Wall Mounted Bookshelves For Kids

Keep those bookshelves off the floor and give your kids more space to play. Wall mounted book shelves are functional, eye-catching, and can hold most, if not all, of your kid's literary works. Put them low so the kiddos can get to them at will, or put them high for story time where only you can reach them, so they don't get destroyed. And they are available in matching wood to suit your taste.

Best Products

Bunk Bed 13.2" Book Shelf

Bunk Bed 13.2" Book Shelf
Practical, space-saving, and nice to look at, this Bedside Shelf in White Finish is designed of sustainable lime plywood. The book shelf offers front panels for holding books, handmade construction, and low maintenance - wipe it with a dry cloth.

Kids' 55" Bookcase

Kids' 55" Bookcase
This amazing bookcase would be a cute opportunity for every children's room. Unique colours combined with functional shelves are gonna make the space very stylish and convenient for every young person.

Classic White 24" Bookcase

Classic White 24" Bookcase
If you're a fan of simple, pure and elegant solutions, this charming and modern bookcase is gonna perfectly fulfill all of your your expectations! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design in your house.

Stars and Moons Pattern Nursery Wastebasket

Stars and Moons Pattern Nursery Wastebasket
Wastebasket in pastel colors. It is made of plastic with a moon and stars theme and partially covered with vinyl. Designed for kids room. It is well recommended by customers.

Childrens wall mounted bookshelves

What do we read today? I do not know, let's go pick something from a bookcase of comics and books. A splendid wall mounted bookshelves for kids, has shelves which are equipped with compartments that hold every kind of book.Don't hide them anymore!

Wall mounted bookshelves for kids

If you need some extra storage for your kid's books you would love this solution. Wall mounted bookshelves are easy to install and don't take too much space. Solid wooden construction painted on white color looks great and suits any room.

Wall mounted bookshelf

Wall mounted shelves for storing books and magazines and more. It is completely made of wood. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Our advice Buying Guide

Books are good for kids. From squishy, squeaky books for the youngest infants to collections of short stories, non-fiction, and novels for older children, books provide literacy training, information, and alternative ways of looking at the world around them. Unfortunately, a good book collection can also provide clutter and untethered bookcases or shelves can be an invitation to climbing – along with the inevitable tumble to follow. Wall mounted bookshelves for kids can help keep your child’s book collection off the floor, yet close at hand for enjoyment.

What are the best wall mounted bookshelves for kids?

The Classic Bookcase

A bookcase or set of bookshelves is often nothing more than two upright boards and several cross boards that form the top, bottom and intervening shelves. Books or toys or both can be placed on the shelves, with the most age-appropriate items at eye-level for the child. Securing the unit to the wall prevents it from tipping over when your enterprising two-year-old decides that he or she must have the pretty popup book that Grandma sent for Christmas – the one that has been stored on the top shelf to promote supervised viewing. Well secured, tall bookshelves can also be used to store books for different age levels of child, with the board books and squeaky books on the bottom, and the full set of J.K. Rowling, L.M. Alcott, or Mr. Clemens at the top.

The Display Shelf

If you have a young child who has a limited book supply, a single plastic display shelf with a bin-style lip can be just the thing. The shelf can be mounted on the wall, low enough for your child to reach those favorite books, encouraging the all-important journey toward literacy. The bin style makes it easy for a young child to put away his or her own books when finished with reading.

Bin wall shelves are also good for storing art and writing supplies for an older child who has begun to enjoy using pencils and crayons to create his or her own artwork.

The Corner Cupboard

While corners do create an odd storage area, they are still useful for storing chunky board books and small toys. A low corner shelf is easy to secure to the wall, and can also provide a display area on top of the unit. It is attractive, especially if it has a door, and can be used to house favored treasures.

Desk and Shelf Set

Almost any child will appreciate a kid-sized desk and shelf set. Even pre-school children like having a place to sit and a surface where they can scribble on big sheets of paper or in coloring books. The shelf unit beside the desk or perhaps even a small drawer makes keeping youthful art supplies close to the workstation. The whole unit should be secured to the wall, of course.

Your selection of wall-mounted bookshelves for kids will depend upon the age of your child, his or her interests, and your circumstances. Rest assured, however, they are a good choice.


Bookshelves wall mount

Get your kids this amazing wall mounted wooden bookshelf. Designed with a thick frame, the piece comes with incredible load-bearing capacity. It offers up to five open shelves for collectibles, books, and other kid stuff. The shelf is also finished in white so it should easily blend into walls.

Wall mounted bookshelves for kids 2

Wall-mounted bookshelf for children's room is an excellent way for a functional and very cozy interior. Shelves in the form of boxes keep the contents in place and are safe, and at the same time, they are a great present.

Kids wall mounted bookshelf

An instruction on how to construct white shelves with crown molding for books and magazines in kid's room. Narrow white boards prevent books from falling. 3 to 4 books can be stacked deep, one behind another.

Diy how to build a wall mount bookshelf 1

DIY: How to build a Wall Mount Bookshelf:

Wall mounted bookshelves for kids 1

A nice way to accommodate kids' rooms with something functional and beautiful. Those capacious bookshelves are crafted of sturdy wood in a white finish, offering plenty of space for books, magazines, comics, etc.

Wall mounted book rack

A space-saving idea for raising practicality in your kids' room and, at the same time, to make it more educational. Thanks to those floating beauties, you can display books and magazines, using 4 open shelves made of white-finished wood.

