Wall Cd Storage

If you are a music lover of a certain age, then you probably have a pretty impressive collection of CDs. Well, for you, we also have an impressive collection, but ours is of wall storage units to showcase and organize your CDs. Alphabetize them, make them an autobiography of your musical interest, or however you wish, just put them in one of our wall CD storage units.

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Starter Kit

Starter Kit
Closet organizer kit will help you get a new space for storage. The compact design of the storage unit provides perfect space utilization. The amount of added space is incredible. Quick and easy to install.

Folding Clothes 17.5" Deeep Rack

Folding Clothes 17.5" Deeep Rack
Folding clothes hanger, a perfect addition to small rooms or as a portable wardrobe for time travel or study. It can also serve as a hanger during ironing. Very easy to use, you can easily hide when no longer needed.

CD Storage Rack

CD Storage Rack
It is a CD storage rack that is perfect for storing your CDs and DVDs or to display your favorite accent pieces. It has got a five fixed shelves and it is available in two finishes: cherry and espresso.

Wall cd storage

CD rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Ideal solution for space saving in any interior as needed.

Cd wall storage

If you find yourself a true music lover, this one shall go down well with you. Divided into countless, small shelves, this wall constitutes a CD storage wall, offering space for the whole collections of albums.

Wall cd storage 5

Bookcase designed for mounting on the wall. Construction is made of wood. It consists of a lot of open shelves. Great for storing books, CD's, DVD's and more. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

Wall cd storage 8

vinyl storage and display

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How to organize a CD collection?

One of the most efficient ways to organize a CD collection is to alphabetize by artist name. It makes finding CDs much easier, but it does come with a downside. This system is only ideal for record collectors with small CD storage units given that reorganizing your CDs each time you add to your collection can be quite a hassle, especially if you own more than 100 records.

Avid music lovers can opt for the personal rating method instead. Rank your records and sort them from most loved to slightly less loved. Doing this takes time but it’s worth it if you want to listen to albums based on their quality and get rid of CDs that you don’t like. You could also arrange your music based on what you’ve recently played. The CDs you haven’t listened to in a while remain at the very top while your favorite ones are easy to grab and play. Other options include categorizing by genre, album name, and release date.

What to do with my old CDs?

Old CDs are a nostalgic item that you might not want to part with, even if all your music is currently accessible from your phone with the click of a button. Creating a wall CD storage unit is a fantastic way to display a collection that you spent many hours collecting, listening to, and investing your money in for years.

You can purchase a simple media unit or bookcase and creatively arrange all your CDs inside to create an interesting focal point in the room that is also highly personal and reflects your style.

How you arrange the CDs is also important. You can line them in rows so you can see the cover spines, or you can create stacks that alternate horizontal and vertical positioning for a more dynamic look. Small milk crates can also be a charming way to enhance the shelf space in an industrial or farmhouse-style room.

If you have limited wall space, you can try high shelving or wall-mounted floating shelves that draw the eye upward and create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

How much longer will CDs be around?

Considering how technology has advanced over the years, you may be wondering how much longer CDs will be around? Unfortunately, the reality is that with more people streaming and downloading music as compared to those who actually listen to music off discs and vinyls, it looks like CDs may not be a part of the future.

Consequently, CD sales have plummeted by 18.5% over the last year as more and more retailers are discontinuing sales.

That said, real music lovers and CD and vinyl collectors can always keep these physical formats of music and, provided it is taken care of, may last for decades in your wall CD storage.


Wall cd storage 21

Fav spaces featured on DDD's inspiration station. | Daily Dream Decor

Clever cd storage

and if you ever get lonely, you just go the record store and visit your friends.

Wall cd storage 1

Great idea for CD storage! - Marty's Musings just painted 1″ x 6″ pine boards supported with L-brackets

Cd wall storage solutions

good idea for our music room - do built-ins around the windows for storage/sheet music/CDs

Wall cd storage

Clever solution for a CD and DVD storage – a set of two wall-mounted, minimalistic shelves with doors on hinges and a wooden finish coated with a traditional, white set of paint, which makes the piece fit both vintage and modern designs.

472 cd wall mount storage rack jpg


Dvd storage solutions 16

Tall DVD rack made of wood. It consists of 12 open shelves arranged vertically. Functional accent for the living room and others interiors as needed.

IKEA - LERBERG CD/DVD wall shelf, white (X2)

This type of wall cabinet on the plate is a combination of ingenious solutions and practical furniture. Cabinet ideally suited to both the living room and the bedroom. A sophisticated sort and organize your entire collection of CDs.

Prepac Black Double Width Wall Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Rack

The real deal - this storage rack will certainly fit your whole collection - whether it's the CDs or DVDs, making your room feel more organized and nicely managed and finally letting you avoid the clutter, while the solid construction will prove strong and durable.

Details about dvd cd storage rack wall mounted unit retro

Details about DVD / CD storage rack wall mounted unit retro style ...

