Glass Wall Shelves For Living Room

For the more contemporary home, glass and steel are the medium for which decor is designed. And what better way to accent the home than to install a few glass wall shelves in your living room. In so many sizes and styles, you can get the right glass shelves for your walls and put anything you wish on them. See our collection for more details.

Best Products

Mirrored Shelf

Mirrored Shelf
A storage shelf in an ultra-modern design. It features a symmetrical, mirrored structure, which makes it an original accent of a living room or a practical shelf for a bathroom. It features a black frame, which gives it an elegant look.

Levit8 Modern Shelf (Set of 2)

Levit8 Modern Shelf (Set of 2)
These glass wall shelves depict modern approach to design. Made from glass, with its seamless, floating line, constitute a universal addition to almost any room in your houses, from living room, ending on bathroom.

Corner Zig Zag Wall Shelf

Corner Zig Zag Wall Shelf
This curiously constructed corner shelf perfect solution for modern interiors, beautifully exposes books, decorations or flowers. This practical solution makes it impossible to resist.

Antique finish iron chest

Antique finish iron chest
An antique media chest for living rooms with an iron structure and a distressed, slightly rusted finish which gives it an old, timed appearance. The chest has three compartments with doors with two shelves and a glass upper half of the door.

Tree House Media Chest

Tree House Media Chest
This is a very interesting and very practical locker room. It consists of two two drawers and two shelves. It is a dark, wooden furniture. It looks very nice. It will fit perfectly for a wide variety of rooms.

Cherry blossom tree wall decal for

Cherry blossom tree wall decal for
Wall decal made of vinyl and decorated with floral theme. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. Perfect solution for decorating walls, furniture and more. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Glass shelves 2

Glass Shelves

Our advice Buying Guide

Glass wall shelves add a decorative sparkle to a living room. In addition, since they are mounted to the wall, they save space while allowing you to display the items you are proudest of. Clear glass shelves are unobtrusive and transparent. It makes white spaces look brighter and it keeps darker spaces from appearing too grave.

What are the most unique shapes of glass wall shelves?

Glass wall shelves for living room are available in a variety of shapes, including unique bent designs. Bent-glass shelves come in different configurations. The ends of some of these shelves are curved upwards like the side of a box. Others are fashioned like stair steps. The center part of such a shelf could hold one item, for example, and on either of the higher sides of the shelf another item could be displayed. A longer shelf featuring stair steps could really be an eye-catcher to showcase your display.

What's the load capacity of glass wall shelves?

Unless your items are very light in weight, pay attention to the load-bearing capability of the glass wall shelves. Although standard glass is available, tempered glass is four times stronger. Another reason to choose the latter glass is that it provides better protection against injury because if it is broken it will not shatter into small shards.

Three-eighths of an inch is the minimum thickness suggested for glass shelves. The next step up is one-half of an inch. Three-quarters of an inch thick is usually suggested to support heavier items. For example, a tempered glass shelf that is 11 inches wide, 16 inches long and 3/16 of an inch thick with one foot between supports could hold approx. 239 pounds.

Ask your seller what the weight limit is. Some companies that make glass shelves have online calculators that tell you the load capacity of the product they manufacture. As glass increases in thickness and as its supports or brackets are put closer together in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, its weight limit increases.

How are glass shelves supported?

With supports and brackets available in finishes such as steel and chrome and antique brass and bronze as well as white, you can make a decor statement by using them. Some supports show so little of themselves when you look at the shelf that they make the shelves seem to be floating on air. As far as attaching supports and brackets, the recommendation is that if the wall is made of Sheetrock, attach the shelf to a stud.

Glass wall shelves for living room promote better organization in the room. They also make it easy to cleanly display many kinds of items so you, your family and your friends can enjoy them. Anticipate some great conversation after you have installed these shelves.


Glass wall shelves for living room

A simple rectangular wall niche converted to an aesthetic recessed shelving unit with lighting inbuilt in a top edge. Two rectangular fixed shelves are manufactured of clear tempered glass. The niche has the same beige colour like a wall.

Glass shelves living room

Truly amazing design for a living room shelf. Very minimalistic and perfect for a modern, contemporary room. Great to store your curios and souvenirs, just make sure to be careful around it as it is very delicate!

Glass wall shelves for living room 2

Recessed nooks replaces standard living room shelving units here - just some glass wall shelves were mounted and a good-looking wall display is ready to use. Walls have been painted light gray, so nothing distracts attention from displayed souvenirs

Glass wall shelves for living room 20

Distinguishing itself with an awesome honeycomb design, this glass wall-mounted shelving system will provide your living room an inimitable character. An intricately designed spot to display your treasuries.

Built in glass shelves

These glass wall shelves are a really nice option for when you both want to go for style and would like to avoid a situation when your bathroom feels and looks overcluttered. It will add just a bit of extra storage space as well.

Glass shelves for living room

What to do with that half wall......, Sometimes we have these half-walls that we dont quite know what to do with. Well rather than remove it I liked the idea of an open divider between my dining and living rooms so I built it up. I put cabinetry on the di

Glass shelves in living room

Smoothly built-in, these glass wall shelves for living room constitute not only a space-saver, but also a stylish way to expose your favourite belongings. Ideal to store vases or dinnerware collection.

Adatto casa 900 curved glass shelves

Adatto Casa 900 Curved Glass Shelves

Glass shelve decoration glass design home decoration ideas living room

glass shelve decoration glass design home decoration ideas living room ...

