Stereo Storage Cabinet

If you are looking for somewhere to store your stereo, then you might be in the market for its high-quality stereo storage cabinets. It just so happens we have some in this collection. Our stereo storage comments are well made and crafted of the best materials, capable of handling all of your components. Take a look at this collection for details.

Best Products

Urban stereo locker

Urban stereo locker
Emanating with rustic accents, this lovely stereo storage cabinet rolls on locking metal wheels for easy mobility. It's constructed of sturdy wood and powder-coated steel, offering 1 large compartment concealed behind 3 lattice wire panel doors.

Axium Audio Cabinet

Axium Audio Cabinet
This wooden piece of furniture features the highest level of solidity and attractive appearance. It is made of rubberwood and has got three fully adjustable shelves. The product is 46.5 inches high x 18.5 inches deep x 22.2 inches wide.

Theater room with hidden projector contemporary media room portland

Theater room with hidden projector contemporary media room portland
If you have a large DVD collection, then, this idea is just for you. The whole compartment is transformed into a media room with multiple shelves, leaving enough place to store your projector, as well.

Terra cotta floral rug red

Terra cotta floral rug red
Hih solidity and a stylish look - these are the biggest advantages of this TV stand. It is equipped with 6 storage compartments (4 of them are equipped with glass doors). This product connects the decorative and functional features.

Stereo Cabinet

Stereo Cabinet
Clean structural design of this compact cabinet ensures durability and provides useful storage space. Four chamfered feet comprise a well-balanced base. Three shelves allow to accomodate books and media components, while the top may serve as a display space.

Record player console

Record player console
A sturdy and fashionable stereo cabinet for living rooms, bachelor pads, and guest rooms. Its hardwood construction and oak finish make the whole long-lasting and stylish; offering 2 open shelves - one for vinyls and the other for your record player.

Stereo storage cabinet

Thanks to this stereo cabinet, your large vinyl collection will be safely stored in one place. The cabinet is able to accommodate hundreds of them, giving you open shelves, capacious drawers, and a smooth top for your record player and speakers.

Our advice Buying Guide

You just bought a new home stereo system, but you don’t have the right place for the mounting of your new gear. As you most likely need a stereo storage cabinet, keep on reading as what we have below is a buying guide on this type of audio furniture.

Wat's the difference between Ready-to-Assemble and Pre-Assembled furniture?

Most stereo system cabinets are knockdown versions as they are cheaper and readily available. There are also options that come pre-assembled to offer convenience and instant use. So, what’s the difference between the two?

  • The RTA or ready-to-assemble cabinets, as you already know, are cheaper upfront as the manufacturers didn’t pay for assembly manpower. The problem with this type of cabinet is the quality. RTA cabinet quality can vary greatly from one unit to another. Most of them are made of cheap particle board that breaks down after a few years. If you want the most durable RTA cabinets, we suggest you purchase ones that are made of heavy-duty metal.
  • As for pre-assembled stereo storage cabinets, they are the ones that are of the best quality. They're shipped assembled, and they’re mostly in the style that’s incredible in well-decorated living spaces. They can be used as a room’s focal point alongside your expensive AV equipment. Most of these cabinets are made using genuine wood veneers, but they are more expensive upfront.

If you ask us what we prefer, we always choose assembled furniture over RTAs as they’re made of higher quality materials. Not just that as they also don’t require us to hire professionals for cabinet assembly and installation.

Who will benefit from a stereo storage cabinet with casters?

Consider where you’ll be placing your stereo system cabinet, so you know the cabinet size the available space in your home can accommodate.

If you’ll be hiding your stereo cabinet when it’s not in use to save space in your home, we suggest you opt for one that comes with casters to make the unit more portable. Casters also ensure your precious home stereo system doesn’t get damaged while it is being transported around your home.

What are the most durable materials for a stereo storage cabinet?

The construction of stereo cabinets can vary. If you want the sturdiest construction, opt for wood or metal.

