White Home Office Desks

Not all Home Office furniture has to look the same. If you are looking to brighten your Home Office, then perhaps a white Home Office desk is what you're looking for. These desks are very well made and have all the traditional features of the Home Office desk. See collection for details

Best Products

Bedford Corner Desk Set

Bedford Corner Desk Set
This beautiful, light colored decor provides a tranquil feel that helps you focus, yet it has just the right amount of ornamental details that please the eye! I imagine I could study and work happily without distractions in a room like this!

Pursuit Professional Office Desk Shell

Pursuit Professional Office Desk Shell
Wide desk for home or office according to need. Rectangular tabletop offers plenty usable surface. Modern and functional design.

Tribecca home myra vintage industrial modern rustic oak storage desk

Tribecca home myra vintage industrial modern rustic oak storage desk
Writing desk fitted with 4 open shelves for storing books, display decorations and more. It is made of combining wood and metal. Rectangular top offers large usable surface. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Modern Office Desk with Hutch

Modern Office Desk with Hutch
A contemporary office desk with a hutch attached to it. It is a tremendous mix of great style and functionality. It also features a built-in bookshelf deal for storage and organization. Available in a white high gloss finish.

White home office desks 3

Light colored layout for home office. Ivory cabinets, desk and picture frames are matched with dark gray walls. Drafting office chair features scroll arms and arched back. I'd replace the ivory collection with white office furniture.

Home office furniture sets

Classic desk fitted with cabinets and drawers for storing needed items. Construction is made of wood. Top has large usable surface. Great solution for work organization at home.

White home office desks 1

My idea of the perfect home office... It was made from dark wood bookcases painted white and a chair from Marshalls

Our advice Buying Guide

How to make your home office look bigger?

One way of making a home office look bigger is choosing and arranging your office furniture wisely. This is especially if you want to make the most out of your available space.

However, your furniture should still be comfortable and functional. If you can't find pieces that are appropriately sized, consider having it custom-made.

Next, consider taking advantage of vertical space for storage. Storage units and cabinets should all be vertically designed and can go up to the ceiling if necessary.

Cloud storage is another viable option if you don't need all your files in paper form. By organizing your cables or choosing wireless solutions where ever possible, your office will have the appearance of being neat, tidy, and more organized.

Another tip is painting your office walls in a light color, such as beige, white, light green, or yellow, which is an effective way of creating the illusion of a larger space. Getting a white home office desk and other furniture in white, will add to this effect.

Also, get as much natural light into your office space as possible. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space and light and go minimalist with decoration. Lastly, keep the floor clear and clutter at bay.

What wall colors to choose for white home office desk?

Unless you personally like a white overload, we recommend choosing a wall color that contrasts (even if only slightly) against your white home office desk, as it would almost disappear against a wall in the same color.

The right hue for your room will depend on your existing palette. However, if you’re going to use your white home office desk to work, you might want to consider one of the colors that have been proven to boost productivity, like teal and light blue, grey, or pastel yellow.

What are the best materials for a white home office desk?

The best materials for white home office desks are poplar or maple. These wood species are affordable compared to other hardwoods. Because poplar and maple are hardwoods, they resist shrinking and warping and can withstand general wear and tear much better than softwood. This is ideal for desks because you won’t groove or mark the desk by working on the surface.

Other excellent materials for white home office desks are oak, pecan, mahogany, and walnut. All are highly durable, offer smooth surfaces you can paint, and are easy to maintain.


White home office desks

When you decide to work at home, you should organize your space in the comfortable way, because you will spend there a lot of your time. This interior should be useful, but also stylish, because no one would like to work in the ugly place.

White home office desks 23

Inspirational Office Workspaces | Part 16

White home office desks 21

Home Tour: Amber Thrane Of Dulcet Creative |

Light wood desk 3

20 Beautiful Home Offices | Bright Bold and Beautiful

White home office desks 20

Home office makeover. In desperate need of a desk like this

Home office furniture white color theme white office furniture set

Home Office Furniture White Color Theme : White Office Furniture Set

White home office desks 9

We love the freshness of the white clear space - looks like it would make working a dream!

Small room computer desk

small home office designs in closets and with built in furniture

Office furniture house interior designs ideas with hutch and white

office furniture house interior designs ideas with hutch and white ...

Space saving pc desk

home office for two, interior design ideas instead of cabinets under window I want a reading nook

White home office desks 3

Black and white spaces look extremely sleek and minimalistic, embodying the minimalistic spirit. This office is a self-contained masterpiece, with a long, functional desk and contemporary black and brass chair.

