Wood Sandbox With Cover

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Nothing like building a sandcastle, at home. Never have the beach wash away your work, when you can build or dig in the sand in your very own wood sandbox with cover. Cover it up if you don't want your sand to get wet, or uncover it and bring on the rain. With digging tools, beach toys, or just the fun of your imagination, have a ball in your very own sandcastle with cover.

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Updated 14/11/2022
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Rectangular Wood Sandbox With Cover

Rectangular Wood Sandbox With Cover

Badger Basket

Allow your child to play safely in this premium 46-inch wood sandbox with cover. The sandbox itself is crafted out of cedar wood with a natural finish. It contains a slatted lid that converts to side benches and there’s a green canopy above the entire play area. 

$159.07 $229.99

Designer Advice:

Set up this grand wood sandbox with cover next to your children’s swingset to create the ideal backyard playground. The green canopy allows you to feel good about sun safety while the water-resistant wood cover keeps the sand dry all season long. 

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Square Wood Sandbox With Cover Equipped With Toys

Square Wood Sandbox With Cover Equipped With Toys

Klo Kick

Give your little one the opportunity for some sensory play with this square wood sandbox with cover. It’s crafted out of quality cedar wood and finished with a non-toxic veneer. Underneath the wood cover are various play features such as a sand funnel and play wheel. 

Designer Advice:

Keep your wood sandbox with cover safe and dry the entire season by making use of the water-resistant drawstring cover. The interior bench opens up to reveal extra outdoor storage. There’s also a non-woven fabric liner on the bottom of the sandbox to help with drainage. 

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Two Seat Green and Natural Wood Sandbox With Cover

Two Seat Green and Natural Wood Sandbox With Cover

Badger Basket

For a cool contrasting look, this wood sandbox with cover showcases a forest green wood slatted cover that converts into two side benches. It measures just over 46 inches in width and is crafted out of solid non-toxic wood. 

$116.54 $166.63

Designer Advice:

This square sandbox can fit snuggly in the corner of any yard. It meets all safety guidelines and was crafted with a bottomless construction which allows for adjustments in sand depths. Each bench can comfortably hold up to 200 pounds, so your child can play in this wood sandbox for many years. 

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Cute Sailboat Style Wood Sandbox With Cover

Cute Sailboat Style Wood Sandbox With Cover

TP Toys

This wood sandbox with cover gives kids the chance to use their imagination and steer the boat or extend things to reveal the sand pit. It comes with a play captain’s wheel, blue sail, splash bowl, and chalkboard. When it extends, there are two blue seats inside the sandbox. 

$263.58 $329.99

Designer Advice:

Crafted out of European pine in a natural finish, the sandbox measures 30 inches in width. For those with extra toys to play with in the sandbox, the under-deck area contains lots of handy storage space. 

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Wood Sandbox With Canopy Cover

Wood Sandbox With Canopy Cover

Tierra Garden

Kids can enjoy their time in this wood sandbox with cover on rainy days due to the retractable vinyl roof. This square sandbox is made of pine wood and treated with water for safety purposes. Children can play comfortably while seated on one of the side benches. 

$259 $370.99

Designer Advice:

This 56-inch wooden sandbox stands out in any backyard with the cozy retractable roof that doubles as a cover. It’s able to hold up to 400 pounds of sand. The sandbox itself is bottomless, so it can be moved anywhere once it’s emptied. 

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Wood Sandbox With Cover

Buying Guide

Most parents these days complain that kids don't go and play outside anymore. Nowadays, kids just spend their fun time in front of mobile, computer or TV screens. Well, you can certainly change all that with a wood sandbox with cover. With it, kids have their own place that they can do a plethora of enjoyable things.

Bear in mind that a wooden sandbox with cover has many variations. Choosing the right one for you can be a bit tricky if you don't know what to look for. This article will try to help you with that by providing you with a buying guide for a wood sandbox with cover.

The basic design of a wooden sandbox with cover is square or rectangular. Either shape allows it to fit in almost any type of garden or yard. However, there are other designs that are worth exploring. For example, a hexagonal wooden sandpit feels more "open," which also offers more space for kids to play.

