Kids Corner Bookcase


Kids love to read and learn from books. That is largely inspired by watching their parents. And just like their parents, they also want a bookshelf. For the corner of their room, put in a kids corner bookshelf and let them start their own library for the home. They will want to continually add to it just like mom and dad do. Who knows? It could inspire them to become a writer.

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Our Picks

Dr seuss wooden unique whimsical custom

Dr seuss wooden unique whimsical custom

Original bookcase in modern form. It consists of 6 open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood. Perfect for storing books, toys, display decorations and more. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

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Pottery barn kids corner bookcase

A functional, corner bookcase for your kid's bedroom. It features a nice and simple design with a few open shelves, which will keep your child's room organized. It's relatively low so the top of it can also serve as an accessible storage space.

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Kids corner bookcase

This corner bookcase is a great supply to your children bedroom, adding space to store things used on daily basis. It can also constitute a vulnerable corner in the nurseries or kindergartens. Built from solid wood, birch veneers on select finishes and MDF.

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Children's Kitty Corner Bookshelf with Height Adjustable Shelves, Solid Birch Wood, 44" Tall

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Kids corner bookcase

A charming arrangement of your child's bedroom. It features a functional and cozy cushioned bench with a bookcase underneath the seat. A low location of the bookcase makes it possible for your kid to grab a book wherever he or she wants to.

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Kids corner bookcase 4

Highly useful wall mounted bookcases designed for kids. Constructed from wood and finished in a unique slightly glossed light brown shade, the piece offers up to five different shelves, enough to cater to your storage needs. It’s also incredibly easy to set it up.

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Kids corner bookshelf

White corner bookshelf. This minimalistic piece of furniture due to simple design will be fit perfectly for every interior. It will be good choice for cramped cumbersome flat. It can be use for books in living room or toys in children bedroom.

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Up cycled corner bookcase made with a recycled wire spool

Up-cycled corner bookcase. Made with a recycled wire spool. Cut to fit the corner, sanded, and stained. Used shop wheels underneath (kept the bolts from damaging the floor, and also were just enough to move it, but not so movable to cause a danger). In

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Kids corner bookcase 1

Fairy tale kids room. Fun forest themed arrangement: floating shelves create a shelving tower / corner bookcase AND mimick a tree trunk. A branch painted on a wall was a place to affix the hanging hammock like chair.

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Like the boards baskets and jars for storage are glass

like the boards, baskets and jars for storage... are glass jars safe in a boys room?

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Kids Corner Bookcase

Buying Guide

The height of a kids corner bookcase should be decided in relation to that of your child. For toddlers, we don’t recommend going above 3-4 feet, otherwise it’d be too difficult for them to reach it. You might also want to avoid shelves so as to discourage them from climbing onto the bookcase.

As for slightly older kids, the correct height will depend on whether or not you’re planning on replacing the bookcase in a few years.

If you are, just check how high they can reach without stretching (perhaps by using one of your existing bookcases as an example). If you want the bookcase to grow with them, just opt for a taller model but consider keeping their favorite items on the lower shelves. For extra peace of mind, you should secure your new kids corner bookcase to the wall to avoid tipping accidents.

A kid's corner bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture that doubles as a bookshelf and storage area. Style your kid's bookcase with pictures, stuffed animals, or figurines. Fill mason jars with colored pencils and crayons and set them on the bookcase shelves. You can also put your kids’ favorite toys on the lower parts of the bookshelf so they can easily grab them to play with. If you use your bookshelf this way, consider your child’s age and only put safe items within their reach.

Use higher shelves of your kids' corner bookcase as additional storage for items only you will need to access, like clothes and diapers. Put these items in wicker baskets or canvas cubbies and set them on the shelves. With these extra uses, don’t forget to use your kids' bookcase as a reading hub where all their favorite storybook covers are easily visible.

The best materials for a kid's corner bookcase would be a material that resists sagging and retains its structure and finishing for as long as possible. That said, we've found that bookcases made from solid wood boards are the best.

However, solid wood is a costly option, so plywood that has a hardwood veneer is highly recommended for quality and cost-effectiveness.

Another advantage is that it is stronger than some solid softwoods like pine. Plywood bookcases are also available in different veneers like teak, mahogany, cherry, and walnut.

Best Ideas

Cameron corner bookcase gives me an idea for the dining

Cameron Corner Bookcase. Gives me an idea for the dining room.

Kids corner bookcase

Land of Nod kids storage. Hack a bookcase or existing toy box? I love the dividers on the top shelves for keeping books separated, but not for $300

Sliding door bookcases

If I ever remodel the space I'm in, the two current front bedrooms could be combined to create a playspace/guest room sort of like this, only way uglier and messier.

Kids corner bookcase 2

A nice bookcase for your kids' room with the extra cork board on the side and the amazing mirrored side on the other piece, ensuring maximum use of the space and the extreme functionality. It sports a design with five huge shelves.

Hayley nursery bedding baby girl nursery pbkids

Hayley Nursery Bedding / Baby Girl Nursery #pbkids

Bookcase bunk bed

A wonderful option for your kids' bedroom! It's a simple, white bunk bed with a ladder, but what makes it exceptional is a bookcase on the one side of it. The shelves are narrow so the books can be nicely displayed.

Redford white corner bookcase traditional bookcases cabinets and

Redford White Corner Bookcase traditional bookcases cabinets and ...

Kids corner bookcase 2

Revolving Bookcase - $599- if these were cheaper, I would be in heaven...

Kids corner bookcase 5

Ideal for a nursery or a children's bedroom in general, this corner bookcase is actually a great example of a well-designed DIY item. Featuring 7 tiers, this two-sided construction offers enough space for any collection.

Cameron bookshelf pottery barn

Innocent, delicate bedroom of young people - surrounded by pastel colors and white. In white, there is also made a kids wooden corner bookcase, which is divided into two sections, as required by two beds.

Kids corner bookcase 1

reading nook (okay, I love this nook but whoever things they should put their kids behind a closed curtain with an open window inside is just asking for trouble)

Corner bookcase kids

Power Broker Episode 105 Nursery Tree Bookcase

Corner desk with hutch

A whole working set for children bedroom, designed with idea of functionality and capacity. It features a chest of drawers, a bookcase and a built-in to help your children learn and develop their creativity.

Kids reading bench

This DIY kids corner bookcase is a great example of upcycling. Using old PVC pipes and fabric enabled to create a charming canopy over the bookcase. It will fit both into boys and girls bedrooms.