How to decorate a shelf in living room

Built in shelves are good for a small area because it gives more space for bulkier furniture and built in shelves like this can be in any area of the house eg. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room.

Glass wall shelves for living room 23

Light pink chevron on the walls - I would love this in my bathroom... although I might have to make it NOT pink for hubby's sake. :)

Glass wall shelves for living room 15

Say yes to texture - I love this advice: “If you’re not into color, don’t force it,” says Schrock. Instead, layer texture—“shiny things with things that are matte,” for instance, says Dick. In the great room, they decorated with a glass cof

Glass wall shelves for living room 8

Classic wall unit composed of five closets and nine shelves in different sizes. This simple cabinet is made of blanched oak wood. This type of furniture can be used to store books, frippery or decorations.

Living room glass shelves

"Built-in cabinets are a classic separation between the living and dining rooms in Arts and Crafts homes. Try updating this classic look for your home with open, geometrical cubbies."

Horse wall stickers for bedrooms

This wall sticker will add some fairy magic into your girl's room. In shape of the most famous and adorable fairy - Tinkerbell. It's easy to assemble, just peel of and stick to the wall. It can be clean by wet cloth.

Waves 3 Level Wall Shelf

Waves 3 Level Wall Shelf

Wall racks designs for living rooms

designs that inspire to create your perfect home (for me, I would use a sea glass accent color rather th a n the blue

Glass wall shelves for living room 5

Shelves- on my blank wall? For wall between kitchen and stairs.

Glass wall shelves for living room 10

LIVING / DINING ROOM :: Collection of frames on a picture ledge (could work for a mantel) and an array of nifty things on the dining table. (You could swap out the glass lanterns for cloches with plants inside!). Slettvoll design.

Purple trunks

If you would like to buy the additional piece of furniture to such interior done with style, you should precisely think over if it will for with the architect's conception. The connoisseurs will like the wine's box coffee table, even if it's modern than rest of interior.

Living room wall shelves amazing living room wall shelves on

... Living Room Wall Shelves : Amazing Living Room Wall Shelves On White

Glass wall shelves for living room 2

The living room knick knacks and photo shelves. The perfect idea is installing the a special glass rack. If the owner store his wine bottles in the cupboard below, he never will looking for the glass a long time.

Wall stickers for girls room

Who doesn't love wall decals, especially if they look so stunning as this one. It sports the white finish to make it stand out even more on brightly colored walls and offers the flowery theme with butterflies.

Glass wall shelves for living room 13

Living Room Arrangements for Apartments & Small Spaces

Fancy white wooden custom living room shelves with purple living

Fancy White Wooden Custom Living Room Shelves With Purple Living Wall ...

Fitted sliding under stair wardrobe doors in white glass

fitted sliding, under-stair wardrobe doors in white glass

Sonax C-701-SCM DVD Player Wall Shelf

Glass wall shelves for living room 9

French doors have a frame around one or more transparent panels, usually filled with glass or a foggy translucent material. There are many styles and sizes of these panels, all of which are meant to maximize light in a room.

Shelf for room

"Rooms for Rent" Home Tour - Beneath My Heart

Glass wall shelves for living room 3

Tall bookcase for space saving in all kinds of interiors. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Perfect solution for small spaces.

Glass wall shelves for living room 3

Home Tour: Atlanta Guest House - Design Chic

Glass wall shelves for living room 17

This sink is a must have for my bathroom/laundry room. Have no idea where to find one!! But I have seem a similar sized kitchen sink which I think I will also have. So great for washing over sized things like fridge glass shelves ect

Media chest for living room 12

Practical chest for living rooms, bedrooms and TV rooms. It features solid and decorative doors. Storage compartment is quite spacious. Rectangular shape of this chest suits any design just like its neutral white color.

Media chest for living room 6

This exceptionally ornamented media chest for living room constitutes a proposition for refined interiors. Silver, fronts, embellished with tiny scales, compliment perfectly the aluminium base and brass door pulls.

Media chest for living room 21

Rectangular chest with simple, straight construction suitable for living room use. This chest features five drawers for kitchen accessories, media devices or other items. Neutral white color looks good with metal circle handles.

Nexera 220530 Allure Wall Shelving Unit, Ebony

Media chest for living room 1

Intriguing - this beige media chest has apparently been set in a bedroom, not in a living room. Why not, it has 'too many' drawers to store only media elements - I'd put clothing and bedding sets inside.

Bookcase display via styleathome heartwarming hearth reno flickr photo sharing

bookcase display via styleathome heartwarming hearth reno | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wall mounted shelving 1

Wall Mounted Shelving

Glass wall cabinet living room

great idea for a big blank wall - put in a gas fireplace and built-ins on either side.

Wall stickers for girls room 1

This wall sticker makes a unique decor for both boys and girls private space. A cat, chasing some butterfly brings so much warmth and liveliness to the decor. Easy in assembly and potential removal, constitute a perfect option to enhance your interiors.

Bedroom stickers for girls

Enormous wall decal - something a teenage girl would like to have in her room, huh? Big white wall sticker features vine flowers, butterflies and swirls motifs. Floral decor inspiration - looks especially marvellous on a contrasting colorful wall.

Glass wall shelves for living room 21

31 Creative Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms - some creative ideas how to organize your storage in a small bathroom. The cool thing about all of them that they mostly are very budget-friendly. You can find narrow shelves and drawers, glass and open shelv