Playground Fireman Pole


For your kids playhouse, why not add a playground fireman pole. Kids look up to fireman, but for kid reasons, and one of those is that they get to slide down that shiny pole. Let your kid have the sensation of suiting up to go fight a fire with their very own fireman pole, that easily attaches to an existing playhouse with minimal required equipment.

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Long-lasting fireman pole that is suitable for children playgrounds. It is perfect for all children who always wanted to be firemen. Durable metal construction provides stability and safety for all young users.

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Playground fireman pole 1

A wonderful, outdoor playhouse with some extra solutions for even greater fun. There are a few ways to reach the house. You can use a traditional ladder, a wooden, climbing wall or a climbing rope. There is also a tall slide.

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Playtime Swing Sets Firemans Pole

Playtime Swing Sets Firemans Pole

A cool round section fireman pole for children. It's crafted of durable galvanised steel with a vivid red coating. It has the shape of a topsy-turvy letter 'l' and has to be fixed e.g. to a wooden post and bedded in the ground.

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Fireman pole for playground

Staying fit has never been so great, when you can use a playground fireman pole! Very easy to find, and attach in your yard. Safe for your kids, made of a high-gloss steel. From now on your kids can slide down from a deck on your playset.

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Swing set with fireman pole

Now you can have the coolest yard in town with this play structure. It will allow your children to play and use their free time to the fullest, while you sit back and enjoy the nice weather, never worrying about their safety.

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Playground fireman pole 5

A wooden boy playhouse which has a polished finish and comes with a balcony railing. It has a wooden flight of stairs beneath the house as well as a metal wrought fireman pole on one side and a bright blue plastic slide attached to the other side. There’s also a wooden boat made from strong mahogany wood beneath the house where the kids can play.

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Playground fireman pole 3

This wonderful handmade treehouse constitutes a great playground area for children. Underneath the deck, it has a plenty of monkey bars and parallel rings. These play accessories are challenging for older kids and a great way to increase agility & upper body strength while having fun.

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Playground fireman pole 23

A metal wrought fireman pole attached to a type of obstacle course playground for kids. The wooden platform is made from hardwood and underneath the platform are swings made from tires and metal links. At one side of the play course is a blue plastic slide.

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Fireman pole for playground 1

This fireman pole is firmly attached to the wooden part of the playground and has no chance of detaching from the other parts. The pole is painted and resistant to rust.

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Playground fireman pole 4

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Playground Fireman Pole

Buying Guide

Finding enough activities for your children to do can be very challenging, especially when they are not in school or don't have much to do during the weekends. One of the ways you can ensure your children always have something to do is by installing a playground in your home.

The addition of this in your garden means that you don't have to go out to the park to find some fun, your children are in the safety of the garden and there are plenty of ways that they can have fun and exercise. A fireman pole is a fun way to encourage your children to play on the outdoor playground. Choosing the right fireman pole for your playground is easy once you know the different options which are available.

Stand alone fireman pole

A playground fireman pole which is not attached to any other items of playground furniture means that your children will need to climb up it first in order to get back down. Often these poles are situated next to an item such as a tree. There may be steps or a ladder attached to the tree so that access to the fireman pole is not too challenging. This pole is normally made from metal which is resistant to rust in order to stay as smooth as possible. It may be purchased in a silver color or rose gold and other playground colors.

Small climbing frame and pole

A popular set to buy for the garden if you want your children to experience a fireman pole is a small climbing frame set with an adjoining pole. This could be in the form of a solid oak wood climbing frame, which includes a ladder or set of around 8-10 steps. There may also be a ledge along which your children can climb before taking the plunge and sliding down the fireman pole.

Tree house fireman pole

If you're lucky enough to have a large tree in your garden and you're already thinking about making it into a tree house, why not take it a step further and have a fireman pole too? The tree house will no doubt have steps up to it, which means you can install a fireman pole without having to worry about installing extra steps. Your children will be able to climb up to either enjoy the tree house or the fireman pole. The tree house may be made by affixing planks of wood to the tree, and vertical planks of wood with sturdy rope fixed across for steps is a great way to create an authentic tree house look.

Monkey bars and fireman pole

Another design you may find suitable for your garden is the monkey bars design with fireman pole included. This has steps up to a small platform, where your children can then grab on to the bars and maneuver themselves across. Either at the end of the bars or half way across, the fireman pole is situated to allow them easy access back to the ground. This frame and design are normally made from metal and painted in bold colors such as blue or red.

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