Indoor Playhouse With Slide

Kids just want to have fun. But sometimes, having fun outside when it's hot or raining or snowing can be a problem. For this conundrum, we give you indoor playhouses with slides. Now your kids can play to their heart's content in a safe and comfortable medium, easily supervisable by you. Take a look in this collection for all our options.

Best Products

Girls princess playhouse bed with slide steps beds

Girls princess playhouse bed with slide steps beds
A fabulous, indoor playhouse for a girl's room. It's in the shape of a stone castle with pink elements and flowery decorations. The towers offer some storage space in open shelves. One side features a slide.

Jr. Loft Playhouse

Jr. Loft Playhouse
Cool functional playhouse for kids aged 2-7. It's made of plywood with a natural finish and acrylic panels. It's for indoor use in palyrooms or nursery schools. A platform and stairs with rails are carpeted. There's 1 slide, 1 room, 4 plexi windows.

Active Play Country Estate

Active Play Country Estate
This play cottage house has a colorful finish and is made of solid, resistant plastic. It won't fade, is resistant for weather conditions. This house features a working door and windows and picnic bench.

4 Seasons Playhouse

4 Seasons Playhouse
Very nice and cheerful playhouse for children. It has a roof and various functions, also in the middle. It is decorated in pink tones, suggesting that it is designed to be fun for girls. But the boys also find in the job.

Sara's Victorian Mansion Playhouse Kit with Floor

Sara's Victorian Mansion Playhouse Kit with Floor
This impressive and very chic Manion playhouse kit with floor is a great place to play for children that will look beautiful in the garden. Beautifully crafted details make it look very realistic.

Indoor playhouse with slide 2

Place to be a kid!, Brightly decorated playroom comes complete with two level playhouse chalkboard magenetic area. Tons of storage that doubles as seating areas or tables make it easy to clean-up and hide the clutter.

Indoor playhouse with slide 1

Now your child will surely be able to not only sleep through the night but have a lot of fun getting out of bed in the morning. It looks like a true princess house with its charming pink finish and lolipop accents.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to choose a safe indoor playhouse with slide?

While your kids will probably be more interested in how it looks and what color it is, it’s vital for you to choose an indoor playhouse with slide that guarantees their safety:

  • Select one that’s age-specific: that way, you won’t have to worry about certain features being the wrong size (mainly so that their fingers or head won’t get trapped in between them)
  • Ensure that it only involves paint that is safe for children
  • Measure the size of your available space and be sure to leave enough room at the bottom of the slide so that your kids won’t hurt themselves or bump into another piece of furniture when playing with it
  • If possible, look for relevant certifications and safety standards, such as the Children's Product Certificate

What material is best for an indoor playhouse with a slide?

The best material for an indoor playhouse with a slide is plastic. An indoor playhouse can be made of different materials, like fabric, wood, thick cardboard, or plastic, but most slides for indoor use are plastic because it’s comfortable and durable.

You want whatever material you choose to be child-safe and easy to clean. If wood is appropriately sealed, it makes an excellent base for a slide and some other structural aspects of an indoor playhouse. While metal might be a good choice outdoors, a metal frame could scratch your floors or walls inside the house.

If you want a playhouse with a slide that you will be able to transfer to the outdoors once the weather gets nice, you should look for UV-resistant plastic. Metal parts may rust, and wooden slides will not endure the elements.


Playhouse with slide for toddlers

This wonderful playhouse will create your child's room into magical place. With many cabinets will allow your kid to storage their stuff. It has also two spaces for beds, which allow to use it for two children.

Indoor playhouse with slide

A glamorous indoor playhouse modelled on a princess's turreted castle composed a.o. of a turret staircase, a bedroom, luxury stylish armchairs. The entirety is made of wooden, plastic and textile materials in pinks and white with golden accents.

Indoor playhouse with slide 1

Beautiful slide Kids have fun and parents have fun looking at it   From the CedarWorks Rhapsody Collection Be sure to check out the indoor playhouses, playsets, bed sets and other accessories that match   Made from Baltic Birch laminated panels an

Indoor playhouse with slide 3

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 | Play houses | By Irina

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Check us out on Furni Kidz! #smartplayrooms #feature #review #blogger #play

Girls playhouse with slide family room

Girls Playhouse with Slide family-room

Tue nov 13 2012 play houses by irina

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 | Play houses | By Irina

Raised playhouse with slide

I built an 8'x4' 2 story indoor playhouse with a slide in our play room. The door, kitchen and and more to be added soon.

