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Kids just wanna play, play, play. And they can in these awesome playhouses. So much fun, such a pallet for their imaginations to run amuck, and a great place for them to get nice and tired out, ready for bed when bed time arises. Give them the gift that keeps on giving and let them have a blast every day, with one of our extensive collection of playhouses.

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Updated 30/04/2023
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Solid wood Cape Cod themed playhouse

Solid wood Cape Cod themed playhouse

Little Cottage Company

Turn your backyard into the ultimate play area with this well-thought-out playhouse. It's prefabricated from a combination of solid and manufactured wood using Amish craftsmanship, and it features two windows, a flower box, and traditional dormers.

$2553 $2724

Designer Advice:

With its architectural details and well-thought-out design, this Cape Cod-themed house arrives as a complete panelized kit. It can comfortably house up to four kids and comes in four sizes for children aged 2 to 4 years, 7 to 8 years, 9 to 10 years, and 11 to 12 years. It would look great in a lush yard with colorful flowers that the kids can pick and use to decorate its exterior.

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Cedarwood outdoor playhouse

Cedarwood outdoor playhouse

Backyard Discovery

Keep your little ones busy with this solid cedarwood playhouse with a real Dutch door, a lifelike kitchenette, seven windows, a bench, a mailbox, and a built-in snack window. It can even accommodate four to five kids at once!

Designer Advice:

A fort beyond pillows and blankets is a must-have for a playroom, especially as a child grows older. This indoor/outdoor playhouse is designed to provide hours of play while enhancing cognitive and social skills. It even has extra features for immersive play, such as sliceable fruit, a cedar picket fence, and pretend outdoor lamps.

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Toddler's plastic playhouse

Toddler's plastic playhouse


This move-in-ready kids' playhouse is crafted from durable UV-resistant plastic, and it comes with a flowerbox, a mailbox, a working water pump with a bucket and a paddle wheel, and a grill. A crawl-through entrance makes for ease of access.

$397.13 $345.56

Designer Advice:

With its spacious interior, this cottage-style playhouse can be your child's mini toy hub. Its design is made to encourage movement and gross motor skill development while facilitating play. You can add natural plants to the included flower box and planting station and create a path leading to the playhouse using painted tree stumps as stepping stones.

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Gray fabric playhouse for sale

Gray fabric playhouse for sale


Standing 55 inches tall, this playhouse is just what you need to amp up your child's playroom. It's made from a non-toxic Oxford cloth that's draped over a solid wood frame, and it features a castle-themed design with two windows, a wide mesh curtain door and a thick cotton mat.

$75.23 $139

Designer Advice:

This playhouse is the perfect way for your child to carve out their own personal space for playing, napping, or reading. They can also use it for putting together puzzles or as a spot to enjoy an afternoon snack and a juice box. Jazz it up with pink or blue pillows and plush stuffed toys, and place it next to an indoor climbing wall for more dynamic play.

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Kids wooden playhouse

Kids wooden playhouse


Enhance your child's play with this solid firwood playhouse. It features a tilt roof design, two windows, and a built-in door. There's also a cute flowerpot holder and a bench to sweeten the deal.

Designer Advice:

You can let your little one's imagination run wild with this playhouse. Just outside the window is a serving station that would make for a great mud kitchen, whilst the flowerpot holder can be used to decorate the house with real flowers from your garden. Complete the look with a slide, and you've got a versatile indoor/outdoor play area.

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Used Playhouse For Sale

Buying Guide

These days, you will be able to find several different types of playhouses for kids, which is the main reason why parents become overwhelmed and perplexed as to where to begin the search. Most of them even believe that playhouses are toys only the rich kids can have. Of course, that's not true.

If you know the aspects that need to be considered when choosing between the different playhouses for sale online, you'll definitely find one that's within your budget range apart from being a priceless playhouse that your kids and their friends will love! If you're ready, here are a few tips on how you can find the best playhouse that will allow your kids to develop independence and creativity...

The size that's appropriate for your kids will depend on their height and the location where the playhouse will be installed or placed. Also, you'd have to consider the number of children that will use the playhouse at a time. Leave extra room for the kids to play and move around inside their playhouse as well.

As a responsible parent, you already know what your kids enjoy and love. Try to get the playhouse that has features which your kids will be ecstatic about like slides and swing sets. There are even playhouses that come with towers. They are great if you want your kids to show their adventurous side. One feature that every playhouse should have though is a large window for you to see what's going on inside.

Most playhouses for sale are made of plastic and wood. The wooden ones are more durable. They're also traditional with the ability to enhance your backyard's aesthetics. A plastic one is great for short-term play. As it comes in a smaller size, it is for small children.

If you are budget conscious and you want the playhouse to last for years instead of just one summer season, then consider getting a massive wooden playhouse made for kids ages 5-11 as it is guaranteed to serve your family for a long time.

Most playhouses for sale require you to do a DIY assembly. Don't fret as they're incredibly easy to assemble. You'll also be given simple and straightforward instructions on how to assemble the units with holes that are already predrilled. A wooden playhouse is meant to remain in one place as soon as it is assembled, unlike its plastic counterpart which can be moved and taken down anytime. If you will purchase a playhouse that needs to be assembled, you don't need to hire experts. No special tools or skills will be needed as all you have to do is put the screws in. Of course, you need to tighten them to secure them in place!

