Glider Swing Set

Glider swings are the safe, go-to swing choice for parents that don't want their kids to pinch their fingers on chains. They also don't allow kids to swing as high as chains, giving glider swings another level of safety. Getting a glider swing set for your young kids tells them you care, and don't want them to get hurt. Take a look at this extensive collection to see what we have available.

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3 in one glider swing set

3 in one glider swing set
Children love swings so this great made and colorful glist swing set for kids will be perfect. The performance of excellent quality materials can meet three different functions, which will make the toddlers have fun.

New Outdoor Double Wood Glider Swing Set W Stand Home Garden Patio Deck Backyard

New Outdoor Double Wood Glider Swing Set W Stand Home Garden Patio Deck Backyard
This sensationally made massive swing for a couple of people is a great way to have a pleasant gardening device. Solid wood construction is robust, durable and beautifully presented among the greenery of the garden.

Little tikes glider swing

Little tikes glider swing
Whoa, apparently a glider swing set has the might to cause pure happiness! The red seat, mounted on a sapphire blue painted frame, provides enough room to seat two kids at a time. Let the children enjoy their time outside!

Swing N Slide 2 For Fun Glider Swing

Swing N Slide 2 For Fun Glider Swing
This is a high quality product designed for use by kids. This glider swing is suitable for two kids. It has got solid elements made of plastic and metal. The weight capacity of this product is 150 pounds.

Swing N Glide Gym Swing Set

Swing N Glide Gym Swing Set
This is made of excellent and highly durable materials gym swing set is perfect for a backyard garden, on the playground or nursery. Different swings give children a lot of fun.

Vintage swing your baby wooden toy doll

Vintage swing your baby wooden toy doll
A beautiful addition for every little girl, who loves to play with her beautiful dolls. This glider swing set for dolls is made of wood and hand-painted in cute colors, featuring 2 double seats with eye-catchy pattern.

Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse Wooden Swing Set

Ridgeview Deluxe Clubhouse Wooden Swing Set
Prtovide utmost joy and fun for your kid with this wooden swing set, so perfect for playtime in your garden. It will help your children stay active as they access the upper clubhouse with the rockfall or swing from the monkey bars.

Our advice Buying Guide

A glider swing set can bring tremendous joy to children of all ages. Because of such, you shouldn't pass on the opportunity of having one. These days, a glider swing set comes in an assortment of styles and configuration. Shopping for one can be a bit confusing if you don't know what to look for. As a means of providing assistance, this article is going to be a glider swing set buying guide.

What are glider swing sets typically made of?

Swing sets are usually made from plastic, metal, and wood. Since the material of the swing set has a direct impact on the cost and longevity of the product, it's one of the factors that you should give more importance.

What's the best material for a glider swing set?

A plastic glider swing set has the advantage of being lightweight. Hence, it's less hazardous compared to metal, and wood. Because plastic is a cheaper material compared to wood and metal, glider swing sets made of such material is generally less expensive. Thus, it's a good option if you want to save money. Perhaps the biggest drawback of plastic is it's not as durable compared to wood and metal.

The most significant advantage of metal glider swing sets is the durability. If you opt for stainless steel, you can just leave the glider swing set outdoors as it’s resistant to the elements. On the downside, a metal glider swing set is much more expensive compared to plastic.

While wood is the traditional material for a glider swing set, it has gone down in terms of popularity. One reason for this is because a wooden glider swing set is costly and difficult to transport. However, when it comes to beauty, plastic and metal are a notch below.

What capacity formats are there for glider swing sets?

These days, glider swing sets have different capacity formats. The most common ones are single, double and multi.

  • As the name suggests, the single capacity can only hold one person. If you have only one user, then it's the optimal choice as it's generally the most economical option when compared to other formats.
  • The double can hold two people. It's a good option if you want two users to enjoy the swing at the same time, rather than taking turns.
  • Multi can hold up to four or more people. These gliders are typically intended for family use.

Do you want a back-facing or a front-facing glider swing set?

You also need to decide between a back-facing or a front-facing glider swing set.

  • A front-facing glider swing set means that the users are seated in a way that they will be facing each other. This type is perhaps the most enjoyable as the two users can freely interact.
  • The back-facing glider swing is the opposite, which means the users are back to back. The advantage of this type is it comes with better safety features. For the back-facing glider swing set, it's typical for each user to have a footrest and a place for the hands to grip on.

The trick to making the shopping task easier is to know how to filter your choices efficiently. The key points mentioned above are great starting points, so remember what you’ve just learned. Happy shopping!


Glider swing set

This beautiful swing is the perfect solution for home or garden. It's easy to assemble is durable, and its old school character overwhelms the decor of an interesting character. Robust construction and unusual coloring fascinate.

Glider for swing set

Improve your garden with something fun and beautiful by choosing this awesome face to face glider. The swing set is crafted of weather resistant wood in a natural finish, with a high-pitched roof, ladder back seats, and a wide bottom platform. Accommodates up to 4 people.

