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Some people like records. Some still very much enjoy tapes. But you discovered CD's and never looked back. Your collection is vast and intrinsic and breaches all of the genres. So maybe it's time to display them properly. Wall mounted CD racks are the best way to do it. Unlike floor base CD holders, these will not take up any of your floor space. And they are attractive while being decorative.

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Cd storage wall mounted retro style wooden rack 33c

Cd storage wall mounted retro style wooden rack 33c

Combining the retro style with a bit of modern charm this wooden rack will offer plenty of space for you to organize your decorative objects and to keep your interior beautifully accented. It will also work as extra shelving for your CDs.

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Wood Shed 300 Series 354 Cd Wall Mounted Multimedia Storage Rack

Wood Shed 300 Series 354 Cd Wall Mounted Multimedia Storage Rack

CD rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood. It consists of 3 shelves arranged vertically. It can accommodate up to 354 CD's. Neutral and functional accessory for each room as needed.

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Cd holder wall mount

This designer wall-mounted construction is a fantastic example of a contemporary multimedia rack. Modular, wall-mounted construction solves the problem of CDs or DVDs rambling around the house.

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Wall mounted modular steel cd rack lcd by teebooks r

Wall-mounted modular steel CD rack LCD by TEEbooks® | design Mauro Canfori

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Wall mount cd rack 13

Wall-mounted rack made of steel. It is intended to storage CDs, but of course, you can use it for figurines or frippery. This piece of furniture, due to minimalistic design, will look great in different interiors.

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Wall mounted cd

- 236 CD Wall Mount Storage Rack Finish: Unfinished -

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Cd wall mount

Gives me the idea to turn a cheap CD rack into a spice rack to hold small canning jars.

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Wall mount cd storage 1

Wall mounted CD/DVD storage hanging rack, keep those suckers free from baby hands. Ideal place to store your favourite music and film records, when you don't want your kids to use them. I really like its curved shape.

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Hanging cd rack

Perfectly profiled hanging rack for CDs - contains detailed, carved space on a long wooden chassis. Wide as a box of CDs - it will fit them in the middle of a unique shelf, while the top can be used for decorative purposes.

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Wall mount cd rack 1

Thassos Wall CD Rack - Photo

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Wall Mount Cd Rack

Buying Guide

Displaying your CDs in a beautiful cabinet has never been easier, and rather than having to choose the traditional floor rack, you can now install a wall mount rack in your home for all your music. While CDs are a thing of the past, this doesn't mean that nobody has them anymore. Whether your CD collection is for sentimental reasons or you've been collecting for a number of years and it's time to put them on display, here are some designs you can consider.

Criss-cross style

With 4-6 wooden panels positioned horizontally, and a further 4-6 positioned vertically, this criss-cross design combines a traditional shelf look with a very modern and sleek style. It's the perfect option if you are shopping for something which is somewhere in between two extremes. This style gives the user several different compartments and shelves, so it's ideal for those who want to stay organized and put their CDs into different categories. You will often see these made from a raw and unfinished wood, but it is also available in black and white gloss and matte paints.

Corner wall mount

A great way to save space while creating a contemporary look in the room is to install a corner wall mount. This normally has a 'brick' design which allows various compartments for your CDs to be stored. It consists of several shelves going across, and can also be found in different colors. The two tone effect is popular, where half of the piece may match the wall and the other half will match your décor.

Diamond CD rack

A diamond wall rack consisting of nine different compartments for your CDs to stay is very stylish and can be a feature piece in your living room. The compartments are the perfect size for the CDs to slot into. This design is often made from sturdy wood such as pine or oak. It can be attached to the wall using the hooks at the back of the piece.

Cube wall CD rack

This highly contemporary style is normally seen in either white or black glossy paint over sturdy wooden planks. You'll often receive this furniture flat packed and will need to assemble it yourself at home. The cube style can be seen in various styles. For example, the 1-2-3 style is one cube on top of two cubes on top of three cubes. This gives a total of six storage cubs for your CDs, although for larger collections it's possible to get as many as 12-16 cubes.

Curved wall rack

A curved design can get people talking and commenting since it's so unique and unusual. Since we are used to seeing straight lines and edges when looking at shelving and racks, a curved CD wall mount can certainly look out of place at first. However, the curved design comes outwards and around where it curves in again and stops any of your CD collection from falling off the shelves.

Best Ideas

Wall Mounted Cd Rack

Wall Mounted Cd Rack

Simplicity, functionality and attractive appearance - these are the most important advantages of this CD Rack. It is designed to mount it on a wall. It has got many sections and each of them is able to hold up to 12 CDs.

Hanging cd storage

Extravagant, unique form, inspired apparently by a snail shell, spiral or whatever, this hanging CD rack, wall mounted, is a premium example of self-made architectural design. Best of all, it's all made of cardboard!

Wall mounted cd racks

Stunning oak CD rack. £297.99

Wall mount cd storage

Make sure you can enjoy your favorite music with the best sound quality possible accompanying it by opting for this wall mount stereo shelf and CD holder that makes the sound resonate better and allows you to better organize your music collection as well.

Wall mounted cd storage

An extraordinary shelving unit that consists of countless bookcases in square and rectangular shapes. They are randomly combined, which gives a cool impression of asymmetry. You will easily store there all your books, CDs, and DVDs.

Wall mounted cd rack 1

Great opportunity for modern apartments. Wall mounted storage will save the space, decor your wall and contain the most important things. Unique design of the shelves will underline modern decor in your house.

Cd storage shelves wall mounted

These easy-to-install floating IKEA shelf units lacquered vibrant red could do great as a wall mount CD rack. Personally I'd add a glass or plexi cover to protect my albums from dust. Wall display for living room

Leslie dame wall media rack oak cd 1000 oak

Leslie Dame Wall Media Rack (Oak) CD-1000-OAK

Wall mount cd rack 2

Loving this Wall Mount CD Rack on #zulily, $27 !! #zulilyfinds

Cd racks wall mounted

SEI Black Steel Wall-Mount CD Rack Southern Enterprises,

2d 3d wall mount cd rack 1

2D:3D Wall Mount CD Rack

Small dvd rack

This eye-catching CD shelf or book in a sleek frame, like a golden shade, is an elegant solution that is very functional. Practical shelves will host numerous small things, and the whole introduces to the decor a unique atmosphere.

Cd storage shelves wall mounted

Vertical storage is a lifesaver. The wine storage rack pictured here is just one example of how storing up (not out) will improve your quality of life. Hanging shoe racks have already been mentioned, but stacking disk racks, linen racks, CD racks, and eve

Wall mount cd storage

Metal rod hanging rack, perfect for CDs or DVDs. Easy to install with a minimalist design that will go with nearly any décor in any room. Excellent for a child’s room, living room, or family room to keep collections organized.