Wall cd storage 6

50 Organizational Tips That'll Make You Go Ah-Ha Part 2 - Beautifully BellaFaith

Wall cd storage 14

CD Wall Art...attach the cases with 3M adhesive strips. you could either use CD-Wall products instead of 3M :-)

Music cd storage

How clever to have CD and DVD storage in the walls of the stairs via Home Beautiful... Something similar but with chair railing so it's accessible for up and down stairs

Floating Wall Triple (Large)

It is a three-part cabinet for CDs, which ideally will allow them to organize and expose. This cabinet is ideal for every collector. It is adapted for mounting on the wall, which also nicely presented.

Wall cd storage 8

need that rainbow neon sign... 13 It-Girl Approved Decorating Tricks via @domainehome

Prepac Black Quad Width Wall Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage Rack

This wide media wall can store many DVDs, CDs or games, so your collections are kept in order and you have that feeling that your space is organized. It has been made from premium quality laminated composite woods.

Details about dvd cd storage rack wall mounted unit retro

Details about DVD / CD storage rack wall mounted unit retro style ...

Wall cd storage 3

Mass production of vinyl records was completed in the late 1980's. To this day they have many followers who love to show them. Such black wall cd storage shelves, with an extended frame - support the vinyl CD and facilitate their exposures.

Unique cd storage

storage for stampin up clear mount cases mounted to the wall. Theses are from ikea.

Prepac Deluxe CD Storage Rack with Locking Shaker Doors, Small, Black

CD storage rack. Capacity of 376 CDs, 192 DVDs, 332 Blu-Ray discs or any combination thereof. Locking shaker doors. Black finished in durable laminate. With its traditional style, this cabinet will complement any room as well as add valuable storage space.

Wall cd storage 9

We all have had or have CD's or leftover jewel cases from moving the CD's to better storage. Those cases now provide my stamps with better storage, storage that works because: A. It is see through. B. It is flat. C. Because it can be stacked! This wo

Prepac Black Medium Capacity Hanging Wall Media (DVD,CD,Games) Storage

This hanging wall media has adjustable shelves and is made from premium quality laminated composite woods. You can mount it to the wall and use it as an accent piece in your living room or wherever you want. It will require some assembly.

Atlantic 16 pk media stix cd dvd wall mount storage

Atlantic 16 Pk Media Stix CD DVD Wall Mount Storage Rack 240 Discs ...

Blowout deals 2422 21bl wall media storage cd dvd media

... Blowout Deals 2422-21BL - Wall Media Storage - Cd & Dvd Media Storage

Wall cd storage 7

music book shelves! Look- you can fit a violin back there. Not that I'd ever store a violin like that... but maybe.

Vcm quattro wall mounted cd dvd storage box with glass

VCM Quattro Wall Mounted CD / DVD Storage Box with Glass Door

Wall cd storage 18

books + records | storage (pinned by redwoodclassics.net)

Cd storage solutions 1

Narrow cabinet for storing spices, food and more. It is made of wood and fitted with sliding doors. It consists of 7 shelves arranged vertically. Perfect solution for space saving in any kitchen.

Wall cd storage 17

room redo tumblr bedroom teen bedroom decoration ideas

Wall cd storage 4

High shelving draws eyes upward, heightening the room, and leaves wall and floor space for other things. Something I should consider doing.

Wall cd storage 15

50 Stunning Closet Designs - Style Estate -

Wall cd storage 16

This ikea hacked makeup table is nearly identical to the one I built last week for my wife. We're still having trouble finding the clear boxes though..

Wall cd storage 13

Hanging planter basket re-purposed as a fruit holder! Frees up valuable counter space. I love this idea!

Cd storage solutions

Clever and interesting solution for a stamp storage, utilizing a set of CD binder sleeves cut-out to hold a set of stamps. If you’re into collecting stamp, this solution might come in handy and save you some space.

Cd storage solutions 25

Aesthetic traditional packs for CDs manufactured of quite resistant transparent plastic. They are rectangular, have matte and subtly textured side surfaces and lids with edge pulls. Some of them can house 2 CDs.

Wall cd storage 3

Shabby French Armoire Style Cabinet for Bathroom Storage!

Wall cd storage 2

CD/DVD shelves as fabric storage. This is a really neat idea. If I ever have a real craft room with my sewing machine set up, I am doing this!

Wall cd storage 7

great little bookshelf for cds.. Website has other ideas for cd storage and uses

Wall cd storage 1

This inventive and modern wardrobe doesn't stake out a lot of place, but it looks very stylish. It is composed of a few closets intended to storage clothes and opened bookshelf. It is must-have in studio flat.

Atlantic Media Stix - 4 Pack (Black)

This is a solution for large amounts of CDs and DVDs in small areas. It is a special media stand that is able to hold up to 60 discs. It is easy to assembly and has got an interlocking design. It also features high-end espresso finish.

Wall cd storage 12

Hidden wall cabinet. Genius!

Details about prepac double width wall oak cd dvd media

Details about Prepac Double Width Wall Oak CD & DVD Media Storage

Wall cd storage 10

Window Herb Garden Shelf | set your glass shelf on top of the cabinet shelf clips