Floating Component Shelf


The floating shelf concept is a fantastic new decorative idea that is taking the country by storm. It boggles the mind because, most of the time, if you see a shelf you can see the braces supporting it but with this interesting idea there are no braces to see. If you are looking for a fun way to store your components, a floating shelf is perfect.

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Component shelves

Some people think that mounting the floating shelves without the additional support is impossible. There is a little hack how to do it - just buy the shelves with the build in frame, which could be easily mounted with the screws.

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DVD and TV Component Wall Mount

DVD and TV Component Wall Mount

This kind of shelf is made of aluminum. It is a solid and supportive item that provides space for DVD players and TV components. Its surface is also covered with tempered glass that assures additional strength.

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Paramount AV Component Shelf

Paramount AV Component Shelf

If you're searching for a piece that will help you to properly organize your AV components, try this practical shelf made of black metal. Flexible and space-saving is characterized by a double-stud installation, accommodating your A/V equipment under your flat panel TV. A great solution for smaller spaces and closets.

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On Wall Component Shelf

On Wall Component Shelf

Floating component shelf combines practicality and class. Designed to enhance modern houses, they bring fresh, minimal style. Hitched to the wall, it creates a space to store light things.

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Component Wall Shelf

Component Wall Shelf

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Hobbs Modern Floating Wall Shelf for Media Accessories

Hobbs Modern Floating Wall Shelf for Media Accessories

This sleek and subtle A/V management system reflects the simplicity and compact nature of modern design. Two shelves, each holding up to 22 pounds, are ideal for gaming systems, DVD/Blu-Ray players, or modems. The cable management system makes messy and unsightly cords a thing of the past. It’s easy to mount and floats on your wall once installed, creating a polished aesthetic while at the same time-saving space.

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Monte Carlo Triple Wall-Mount Shelf System in Hi-Gloss Black

Monte Carlo Triple Wall-Mount Shelf System in Hi-Gloss Black

The Monte Carlo shelving system saves time and money. Consumers can choose between single-, double-, or triple-mounted shelving, depending on their space needs. A sleek black cord protector leads to shelves that complement any home entertainment system, while at the same time hiding the ugly snarl of cords from sight. Aluminum and powder-coated, this shelving unit works with your flat-screen TV as the shelves below hold gaming systems, modems, and other necessary pieces of technology.

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2 Tiers AV Wall Mount Shelf Bracket Stand

2 Tiers AV Wall Mount Shelf Bracket Stand

This two-tiered A/V wall mount system can hold up to 22 pounds on each shelf, making it perfect for a home entertainment system in a recreation room. This shelving system is compact, easy to mount, and comes with all the fixtures necessary, as well as a clear instruction manual. It is universally designed to meet all home entertainment and gaming needs and has a cable management system to keep cords out of view and untangled.

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AV Shelving System

AV Shelving System

This floating shelving system is easy to use and install and is perfect for a den, man cave, or rec room. Each shelf can hold up to 22 pounds, making it ideal for gaming systems, cable boxes, or anything else that needs to be hooked up to a flat-screen TV. The shelves are adjustable so you can fine-tune each shelf’s height, and the modern finish fits in with any décor. This shelving system is sleek, economical, and a space-saver.

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Floating Component Shelf

Buying Guide

If you'd like to know how to install a floating component shelf, then you should know that there are several ways to do it using different types of hardware. You can choose to use brackets that are specifically designed for floating shelves but are also visible to the eye.

Alternatively, if you'd like to keep the hardware out of sight, then you can build your own hollow shelf and slide it right onto a wooden cleat.

Another option is using figure-eight fasteners to hold your shelf up on the wall.

If you are using brackets, use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall. Then use a drill to drill into the stud where you would like to hang the shelf.

Next, secure the bracket in the hole and use a level to place the second bracket. Install the second bracket using a drill and secure it tightly.

Lastly, measure the distance between the bracket holes equally and drill the bracket holes into your shelf, then slide the shelf onto the brackets.#

Floating component shelves are a more streamlined and minimalist option compared to traditional models as they won’t interrupt your wall’s flow with supporting braces.

As well as being more versatile, this makes them a better choice in minimalist or contemporary settings in particular.

A floating component shelf is perfect for DVD players, cable boxes, small speakers, and other accessories your entertainment system needs. As long as the floating component shelf is close to the TV or entertainment system, the cables connecting the devices can remain nearly invisible, enhancing the minimalist appearance.

The exact electronics that can be stored on a floating shelf partly depend on its depth. Floating shelves are rarely deeper than 8”, so large DVD players or game consoles might not fit safely.

