White Corner Desk With Shelves


A white corner desk with shelves is a wonderful and useful addition to the home, whether the need is for a home office or just somewhere to do the bills. These white desks have all the trimmings a person might need in their perfect desk, and then some. Store things on the shelves, and never have to worry about losing important work items. See collection for more.

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White corner desk with shelves

Desk with bookcase in modern style. Construction is made of wood. It has keyboard tray and open shelves in various sizes for storing books, display decorations and more. Ideal solution for work organization at home.

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White corner desk with shelves 15

Corner desk

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Corner Desk in White

Corner Desk in White

This corner desk in white finish brings the ideal mix of style and utility to your household, letting you enjoy a spacious workstation that will offer ample space for keeping a laptop or paper works.

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White corner desk with shelves 5

Hollow Corner Desk - love for kids room with little space

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White corner desk with shelves 4

This would be perfect if it were Dark wood and someone could either buy it for me or make it... :) Can't afford that. Any takers? Stay organized with this white corner desk. A bookshelf design and optional left or right set up finish this

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White corner desk with shelves

Create a convenient workspace for your household with some help from this amazing white corner desk that offers extra shelves to make organizing your belongings even easier, while taking up as little floor space as possible.

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Homcom foldable rotating corner desk and shelf combo white 0


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Desk with shelves above

Classic Ikea Storage Ideas Shiny Drum Pendant Light Compact White Bookcase Small Rattan Baskets Cool Wall Lights

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White corner desk with shelves 15

Suzie: EM Design Interiors - Sweet girl's bedroom with pale pink walls paint color, built-in ...

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Liverpool Computer Corner Desk in White

Liverpool Computer Corner Desk in White

Efficient Computer Corner Desk in White Finish, perfect for children’s rooms, offices, and studies. With a convenient keyboard tray, a cord management, and 1 spacious storage shelf, the desk offers all you need for your work to be easier and better organized.

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White Corner Desk With Shelves

Buying Guide

A white corner desk with shelves is a great way to modernize your office space. Choosing light colors for furniture is ideal for a small room because the brightness makes it feel more spacious. A corner desk enables you to swivel between two work surfaces, allowing for better organization and zero wasted space.

Shelving can be below the desktop or above, like an attached bookshelf. The latter is ideal because this extra height uses the wall space in your office effectively and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling.

To make the most of your desk space, maintain an organized work area with a filing system and avoid clutter on the desktop. In a small space, minimalism is a key approach to staying organized and still finding storage space for everything you need in the office.

Other desks that are excellent choices for a small home office include a folding desk that can be stored under a bed or sofa, a Murphy desk that fold flat against the wall, or a small vanity that can be used as a desk, side table, and makeup station in your bedroom.

The exact dimensions a corner desk with shelves should have varies by product, but relatively standard measurements are roughly 51" W x 51" D x 28.3" H. This size provides you with sufficient surface area for working on the desktop, with storage space underneath.

When selecting your white corner desk with shelves, consider the size of your office space and how much of the room you’re willing to devote to this unit. You may need to sacrifice some width or depth on the desk in a tiny office to avoid making the room feel cramped. The height of all desks should be around the 28”- 30” mark to adequately accommodate a desk chair.

The best room to place your white corner desk with shelves is your home office. This allows you to separate work from home life and gives you a designated area to get your work done.

If your home does not have a spare room that can be made into an office, you can place your white corner desk in your bedroom, ensuring it is as far away from your bed as possible. This distance allows you to create a distinct space between work and relaxation time.

A white corner desk also works well in a walk-in closet or bathroom as a vanity table. The corner design saves space in the compact closet, and you can use the desk’s numerous drawers to store beauty products.

You can place your white corner desk with shelves in the living room. However, if you are someone who gets distracted easily, you should face your white corner desk with shelves, toward the wall. Alternatively, use the desk as an entertainment center by placing a small TV on the desktop and storing multimedia items on the shelves.

Best Ideas

White corner desk with shelves 1

adore this whit on white office, now if they'd only move that huge beam i KNOW i would kill myself on....

SEI Walnut Fold-Out Convertible Desk

For small spaces, this convertible desk fits the bill. When you don't need a working surface, just fold it up - it creates a wall-mounted case when folded and it takes no horizontal space. When unfolded, it offers a desk surface and some storage compartments.

White corner desk with shelves 7

Another narrow desk example. With narrow legs.

White corner desk with shelves 8

Super organized desk - want this in my kitchen Just needs a chair with a back on it ....

White corner desk with shelves 11

kind of a cute work space with inexpensive file cabinets and plywood to form desks and shelves above

Via musta tuntuu white home office string system

Via Musta Tuntuu | White Home Office | String System

White corner desk with shelves 14

small work corner / string furniture

White corner desk with shelves 8

Don’t mix your work with your personal life. If you decide to work from home, you should pick a spot that you don’t need to use for anything else. Ideally, you should have a separate room for this. Other added purposes will only distract you from your

White corner desk with shelves 24

Design Styles, Decorating Ideas | Minimalist Working Desks from Pianca

White corner desk with shelves 3

Home office with the String Shelf via The Design Chaser.

White corner desk with shelves 18

A cool though simple wall mounted corner desk and open shelving units. They're of wooden materials in light browns and have metal frames. An openwork metal file cabinet on wheels has 3 drawers. Shelves are adjustable due to perforated wall mounts.

White corner desk with shelves 2

Desk for teenager's room and others interiors according to taste. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Great solution for work organization at home.

White corner desk with shelves 23

would look perfect with a cream colored chair in my bedroom :) TMS Corner Wood Writing Desk in Black - 23607BLK

White corner desk with shelves 4

Open storage with natural organizers (such as wicker baskets, linen & flax boxes) is a proposition for all, who like to have everything in its right order in their office. An eco-friendly proposition for modern home offices.