Computer Desk on Wheels

Computer desks on wheels are an efficient way to move your desks items from room to room, or perhaps work from your favorite recliner. A lot of them offer multiple uses, from a mobile laptop cart to podium and lectern. Those with a stand up desk option are great for people who work long hours in front of the screen. A change of position from sitting to standing will bring them health benefits in a long run.

A computer desk on wheels can be your best asset for a small and mobile workspace. Take a look at the chosen options below and see what we mean.

Mobile Standing Desk

Mobile Standing Desk

Desk technology and design has changed a lot over the years, and one fantastic innovation is the standing desk. Sitting too long can lead to lethargy and the possibility of blood clots in the legs, but a standing desk takes away those concerns, while giving you better posture and more attentiveness.

This computer desk on wheels is perfect for active work habits. Move your computer around the room, the office, or the building, and have it at the ready whenever you need it, all without bending over. And this model is all steel, very sturdy, and comes in standard black for modern office spaces.

What we like:

●   Adjustable height

●  Four quality castors

●  Two shelves

●  Steel construction

What we don’t like:

●  Bottom shelf immobile

●  Time consuming to build

Olivieri Computer Desk on Wheels

Olivieri Computer Desk on Wheels

A lovely setup that would look at home in a country or farmhouse decorative style, this desk on wheels boasts many features not common on other models. For instance, it has plenty of shelves, and all but the bottom shelf is adjustable. It is more than just a desk, but a presentation center that will occupy very little space overall.

It features four heavy-duty castors and two brakes to keep it firm in place when its mobility is not necessary. The whole steel unit is available in a very fetching polished white color with light colored veneer shelves. And if all of that didn’t seal the deal, it comes with a separate matching printer stand. This desk with wheels has it all.

What we like:

●  Lots of shelves

●  Fully adjustable

●  Classic look

What we don’t like:

●  There is nothing we don’t like about this desk.


Moveable 4 wheel Computer Desk

Moveable 4 wheel Computer Desk

The best way to stay efficient is to keep your workspace clean and simple. You will accomplish way more with this basic computer desk with wheels, and you can stay on the move. In all steel in basic black and with plenty of room for your monitor, keyboard, and tower, with this setup, you are ready to finish those projects.

It is short, great for sitting work, and very stable. The shelves are hard clipboard material, with the keyboard shelf easily sliding out to meet your fingers. And if you don’t need it anymore for working, it can be repurposed elsewhere in the home or office.

What we like:

●   Sturdy

●  Good Construction

●  Simple design

What we don’t like:

●  Wheels don’t lock

Inbox Zero Desk with Wheels

Inbox Zero Desk with Wheels

Where desk concepts meet innovation, you find the Inbox Zero Liftable Desk. What makes it so spectacular? For one, the adjustable height with just the simple act of lifting the main work surface. It is hydraulically powered to easily raise with minimal upward pressure, and then descends with the flip of the release. A very versatile idea that will accommodate anyone.

But this is only that start. It is designed to slide under your chair or bed for relaxing while working. It comes with two small shelve built into the leg frame and the top folds upward to allow easy movement if you don’t wish to roll it away. Add the 180 degree swivel motion and you have a pretty fantastic desk on wheels.

What we like:

●  Innovative design

●  180 degree swivel

●  Hinged desk top

●  Well-made

What we don’t like:

●  Nothing

$86.99 $89.99

Gymax Folding Computer Desk On Wheels

Gymax Folding Computer Desk On Wheels

In a word, this desk on wheels is just plain clever. It starts with the simple style and appeal. White steel legs and supports are the framework for this desk, while the work surface and drawers are a light colored veneer. Such a color scheme will fit well in any home, and its size will not crowd your work space.

This is even more true when you factor in the foldable option. The overall size of the unit is almost cut in half as the top folds down the side of the cabinet space, with the supports hinged and hugging the front of the drawers. And all of it atop six heavy duty castors for easy mobility.

What we like:

●  Foldable

●  Three drawers

●  Well-designed

What we don’t like:

●  Difficult to assemble

OneSpace Desk on Wheels

OneSpace Desk on Wheels

Yes, it is titled as a writing desk, but it is more than just a simple place to write. In this contemporary loft style workspace you have plenty of room for all your work needs, all on a well supported steel frame with fetching wood top. It is quite a bit larger overall that the traditional wheeled work desks but is simpler in design.

The structure that comes in three colors for your decorative needs holds up to 150 pounds and is very sturdy, easy to move, and on four heavy-duty castors with locks, can be moved out of the way and secured in place. This large work space can be used for a multitude of projects, not just work.