There are also themes for wooden sandboxes. For example, there's a sandpit that is themed like a boat. With such kind of sandbox, the kids can run wild with their imagination about various nautical adventures.

A wooden sandbox is typically placed in an outdoor setting. Since it's exposed to the elements, you also need to consider the durability.

Another factor that you need to be aware of is that there's a correlation between durability and cost. This means that the more durable the sandbox becomes, the more expensive it will be. This article is not saying that you should always buy the most durable. Rather, find the right one that fits well into your budget, and can serve its purpose.

If you want something that is fairly durable and not very expensive, then a wood sandbox with a cover made from solid softwood is advisable. On the other hand, if you want something that is very durable and the cost is not a big issue, then a sandpit that is crafted from solid hardwood may be the choice for you.

A sandpit made from manufactured wood is usually very cheap, but it's not advisable because they don't last very long.

Another thing to check is the hardware. Stainless steel nails and/or screws may be a bit costly, but they are usually worth the money.

The right dimensions largely depend on the garden or yard space available. There are no hard rules here, so it's up to you how large or small the wood sandbox with cover should be. Just be sure that you have extra space for other items on the garden or yard. The most important thing is to take measurements of the allotted space and shop accordingly.

If you don't have a lot of space to work with, then you can go for something that is multifunctional. For example, there is a wood sandbox that can also work as a bench or table when not in use.

A sandbox is a great addition to your garden because it will get your kids outside enjoying the sunshine, which has been proven to be essential for the little ones' growth. This will also be a great opportunity for you to engage and spend quality time with them.

Sandboxes come in various shapes, style, colors, sizes and materials so it can be overwhelming for you to find the one that will best suit your needs. This guide of sandbox ideas promises to make it easier for you to decide you will not regret.

  • A classic green turtle is a go-to backyard sandbox and its round shape offers molded-in seats and a colorful lid that protects the sand from pets, water and debris.
  •   A straightforward option would be a hexagon or square framed sandbox, which is perfect for bigger yards and can hold lots of sand. The bigger the sandbox, the safer it is for kids to play, but the more sand, the bigger the costs.
  •   Although sunlight is beneficial, it can be quite dangerous if your little ones are exposed to it for too long. There are sandboxes that can protect your kids with a large canopy that covers the whole pit.
  •   A simple but just as fun solution to have your toddlers enjoy the outside is a sand table. It will allow them to play whilst standing up, however, you can always add a stool.
  • If you're looking for something more imaginative, a sand and water table is ideal for summertime fun. They usually have two separate lids and a plug to drain the water.

  • Little portable sandboxes (10'' x 10'' x 2'') are ideal for toddlers and because of their portability you can place them indoors. These would suit smaller patios and yards. 

  • However, most parents will recommend having a bigger sandbox because your child might outgrow it. And if it has friends over, the sandbox needs to be big enough for two or three. Such sandboxes should be at least 5' x 5'.

  • Factor in the cost of filling it with sand, the bigger the sandbox, the more expensive it is to fill it up.

  • Every day your child is exposed to the different shapes of the world, so it is important for them to learn to identify them. 

  • These shapes need to be as recognizable as possible to help them verbalize what they see and understand why they are there.

  • If you choose to incorporate an animal in the sandbox, your little one will associate it with a shape, which will help them identify the animal in the future. For instance, the green turtle is a round-shaped sandbox and your kid will see it as a circle.

This is quite a lot of information to digest and you might be feeling overwhelmed by it. To make things easier, you can find a 'cheat sheet' below so you know the main things to keep in mind when choosing a sandbox.

  • Think simple. Sometimes a wooden hexagon is enough for your little one to have fun.
  • As for materials, think of the typical weather conditions in your yard. Do you want something less durable but easier to maintain such as recycled plastic or something that will last but requires weatherproofing and regular maintenance such as wood.
  • Choose a color from the primary selection - red, yellow or blue.
  • A bigger sandbox will require more sand, which will increase the expenses.
  • Have you noticed what shapes or animals appeal to your little one most? If not a round or square-shaped sandbox is simple and straightforward.
  • Choosing the best play sand is as easy as one-two-three. You just need to perform the three tests: the sugar test, the sandcastle test and the nuisance dust test.

