Living Room Shelving Unit

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In modern and classic styles, from the future look to the more artistic trends, we give you a collection of living room shelving units for showcasing whatever you want to display in your living space. These shelving units will cater to your decor scheme and individual style very nicely, and even give you a new conversation starter. See collection for more.

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Living room shelf unit

Shelving units that are suitable for effective organization of small living rooms. These wooden shelves finished in neutral color look nice in any interior design. They are suitable for books, decorations and other items.

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Living room shelving unit 1

Chunky 2-inch by 12-inch boards used to create floating shelves adds a crisp, clean look of organization to any minimalist-living space. Floating shelves use limited materials and do not take up precious floor space, allowing you to add a credenza or table.

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Sitting room shelving units

Why restrict yourself and rely on ready-to-use forms, if you can stack one cube on another to obtain a fully customized living room wall shelving unit. Here: in white. It also works as an open concept room divider.

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Lounge shelving units

Living rooms inherit a lot of clutter, especially in a busy family. This white, floor to ceiling cabinet and open shelving combination is perfect for storing everything from electronics and sound recordings to your best and most beautiful books.

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Wall shelving units for living room 9

Have you ever argued that you do not have enough place to store all your books and the standard shelves are too deep? This solution gives you all you living room wall for disposal. It is your decision how you would like to decorate it.

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Room divider shelving unit

Practical and minimalist living room shelving unit designed to offer an array of compartments for all your collectibles. The piece offers a strong metal frame, finished in industrial black, an array of wooden shelves, and incredible crown molding at the top as well.

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Wall mounted media

It still does not go out of fashion - an idea to build the entire wall with a wooden shelving unit, consisting of cabinets, shelves and stylized aprts,that give the basis for the TV and media. White - receives overwhelming character and adds lightness.

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Wall mounted decorative shelves

A charming, DIY shelving unit in a minimalist design. It features several dark, wooden planks and metal posts mounted to a wall. It will accommodate a lot of books or decorations and with an old-fashioned chest it gives the room a nice, rustic flair.

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Ikea slim bookcase

Using widely available materials can yield amazing results – just look at this beautiful, full wall bookcase. Made from IKEA bookcases, this piece of white elegance combines ergonomy with aesthetics.

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Art deco bookshelf

Add geometry to create visual interest on an otherwise blank wall when organizing your books and collectibles: arched art deco bookcase with asymmetric shelves hits the point of funky contemporary furnishing.

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Living Room Shelving Unit

Buying Guide

What materials are best for a large shelving unit?

The best materials for large shelving units are wood or metal. Which you choose depends on what you will be placing on the shelves, how often you will be moving the shelving unit, and your interior decor.

Large living room shelving units allow for storing or showcasing more items. They can also hold more weight than smaller units. For this reason, you want a solidly built shelving unit made of solid wood, steel, or a combination of the two.

Wood shelves are stylish and durable. Certain types of wood are more rigid, limiting the sag that can occur when additional weight is added. Look for shelving units made of hickory, oak, maple, cedar, and other strong hardwoods.

You can also go with a straight metal shelving unit if it blends in better with your room’s decor. Choose powder-coated steel or galvanized aluminum; these materials are not only strong but also corrosion-resistant to prevent rust.

If you think you’ll be moving your shelving unit frequently, consider a lighter material such as plywood and composite woods, such as MDF, or opt for a model with lockable casters on the base. If you plan to use your shelving unit for lightweight items, you can also go with plastic or glass.

How big should my living room shelving unit be?

A living room shelving unit should be relatively small to allow as much space for movement as possible, so each one is typically no larger than 12” x 48” x 72”. This is big enough to allow room for books, DVDs, toys, decorations, and other essentials in your living room.

You can also use multiple smaller shelving units to create the same amount of total storage capacity. Using various tiny shelves may be more aesthetically pleasing if you have a small living room, as a single long shelf can overwhelm the space. Try low and wide shelves around the edges of the room, especially if you have low ceilings.

What items can a living room shelving unit hold?

Living room shelving units can hold various decorative and functional items, from photos to vases to digital media players; however, you need to check the unit’s weight capacity to ensure you don’t overload the shelf.

A freestanding or full-length anchored living room shelving unit can hold a larger quantity and more diverse range of items, making them ideal for placing either side of your TV to create an entertainment center.

Stack books, DVDs, and gaming discs on the lower shelves, digital players toward the center, and lighter items, such as small house plants or keepsakes toward the top. This ensures that the items’ combined weight is distributed evenly along the unit and reduces the risk of toppling.

Best Ideas

Room divider shelf unit

Make your own shelving unit with some help from a couple of wood boards and ensure that your place is bursting with style and originality, while also adding a splash of color and storing your books neatly.

Painted room divider

The luxurious combination of details, a slim coffee table, modern corner floating chairs and an impressive sofa make this unique and ultra modern living room a delight. Beautiful details, perfectly blend in the interior bring a cozy atmosphere.

Living room shelving unit

Spacious living room shelving unit with simple wooden shelves (natural finish) and sturdy metal posts that are able to support even the heaviest load of books. Arranged from commercially available storage furniture.

Living room shelving unit

Corner shelving unit. SEARS offers this item. - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at

Living room shelving unit

Entertainment center with a lot of cabinets and open shelves for storing needed items. Construction is made of wood. Ideal for storing books, TV components or display decorations.

Shelving units living room

A perfect example of a clean, minimalistic contemporary living room design. The smooth, wooden shelves are a great replacement for a chunky entertainment unit, and the beautiful leather sofa gives an excellent contrast to the dark back wall.

Living room shelving unit

This amazing, eclectic construction is a geometrical shelving unit, which serves here the role of a room divider. A very solid, wrought iron construction, which delights with its light, modern shape.

Free standing corner shelves

Excellently made corner free standing corner shelf is a beautiful accent perfect for the living room. Beautiful details and a stylish wooden design combine beautifully with every interior design.

Living room shelving unit 1

IKEA Readies Two New Collections for February Launch — Design News | Apartment Therapy

Living room shelving

A stunning shelving unit with media storage. It features bottom cabinets and open shelves at the top. The central part is a special place for your plasma TV set. A pure white color and subtle lighting fixture create an elegant look.

Living room shelving unit 1

This is exactly the entertainment center that i would want. Caitlin Creer Interiors: Parade of Homes

Living room shelving units

Separate the living room from entry way by this lovely shelving unit. Smart solution for one-room apartments to create an impression of privacy for your guests. You can also use it for storage by putting there decorative boxes.

Natural wood floating shelves

A floating unit for indoor use, that hangs on powder-coated metal fastenings. It is consisted of 4 thick shelves with intricate edges, made of sturdy hardwood in a natural finish; excellent for displaying your beautiful knick-knacks.

Wall mounted wood shelves

A great solution for accommodate your wall with a practical and durable piece of furniture. Those wall-mounted shalves are made of hardwood and firmly attahced to a powder-coated metal frame. There's 6 open shelves in total.