When it comes to wood, your durable choices are oak, teak, and cherry. If you want your cabinet to look stylish, pick one with a walnut or maple finish.

A metal cabinet has a more contemporary look, and it’s usually paired with glass as doors to offer easy access to your stereo system. To make your cabinet extremely strong, opt for tempered glass.

What's the recommended weight capacity for a stereo storage cabinet?

Some amps weight over 100 lbs., so they should be placed on the lower shelving of a durable cabinet. For the top shelves, they can handle weight up to 250 lbs., so they can be used in mounting flat screen TVs or other types of heavier equipment.

Your home stereo system may weigh less. If so, then you can get a more affordable cabinet with a lesser weight capacity.

Home stereo systems are expensive audio equipment, so they must be given the best protection possible. Fortunately, you have myriads of stereo storage cabinet options!


Modern audio cabinet

Furnish your home entertainment center with the modern stereo storage cabinet for your vinyl collection. It has got the wooden construction with mid-century look. It brings the fresh accent into your apartment.

Mid century record cabinet

Audiophiles can surely become enthusiastic about this stylish modern audio cabinet designed to store vinyl records and record player. There's a large compartment to show off your vinyls collection, and two drawers.

Cabinet stereo system

Sturdy stereo storage cabinet with plenty of room for plates and other things makes the decor a collectible, unique character. The solid shelf is durable and ideally suited to the living room, entertainment room and more.

Small stereo cabinets with glass doors

This retro stereo storage cabinet can be a cool proposition for all music lovers. Containing several drawers, it allows you to organize your collections according to various categories.

Stereo storage cabinet 1

Cool retro cabinets and stands for audio equipment. A simple cabinet of black-finished wood has a rectangular top and 8 roomy open niches. Size-varied racks for speakers and record decks have greyish metal frames and brown tops of wooden materials.

Diy record player stand

Bring 1970s back into your life, thanks to this retro stereo rack. The whole structure is made of wood and nicely-polished, including a long open shelf for storing vinyls, and a long top for placing your record player, along with speakers and couple of decorations.

Built in stereo cabinet

Low profile storage cabinet for your stereo and vinyls. The cabinet comes with several storage compartments, something that makes it easier for you to sort out your collection. It sits atop four tapered legs, each finished in dark walnut for outstanding contrast.

Stereo cabinet entertainment centers in black natural oak or maple

Stereo Cabinet entertainment centers in Black, Natural Oak or Maple ...

Diy audio cabinet

Go for a nice stereo cabinet that provides plenty of storage anywhere it goes and thanks to its neutral and classy looks will ensure an easy and seamless fit with any possible decor, allowing for a perfect combination of style and practical use.

Audio cabinet 6

Audio Cabinet

Record table stand

A modest traditional floor stand for audio equipment, LPs and CDs. It is made of wooden materials with a light brown finish. It has a rectangular top, a base with recessed straight square legs and an apron, 4 alternate open shelves in 2 sizes.

Stereo cabinets with doors

Mid Century Modern Credenza Buffet brutalist credenza by GreStuff

Cheap stereo cabinet

Gotta love this invisible floating vinyl albums shelving and the stereo storage cabinet - so retro and classy in looks! I envy the talent the authors have - it's an original project of a decoration hobbyist.

Solid walnut record cabinet handmade

Solid Walnut Record Cabinet Handmade

Stereo storage

A functional console table for storing your vinyl collection and displaying your old-fashioned record player. Made of wood in a walnut finish, it offers a capacious storage concealed by sliding doors, while standing on durable metal legs.

Bell’O Bell'O Media Storage Cabinet - Dark Espresso

Comprising 4 storage tiers, this small media storage cabinet will create a stylish corner in your decor. Made from solid, dark wood, it adds a warm touch of traditional elegance to the space.

Album storage ideas

A perfect corner for all music lovers and retro enthusiasts. This Draper music console smoothly takes you back the to 1950's, being a mid-century design masterpiece. Finished in stylish teak wood.

