Wooden Toy Chest Bench

Not just a toy chest but also a bench, these sturdy and versatile wooden toy chest benches will give your kids a useful and clever place to not only put their toys, but also somewhere to sit while tying their shoes. They are hand-crafted, and very sturdy, willing to handle whatever a kid throws at it. See this collection for your kids next toy chest bench.

Best Products

Rustic Reclaimed Cedar Toy Box Blanket

Rustic Reclaimed Cedar Toy Box Blanket
Large chest for storing toys and others needed items. It is completely made of wood. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Storage Chest Made From Shipping Pallets

Storage Chest Made From Shipping Pallets
A simple storage bench that will bring practicality and style to your entryway, hallway, living room, or bedroom. Designed of sturdy wood pallets in distressed finish, the chest has a hinged lid that lifts up for easy access to the storage compartment.

Personalized Toy Storage Chest

Personalized Toy Storage Chest
This is made of solid wood storage chest for toys is an excellent idea for a child's room. Personalized with e ngraving name of the child makes it unique and can be used for years.

Nautical toy box boat toy box boat bench

Nautical toy box boat toy box boat bench
Lovely bench in the shape of nautical boat. It is completely made of wood and fitted with capacious compartment for storing toys and others needed stuff. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied clients.

Wooden Toy Chest

Wooden Toy Chest
Here your toys would find a nice home. Personalized toy chest is made of high quality plywood and hardwood. What is great, it has not only the space for toys but it also has a bench with backrest. Character adds glittering, cherry wood shade.

Wooden toy chest bench antique white

Wooden toy chest bench antique white
Finished in white wood, this antique toy chest will constitute a gorgeous vintage accent in any decor. Your children will love the capacious interior, concealing space for even the largest collections.

Bench Toy Box

Bench Toy Box
It is a bench toy box that fits to any style and décor. It has got a white finish and sturdy construction of solid wood. It is a perfect addition to any kids room and other rooms in your home.

Our advice Buying Guide

A wooden chest to house all your child's toys can also be used for other practical reasons, such as using it as a bench or to store extra bedding and other home items. It's a useful addition to have in the room, and doesn't take up a huge amount of space when you think about the benefits you can enjoy as a result. Let's look at some of the designs and materials you will come across, and you can decide which would be most suitable for your child's bedroom.

Can I buy a toy chest bench made of recycled shipping pallet?

You might be able to buy a shipping pallet and upcycle it to become a toy chest. This will save a fair bit of money if you're able to get a recycled chest, but if you're not so fortunate, there are chests available which have been made from recycle wooden pallets. These have beams fixed together and varnished, although they still have a distressed and natural look. The hinges are used to lift up the lid of the chest and store toys, while once the lid is down, you can cover it with a blanket or cushions and use as seating.

How can I customize a wooden toy chest?

If you think you might want to get creative with your child and make them a colorful toy chest that they will treasure for many years, consider a natural wooden toy chest that you can customize. You will have the option to buy wood paint and use a variety of colors to create the patterns, styles and look that you and your child want in their bedroom. Often, natural wooden toy chests also have different sections or compartments inside, allowing you to easily keep all their toys in order. There may be two large sections, or four smaller sections, so you may want to think beforehand about what toys need to be store in the chest.

What kind of wooden toy chest bench will fit my space?

  • Polished white wooden finished toy chest bench

Ideal for any child's bedroom, whether they have just been born or you're upgrading their bedroom after a few years and adding some extra items The finished white look means that you don't have to see any brown natural wood if you don't think it suits your child's bedroom. The white color is compatible with almost every other color. There may be some detail on the sides on the lid of the chest – this could simply be a few vertical lines, or maybe embellishments and carved wooden detail.

  • Vintage hardwood toy chest bench

If you want something which can be used in your child's bedroom for a while and then moved into another room once they have grown out of it or moved out of the family home in a number of years, invest in a solid hardwood toy chest bench. This wooden piece of furniture is dark in color, with detail around the chest which creates a vintage feel. Flowers, swirls, circles and other detail add to the rustic effect, and make a unit which is highly versatile around the home.


Barrel Top Toy Chest

Barrel Top Toy Chest
Capacious box for toys to each kid's room. Construction is made of solid wood. Recommended more than 2 years and up. It has excellent evaluation from customers.

Toy box bench plans

Creating a smooth spot to sit and store stuff was the aim of the designers of this beautiful wooden toybox. Its densely grained bright wood constitutes a fabulous example of natural, eco-friendly crafting.

Wooden toy box bench plans

A stark sturdy storage bench with a rectilinear frame entirely handmade of unfinished boards of wooden pallets in light brown and grey shades. It has low block legs and a rectangular hinged lift top.

Diy toy bench

Handmade, this wooden chest for toys constitutes a good example of a well-designed DIY item. Bright, densely grained wood brings in warmth and cosiness, emphasizing the natural character of the construction.

Wooden toy chest bench

A simplistic design of this fine bench makes it not only sturdy, but also practical and stylish. Crafted of repurposed wood pallets and covered in a distressed finish, the bench has a hollow inside and it comes with cutouts on both sides for easy carrying.