Maria Montessori is responsible for much of the early theory that leads to making realistic toys for children. Her theory was that children learn from their environment and that when provided with child-sized implements they would use them to learn to manage their world. Playhouses are part of the industry outgrowth from that theory. They can come in all sizes, from the backyard monster, complete with climbing walls, swings and slides down to tiny purse-sized doll houses that can be carried along to the doctor’s office or discretely brought out during times when the child needs to play quietly.

The Skyfort II Cedar Wood Swing set

Ms. Montessori would have loved the Skyfort II Cedar Wood Swing set - the playset that has it all. While more correctly a playset, rather than playhouse, it is topped with a charming fort that is complete with spyglass, perfect for being bold frontier settlers or pirates. There are plenty of options for active play. The playhouse is accessed by a climbing wall, a set of steps or an exercise bar. The set includes swings and a slide, as well as a picnic table and benches for snack time or to just read or relax with small toys.

Big Kids Tent Playhouse

It is not always appropriate or convenient to have a permanent playset in your backyard. Nor can you take it with you when visiting or traveling. The perfect solution is a big children play tent, with ball pit, crawl tunnel and even a small basketball net. It has the same attention to detail that is given to summer camping tents, with breathable mesh windows and top, a fly covering, and tent-peg tie-downs. It is perfect for birthday parties and teamed up with sandbags, can even be set up in a gym or garage for rainy day fun.

Victorian Playhouse

When only a miniature mansion will do, nothing compares to the Victorian mansion with two levels, upper windows and realistically sturdy stairways and doors that open and close. The bottom floor is large enough for one padded bench, one chair and one table – perfect for a retreat.

Doll-Sized Playhouse

Not all playhouses need to be large enough for a child to enter. Sometimes they can be sized for favorite dolls, doll-sized furniture, a pretty little loft bed, and a back door that opens and closes. The house can be accessed from the invisible “fourth wall” that exists only in the child’s imagination. Such playhouses are available, for instance, for Mattel’s Barbie and Ken dolls. Fisher Price puts out a line of houses for their chubby “little people”.

Best Ideas

Playhouses for sale

Absolutely gorgeous; this outdoor playhouse for kids looks like a genuine house, offering your little ones a spacious inside that they can accommodate according to their likings. Includes a high-pitched roof, clear glass windows, and a double front door with clear glass panels/

Kids play houses for sale

Why not ensure that your child always has that amazing place to play, run around and have fun for hours, while enjoying the fresh air and the outdoor setting with this mini panda cubby house that is made of durable and safe wooden structure.

Kids play house for sale

Kids quickly, like the wind, they climb up into the kids playhouse in their garden on a stable wooden staircase - spending there in a spacious space, with windows and a traditional roof - all summer days, for fun and relaxation.

Wood playhouses

The Little Cottage 4 x 6 Victorian Wood Playhouse makes a great gift.

Play house for sale playhouse for sale from

Play House For Sale Playhouse for sale from

Backyard cabin 1

Backyard Cabin

Used kids playhouse

For Sale: Adorable Hobbit Hole Playhouses

Playhouses for sale

Charming playhouse designed for kids. Construction is made of plastic. Recommended for younger kid's. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for garden, patio and others outdoor places.

Playhouses for sale

Detailed outdoor wooden playhouse with railed porch and slide. Its design includes gabled roof, chimney, single door, square windows in white frames, plus red painted walls that match the red slide shade.

Cottage Playhouse

Cottage Playhouse

This sensational playhouse fulfill its role both inside and outside. Beautifully styled, it has a sweet window and door. Each child will be delighted with the opportunity to play. Perfected to the last detail details add to the charm.

Little Red Playhouse

Little Red Playhouse

Little red playhouse. This playhouse will become your kids' new favorite place to be. It includes all pre-cut, premium stained lumber. The playhouse meets ASTM safety standards and promotes creativity and socialization within the kids' group. Wacky design makes it appeal to all children.

Outdoor playhouse for sale

Beautifully designed with the uttermost attention to details, this exciting playhouse will look fantastic in any garden, truly enhancing the space and providing inimitable entertainment for your kids.

Sunnybrook Lane Playhouse

Sunnybrook Lane Playhouse

Charming and cozy outdoor playhouse for kids aged 3-7. It's made in a traditional cottage style of weatherproof cedar planks, posts and slats with a colourful finish. It has a red gable roof, 4 arched window-holes with shutters and a hinged door.

Used playhouse

Surprise your children with this awesome playhouse for outdoors, crafted of wood planks with a lovely mix of natural wood, oak, and light green. The house comes with a high-pitched roof, decorative front door, glass windows, and spacious inside.

Garden play house for sale

The captivating performance of this playhouse makes the whole look like a real home. Made with care in every detail, solid wooden construction and plenty of inspiration for the play creates a unique combination.

Outdoor playhouse sale

The Villa for sale in Bangalore can be bought with the assistance of adaptable EMI's accessible on home advances one can build his plan up to a certain utmost.>

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