Wooden Corner Shelves

Another fun advent in the corner utilization possibilities, is the wooden corner shelves. Put some in, add some books or chachkies, and enjoy the decorative styling. There are curved shelves, flat edge shelves, and shelving units that use the corner as a base point. Whichever type you choose, you are sure to love having that tricky space in the corner as a usable space.

Best Products

Designs2Go 5 Tier Folding Metal Corner Shelf

Designs2Go 5 Tier Folding Metal Corner Shelf
This 5-Tier Corner Shelf in Black Finish is designed of durable metal, offering sturdy and eye-catchy, tubular construction. The unit includes 5 open shelves for displaying decorations. Easy to fold, and easy to move.

Dr seuss wooden unique whimsical custom

Dr seuss wooden unique whimsical custom
Original bookcase in modern form. It consists of 6 open shelves in various sizes. Construction is made of wood. Perfect for storing books, toys, display decorations and more. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Wood Wall Shelf

Wood Wall Shelf
This is a high quality wooden piece of furniture created for use in different indoors. This wall shelf includes different, attractive patterns in its shelf areas. All compartments are able to hold up to 45 lbs.

Wooden corner shelves

Wooden corner shelves resemble elegance and functionality. They offer an unnoticeable storage space, while maintaining your floor space. Recommended especially for tiny spaces, will fit into both traditional and modern interiors.

Wooden corner shelves 1

Made of old door - perfect bookshelf with five shelves it's a perfect symbole of recycling and also a great design. You have a desire to open this book world and put this corner bookshelf inside of your interior. Nice, shaded, rubbed styling.

Wood corner shelf

Corner rack with antique finish. Construction is made of wood. It has 5 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing books or display decorations. Neutral and functional design for each room.

Corner wooden shelves

shelving idea... I would do three (2 on one wall and 1 on the other) in the corner of our living room and put pictures and stuff on them... love!

Our advice Buying Guide

When it comes to shelving for homes, homeowners have so many incredible options, including wooden corner units. The right shelves won’t just offer the best place for the display of valued items, but can also free up valuable floor space. If you want the shelves that will let you make the most use out of your living spaces, read on as we have a buying guide for wooden corner shelves below.

How to design with corner shelves?

Before you pick out the first corner shelf you see, devise a (rough) sketch first. Draw out the arrangement that you want your corner shelf to feature as well as its placement in your home. This way, you have a clear picture of what you’ll accomplish. Make the layout of your home. The corner shelf is best placed in an area that is accessible.

What types of corner shelves are there?

Wooden corner shelves are grouped into different grades based on their quality and type of construction: stock, custom, semi-custom, and ready-to-assemble.

  • Custom Wooden Corner Shelves - Custom shelving is made-to-order and it offers you the most diversity when it comes to finishes, accessories, material, and style. Custom-made corner shelving is unique with a tailored size as per your instructions. It can also come with an innovative design solution that suits your unique living space. With custom shelving, you get exactly the unit that you want. It can even be hand-built by a skilled artisan!
  • Semi-Custom Wooden Corner Shelves - Semi-custom shelving allows for size adjustments. It also offers you an excellent cabinet construction. Sizes can be altered for an increased depth. Although this type of construction offers changes, you won’t be able to change everything about a semi-custom corner shelf.
  • Stock - Stock corner shelves are economical options. They're mass-produced, so they come in fixed sizes. Although they’re less versatile, they offer lots of options in terms of finishes and materials including particleboard and solid wood.
  • Ready-to-Assemble - Ready-to-assemble wooden corner shelves are great for people who are skilled in doing their own home improvement projects. The selection available online on this type of construction is narrow, but you’ll be saving a lot of money if you find an RTA wooden corner shelf as it’s the cheapest from the bunch.

Set a budget as you might have to spend on the installation of your shelves. This applies to free-floating units.

How much are wooden corner shelves?

The cost of wooden corner shelves can vary depending on a lot of factors like the material, type of construction, and its maximum weight limit. You’ll find units that are $40 each, but each shelf will only be able to carry minimal weight like that of picture frames and vases.

We always advise homeowners to stick to the budget they set but also think of splurging a bit as wooden corner shelves, especially those that are made of solid wood, can last for half a century given they’re cared for and maintained.

So, that’s it! You now know essentially everything there is to know about wooden corner shelves. That means you’re ready to shop. Check out your choices now!


Wood corner wall shelves

Minimalistic corner shelf made of natural wood. It isn't a good place to storage your books, because it isn't very capacious, but it will be perfect to storage frippery or expose crockery made of porcelain.

Notice that they are big medium and small even with

Notice that they are big, medium and small. Even with nothing ...

Wooden corner shelf 1

This beautiful wooden corner shelf embodies what's best in contemporary design. Irregular shape with regular capacity allows storing your books, magazines, photos, flowers or whatever you find enhancing for your living room.