Floating component shelves can also work for books and decor. However, keep in mind that each floating component shelf has a weight limit. Since books weigh so much, a floating component shelf designed for electronics might not hold multiple large books.

In modern times, TVs are sleek and commonly wall-mounted, so it's only natural that the things we connect to our TVs be mounted on A/V Component Shelving. Televisions in the 21st century are nothing like their older, bulkier, need-to-be-occasionally-kicked cousins.

Invariably, televisions are focusing more on style and quality of experience than durability and function. A/V shelving has become a necessary part of any home theater, to keep our households sleek, tidy, and stylish. Let's get started!

The current market for A/V shelving has about as many options as there are stylistic preferences in the world. In order for us to make the best choice in A/V shelving, let's take a quick look into the common types of wall mounts available.

Fixed, Tilting, and Articulated TV Wall Mounts

TV wall mounts are designed to save space in your living room or theater, by lifting the TV above the rest of your furniture. On the cheaper end, wall mounts feature limited mobility and options for adjusting your TV positions or none. These styles of wall mounts are typically referred to as fixed or tilting TV wall mounts.

On the higher end of the scale, are swinging arm or Articulating mounts. As their name implies, these mounts allow for a phenomenal amount of mobility, being able to move side to side and away from and toward the wall. In some cases, swinging arm mounts can allow for rotation on your TV as well as some upward and downward movement.

Where does A/V Component Shelving Come in?

The unfortunate issue with most of these mounts - fixed or moving - is that they often fail to accommodate for more than the TV. DVD players, Cable boxes, Audio receivers and Line conditioners etc. all get left behind on your old coffee table.

A/V component shelving solves this problem, by providing a surface for your components that attaches to your wall mount. Typically, component shelving is made of detachable or unit components that allow you to customize shelving to your needs. Some shelving can be installed directly into your wall, whereas most options rely on the weight-bearing capacity of your TV wall mount.

So now, instead of an awkward combination of floating and standing components, all your components can be neatly arranged!

There are several factors to consider that could make shelving more or less suited to you. This section will take a quick look at the most important ones, so you can make the choice that best suits you.

  • Weight-bearing Capability - Heavy Components can Complicate Things

Your A/V components are probably pretty expensive, and if you've had them for a while, then they likely have some sentimental value as well. That being said, you'll need to find out the weight of the components you intend on placing on your shelving, as well as the weight-bearing capacity of your wall mount.

If you have a complex theater set up that includes multiple receivers, a center channel speaker, and a blu-ray player, you'll have to consider carefully what type of shelving you choose. In this case, choosing component shelving that relies on your wall mount to bear weight, might not be the best idea.

Note that this is especially true if your mount is a swinging arm or articulated mount. The number of extra joints required to create mobility end up sacrificing weight-bearing capacity. Most swinging arm mounts are rated to carry around 90 lbs, while fixed or tilting mounts can carry up to 170 lbs. Of course, certain mounts can carry far more load, but you should check with your manufacturer to get an exact figure.

Helpful Tip: Never load a wall mount to capacity!

You might think that you're being clever by staying 1-2 lbs under your weight-bearing capacity, however, it is best to leave up to 10 lbs of capacity available. This can help you avoid unfortunate falls or breaking caused by someone briefly resting a phone or full glass on a shelf. You'd be surprised how much difference a little bit of extra weight can make if your shelving is under strain.

  • Mounting Capability and ease of installation

Once you know how much weight you're looking to shelve, you can start getting into more detail on what specific unit you'll be purchasing. We've briefly touched on the fact that many A/V shelving units, rely on your TV wall mount for support, but haven't gone into detail on how that works.

In most cases, shelving components are designed to be compatible with the VESA mounting holes in your wall mount. VESA simply refers to a standard applied to most wall mounts around the world, that ensures compatibility between mount and TV. A/V component shelving that relies on your wall mount for support, will most likely interact with these VESA holes in some way, to be supported.

Outside of VESA compatibility, independently supported wall mounts are installed directly into your wall. These units typically come with an installation kit that will give you guidance around how to select the appropriate space for installation. Usually, this will include instructions on how to make secure installations into drywall. If you have plaster walls or masonry, you may require additional equipment and assistance that are not covered in this guide.

A/V Component shelving can have a number of options when it comes to styles. Many of the cheaper models will have a metallic black finish that is designed to be compatible with most environments. Cheaper models can also come in a polished black plastic that does a decent job at blending into most decors.

  • TVs, receivers, and speakers are usually black in color and metallic. Occasionally, these items will come with a wooden finish or wooden panels, which may be black or more naturally colored wood.