Wooden toy chest bench

Solid wooden construction, beautiful finish and plenty of room for storage make this toy chest bench enchant. Broad functionality and fine details blend well and allow to use the chest in many ways.

Limited edition wooden toy chest toy box with bench by

... , Limited Edition Wooden Toy Chest / Toy Box with Bench by KidKraft

Wood toy box bench

A capacious storage chest for indoors, which can be quite useful in your bedroom, or your kid's room. Crafted of sturdy wood and covered in natural oak finish, the chest has a lift-up lid that works on a pair of metal hinges.

Wooden toy chest bench

Practical toy chest for the kid’s room constructed from wood. The chest comes with two carrying handles on each side and a lid to secure the toys that can also double up as a sitting bench. It also features a natural wood grain finish, making it easier to customize with all the colors you want.

Pallet toy box

Made of pallet storage bench is an excellent choice for children's room, where it will be a toy chest. Simple design impresses with details and is very functional. Practical backing and plenty of storage space make a great piece of furniture.

Wooden toy chest bench

Wooden toy chest and bench in one piece? Great solution! A wooden toy chest may be constructed even by an unexperienced do-it-yourselfer as long as he/she has a proper plan. Find one for a wooden chest/bench here.

Toy box bench with cushion

Rustic Old Wood Storage Bench... could this possibly be a diy project?

Pallet toy storage

Old wooden toy chests for the home are the most desirable element vintage of recent times. This one is also a bench, with a gold finish on the top and green, blue shades painted on the soild wood. This trunk is a real pleasure for the vintage eye.

Wooden toy chest bench 2

A Boys Tool Chest..

Diy toy chest

Now you can improve your entryway with natural accents and practical solutions, thanks to this capacious chest. Crafted of wood pallets and splashed in a distressed finish, the bench boasts of its rustic look, offering a lift-up top for accessing the storage compartment.

Personalized wooden toy chest

Personalized furniture is a great gift idea. This charming wooden toy chest is a combination of beautiful design, functionality, and style. The whole can be used for storage and as a bench, so it is perfect for children's room.

Personalized wooden toy box

A natural approach to a useful piece of furniture for a children’s bedroom or a playroom. This wooden toy chest is made out of solid wood and has an unfinished look and provides a seating spot with the bench on top.

Painted wooden toy box

If you need storage ideas, the natural basic wooden chest, made of pallets is a great solution. The deep storage space is perfect for clothes, toys, tools and more. The rustic look will be excellent to the living room, for using as a coffee table or bedroom bench.

Personalized Toy Storage Chest

Personalized Toy Storage Chest

Personalized Modern Touch Toy Box With Pink Script Font - White, Aaliyah

How to build a toy box bench

Chalk painted box made of wood. This rectangular box can be used as a practical piece of furniture that provides some storage space. Its rectangular top can also be used as a bench seat. Solid construction is able to hold an adult user without damage.

Kids Toy Box

Home lil buckaroo toy chests wooden toy chest bench antique

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Wooden toy chest bench 5

Get Ryan to build this outdoor chest

Wooden toy chest bench 7

Storage Chest

Diy toy chest bench

The beautifully made chest box is a stylish element of children's room decor, but also a great storage bench for another interior. Beautiful design, spacious interior, and functionality make it a very impressive piece of furniture.

Wooden toy chest bench

♥Really cute tool bench for little boys or girls!!! Bebe'!!! Girls can use tools too -- I loved playing with my brother's tool toys

Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Box, Natural

It is a barrel basket that is perfect for storing toys in your kids room. You can choose one of four colors: cherry, espresso, natural and white. It has got a solid wood construction and great design.

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Toy bench chest

CHALLENGE: Make this pallet trunk, with no help from husband or Dad. Can I do this? Already found all my recycled wood. Now have to figured out which saw is which... oh boy, here I go...

Diy wooden chest

Bench in the form of trunk. It is made of wood with antique finish. Includes capacious compartment for storing needed items. Stylish accent for each room according to taste.

Wooden toy chest bench

... & DIY > Children's Home & Furniture > Furniture > Toy Boxes & Chests

Wooden bench toy box

a storage bench / storage chest gets a makeover with paint and modern fabric at The Salvaged Boutique

How to build a wooden toy chest

Under The Table and Dreaming: Furniture & Room Makeovers Re-do's, and Updates {Showcase Party Sneak Peak}

Put stuff in its place once and for all with

Put stuff in its place once and for all with this versatile wooden storage chest from Safavieh. Perfect for storing toys, blankets, or random footwear, this attractive piece adds both functionality and seating to any area of your home.

Pastel Wooden Toy Box Bench

White toy bench

recycling pallets ideas | Recycled Pallets - 11 Great Uses - McKay Flooring Blog

Toy chest bench plans

Love this toy chest from Land of Nod. Right now it's in our son's room, but we'll move it to the playroom when it's ready.

Wooden toy box seat

Lovely solid spruce toy box with child-safe closure that prevents it from closing too fast!

Diy crate casters lollyjane toybox

DIY Crate Casters LollyJane ToyBox

Fantasy Fields - Transportation Toy Chest

Amish made small maple toy box

Amish Made Small Maple Toy Box