Indoor Wooden Playhouse

Indoor playhouses are becoming more and more popular with the summer sun getting hotter and winter is getting colder. Kids safety is becoming more and more important to Playhouse manufacturers and it is with this benevolence in mind that we offer you a collection of indoor wooden playhouses. They come in many styles and are very well constructed. Take a look in our collection into what we have.

Best Products

Loft Market Playhouse

Loft Market Playhouse
This well-made solid wood construction market loft playhouse is a great place for children to play. Works great in every place where toddlers come. Numerous cupboards and plenty of space to play We assure plenty of options to use.

Jr. Loft Playhouse

Jr. Loft Playhouse
Cool functional playhouse for kids aged 2-7. It's made of plywood with a natural finish and acrylic panels. It's for indoor use in palyrooms or nursery schools. A platform and stairs with rails are carpeted. There's 1 slide, 1 room, 4 plexi windows.

Indoor Playhouse

Indoor Playhouse
An interesting contemporary playhouse modelled on a one-story house having central parts of walls of brown-finished wood, corners of (faux) fieldstones and a pent roof. It's equipped a.o. with roofed balconies, lanterns, a wavy slide of blue plastic.

Play modern playhouses modern kids toys kansas city

Play modern playhouses modern kids toys kansas city
Their most important featur of indoor wood playhouse is eco-friendly character.Modern modular shapes,and a stylish finish in birch wood. On the other hand they meet with mahogany wood.Raw in their simplicity, can assume different configurations.

Bavarian cottage playhouse traditional outdoor playsets salt lake city

Bavarian cottage playhouse traditional outdoor playsets salt lake city
Remember the hut of Baba Yaga of famous legends? That's the one but without the witch. Indoor children's playhouse - built of wood, with hand-carved patterns, like hearts on one of the doors, has porch,balcony, green slide. All brings to you some folklore.

Indoor wooden playhouse 1

The beautiful wooden playhouse of this stylish and very cozy indoor playhouse is an ideal playground for children. Colorful elements, solid construction and lots of fun inspiration make the kids delight.

Wooden benches indoor 3

A stylish playhouse for indoors, designed of durable wood covered in a natural finish. It has a flat roof, a hollowed roof panel, hollowed windows, and a comfortable bench placed inside, with plenty of space for storage.

Our advice Buying Guide

Believe us when we say that buying the right indoor wooden playhouse for a kid will not just transform the child’s life, but also yours. It’s where your kid can spend hours in while it plays and expands its imagination. It will spend less time bugging you or being glued to a screen. As a result, you and your kid will be calmer and happier!

If you’ve decided that you need to an indoor wooden playhouse to give to your kid, especially when the holiday season is just around the corner, read on as this article is a buying guide for indoor wooden playhouses.

What’s the right size for an indoor wooden playhouse?

Indoor wooden playhouses come in myriads of sizes. The bigger you get, the better as it means the playhouse can be used by the child even when it grows up. However, your home may have limited space so you need to consider what your space can accommodate, as well as where you’ll be positioning the playhouse.

What are the most popular shapes for indoor wooden playhouses?

When it comes to the shape, the most popular ones for indoor wooden playhouses are loft, tower, two-story, and traditional.

A traditional playhouse is the classic one-story building. It works well within a smaller room. You won’t have to worry about ladders or stairs with a traditional playhouse, so it’s perfect for a toddler.

A tower playhouse, on the other hand, is elevated off the floor on stilts. A kid can access its playhouse by a ladder, so it can enjoy an amazing view from up high. Tower playhouses are popular as they offer large spaces underneath for the storage of toys.

Loft playhouses are also some of the favorites of kids as they’re light and spacious. They have a loft area or internal mezzanine. The loft design provides a kid extra room for playing or storage.

A two-story playhouse comes with a ladder with an upstairs room that’s larger than the first level. Its overall height is quite large, so it’s perfect for rooms with high ceilings.

What design features should I look out for in an indoor wooden playhouse?

You also have to consider the design features that you want your kid to enjoy with its playhouse. The most common ones are verandas, doors, windows, and raised balconies.

  • Windows and Shutters - Almost all indoor wooden playhouses come with windows to let light reach inside the units. They’re also great for providing proper ventilation, but you need to ensure the wooden playhouse windows are shatterproof to ensure a child’s safety.
  • Doors - Playhouses come with closable doors but the best ones have a one-inch gap in between the unit’s frame and the door to prevent the little fingers of kids from getting trapped.
  • Veranda - A veranda is a great idea if your home can accommodate such. It makes a playhouse a lot roomy.
  • Balcony - Tower and two-story playhouses come with raised safety balconies. The railings they’re added with keep kids safe as they enjoy an area where they can feel like they’re overlooking their kingdom.


Indoor wooden playhouse 2

This wooden playhouse is a modern addition to kids' rooms. It includes doors and openings that play roles of windows. It also includes chalkboards, so it can play decorative and educative role for children.

Indoor playhouse for kids

Indoor wooden playhouse, because who said playhouses can only be used outdoor? This one here was enhanced by beautiful carvings and ornamentations, to keep the natural and stimulating design of outdoor playhouses.

Indoor wooden playhouse

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Indoor playhouse kits

Indoor Playhouse Themes | Unique Wooden Playhouses| Lilliput

Indoor playhouse for toddlers

The indoor wooden playhouse? Why not?! If you have got some space in the family room or living zone, you can create the indoor playground with slides, toys and much much more.