Wooden corner stand

BEECHCRAFT Scoop Wooden Corner Shelf Set - 12"

Bathroom corner shelves wood

Mission Folding Bookcase as Great Filing System

Wood open shelves enchanting brown wooden veneer corner wall shelving

Wood Open Shelves: Enchanting Brown Wooden Veneer Corner Wall Shelving ...

Repurposed existing door with shelves a nice conversation piece restore

Repurposed existing door with shelves! A nice conversation piece! Restore an old door. There are so many uses!

Wooden corner shelves 2

Have you ever wondered how to make floating corner shelves? It's super easy and all you need is wooden angular shelves and imagination to create nice and decorative corner like the one in the picture. Cool for your personal items and decoration.

Shelves with corbels

Do you think that the only way to decorate flowers - is a flowerpot? Yes, this ceramic, embossed white pot is a beautiful decoration, but unity is only with a wooden carved wall plant pedestal stand. The corner sconce consists of triple wings.

Wooden racks for drawing room

Crafted from dark wood, this beautiful corner shelf constitutes a smooth spot to display your items. 4 tiers can offer pretty much space for books, photos, magazines, flowers or any other bits and pieces.

Corner wood designs

Butcher block countertop with butcher block open shelves, not sure I love it like I thought I would.

1000x1000 jpg 1067


Old door corner shelf

A statement piece storage, would be great in a bathroom as well. Wooden corner shelves for walls looks simply like a small piece of art or a wooden sculpture. You can keep their any items you want; cosmetics and perfumes etc.

Regis wooden corner wall shelf regis wooden corner wall shelf

regis-wooden-corner-wall-shelf--regis-wooden-corner-wall-shelf--11yxch ...

Walnut Finish Wood Wall Corner 5 Tiers Shelves Bookshelf Case

This sustainable standing corner shelf is made from high-quality walnut wood. Having 5 tiers, placed on a surface of 75"H x 16" x 16", it constitutes a good proposition for books storage. What is more, it is light-weight and easy to assemble.

Walnut 5 tier angled wood bookshelf corner shelf storage shelves

... Walnut 5-tier Angled Wood Bookshelf Corner Shelf Storage Shelves

Danya b corner zig zag wall shelf


Uniifurn Square Wall Shelves Rounded Corner, Set of 3, Black

Corner shelf or corner shelf pair sorry the ladder shelf

... Corner Shelf or Corner Shelf Pair. Sorry, the Ladder Shelf is no

Lavish Home 4-Tier Wood Folding Corner Display Shelf

Corner shelves design

hanging wood corner shelf system designs corner wood wall shelf

Corner wood shelf

Corner rack made of wood. Includes 4 shelves arranged vertically. Perfect for storing books or display decorations. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Office furniture corner desk

So cute for a small office space. Wish I could find a desk like that to refinish or paint!

Wood and metal bed

like the metallic pillows with copper pendants above. Would be really pretty for a log cabin bedroom. Copper tones.

Homeaxcess Zebra Corner Wall Shelf

Corner wood shelves

DIY Project Plan: Learn How to Build a Custom Closet Organizer

Wall mounted wood shelves 1

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Corner shelf bamboo corner shelves wooden corner sheves

Corner shelf,bamboo corner shelves,wooden corner sheves

Corner shelves white wood

Don't have a low cabinet for your child's dishes? Here's a beautiful solution to provide a toddler friendly kitchen storage

Wine crates arranged as shelves in a corner great idea

Wine crates arranged as shelves in a corner. Great idea but painted? Sacrilege! Stained would be the way to go.

Wooden corner shelves 5

I rent. While our end goal is to be in a house of our own, the timing isn't right at the moment. So we have to make our rented space...

Shutter corner shelf

10 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style - Live Creatively Inspired

Monarch Specialties Dark Taupe Reclaimed-Look Corner Accent Etagere, 72-Inch

White wooden corner shelf

Hanging wooden crates for storage (shoes gloves hats next to front door)--good for garage

How to make a wheelbarrow planter

A cool rustic style garden planter created from an old small horse-drawn ladder-waggon. It's made of wood with a whitewashed finish, has vertically slatted sides and size-varied wheels with iron rims.

Ideas for old wooden doors old door made into a

Ideas For Old Wooden Doors | old door made into a rustic corner shelf for my kitchen. recycling old ...

Outside wall decor

Tutorial: pallet creative corner for your child (houses of holland) #Corner, #Kids, #Pallets

Wooden corner

A bizarre, DIY project that presents a corner shelving unit made of old wooden crates. They are actually piled up and used as a display area for decorations. An unconventional design that will suit rustic interiors.

Open corner shelves

Laundry Room Organization - I love these wooden crates for storage of all those items. Would be great in the open closet in the utility room

Wooden wheelbarrow planter

Planter in the shape of wheelbarrow. It is made of wood with antique finish. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Tasteful decoration for the garden, patio and more.

Corner shelves wood

Pallet corner shelf #Corner, #Pallets, #Recycled

Patio decor accessories patio accent furniture patio racks shelves 1

... Patio Decor & Accessories Patio Accent Furniture Patio Racks & Shelves