Best Ideas

Wood sandbox with cover 1

A fantastic addition to backyards, this sandbox for children is designed of weather-resistant wood and beautifully adorned with a sailor theme. The sandbox features a built-in wooden cover that can be easily folded back to form 2 bench seats.

Sandbox plans with lid

Cleverly designed, this wooden sandbox features a sliding cover which can protect the sandpit from undesired weather conditions. Once unfolded, it offers benches to sit over the pit.

Cedar 4' Rectangular Sandbox with Cover

Cedar 4' Rectangular Sandbox with Cover

With this sandbox cover you get a comfortable seat for all kids playing in the sand. The ground barrier stops the insects and worms from intruding into the sand. This rectangular sandbox is made of heavy duty cedar wood.

Sandbox cover

Sandbox with cover for the garden and others outdoor places as needed. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. It is resistant to mildew and harmful weather conditions.

Wooden sandpit lid sand pit lid

Wooden Sandpit Lid Sand Pit Lid

Badger basket covered convertible cedar sandbox

Badger basket covered convertible cedar sandbox

An excellent accessory for backyards that will bring your little ones tones of sandy fun. This outdoor sandbox is made of wood planks, featuring a pair of doors that cover the whole sandbox, and a green material canopy that offers protection from rain and sun.

Build a sandbox with cover

Sun Smarties Sandbox with Canopy

Sandbox lid ideas

Josh, this is the sandbox I want with benches on 3 sides

KidKraft 00504 Cabana Sandbox, Oatmeal and White Stripes

Cool sandboxes

Well-built wooden sandbox with an easy to close and open cover. Constructed from wood, the sandbox also comes in a natural wood grain, making it easier for you to customize it with additional colors if you want. The piece is also quite large and should offer enough space for your cat.

Square Sandbox with Cover

Square Sandbox with Cover

Easy-to-maneuvre sandbox cover with removable corner seat. It is constructed od sturdy and hygienic HDPE plastic in green. Ground barrier ensures that no insects,worms or weeds will get into the sand.

Pirate 6' W ft. Rectangular Sandbox Cover

Pirate 6' W ft. Rectangular Sandbox Cover

A pirate-themed sandbox which will add an extra element of adventure to your children’s recreational moments, this product will also add a bright touch of color to your garden.

Crafted from Sanmu wood and possessing a total sand capacity of 750lbs, it is also impressively weatherproof and also easy to clean.

Its detailed and eclectic design makes it an excellent choice of centerpiece for pirate-themed picnics and parties.


70" x 9" Solid Wood Hexagonal Sandbox with Cover

70" x 9" Solid Wood Hexagonal Sandbox with Cover

A hexagonal form and a light, natural wood finish mean this sandbox is the perfect choice for summer playtime outdoors.

The product which has been crafted from solid wood is ideal for children aged 18 months and older.

In addition to having a capacity of 700lbs, it also comes with sand and is especially weather resistant.

Enliven its neutral appeal with a splash of color using brightly hued toys, buckets and spades.

How to build a wooden sandbox

DIY project for a compact and space-efficient outdoor sandbox with a cover that can be taken off. The sandbox is made out of pallet wood with an unfinished look and even has a bench on the side that folds up.

Wood sand box

This is a perfect playground for your kids to build their sandcastles and give them that beach feeling right at home. It has adjacent pews that the kids can sit on while playing. This will definitely keep the little kids occupied. It doesn’t take up much space either so the garden won’t be congested from its presence.

Sandbox with benches

Sandbox fitted with 2 benches. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral and functional design for the garden, patio and more.

Sandbox with bench lid

A unique sandbox that your kids will love. The box is made of wood with two containers for toys in it. There is one cover which protects the sand from pets or rain and there is also a canopy that protects your child from the sun.

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