements include durable marble tops.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 12

I really love the bright color, cute background pattern, dark hardware, and detailed molding on this secretary. All in all, perfect!

Italian secretary desk

A stunning, antique secretary desk that will give your working space a vintage look. It is characterized by top shelves with glass doors and bottom drawers. In between there is a space for your laptop and charming, tiny shelves for small items.

French secretary desk 1

This secretary desk with wonderful details can be used for storage and also as a home bar. In light blue color and rustic design fits perfectly to classical room decors. It offers a lot of space to storage with cabinets and drawer.

Secretary desk love this desk not sure where id put

secretary desk -- love this desk. Not sure where I'd put another piece of furniture in my home, but somewhere

Furniture secretary hutch

This antique cabinet with a working space is a great solution for small rooms. It features shelves behind the door, drawers, and a desk in between. It comes in a beautiful turquoise color that matches the walls and an armchair.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 10

I love this....when I was young I desperately wanted a rolltop desk (the real kind, w/ the secret compartments)..this puts me in mind of it

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 13

Love how they used bead board panels on the outside of the tub and trimmed it with a deep chair rail moulding.

Beige cabinets 2

Practical, comfortable and stylish kitchen decor. It features a large kitchen island with marble top and four simple bar stools. Durable wooden cabinets are neutral-colored and functional thanks to their storage compartments.

Cappuccino Armoire Desk

Cappuccino Armoire Desk

Painted secretary desk

This beautifully painted secretary desk is an example of a well-designed handmade project. With 4 drawers and opening, capacious front, it's multifunctional and charming, bringing new storage spaces and surfaces, as well as many warmth to the interior.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 6

Handmade Desk Bookcase - Shabby Elegant, Paris Apartment- The Etagere Desk

Vintage desk with hutch

Do you want to arrange an office like from a rustic mansion? A wooden secretary desk with hutch, and cabinet at the bottom, a glazed upper side in a traditional style with a cream color full of stylized rubs - it will absolutely allow such arrangements.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 4

Metropolitan Museum of Art Extravagant Inventions: The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens. The meteoric rise of the workshop of Abraham Roentgen (1711–1793) and his son David (1743–1807) blazed across eighteenth-century continental Europe. This landm

Beige cabinets 6

Gorgeous beige cabinets delight in the details and bring lightness and functionality to the decor. Elegant details in the form of a wooden table, chairs, benches and a fabulous kitchen island with marble counters delight.

Furniture secretary

A highly decorative, Antique secretary desk from Italy. It was distressed by a green paint. It's a beautiful, but also very functional piece of furniture as it provides a lot of storage space. It will suit interiors in a rustic style.

Antique Style 2917-BN Wooden Linen Cabinet in Walnut Color

Antique style cabinet made from luxurious wood. The colour of the wood itself is enough for us to fall in love with this cabinet. Rich carvings and finish add to this piece of art. This is a true eye-candy among the furniture.

Secretary desk 34

Secretary desk.

Secretary cabinet desk

Very odl school, old-fashioned secretary desk/cabinet. It's repaint and refreshed, made from wood. Totally amazing accent is it's turquoise interior with 3 shelves inside of it. Best place for your favourite vases and decoration.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 9

English Country Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 2

Wooten desk they look like a cross between a rolltop

Wooten desk. They look like a cross between a rolltop and a jukebox. Can you imagine a better setup for beading or other crafts?

Grin Rustic Brown Secretary Desk Cabinet

Sauder Sauder Edge Water Smartcenter Secretary Desk - Estate Black

Furniture secretary desk cabinet 7

Eudora Welty's writing room. The set of pigeon-holes/cupboard item is called a secretary. I like it a lot.

Antique side by side secretary desk

This would be great in a bed and breakfast, top drawer is made into a desk.

Furniture secretary desk cabinet

A lovely addition for homes that are splashed with a touch of vintage elegance. This practical and stylish desk cabinet is wood-made and covered in a distressed off-white finish, with 1 two-door cabinet, 2 inside shelves, an enclosed desk with French print, 2 drawers, and a hand-carved top.

Secretary desk pull down desk one shelf one drawer under

... secretary desk pull down desk one shelf one drawer under desk storage

Hampton bay whalen dark secretary writing desk

Hampton Bay Whalen Dark Secretary Writing Desk