Wooden Indoor Playsets

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Indoor playhouses are becoming more and more popular with the summer sun getting hotter and winter is getting colder. Kids safety is becoming more and more important to Playhouse manufacturers and it is with this benevolence in mind that we offer you a collection of indoor wooden playhouses. They come in many styles and are very well constructed. Take a look in our collection into what we have.

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Updated 20/12/2022
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Wooden Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse

Wooden Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse


What We Like: Indoor and outdoor use

What We Don’t Like: Comes with small parts that may be a choking hazard

Not So Good For: Children under 3 years old

Perfect For: Preschool and elementary children

Creating versatile playspaces can help engage your child’s imagination and boost creativity. This wood indoor playhouse is a flexible set made from durable materials that can be used inside and outside. The house is designed with blank wood slats, so it’s easy to personalize and decorate to fit any home.

This exciting playhouse offers various features to keep kids entertained during playtime. The playhouse contains a kitchen set, including a play sink and grill so that kids can pretend to cook up a meal for their friends. They can also use a working chalkboard to practice their drawing skills. Kids can write letters and pass them through the mailbox to send messages. 

$443.46 $448.18

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Cedar Indoor Wooden Playset

Cedar Indoor Wooden Playset

Backyard Discovery

What We Like: Interactive features

What We Don’t Like: Additional tools required

Not So Good For: Quick assembly

Perfect For: Indoor and Outdoor Use

Create a chic yet exciting indoor wooden playground with this cedar wood playhouse. This playhouse accommodates up to nine children at once, so it can be used in houses with multiple children or during events such as birthday parties.

The house uses many interactive features to keep children busy during playtime. A doorbell, phone, gardening flower box, and built-in kitchen are included. With so many features on the house's interior and exterior, it’s easy for everyone to be included. Kids can use the snack window to serve up the play food while others work on planting in the flower boxes.

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Wooden Indoor Playhouse

Wooden Indoor Playhouse


What We Like: Sturdy interlocking structure, easy cleaning

What We Don’t Like: Less adjustable features

Not So Good For: Children over 6 years old

Perfect For: Putting on puppet shows

A castle-themed playhouse encourages imagination during playtime and facilitates open-ended role-play games, ideal for building kids’ cognitive, social, and emotional skills. The solid wood is easily wiped off for quick cleanup, and the interlocking structure of the walls and benches is easy to assemble and durable.

The castle comes with a built-in red curtain for putting on puppet shows with their friends. Children can play as royalty or have a comfortable space to read or draw inside the castle. The yellow canopy covering the castle and 11 separate windows let light flow in, and there’s space below the benches for puppets and toys to be stored.

$1774 $1653.8

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Disney Indoor Wood Playhouse

Disney Indoor Wood Playhouse

Delta Children

What We Like: Disney character theme

What We Don’t Like: No toys included

Not So Good For: An all-in-one playset

Perfect For: Creating a comfortable reading space

Add excitement to your child’s playspace with a Minnie Mouse-themed wooden playhouse. The wooden structure supports the printed tent fabric that stands about four feet tall. It’s spacious enough for four children and provides an excellent area for playtime, reading, or naptime.

Create the perfect napping space by adding plush blankets they’ll want to cuddle up in or add a table to create an area for arts and crafts. The playhouse uses non-toxic material and is phthalate-free, so you can have peace of mind that your children are safe while playing.

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Wooden Play Kitchen

Wooden Play Kitchen


What We Like: Kitchen set with fridge, freezer, oven, and microwave

What We Don’t Like: Specific use limits types of play

Not So Good For: Crafting or reading

Perfect For: Play cooking

This white wooden kitchen playset is perfect for keeping kids ages 3-8 entertained, with many different features. The playset has an opening and closing refrigerator, freezer, oven, and microwave, which includes knobs on the oven and sink that turn and click, keeping kids engaged with the interactive features.

The intricately decorated kitchen set is made with child-safe paints that don’t contain lead or heavy metal. This scratch-resistant and water-resistant playset is excellent for long-term use so that you can rely on it for years of play.


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Wooden Indoor Playsets

Buying Guide

Believe us when we say that buying the right indoor wooden playhouse for a kid will not just transform the child’s life, but also yours. It’s where your kid can spend hours in while it plays and expands its imagination. It will spend less time bugging you or being glued to a screen. As a result, you and your kid will be calmer and happier!

If you’ve decided that you need to an indoor wooden playhouse to give to your kid, especially when the holiday season is just around the corner, read on as this article is a buying guide for indoor wooden playhouses.

