Crown Molding Ledge

Crown molding is the pinnacle of a classy room. A properly installed crown molding can catch the attention of a very decor conscious person, and change their perception. A crown molding ledge takes that class and gives it a new medium. USe the ledge to display photos or trophies, and the crown molding will do most of the showcasing work for you.

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Crown Molding Wall Shelf

Crown Molding Wall Shelf
If you're a fan of stylish and practical solution, you're gonna be amazed by this unique and original shelf. Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary functionality and an incredible design in your house!

Crown Molding Shelf

Crown Molding Shelf
A very interesting type of product that provides additional storage and display space in the room. This is a wall mounted shelve made of poplar wood with a stained or painted finish. It is solid and provides a display space for different decorations.

Crown molding ledge

A great DIY project, allowing to store all pictures and smaller knick-knacks in one place. Gallery wall shelves, made of crown molding, painted in white and attached to the wall, are a versatile decoration, which will fit into almost every kind of interior.

How to make a shelf with crown molding

A crown molding ledge creates a simple, yet elegant addition to your corridor. It constitutes a great way to display your collections of photos or documents. Fits well into both modern and traditional interior.

Crown molding ledge

You can easily transform you bedroom by adding to it white boards and battens, which will give the room an elegant character. You can make the project on your own, but remember to measure everything correctly.

Pottery barn crown molding ledge

"rain gutter" book shelves made with crown molding!

Crown molding ledge 8

Country style board, batten and wooden shelving on a budget.

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How do you make a picture ledge on crown molding?

To make a crown molding ledge for pictures, you need to measure, cut, assemble, and hang your new shelf ledge; you are building narrow boxes to create the ledge.

This is a DIY project which requires attention to detail. Determine what size ledge you want, then gather your crown molding pieces. These can be unfinished solid wood crown molding to leave as is or paint later or choose already painted versions.

Next, you need to make precise cuts, creating the shelf top, box front, box sides, box bottom, and wall cleat. For a 36” shelf, build a base with slightly smaller measurements. Assemble these base pieces with pocket holes and wood glue. Allow glue to dry.

To complete the assembly, line up the top shelf and attach with more glue, then cap the bottom of your box the same way. For hanging, drill holes in the back edges of the shelf, approximately ½” from each edge. Depending on how much weight you plan to place on your ledge, design the best size wall cleat and screw it to a wall stud. Then, place your shelf on top of it and secure it in place.

How do you install floating crown molding?

To install floating crown molding, use a hidden strip of wood to screw the bottom of the crown molding into, securing it to the wall and making it appear as if it is floating.

Purchase already cut crown molding to your size specifications or cut your own. Measure the location you wish to install the crown molding and mark it with a pencil. Next, locate a small piece of wood approximately ¾” thick and 1¼”  high. It will need to fit in the void space caused by the angle of the crown molding.

Once level, screw the wood piece into the wall. These screws need to go at least 1” deep into the wall studs for maximum security. If the piece of crown molding is 6” deep, a ¾” thick wood strip should offer enough support. For a ledge that is deeper than 6”, use more substantial wall cleats to hold the crown molding in place.

Next, add your crown molding on top of the secured wood strip. This method can be used for simple crown molding or to make a floating crown molding ledge.

How high should a crown moulding ledge be?

When it comes to determining the height of a crown molding ledge, there are a few rules. If your ceilings are a standard 8-feet high, the height of your crown ledge should be two and a half to six inches. If your ceilings are nine feet high, your crown ledge should sit at three to seven and a half inches tall, and for ten-foot-high ceilings, keep your crown ledge at three and a half to eight inches high.


Crown molding ledge

wall-panels-wainscoting-idea by Crown Molding, via Flickr

Crown molding ledge

Aesthetic contemporary wall ledges for displaying frames with pictures or photos. A simple ledge is made of white-painted wooden materials and has an L-shaped side profile. It can be adorned with a more decorative crown ledge fixed at the bottom.

How to make a crown molding shelf

Apart from providing a smooth, classic appeal to the space, this crown moulding has also a practical function, as it can be used smoothly as a bookshelf. Its white finish fits well into the surrounding decor.

Crown molding ledge 16

window seat | House of Turquoise: Structures Building Company

Crown molding ledge 1

build a ledge shelf with crown molding DSCF1211 copy

Crown molding ledge shelves

Shelves basically consist of a 2×4 on the wall, 1/2″ MDF for the top and bottoms of the shelves, crown molding and then the decorative corbels. They are about 9ft long a piece.

Crown ledge

Bringing in some smooth touch of classic elegance, the crown molding ledge beautifully encompasses this large bathroom mirror. Finished in timeless white, it adds brightness to the space, being a counterweight to the beiges and browns.

Crown molding shelf diy

Wall shelf with antique finish. It is completely made of wood. Perfect solution for storing books, display decorations and more. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors.

Crown molding ledge 18

DIY Pottery Barn Mantle Shelf Copy

Crown molding ledge 11

Shelf like this could house the Mr's collections without using floor space

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four season room - traditional - living room - Magnotta Builders & Remodelers

Crown molding ledge 17

wainscoting & charcoal gray paint

Beveled subway tiles look marvelous in this remodeled bathroom

Beveled Subway Tiles look Marvelous in this Remodeled Bathroom

Crown molding ledge

Duct work in the basement is fancied up with crown moulding and made to look like a tray ceiling...great idea.

Alternative to board batten i dont have the trim thickness

Alternative to board & batten? I don't have the trim thickness necessary!

Crown molding ledge 4

wainscoting with shelves made with crown moulding pieces (actually are foam trim boards). for kitchen??

Crown molding ledge shelf

DIY | That's My Letter: "C" is for Crown Molding Ledges

POTTERY BARN Crown Shelf White

Crown molding ledge

Make sure you have all the necessary accent pieces and convenient additions in your household with these charming floating shelves that sport a simple design and yet are just packed with functionality, letting you display the charming knick-knacks or books beautifully.

Crown moulding ledge

Master BathroomThe paint is Graham Cracker from Dunn Edwards. The crown molding ledge is . The candle sticks, frames and picture are from Home Goods. The towels and hooks are from Target. Below is another view of the bathroom.

Crown molding shelf diy

Mantel shelf - DIY- for those of us without a fireplace to hang our stockings

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