Turntable cabinet

It's time to take your living room back to the 1970's with this classic, old-fashioned audio cabinet. Its wood construction and oak finish offer 2 drawers for storing your DVDs, and 4 open shelves for your electronic devices.

Aero lpc 400 lp storage cabinet symbol audio lp storage

AERO LPC-400 LP Storage Cabinet & Symbol Audio LP Storage Cabinet

Lp storage cabinet 402 symbol audio lp storage cabinet

LP Storage Cabinet 402 & Symbol Audio LP Storage Cabinet

Modern audio cabinet

Ideally corresponding to the modern surroundings, this wooden cabinet will add a smooth, vintage character to the space. Its two-tiered construction will add enough storage space for one's multimedia sets.

Cabinet for music system

An aesthetic traditional wall-size media centre of white finished wooden materials. It has a crown top and a full grooved base. Open front shelves surround a TV-set niche on sides and over it. Shelved cabinets have 2 doors each with black knobs.

Mission audio storage cabinet stickley 1

Mission audio storage cabinet Stickley



Lp storage ideas

Video Games

Old stereo cabinet redo

This cabinet provides storage space for different items thanks to its open shelves of different size. It also includes two storage compartments hidden behind solid doors in its lower area. The whole wooden construction is resistant to wear and damage.

Stereo storage cabinet 2

Music fans that want to show off their impressing collection of vinyl records should undoubtedly consider having a spacious stereo storage cabinet in their surrounding. Vinyls, of course, are at home in vintage style interior.

Linon Sutton Black Media Tower

Old fashioned stereo cabinet

Wooden media console table from Urban Outfitters. Outrightly retro in looks. Brings the oldie goldie atomic era to mind. Stores vinyls and audio equipment. Enough space to house a small record collection.

All products storage organization office storage media storage 33

All Products / Storage & Organization / Office Storage / Media Storage

How to build a stereo cabinet

Merging contemporary elegance with strong mid-century inspirations, this lounge area corner is style & fun. Turntable console & floating vinyl record cabinet gains personality with appropriate accesories.

Stereo stands cabinets

Stereo cabinet (1975) 22 x 20 x 40 kerf bent walnut plywood.

Diy stereo cabinet

How To: Make Your Own Record Collection Storage Unit… …All for Under $100 | Apartment Therapy

Small stereo cabinets

In the office in the company or in the house-storage cabinet moving along with our overworked work pace, such as this low square cabinet,with frosted glass on the fronts and gray veneer, is of extraordinary value.It has strong casters in black and one shelf.

Home stereo cabinet

Rustic Storage Media Console – Small | west elm, $599 48"w x 18"d x 24"h. to go left of FP, for stereo equipment, records?

Speaker stand ideas

This element of furniture provides some storage space in its compartment with sliding doors. Its traditional construction includes white top and walls. This cabinet stands on four stable and solid wooden legs.

Diy album storage

1960s George Nelson Thin Line Stereo Cabinet | USA Stereo cabinet from the thinline series by George Nelson in rosewood. Two audio boxes on the outside. Inside ful catered Awai tuner and tapedeck and pick up

Diy stereo rack 1

Stereo cabinet for living room and others interiors as needed. Frame is made of wood and fitted with sliding glass doors. Great solution for each home.

Vintage record storage cabinet

$296. Barker Media Tower

70s stereo cabinet

DIY Shoe cabinet from Ikea? Totally doing this. Today.

Bush ad05840 03 audio cabinet sonoma collection mocha cherry veneer

Bush AD05840-03 Audio Cabinet, Sonoma Collection, Mocha Cherry Veneer ...

Stereo tower cabinet

From RAAD studios.Part mid-century, part futuristic, all rock 'n' roll. A high-end stereo system is incorporated into this living room piece — a solution to all of those ugly stereos and speakers. Hand-carved, oiled walnut doors conceal electronic equip

Open close series lots of the new cabinets have drawers

Open/Close Series. Lots of the new cabinets have drawers instead of shelves. Interesting.