What we like:

●   Sturdy steel frame

●   All castors lock

●   Large work surface

●   Three colors

What we don’t like:

●   Design may be too simple

Baillargeon Pewter Computer Desk

Baillargeon Pewter Computer Desk

A desk on wheels befitting the modern style, this computer desk is quite an attractive option. It has a futuristic appearance and smooth sliding features that make it seem to have come from a few years form now. All of its lines and edges are curved, showcasing a unique build you will love to see.

The table top for your monitor or laptop is a solid sheet of clear glass big enough to also hold your speakers. The slide out keyboard and mouse cubby is on whisper quiet tracks that move with ease. And the large, sturdy shelf below has room for your tower, as well as plenty of other work items. All of this is mobile on heavy-duty castors for a great desk on wheels.

What we like:

●  Futuristic style

●  Pewter color over steel supports

●  Glass top

●  Big shelf

What we don’t like:

●  Not super sturdy

$66.99 $130

Merax Overbed Computer Desk on Wheels

Merax Overbed Computer Desk on Wheels

When we saw this was an over-bed design, we thought it was like many of the others, but we were blown away when we discovered it goes over the bed, completely, with the legs touching the ground on each side. This model is essentially a long standing desk with room for anything you can possibly need, but for working form bed, it cannot be beat.

Roll this over your queen size bed for working when ill or if you just feel like relaxing, and if you wish to have it as your standing desk, you will love the backsplash that keeps your stuff from falling off the back. It is a wonderful concepts, it rolls on heavy-duty castors, and its steel structure will keep you happily toiling away for years to come.

What we like:

●  Inventive design

●  Over-the-bed model

●  Two lockable castors

●   All steel frame

What we don’t like:

●  Only comes in black

Our advice Buying Guide

If you have your own home office, you know there are myriads of furnishings and supplies that are needed to make the space as functional as possible. One of those key pieces of furniture you need is a computer desk with wheels, most especially if you lack a clean, sturdy surface to mount your PC.

With tons of incredible computer desks with wheels available online, you'll need a guideline that will help you determine the best unit for your space. Check out our buying guide below as we've listed the variables that you need to consider when selecting a desk with wheels.

How to determine the right size for a computer desk with wheels?

Even if all you need for your home office is a flat, clean surface to prop a PC on, you should NEVER ignore ergonomics and comfort especially when you will be using the desk for hours.

Most computer desks with wheels are 30" high. This height is fine for most people, but not everyone. The ideal computer desk for you is one that offers enough leg room. It should also come at the right height. When you're testing out a unit, bend your arm at a 90-degree angle. See if your hand rests comfortably on the surface. Desks with wheels may come with an adjustable leg height, which offers more versatility for this purpose.

You would also want to ensure that your chair fits under the desk. You wouldn't want to sit awkwardly a couple of feet away from the keyboard. Measure the width and height of your chair to avoid any surprises.

Consider also the placement of your monitor. It should be at an arm's length from you. The ideal desk is not too deep or you'll waste space behind your monitor.

What are the qualities of different computer desktop materials?

The desktop itself would be where you will make contact with your new desk. This is where most interaction with the unit occurs. The material that makes up a desktop will determine how a desk will look and feel like while it is being used.

  • Wood - A wooden surface is the most traditional desktop form. It may manifest over all-wood desks or mounted atop metal framing.
  • Glass - A glass surface is capable of adding a bold, modern touch to a desk. It may be paired with a metal or wood construction. Since glass is clear, it expands visual space as well as lighten up the whole furniture piece. Most glass desktops are removable for easy cleaning, moving, and maintenance. Glass desktops are also available in various shapes and configurations.
  • Metal - Metal desktops are excellent in utilitarian design. They resist scuffs and stains, and they remain cold to the touch. Metal is a modern material that is often paired with modern-styled desktops like glass.
  • Laminate - A laminate desktop consists of a protective material that's placed on top of a wooden construction. The coating is often plastic in order to give a desk the ability to resist warping and staining. Laminate surfaces aren't the most luxurious when it comes to desktops. However, they offer versatility, peace of mind, and practicality.


Kool kolor cobalt blue computer desk with caster wheels desks

Kool kolor cobalt blue computer desk with caster wheels desks
Portable computer desk. The wheels make it easy to move it around the house. Blue colour ensures cheerful character, while the quality materials make sure it won't flip or break under the weight of your laptop.

Venture Horizon Oak Mobile Desk And Craft Center

Venture Horizon Oak Mobile Desk And Craft Center
It is a very interesting piece of furniture that plays the role of a computer desk. It is a mobile, space saving product equipped with wheels and extended surface. The extended desk measures 29 inches high x 45 inches wide x 18 inches deep.