    Metallic A/V shelving is generally compatible with these components, however, shelving is usually available in a variety of finishes, so choosing a wooden finish on your shelving to match your components is a good idea.

  • If you're searching for a modern look, you can consider brushed steel shelving or a wooden finish with glass shelves. Both options fit with a modern or minimalist décor unless you have a white color theme, in which case brushed steel might suit your room better.

The best way to know how your styles match will always be seeing it firsthand, so try to be creative. Use your phone or a printout to visualize how your shelves will contrast or compliment your space.

Since we're done considering weight, mounting and style, here are a few features you should look out for when purchasing A/V shelving.

Additional Shelves

If your shelving came with an installation kit and you're well under your weight-bearing capacity, having extra shelving can be incredibly useful to allow for the expansion of your A/V experience. Being able to easily set up additional speakers, replace receivers or make small add-ons like Blu-ray players can save a lot of effort.

When making a purchase, find out if your order comes with additional shelving that is easy to remove or add to your arrangement. Of course, always be diligent about weight requirements when adding things to your set up.

Adjustable Height

Some shelving units are adjustable in height, which is fantastic since things don't always line up properly on the first try. Adjustable height also allows for more flexibility in storage. If you've always used your shelving for the remote and a cell phone charger, now you have the option to shelve a speaker, since you can adjust the height for more clearance.


You'd probably be surprised how many shelving units come with an attachable drawer. While not the most common feature in A/V Component shelving, drawers have been growing in popularity as nifty spots to keep the variety of remotes you'll have in your home theater. Having a spot to keep your remotes can save you the trouble of digging them out of the couch.

Best Ideas

Wall Mounted AV Shelf

Wall Mounted AV Shelf

This shelving system is ideal for a home theater or entertainment system. Each shelf holds up to 22 pounds, and the cable management system keeps the snarl of cords from guests’ sight. The interlocking brackets allow you to adjust the shelves’ height to whatever configuration you need for your organizational needs. Its sleek finish and small space footprint make this shelving unit ideal for modern homes.

Double Component Shelf with Drawer

Double Component Shelf with Drawer

The double component shelving unit features a drawer to easily tuck away instructional manuals or remote controls. Each shelf holds up to 15.4 pounds and can accommodate all the small devices that complete your home entertainment or recreation room. The sleek, modern finish of this product blends nicely with all décors and pairs itself with the contemporary look of your flat-screen TV.

Component Shelf in Black

Component Shelf in Black

The OmniMount Component Shelf is an elegant and durable tool to hold your entertainment or gaming devices close to your TV and snug to the wall. The 10 mm-thick glass shelf can hold up to 30 pounds and is a contemporary accessory to your flat-screen. This shelving unit is flexible, and you can pivot it to accommodate any angle. The shelf is mounted with a single stud, so it’s simple and straightforward to mount, as well as being very sturdy.

On Wall AV Component with Two Shelves

On Wall AV Component with Two Shelves

The Monte Carlo dual mounting shelving system makes unsightly cords and space squeezes a thing of the past. This shelving unit is easy to mount, and the shelves hold up to 22 pounds. With a separate TV stand, it can also accommodate your flat-screen TV. This product, with its refreshing, modern look and space-saving powers, is a must-have for gamers or movie buffs. The cable management system keeps cord messes at bay.

Monte Carlo Dual Wall-Mount Shelf System in Hi-Gloss Black

Monte Carlo Dual Wall-Mount Shelf System in Hi-Gloss Black

This dual shelving unit fits snugly against your wall and organizes your home entertainment or gaming system with ease. Each shelf holds 18 pounds and is 14.8 inches wide and 9.8 inches deep to accommodate all your gaming or entertainment devices in one place. The sleek black finish creates an outstanding modern aesthetic. It’s a great space-saver for any small home or apartment.

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Very Affordable Floating AV Shelf by Othacity, $125.00

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Component corner shelf

floating shelf with hidden storage 4

VMA401-B1 Mounting Shelf for A/V Equipment

A simple and classy TV shelf that you will easily mount to the wall. It's subtle and almost invisible so it will look as if your TV set floated in the air, providing a sleek and streamlined look. Made of thick, tempered glass.

Wall Mounted 18"x16" White Floating Shelf for Cable or Satellite Box, DVD Player, Game Station, Receiver, TV Stands with Hidden Bracket

A floating shelf that captivates with its simplicity. You can use it for your cable or satellite box, a receiver, DVD player, or just your favourite decoration. It has a hidden bracket which will let you easily mount it to the wall.

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