White home office desks 8

gold bernhardt desk. Pink Peonies by Rach Parcell

Corner desks white

Hanna Home Office Collection

Grey office desk 3

I like the panels behind the desk. I wonder how it would look in white with a wood tone desk.

White home office small home office classic desk image

White home office | Small home office | Classic desk | Image ...

White home office desks 11

Desk mounted on crossed legs and reinforced with solid supports. Construction is made of wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

White home office desks

eames DAW with white/wood home office desk - 25 Amazing Home Offices You Don't Want to Miss!

White home office desks

Your home office can become your favorite place, thanks to space, where you can find a white, elegant desk. A very thick top, covered with white veneer, joins elegantly crossed wooden legs. The White home office desk is ready for hard work time!

White home office desks 8

A Luxe Home Makeover By JWS Interiors via @glitterguide features our chic Jett Desk.

White home office desks 7

We kick off our collection with this pretty DIY number that began life as an extremely dated brown hutch. With a lick of paint (and a good dose of creativity) the old piece has been transformed into an item fit for this glamorous home office space; read t

10 gorgeous home office makeovers office makeover from bower power

10 Gorgeous Home Office Makeovers Office makeover from Bower Power. Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue.

Oak home office desks

Go for noble oak in your home office: take a peek at this wooden furniture office set, providing complete furnishing for the sake of office needs: a large desk, some armoires, curio cabinets and storage furniture.

White home office desks 5

Long, shallow desk in front of a window - the window will can be used also! (Tape cords along the back!)

Writing desks for home office 2

A cool simple modern writing computer desk manufactured of wooden materials finished in white. It has a thick rectangular top and quite tall upright angular tapered legs with simple straight stretchers.

White home office desks 9

Workspace | Home Office Details | Ideas for #homeoffice | Interior Design | Decoration | Organization | Architecture | Desk

White home office desks 2

Desk made out of a flat door and stock table legs from a home improvement store.

Large oak computer desk

With the wire base and plastic seat this chair remains popular and stands the test of time, completing each decor beautifully and making for a fine, clean and simple addition to any possible space in your home.

Neon pink chair

Katie Taylor's Austin, Texas Home Tour | The Everygirl

White home office desks

{Home Sunday} Room Redo: Crisp White Home Office || Pretty Pear Bride

Cynthia rowley home decor

Beautifully upholstered chair with black legs for timeless elegance. Nicely finished on the edges, it's versatile and appropriate for any design. Wooden legs are durable and fashionable all at the same time. Go ahead and get some rest!

White home office desks 6

20 Simple and Stylish Home Office Designs

Oak office desks

Truly amazing setup for an office or a study room. A very modern, simple long desk with a smooth wooden surface and a matching cupboard for storage purposes and a huge, wonderful bookcase.

Oak home office desks

This set home office desk, made from solid oak wood, will provide functionality and quality for years. Its vintage, wooden design shall appeal to all who enjoy rustic style.

Writing desks with drawers

Office desk in the Art Deco style. It is made of wood in two shades. Includes drawer for storing needed stuff. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Victorian oak bookcase

Office desk made of wood with antique finish. Includes drawers for storing documents and other personal items. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

White home office desks 7

A blank wall will look stunning if you take benefit of a photo collage. For a sophisticated, artisan feel, choose your favourite photos in monchromatic palette, such as blacks and whites or sepia. The effect will impress everyone!

White home office desks 1

A restful workspace is a dream of everyone who's working at home. White color creates a calm and comfy space to focus on your job. Pictures on the wall add a homelike atmosphere.

Black home office furniture

Home desk with open shelves on the base. It is completely made of wood. Rectangular top has large surface. Perfect solution for work organization at home.

Monarch Reclaimed-Look Left or Right Facing Desk, 48-Inch, Natural

A modern addition to your home office, this gold computer desk features three easy-glide drawers and a convenient hutch for additional storage. The frame is made of metal with a grey mat finish. Oak wood was used to create this modern desk

WE Furniture Elite Metal Computer Desk, Black Glass

Simple modern desk. Its metal frame, sturdy X-crossed legs joined by flat rectangular slats at the bottom are finished in black. It has tempered safety glass top with silk-screened surface and spacious fibreboard drawer underneath.

Home Office Furniture Inval Solid Wood Computer Desk in White

Terry High-Back Office Chair

Terry High-Back Office Chair

Operator chairs

Operation Organize: 6 Tips for a Chic and Tidy Desk. I like the idea of an inspiration board.