Brewster Workstation

Brewster Workstation
Functionality of this workstation adds to your working place to make it become truly congenial. It is easy to organize all computer components with wide C-shaped bottom shelf, keyboard shelf, smaller upper shelf and spacious top.

Mason Ridge Mobile Computer Desk

Mason Ridge Mobile Computer Desk
It is a mobile computer desk that has got a contemporary design, oak finish and metal frame. It is perfect for your home office and will make your work more comfortable. It has got four casters for easy mobility. You need to have it.

Rothmin Computer Desk

Rothmin Computer Desk
This is an extremely practical computer desk. It consists of a table top on which you can work. There is a separate special place on the computer's central processor. At the top is a pull-out shelf for keyboard. There is a platform for the monitor. There are two drawers.

53.5" W x 28" D Mobile Computer Table Shell with Reversible Top

53.5" W x 28" D Mobile Computer Table Shell with Reversible Top
When it comes to computer room decor, functionality is what really matters. This workstation table features rolling casters with useful locking option for mobility, reversible wooden top, grommet holes and convenient cable management. Organizing has never been as easy!

Brawny 60" W x 30" D Work Table

Brawny 60" W x 30" D Work Table
This is a very practical and durable work table, wide enough for two workstations. It features an extra PC shelf on both sides. It has a modern, simple, modern design, solid casters and a grey finish.

36" W X 24" D Flip and Fold Utility Table

36" W X 24" D Flip and Fold Utility Table
The design of this mobile utility table combines modern functionality with traditional elegance thanks to wooden construction in natural finish. Four locking wheels provide both mobility and stability.

Computer desk with wheels

Functional and aesthetic, this modern computer desk has all you need to work with your laptop. Wooden construction and a high gloss white finish feature 1 rectangle top, 1 open shelf, and 4 caster wheels for easy mobility.

Board cherry wooden computer table desk with wheels dx 1108

... Board Cherry Wooden Computer Table / Desk With Wheels DX-1108 supplier

Desk wheels

A contemporary office must-have - this computer desk with wheels is a great solution if you work in home and like to change the climate from time to time. Its wheel equipment provides a comfy, full mobility.

Desk with wheels

A functional castered computer desk with 2 round metal legs on one side and a door cabinet and a drawer on the other. It has a pull-out keyboard tray, a large top, a shelf on 2 posts with a spiral design. Wooden materials are finished in light brown.

Home office computer workstation with drawers keyboard and printer shelves

Home office computer workstation with drawers, keyboard and printer shelves and storage. This mobile desk is on castors (wheels) for ease of movement.

Rolling computer desk

Adjustable computer desk to provide the best position for computer users. You can adjust the height of the table and the bend of the tabletop, for the most convinient level. The wheels allows mobility of the desk.

Adjustable computer desk ikea

Simple and functional beyond measure - this computer desk sports the design with wheels, so that you can move it to whatever part of your house needs it most and it is not too big, so that if fits any interior.

Desk with casters

For every fan of the industrial looks this desk is the way to go with its strong design and casters that allow for an easier adjustment and make it much easier to move around. It spots the charming two tone black and dark brown finish.

Roll away computer desk

A modern roll-top computer desk having a body of wooden materials with a finish in light browns. It has 2 oval side walls, 2 undertop cabinets with grey metal flip down doors and 2 inverse Y-shaped supports of grey metal tubes with locked wheels.

Computer desks on wheels 1

Thanks to well-thought design, this office desk serves utility sake effortlessly. Mobile caster wheels, three big drawers, keyboard tray, PC compartment sided by narrow cabinet, computer screen shelf, CD rack, all in one.

Desk casters

The mobile computer desk with additional wheels. Small and common, fits to many types of interior, because of its simplicity. Useful mostly for limited space offices. Unfortunately it is not enough space for me.

I saw this in a store last fall and fell

I saw this in a store last fall and fell in love with it. If i had the right place i would love to have this in my house.

Computer tables on wheels

Great for small spaces - made from exotic mango wood,which presents one of the most beautiful shades of natural wood; and steel. To enhance its functionality, there were added wheels so that your computer can move where you want it, right with you.

Metal desk on wheels

A lot of work that is based on technology,on many monitors and computer hardware. Such a command center - it would be great to connect to a desk with a rounded double top, with an extra bottom, metal frame and black shades- on wheels.

Computer desks on wheels 2

A functional computer desk equipped in wheels, which lets you work in various places at your home. If you hide a sliding desk, you will get a pretty coffee or side table, making it a top choice for small apartments.