Wall Mount Book Shelf in Natural UV Finish

Wall mount book rack

A great solution for contemporary homes, dorms, and offices. This set of wall-mounted bookshelves is characterized by a floating design, wood construction, espresso finish, and a bunch of various compartments for storing your books, pictures, and knick-knacks.

Bookshelves for nursery

A delicate bookshelf for the nursery. The specific arrangement of standing books allows kids to find easier the book they would like to take. It also guarantees that the books' covers will act as a decoration.

Wall bookshelves for kids

Organize your kids space with this wall mounted bookcase. It is made of fabric, with yellow print, and it's excellent for books and magazines, or toys.

Childrens bookshelf plans

I love these shelves. The horizontal space for the oversized books is such a great idea!

Kids hanging bookshelf

Love how these book shelves show the front of the book. E likes to decide on her stories for the night by looking at the cover

Childrens wall shelves

DIY::Wall Mounted Bookshelves....Love this for home or classroom.

For kids with dual bunk bed with dawers book shelves

For Kids With Dual Bunk Bed With Dawers Book Shelves Wall Mounted ...

Wall shelves for kids rooms

perspex on the wall book shelf? What a great space saver! 24"

Wall bookshelves for nursery

The transparent acrylic bookcase, fastened to the wall, is a perfect combination of functionality and neutral styling that will work out in the children's room and any impressive interior in modern design.

Bookshelves for nursery 1

If you are looking for smooth, space-saving bookshelves, this set may appeal to you. Created with the aim to prevent the child from undesired injuries, these vinyl gutters helped to establish fully safe and stylish bookshelves for the nursery.

Wall mount bookshelf

Looking for a bookshelf that would spruce up your ambiance? We've got something interesting for you! It's a wall mounted bookshelf, which is painted on white color and has the wooden construction. It brings the simplicity and functionality into any room.

Wall book rack for nursery

Flat Wall Book Shelves

Mounted bookshelf

Invite your child to put their books on the fairytale branches!Handmade floating bookshelve is mouted on wall, on the top of painted tree. Three brown, wooden shelves are located at different angles.Interesting and very functional!

Wall attached bookshelves

Project Nursery -book shelving

Bookshelf for kids room

With the use of my dad's tools and his help, I REALLY want to make this book shelf for the girls' room or playroom!

Wall hanging bookshelf

Simple bookshelves for children's books are an excellent choice for your toddler's room. The whole is decorated in pleasant colors and is made of wood, is durable and beautifully presented. Great place to store small books.

Bookshelves for nursery 2

Cool practical and ingenious shelves for nurseries. They are created from lightweight but quite durable profiles of white plastic. Such a rectangular shelf has an elongated backplate and a raised front edge adorned with grooves along.

Kids wall mounted bookcase

Ideas for my child day care...a cozy reading corner youngsters will luv!

Wall mounted display shelves 14

Daffodil Design - Calgary Design and Lifestyle Blog: {i decorate} a room for two.

Kids wall bookshelves

LOVE!! Turn old hymnal racks into wall mount bookshelves. affordable racks on ebay and a few on Etsy.

Cool bedroom furniture sets for kids from ikea

Cool Bedroom Furniture Sets for Kids From IKEA

Kids wall mounted bookshelves

Simpe bookshelves for kids. They feature wall mounted constructions that support small books for kids. White colors of these shelves perfectly match any decor. They are suitable for corner placement and for other configurations.

Getting mental images of getting super crafty and making these

Getting mental images of getting super crafty and making these with non-solid bottoms and attached drip trays so you can put wet/snowy shoes in and let them dry without getting water all over the floor or box... (Click through for 49 more ideas of varying

Mounted bookshelves

Wall-mounted bookshelves are popular in schools but can be used just as well in kids’ rooms. The ones here are white and subtle – they are easy to make and replace, which is always a plus given how fast kids grow out of things.

Kids room bookshelf

I loved the idea of the IKEA spice racks functioning as front-facing shelves for the boys' books but they just weren't wide enough to store much. @Jen Jones from iheartorganizing (fabulous blog) repurposed acrylic card shelves for her front-facing books.

Front facing bookshelf ikea

Smart space: Small room decor ideas for when you’re short on space

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Kids room wall mounted shelves

kids room wall mounted shelves

Corner bookshelf kids

... -creative-floating-wall-shelf-for-kids-room-wall-shelves-536x717.jpg

Espresso wall mounted shelves as inspiring wall bookshelves ideas

... Espresso Wall Mounted Shelves As Inspiring Wall Bookshelves Ideas

Cool wooden wall mounted bookshelves design by gerard de hoop

Cool Wooden Wall Mounted Bookshelves Design By Gerard De Hoop With ...

Trista - [Love of Purple] Hexagon Leather Wall Shelf / Bookshelf / Floating Shelf (Set of 3)

Wall mounted kids bookcase the dorm ferm living 1

Wall-mounted kids bookcase THE DORM - ferm LIVING

With tv wall mounted combine wall mounted bookshelves on white

-with-tv-wall-mounted-combine-wall-mounted-bookshelves-on-white-wall ...

Corner shelves for kids room

Two ladders, probably could even do them standing upright and then not have to mount them on wall

Spine wall shelf

Wall shelf for storing books, display decorations and more. It is completely made of wood. Modern and functional design for each room as needed.