Glider swing set

Do Yourself Outdoor Projects | ... Glider Swing (Plan No. 818) - Outdoor Plans, Projects and Patterns

Double swing and glider set

Add fun to your garden with this Kettlerglider swing set, which features the high carbon steel frame and durable blow molded resin seats. It is perfect for kids from 3 to 8 years and to 100 lb. maximum weight.

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Antique glider swing

Let's sway! Sway with me - would sing Michael Bubble. But we say - let's swing on this gilder wooden swing set which is an integral one part of wooden beech boards - and two benches in front of each other.

Swing set glider

A cool garden glider swing for 4 persons. Its frame is of fir wood, plywood and metal tubes. It has wide splayed tall legs, lots of stretchers and is equipped with 2 slatted benches and a floor, a small table (on a post) with cup holders, a canopy.

Swing set with glider

This glider swing set constitutes a perfect proposition for ones outdoors, appreciated both by children and adults. Two wooden benches, mounted opposite to each other and small table, create a good conversational point.

Vintage glider swing

Swingset glider swing, face to face glider,playset,playground glider swing,GrnR | eBay

Metal 4 child multiplay swing set with gondola glider 3

... -Metal-4-Child-MultiPlay-Swing-Set-with-Gondola-Glider-3-Board-Swings

Face to face glider with rope

Face-to-Face Glider with Rope

Wooden swing set accessories glider

Wooden Swing Set Accessories Glider

Swing set glider replacement

If you have small garden and you don't have area to build classic arbor, you can use this outdoor patio set. It composed of connected table and two benches made of oak wood and simple canopy covered with waterproof fabric.

Wooden glider swing

A great idea to make your backyard more fun and relaxing with this impressive glider swing set with 2 additional swings. Its wood construction comes with a high-pitched roof, and widely spread legs for stability.

Kettler Glider Metal Swing Set Accessory, 56 x 35mm

A cool modern see-saw with a gliding function for 2 children aged from 3 to 8. A see-saw frame and 2 inverted T-like posts are of sturdy carbon steel with a blue coating. Posts casings, contoured seats, round handles are of durable red resin.

Swing set teeter totter

Children from birth simply love to swing. When they were still in the stomach they were moving along with the moving mother. To give them the pleasure, build a glider swing set, with plastic stable seats in green, red color, on metal chains and wooden stilts.

Kids glider swing

A cool swing glider for children (they can swing stand-up). It is constructed of a skateboard with no wheels, 4 strong thick ropes and 2 round wooden handles fixed to ropes. The swing can be hung on a branch or a special frame.

HLC Outdoor Childrens Folding Swing Set with 2 Baby Swing & Seesaw, Best Birthday Gift

We had a swingset very similar to this in our

We had a swingset very similar to this in our backyard. This is a lot like the one in the story, except the one in my vision has a wooden gondolas instead of plastic ones. The trapeze is a bar, not rings. It's also got more curved tops.

Double glider swing with canopy

Brick tile front porch with hand made wood painted glider with two hooked pillows and many potted plants

Double swing set

An aesthetic traditional porch swing entirely made of natural-finished wood. It has 2 sturdy straight posts and a shed roof of quite thick crisscrossed slats. A bench with a tall backrest is slatted longwise, has a simple apron and metal chains.

Glider swing kids

This amazing glider swing set offers a design perfect for up to two people and will prove to be a nice addition to any garden in which you want your children to play and have great fun. It is safe to use and will easily withstand the weather conditions during winter.

Swing set with horse glider

DIY : How to make a Skateboard Swing

Face to face glider swing

I love outdoor relaxing, especially on swinging bench! We purchased this one, with canopy from Westminster teak. It brings a lot of fun and comfort into our garden.

Back to back glider swing my kids are enjoying on

Back to Back Glider swing my kids are enjoying on their wooden swing set.

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Double swing for swing set

Vinyl Swing Kingdom Playset, maintenance free, this one is perfect for large families. Swing Kingdom SK50 Retreat Vinyl Swing Set in White & Blue is certainly a backyard retreat. With 2 slides, 3 swings, a trapeze bar, glider, rope swing, 2 forts, a playh

Replacement swing set glider


Ebay swing set

like the idea of having the "parent swing" right with the play area

Swing-N-Slide NE 4537 Swing Set Mega Glider Swing, 2-Child

Green glider swings for playsets for double stable rope

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Selwood 2 child glider swing for selwood climbing frames

Selwood 2-Child Glider Swing for Selwood Climbing Frames

Swing n slide playsets dual ride glider swing ne 3452

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Flexible flyer play park swing set swing sets at hayneedle

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25 photos dual rider glider swings with soft touch rope

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Colobus triple swing set with glider wooden garden swing

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Deluxe cedar glider natural garden swings and gliders

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Aleko bsw05 outdoor sturdy child swing set with 2 swings

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J e burke vintage horse glider swing set ride cast

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