Kids indoor slide

This would be a fun little nook for the kids in the basement. They can play while mommy crafts! I love playhouses, but this one has this special something. I guess it's the colors or fashionable look!

A wonderful playground with a swing nice design in a

A wonderful playground with a swing. Nice design in a children's bedroom

Step 2 indoor slide

Treehouse Theme Bed with Slide

Pirate ship playhouse with slide

Architecture Playful Little Tykes Clubhouse With Red Sliding Board And Basket For Indoor Play Room Attractive Little Tykes Clubhouse For Kids Activity. little tikes clubhouse climber. little tikes clubhouse play center ball pit. little tikes clubhouse swi

Indoor slide for playroom

Girls Princess castle bunk bed with all of her Disney princess toys! #princess #kidsfurniture [custom built by ]

ECR4Kids Climb and Slide

Slide indoor playground playhouse with slide qx 11119c 1 1000

... slide/indoor playground/playhouse with slide QX-11119C $1~$1000

Indoor playhouse with slide 4

Pirate Ship Playhouse with Slide... hum I think I could make this... one day.

Toddler playhouse with slide

Interesting interior design with dining and living space. It also includes an indoor playhouse with slide. This attractive design is also safe for children. It assures quick access to the lower floor.

Indoor playhouse with slide

indoor playhouse with slide

Two story playhouse with slide

Sweet Dream Bed Children's Interiors- Luxury Custom Children's Theme Beds and Children's Furnishings - princess bed, unique beds, theme beds, princess castle bed, boys pirate ship bed, custom playhouses, indoor play structures, Commercial play structures,

Step2  Play Up Double Slide Climber

Little tikes clubhouse climber

Cute two level play house with bridge and slide

Treehouse bunk bed playhouse with slide 3

Treehouse Bunk Bed Playhouse with Slide 3

Indoor playhouse with slide 4

How to Build diy playhouse with slide PDF Download

Indoor playhouse with slide 1

Playhouse - climb, slide and monkey around!

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Climb and slide playhouse

Love the flower with the owl standing on top! so so so cute!!!! The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog

Indoor playhouse with slide

... -Rocket-Outer-Space-Ship-Climber-Slide-Playhouse-Indoor-Outdoor-Boys

Indoor toddler slide

Indoor Pirate Ship Playhouse with Lighthouse & Slide

Little Tikes Activity Garden

Whitney Bros Whitney Brothers Slide with Stairs and Tunnel

Indoor playroom slide

The 'Modern Playhouse', with its full wall chalkboard, inviting breezeway, & sneaky entrance + exit circles, is a great place for kids to have fun playing house while learning to appreciate Bauhaus. From CedarWorks in Rockport, Maine, USA.

Indoor playhouse with slide 2

indoor playhouse slide

Step2  Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

This Gorgeous Playful Lookout Treehouse can be a wonderful gift for your little precious ones. The treehouse is consisted of a hingled roof for giving a proper shade, a periscope that pivots 180 degrees, and durable and lovely design.

Indoor playhouse with slide 2

For indoor play. Just the climbing rope with a rock wall and slide on other side. Add some jumping opportunities.

Indoor playhouse with kitchen

Indoor Playhouse with Slide | Radcliffe Tower Indoor Playhouse

To indoor garage parking lot main ticket h office playhousesquare


Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playground (Colors May Vary)

Indoor playhouse with slide 3

Little Tikes Climb n Slide Playhouse - Toddlers will have active and creative fun indoors and out with this playhouse climber that includes easy-climb steps, a play platform with railing, hideaway tunnels and a gentle slope slide. Ages 18+ months

Castle Playhouse

Castle Playhouse

Playhouse and slide manufacturers and children plastic playhouse and 2

... playhouse and slide manufacturers and children plastic playhouse and

Kid sized playhouse with a kitchen center and role playing

Kid -sized playhouse with a kitchen center and role-playing toys to ...

Cedarworks rhapsody indoor playsets and playhouses bring active play 3

CedarWorks Rhapsody Indoor Playsets And Playhouses Bring Active Play ...

Cedarworks rhapsody indoor playsets and playhouses bring active play 2

CedarWorks Rhapsody Indoor Playsets And Playhouses Bring Active Play ...