Indoor Playhouse With Slide

Buy the best indoor playhouse with slide selected and recommended by interior designers. By Eliza Bush.

Kids just want to have fun. But sometimes, having fun outside when it's hot or raining or snowing can be a problem. For this conundrum, we give you indoor playhouses with slides. Now your kids can play to their heart's content in a safe and comfortable medium, easily supervisable by you. Take a look in this collection for all our options.

Two Story Indoor Playhouse With Slide

Two Story Indoor Playhouse With Slide

$957.45 $899.99

Two Story Indoor Playhouse With Slide


$957.45 $899.99


What We Like: Full pretend kitchenette for multiple kids to play

What We Don’t Like: Doorbell battery not included

Perfect For: Preschool and early elementary school kids

Not So Good For: Low clearance indoor spaces like an attic

This whimsical indoor playhouse with slide has everything your child could want for fun indoor or outdoor fantasy adventures. This playhouse's tough and durable plastic is styled to mimic wood and stone, giving it an adorable cottage-like look complete with a battery-powered doorbell, Dutch-style door, and working shutters.

A complete kitchenette, including a play oven, sink, and cooktop, will inspire imaginary culinary delights to entertain your child’s friends during fantasy feasts. A rugged, built-in ladder leads to the platform on top of the indoor playhouse with slide, so your kids can keep a watch for attack (or mom), and the extra-long slide offers a quick way to get to Mom’s snacks.

Playhouse Climber With Slide

Playhouse Climber With Slide

$399.99 $449.99

Playhouse Climber With Slide


$399.99 $449.99


What We Like: Large weight capacity to hold more kids

What We Don’t Like: Second climbing wall doesn’t have a portal to climb through

Perfect For: Kids who love to climb

Not So Good For: Children with balance or inner ear issues

Water, rust, and corrosion-resistant plastic create a sturdy frame for this indoor playhouse with slide designed for adventurous climbers. Two rugged climbing walls on each side, plus a ladder lead up to the “ship deck” platform with two captain’s wheels for steering the imagination toward adventure.

A large spacious cubby underneath provides more room for playtime fun, and high rails on the platform add security for your climbing adventurers. The strong, durable slide creates a fun exit from the platform, and the entire indoor playhouse with slide has a weight capacity of 240 lbs.

Vehicle Styled Play Center

Vehicle Styled Play Center

$299.99 $319.99

Vehicle Styled Play Center


$299.99 $319.99


What We Like: Cute vehicle theme

What We Don’t Like: Kids may try to climb sides; slide has no safety rails

Perfect For: Multiple children

Not So Good For: Muddy outdoor use

Sturdy construction, UV, fire, fade-resistant plastic, and a weight capacity of 180 lbs. will make this durable, indoor playhouse with slide a playtime favorite for your kids. An easy-grip climbing ladder, extra-wide slide, and high rails on the top platforms guard against falls during imaginative play.

Four wheel-like openings lead into the cab that forms the vehicle’s fort, complete with a steering wheel to add extra fun while sliding, climbing, and steering into adventures. The bright colors and all-weather materials make this playhouse with slide indoor or outdoor friendly for playtime anywhere.

Indoor/Outdoor Treehouse Slide

Indoor/Outdoor Treehouse Slide

$179.99 $259.99

Indoor/Outdoor Treehouse Slide


$179.99 $259.99


What We Like: Functional periscope

What We Don’t Like: No extra features underneath the fort

Perfect For: Toddlers up to 4 years

Not So Good For: Children not adept at climbing

This adorable indoor playground slide includes a treehouse for fun times indoors or out. The durable and easy-to-wash rust, water, and corrosion-resistant plastic have a wooden texture and shingle-style roof for splinter-free fun. A weight capacity of 120 lbs. ensures multiple kids can play in the treehouse simultaneously, ideal for play dates.

Large, easy-to-climb steps lead up to the spacious treehouse and the top of the slide. Kids can use the space underneath the treehouse to store toys in containers or create an additional fort. With this indoor playground slide, your child can use imagination to find all sorts of fun with the periscope that lifts, lowers, and rotates.

3 in 1 Active Play Gym Set

3 in 1 Active Play Gym Set

3 in 1 Active Play Gym Set



Perfect For: Encouraging active play for little ones aged 1 to 3

What We Like: The safe and sturdy construction made for endless fun

The 3 in 1 Active Play Gym Set is designed to keep your toddlers entertained and engaged during playtime. It boasts high-quality plastic construction, durable interlocking tubes, connectors, and double self-locking springs for added safety and stability. This versatile gym set not only promotes physical activity but also helps develop essential motor skills. Watch as your little ones quickly wear themselves out but always look forward to the next play session!

Designer Advice

Situate the gym set on a soft, cushioned surface like a play mat to provide extra protection against falls, and always supervise your child during playtime to ensure their safety.

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Indoor Playhouse With Slide

Buying Guide

While your kids will probably be more interested in how it looks and what color it is, it’s vital for you to choose an indoor playhouse with slide that guarantees their safety:

  • Select one that’s age-specific: that way, you won’t have to worry about certain features being the wrong size (mainly so that their fingers or head won’t get trapped in between them)
  • Ensure that it only involves paint that is safe for children
  • Measure the size of your available space and be sure to leave enough room at the bottom of the slide so that your kids won’t hurt themselves or bump into another piece of furniture when playing with it
  • If possible, look for relevant certifications and safety standards, such as the Children's Product Certificate

The best material for an indoor playhouse with a slide is plastic. An indoor playhouse can be made of different materials, like fabric, wood, thick cardboard, or plastic, but most slides for indoor use are plastic because it’s comfortable and durable.

You want whatever material you choose to be child-safe and easy to clean. If wood is appropriately sealed, it makes an excellent base for a slide and some other structural aspects of an indoor playhouse. While metal might be a good choice outdoors, a metal frame could scratch your floors or walls inside the house.

If you want a playhouse with a slide that you will be able to transfer to the outdoors once the weather gets nice, you should look for UV-resistant plastic. Metal parts may rust, and wooden slides will not endure the elements.

Best Ideas

Indoor playhouse with slide 3

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 | Play houses | By Irina

Indoor playhouse with slide 1

Now your child will surely be able to not only sleep through the night but have a lot of fun getting out of bed in the morning. It looks like a true princess house with its charming pink finish and lolipop accents.

Girls playhouse with slide family room

Girls Playhouse with Slide family-room

Tue nov 13 2012 play houses by irina

Tue, Nov 13, 2012 | Play houses | By Irina

Step 2 indoor slide

Treehouse Theme Bed with Slide

Girls princess playhouse bed with slide steps beds

Girls princess playhouse bed with slide steps beds

A fabulous, indoor playhouse for a girl's room. It's in the shape of a stone castle with pink elements and flowery decorations. The towers offer some storage space in open shelves. One side features a slide.

Step2  Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

This Gorgeous Playful Lookout Treehouse can be a wonderful gift for your little precious ones. The treehouse is consisted of a hingled roof for giving a proper shade, a periscope that pivots 180 degrees, and durable and lovely design.

Step2  Play Up Double Slide Climber

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