Indoor wooden playhouses come in myriads of sizes. The bigger you get, the better as it means the playhouse can be used by the child even when it grows up. However, your home may have limited space so you need to consider what your space can accommodate, as well as where you’ll be positioning the playhouse.

When it comes to the shape, the most popular ones for indoor wooden playhouses are loft, tower, two-story, and traditional.

A traditional playhouse is the classic one-story building. It works well within a smaller room. You won’t have to worry about ladders or stairs with a traditional playhouse, so it’s perfect for a toddler.

A tower playhouse, on the other hand, is elevated off the floor on stilts. A kid can access its playhouse by a ladder, so it can enjoy an amazing view from up high. Tower playhouses are popular as they offer large spaces underneath for the storage of toys.

Loft playhouses are also some of the favorites of kids as they’re light and spacious. They have a loft area or internal mezzanine. The loft design provides a kid extra room for playing or storage.

A two-story playhouse comes with a ladder with an upstairs room that’s larger than the first level. Its overall height is quite large, so it’s perfect for rooms with high ceilings.

You also have to consider the design features that you want your kid to enjoy with its playhouse. The most common ones are verandas, doors, windows, and raised balconies.

  • Windows and Shutters - Almost all indoor wooden playhouses come with windows to let light reach inside the units. They’re also great for providing proper ventilation, but you need to ensure the wooden playhouse windows are shatterproof to ensure a child’s safety.
  • Doors - Playhouses come with closable doors but the best ones have a one-inch gap in between the unit’s frame and the door to prevent the little fingers of kids from getting trapped.
  • Veranda - A veranda is a great idea if your home can accommodate such. It makes a playhouse a lot roomy.
  • Balcony - Tower and two-story playhouses come with raised safety balconies. The railings they’re added with keep kids safe as they enjoy an area where they can feel like they’re overlooking their kingdom.

Best Ideas

Loft Market Playhouse

Loft Market Playhouse

This well-made solid wood construction market loft playhouse is a great place for children to play. Works great in every place where toddlers come. Numerous cupboards and plenty of space to play We assure plenty of options to use.

Indoor playhouse for kids

Indoor wooden playhouse, because who said playhouses can only be used outdoor? This one here was enhanced by beautiful carvings and ornamentations, to keep the natural and stimulating design of outdoor playhouses.

Indoor playhouse for toddlers

The indoor wooden playhouse? Why not?! If you have got some space in the family room or living zone, you can create the indoor playground with slides, toys and much much more.

Indoor wooden playhouse

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Boys indoor playhouse

The Playhouses, which come in the Wedge or Circle option, also have ...

Wooden benches indoor 3

A stylish playhouse for indoors, designed of durable wood covered in a natural finish. It has a flat roof, a hollowed roof panel, hollowed windows, and a comfortable bench placed inside, with plenty of space for storage.

Indoor Playhouse

Indoor Playhouse

An interesting contemporary playhouse modelled on a one-story house having central parts of walls of brown-finished wood, corners of (faux) fieldstones and a pent roof. It's equipped a.o. with roofed balconies, lanterns, a wavy slide of blue plastic.

Jr. Loft Playhouse

Jr. Loft Playhouse

Cool functional playhouse for kids aged 2-7. It's made of plywood with a natural finish and acrylic panels. It's for indoor use in palyrooms or nursery schools. A platform and stairs with rails are carpeted. There's 1 slide, 1 room, 4 plexi windows.

Cool indoor wooden playhouse design with brown blue and yellow

cool indoor wooden playhouse design with brown, blue and yellow color ...

Handmade wooden playhouse

Kidsloveplayhouse - Outdoor castle playhouse with blue color design

Wooden indoor playhouse

Children would like a tree house, but you don't have a garden. Treehouse without a tree at home! Made of white wooden boards, of pallets - it is a bookcase, a place for a bed and a play area. Great playhouse for all your kids contains also green elements.

Indoor playhouse 15

Indoor playhouse

Indoor playsets for homes

Extraordinary playhouse: a fairytale design is worth to fall for. Gabled roof covered with canopy features light stripes patern; white facade draws eyes with beautiful swirly windows panels. Add lighting inside and the effect is amazing.

Wooden playhouse on stilts with slide

We arrange a child's room - straight in pajamas, right away after breakfast your toddler can go to his own indoor wooden playhouse, with a slide with a blue cartridge, a storage box in the middle and a bed at the top. Made of cedar wood.

Kid indoor playhouse

A cool wooden indoor playhouse for your youngest family members. Designed by Gitane Royce, made of locally-sourced recycled materials or plywood. This kind of house suits well any indoor or outdoor decor.

Kid playhouse indoor

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Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House

Wooden clubhouse

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