Ikea red computer desk

This computer desk with wheels will be a convenient addition to any contemporary office space, both private or proffesional. Its four-wheeled construction provides mobility, allowing you to safely take your computer with you.

Multi level computer workstation desk w shelves wheels home office

... Multi Level Computer Workstation desk w shelves wheels home office

Small desk on wheels

Furnish the home office space with this computer desk, which is functional and good looking. It features the oak finish, four wheels and it measures 24 by 20 by 29 inches.

New Home office Computer Workstation Office Desk / Table W/Wheels C28

Computer table mounted on wheels for easy movement. Metal base is reinforced with crossed supports. Top has large usable surface. Great solution for work organization at home.

Rolling computer table

Functional and space-saving, this computer desk moves on caster wheels for easy motion. It will perfectly fit a corner of your room or office, offering 3 pullout units - each consisted of 4 open storage compartments.

Mayline eastwinds computer desk easily move this compact and transportable

Mayline Eastwinds Computer Desk - Easily move this compact and transportable computer desk wherever you need to be working at the moment. With thermally fused laminated surfaces and a steel frame, this wheeled desk is sturdy and durable. It h

Industrial empire desk 30 25 hx53 w black by home

Industrial Empire Desk, 30.25"HX53"W, BLACK by Home Decorators Collection. $449.00. 30.25"H x 53"W x 29.5"D.. From the Industrial Empire Collection, this desk features a distinctive style reminiscent of Mid-Century modern design. With a black finish and 4

Computer tables on wheels 10

The old rolling computer table changed into the moving sewing station! The old open drawers are a perfect place to store all the accessories needed for tailoring. The mobility of this piece of furniture allows you to work even outside.

Eurostyle brichi metal computer desk on casters in black and

Eurostyle Brichi Metal Computer Desk on Casters in Black and Chrome ...

Small student desk ikea

A stunning and yet simple computer desk that offers a design simply perfect for your modern styled interior. This piece comes with the sleek new workspace and offers four caster wheels for easier mobility.

Computer desks office furniture 1

Computer Desks, Office Furniture

Lightweight computer desk

computer desks with wheels - Yahoo Image Search Results

Computer cart ikea

This simple kid-puzzle-style solution lets you pack up and go in moments. No folding, bending, twisting or complex transforming required while you wheel your way to larger spaces with a lightweight, portable, all-in-one foam office furniture unit.

Accessories furniture cheap and contemporary desk for small space design

Accessories & Furniture, Cheap And Contemporary Desk For Small Space Design Ideas With Wonderful Black Curved Computer Desk Also Beautiful White Base Plus Cool Black Wheels: Modern Desks For Small Spaces

Small desk with wheels

Imagine how a professional game player would be delighted with this black metal computer desk on strong gray wheels. The table can move with the players. The dark color is so universal that it fits into any interior.

Ikea desk on wheels

This computer desk with wheels offers practicality, well-packed in a traditional form. Its bright wood finish will be a soft touch to any classic space. Features considerable storage space, divided between shelves and drawers.

Small rolling desk

This modern computer desk is a captivating combination of solid steel construction with castors for office work, a separate shelf for equipment, a monitor, and a slide-out keyboard shelf. The whole is extremely functional.

Laptop computer table on wheels

This computer desk with wheels constitutes a contemporary proposition for a modern office. Aluminium rods, supported by several smaller bars constitute the base of this minimalistic construction.

PAG 4 Wheels Laptop Desk Assemble Table Adjustable Hight and 360 Degree Rotatable Desktop Tray ,Black

A cool modern laptop desk. Its black metal frame is built of an H-shaped castered base, 2 upright stems (with knobs regulated height) with horizontal arms on top ends with 2 separate rectangular rotatable tops (one is adorned with floral motifs).

Computer table with wheels

computer desks with wheels - Yahoo Image Search Results

Lavish home black laptop desk with wheels 80 ct10080 the

Lavish Home Black Laptop Desk with Wheels-80-CT10080 - The ...

Portable computer desk on wheels download page home

Portable Computer Desk On Wheels Download Page – Home ...

Top 5 small metal computer desks for your home office

Top 5 Small Metal Computer Desks for Your Home Office ...

Computer desk with keyboard shelf wheels by choice

Computer Desk with Keyboard Shelf + Wheels – By Choice ...

Corner computer desk pc table study gaming desk with

Corner Computer Desk PC Table Study Gaming Desk with ...

Home office roll computer desk pc laptop table workstation

Home Office Roll Computer Desk PC Laptop Table Workstation ...

Luxor black laptop desk with wheels standup sc40 wb the

Luxor Black Laptop Desk with Wheels-STANDUP-SC40-WB - The ...