Mommo design houses indoor playhouse 1

mommo design: HOUSES - indoor playhouse

Kids indoor playhouse

The lovely combination of solid wood construction with excellent fun makes this indoor children playhouse a beautiful piece of furniture. The whole is beautifully made with attention to detail fascinates.

Indoor wood playhouse 1

What a great toy house for your kid to play in! Made in the compartment under the stairs so it doesn’t take any unnecessary space and designed to look like a tiny house! It even has a number plaque!

Wooden playhouse on stilts with slide

We arrange a child's room - straight in pajamas, right away after breakfast your toddler can go to his own indoor wooden playhouse, with a slide with a blue cartridge, a storage box in the middle and a bed at the top. Made of cedar wood.

Indoor wood playhouse

The cupboard under the stairs looks fun! Turn it into an indoor playhouse area! Wooden construction, painted in white and natural color looks cool. I love this tiny little hobbit door right under the stairs.

Indoor outdoor playhouse 2

A fabulous playhouse for kids, which can be used outdoors and indoors. It's a cool camper in a retro style with a room to play inside. The top of it can serve as a comfortable bed. It appears in nice tones of blue and white.

Inside playhouse

Made in a fascinating indoor wooden playhouse makes the children do not get bored even in the weather. Beautiful design looks very realistic, giving inspiration to many captivating games. Every kid will love it.

Kid indoor playhouse

A cool wooden indoor playhouse for your youngest family members. Designed by Gitane Royce, made of locally-sourced recycled materials or plywood. This kind of house suits well any indoor or outdoor decor.

Toddler indoor playhouse

Wooden playhouse for indoor applications. This construction is attractive, comfortable and safe for children. This house includes solid doors and a round window. Its space-saving design is suitable for small indoors.

Boys indoor playhouse

The Playhouses, which come in the Wedge or Circle option, also have ...

Cool and functional indoor children playhouses 5

Cool And Functional Indoor Children Playhouses

Indoor playhouse for boys

indoor playhouse in bohemian nyc apartment

Childrens indoor playhouse

Cool And Functional Indoor Children Playhouses

Wooden playhouse castle

"puzzle" playhouse for indoors; can be easily taken down any time; certainly not buying this one for its incredibly huge price, but perhaps gives me ideas on constructing my own - maybe have one interior wall done in chalkboard paint, perhaps a little bui

Indoor outdoor playhouse 5

An amazing, cute DIY playhouse. Every child is sure to love something like this, a place where they can arrange all of their toys however they want. Perfect addition to any kid’s room. Bound to make them happy!

Wooden playhouse stilts

Log Cabin Style Wooden Blocks Fort Castle Play House Playhouse - FREE SHIPPING

Imagine what if you would had one of these as

Imagine what if you would had one of these as child…

Kids playhouse indoor

child's thatched Playhouse | PlayhouseStreet – Playhouses for Boys and Girls, Childrens

Indoor outdoor playhouse 1

When I was a little child, I dreamt to have my own castle, so I probably won't resist and find a playhouse similar to this one for my kids... This castle playhouse is pretty huge however, I'd prefer something smaller to make it fit also for indoors.

Wooden indoor playhouse

Children would like a tree house, but you don't have a garden. Treehouse without a tree at home! Made of white wooden boards, of pallets - it is a bookcase, a place for a bed and a play area. Great playhouse for all your kids contains also green elements.

Indoor playsets for homes

Extraordinary playhouse: a fairytale design is worth to fall for. Gabled roof covered with canopy features light stripes patern; white facade draws eyes with beautiful swirly windows panels. Add lighting inside and the effect is amazing.

Indoor wood playhouse 9

A cool though simple and small rustic style playhouse for kids. It has the form of a house with a gable roof, small window openings and a pentagonal entry. It has a wooden frame and walls of horizontally interlaced hazel branches.

Luxury wooden playhouse

I love this instead of a clunky playhouse. Their imagination completes this and blankets can be thrown over it. Adding chairs and blankets could also serve as a temporary "addition"

Indoor playhouse 15

Indoor playhouse

Indoor playhouse classic playhouse indoor

Indoor Playhouse Classic playhouse indoor

Rhapsody modern playhouse cedarworks

rhapsody modern playhouse / cedarworks

Handmade wooden playhouse

Kidsloveplayhouse - Outdoor castle playhouse with blue color design

Pirate ship playhouse indoor playhouse w slide stairs 1

Pirate Ship Playhouse Indoor Playhouse w' Slide & Stairs

Indoor wood playhouse 3

In the picture I can see the interior design of wooden playhouse. It features a play kitchen with multi-color and multi-pattern rug. All elements of this design are finished in different colors, so they will be attractive for children.

Kid playhouse indoor

Trend Alert: Indoor Kid Play Tents! on

Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House

Story indoor playhouse built into one end of the bonus


Indoor playhouse 16

Indoor Playhouse

Indoor playhouse toddler

... -playhouses-for-children-playhouses-playhouses-for-kids-outdoor.jpg

Cool indoor wooden playhouse design with brown blue and yellow

cool indoor wooden playhouse design with brown, blue and yellow color ...

Indoor castle playhouse

wooden playset - Bing Images

Wooden clubhouse

DIY Kids Playhouse Of Wooden Pallets | Kidsomania

Indoor outdoor playhouse 7

This playhouse has been furnished so meticulously that you could tell that it's a real house at first glance. Downstairs level serves as kitchen with dining room. Upper part with safety railing serves as loft bedroom.