Secretary Roll Top Desk


Adding a roll top secretary desk will give your study that vintage look that really completes it. Can you just imagine how great it's going to look surrounded by bookshelves? Sit back, light up a cigar, and settle in to that vintage time while you take some time to peruse this collection.

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Reserved for rachel robins egg roll top

Reserved for rachel robins egg roll top

Many people dream of such secretary roll top desk.Finished with fantastic turquoise paint,environmentally friendly. The central drawer is also lined with a green flock, where you can store all your accessories.Its classic form will delight your eye every time.

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3 Drawer Secretary Desk in Antique White

3 Drawer Secretary Desk in Antique White

Secretary desk in antique style. It is equipped with drawers and open shelves for storing personal items. Decorative rounding add taste and elegance. Ideal as place for work at home.

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Secretary Desk

Secretary Desk

A secretary desk with five, spacious drawers, all simply ideal when it comes to accommodating your belongings and keeping the room neat and tidy. The wood and metal construction is reliable and strong and the dark finish makes it stand out in any setting.

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Small roll top desk

This original looking small secretary desk is an amazing option if you want something fancy looking and practical in your home office. Its delicate color and wood construction create specific neat atmosphere.

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Painted roll top desk

This unique set delights with style and possibilities it creates. A kind of mixture between a secretary and a roll-top desk. It features double rotary shelves, which offers a variety of usage. An ideal place to store documents, office goods or jewelry.

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Secretary roll top desk 1

Roll top secretary desk. Painted in alaskan tundra green shade. Handcrafted boxes to fit into cubbies, as well as a map decoupaged onto the writing surface. Ideal for cabinet or study room, also great as artistic deco.

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How to paint a roll top desk

High-quality secretary roll top desk constructed from wood. The piece is finished in a vibrant sky-blue shade and accentuated by vintage style metal pulls for impeccable visual appeal. You also get several storage compartments including two relatively large drawers for your office papers and other supplies.

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Cheap roll top desk

The exceptionally important and stylish secretary roll top desk is a great combination of beautiful details, many drawers for storage and an exciting finish. The whole is very functional and will work in any interior of your home office.

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American oak roll top desk with chair early 20


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Secretary desk painted

This writing desk with drawers-was updated in elegant style with great ideas.Contrasting color Duck Egg-light green,delicate-fits perfectly in the interior. Dark wax was applied to him. This secretary roll top desk has a 3 big drawers and 5 smaller on the top.

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Secretary Roll Top Desk

Buying Guide

Secretary roll top desks are often compact, but they still provide enough surface space to work on your laptop, do your homework, journal in a notebook, or even type on a typewriter. Furthermore, most secretary roll top desks are equipped with several drawers and shelves for storing office supplies, documents, accessories, and other personal items. You can even use the vintage desk’s compartments to keep your bills, mail, and personal correspondence organized in the living room. Once you’re done with work for the day, you can simply use the roll-top to keep your work hidden away.

A secretary roll top desk can fit in any room in your home, but the best locations are the entryway, living room, and home office or corner workstation. However, a key consideration in its placement needs to be how often you will put it to use.

An entryway is a perfect place to display your antique or newer roll-top desk. Not only will it add to the decor, but it can serve as a central location to keep your keys, mail, stamps, envelopes, handbag, and anything else you need.

If you plan to use your secretary roll top desk often, place it where it’s easily accessible, close to an area you spend most of your time. This can be in a corner nook, a separate office, or in the living room. If it is more of a decoration, the entryway, dining room, or living room are perfect spots to display it.

Secretary roll top desks aren’t only sought after for their charming and functional design. They’re also a favorite among those with small spaces because of their compact size! Therefore, you can easily squeeze a secretary roll top desk anywhere you want without it taking up too much room. These desks generally measure anywhere from 30 - 40 inches wide, sometimes more or less, depending on the model itself. Their height varies as well, with some reaching up to 70”. Unlike with traditional desks, you’ll need to clear a little wall space to make room for the secretary desk’s vertical storage compartments.

Best Ideas

Secretary roll top desk

This lovely secretary with rolled top is covered with rare turquoise milk paint. The deliberate distressing added rustic charm, which will for sure delight all enthusiasts of shabby chic.

Oak finish wood small secretary roll top desk with single drawer

Classic roll-top desk, perfect for hall, living room, or any other place where you need your desk to present an organized, clutter-free appearance. Pigeonholes and small drawers help with the process, and the rolltop hides your work.

Roll top desk makeover

Secretary desk for work organization at home. Base consists of 9 drawers in various sizes for storing documents and others personal items. It is made of wood and fitted with metal handles.

Secretary roll top desk 15

Blue Roof Cabin: Roll Top Desk Makeover I just got a little Roll Top Desk - I want to do this with it for My Craft House!!

Distressed roll top desk

A charming antique secretary desk with a roll top hutch. It's made of oak wood with a warm brown finish. Its tall curved legs, wavy aprons and all other surfaces are covered with intricate floral carvings. A drawer and a roll top have round knobs.

Old fashioned roll top desk

This small secretary roll top desk is an exactly what I was looking for! The maple finish and lovely design fit perfectly into my nook, which is creates in the bedroom.

I really want to play with some crappy furniture in

I really want to play with some crappy furniture in our basement (School of Restoration: DIY Chalk Paint)

Repurposed secretary desk

Light blue vintage secretary desk with small drawer and cubbyholes. On the desk, there are laptop, books and chest with photos. Above the desk, are located books, camera, candle holder and photo frames.

Secretary roll top desk 21

Polka Dots and Pizza: Re-Finished Roll Top Desk COMPLETE!

Secretary roll top desk 13

color scheme; painted green secretary tone on tone

Roll top desk white

Amish Secretary Roll Top Desk

Roll top desk redo

Secretary desk with roll top. It is made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings on the base. Includes open shelves and drawers for storing personal items. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Vintage roll top desk

A beautiful secretary desk with a roll top. It offers plenty of storage space due to several drawers and many open shelves for your smaller office supplies. The top of the unit may serve as a display area.

Secretary roll top desk 17

My secretary's dress code....for sure.