Playhouse With Slide

Nothing makes a playhouse better than a slide. Giving your little adventurer a playhouse with a slide will spark their imagination, their curiosity, and their sense of whimsy. Sit with a nice cold glass of ice tea and watch them play for hours. And with many playhouses available with numerous slide choices, they are guaranteed to have a unique playhouse, all their own.

Best Products

Hide-N-Slide Playhouse

Hide-N-Slide Playhouse
Cottage playhouse. This unique construction will give your children the memories of their best fun. The house is made in wacky, funny style and it meets ASTM safety standards. The house has a ladder to climb on one side and a slide on the other.

Slide tower playhouse

A high quality playhouse for kids. It includes additional playsets that are funny and safe for users. Solid wooden construction finished in natural and green colors looks very attractive in any garden.

Kids playhouse kit

A cool outdoor playhouse with a slide. Its sturdy wooden base is finished in brown. Over a canopied sandbox with simple corner seats there's a house with beige walls, white-framed doors and windows, a brown roof. A long wavy slide is of plastic.

Playhouse with slide

An amazing outdoor playhouse for children, that will show them long hours of crazy fun. Made of durable wood, it contains a hollow round mirror, a rope ladder, a swift slide, and a properly secured sun deck.

Playhouse with slide

The beautiful and robust design of this playhouse with a water slide makes every child impressed with it. The wooden base and interesting elements of the cottage fascinate and inspire many enjoyable games with their peers.

Outdoor playhouses with slide

TP Wood Playhouse with Slide - FSC

Playhouse with slide

Backyard Playhouse Plan -

Our advice Buying Guide

The new designs that are used in building playhouses for kids nowadays are beautiful and unique. There are units that have slides, which are pre-cut and guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep ready to assemble. A playhouse with slide is a surefire way to please your kids, so check out our buying guide as it will help you determine the right playhouse for your children's mini adventures.

What's the best material for a playhouse with slide?

Most of the slides available online can be used both indoors and outdoors due to their high-quality builds. When you're shopping for a playhouse with a slide, make sure that you opt for a poly plastic construction that's of the highest quality. It often comes with a coating that's specially formulated to protect the entire playhouse from the elements. If you'll only be using the playhouse indoors, then this special coating is unnecessary.

How to make sure the playhouse is safe for kids?

As with all products designed for the use of children, you need to consider a unit's safety. The slide, if it has a platform, should be bordered by a sturdy barrier that's high enough to prevent your kid/s from falling off. The recommended playhouses for toddlers are those with smoothened or curved edges with barriers and durable handles for climbing.

How much is a playhouse with slide?

The amount that you're willing to spend for a playhouse with slide will determine your best options. Set a budget and choose the unit that's of the highest quality within your chosen price range. A small mesh or plastic playhouse is fairly inexpensive compared to fully-inclusive options. The more features you want added to a playhouse, the more it will cost. Expect to pay anywhere between $100-$5,000 for playhouses with extra functionality like swing sets and built-in kitchens.

How to maintain a playhouse?

Wooden playhouses with slides that are constructed from solid hardwood must be treated every year with a special wood paint or treatment to protect the material against weather damage. Just a bit of TLC will already go a long way in prolonging the lifespan of a playhouse and keep it looking great.

What are the benefits of playhouses?

Many studies have shown that playtime, especially outdoors, reduces the stress levels in children, increase their attention span, and promote their social skills. This means anything that encourages your kids to get out, play, be active is a good thing! Make your children's childhood more special and invest in a playhouse with slide, especially this summer season!


Slides for playhouses

Hobbit Hole Playhouse with a slide on top!

Slide playhouse

6'x6' Little Squirt Playhouse (with Sandbox) slightly less detail on top, open and lower, but like slide option

Kids playhouse slide

Chalet Playhouse With Spiral Slide - Project code: PC080592 by The Playhouse Company, via Flickr

Make your own playhouse

66-38684-12x10-two-story-playhouse-with-slide · Original Date 01/12 ...

Small playhouse with slide

A fantastic playhouse that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's an elegant and solid construction with a slide, three-step ladder and a seat with cushion. The top part is a blackboard, where kids can write with chalk.

Wooden house with slide

Playhouses: This tree house is AMAZING! I want one for me...forget the kids...

Playhouse and slide

would be awesome to add a slide off the back loft area of the playhouse

Wooden playhouse with slide

What's better than a wooden playhouse? A playhouse with two floors! This green beauty with red roof and colorful windows features ground floor and first floor, and the latter has a balcony that leads to a blue slide.

Wood playhouse with slide

Child's playhouse - The Garage Journal Board

Playhouses with slide

Handmade kids outdoor playhouse with slide

Playhouse slide

Something every kid dreams of. Own tree house. Individually adjusted to the terrain and shape of the tree. Here we have a playhouse with a little slide, perfect for backyard.Made of natural wood.The most important is white tent, gives modernity and lightness.

Wooden playhouses 1

Wooden playhouses

Outdoor playhouse with slide

My kids was delighted how cool this children's playhouse is! It features the solid, natural wood construction, slide, sandbox and blue roof, which looks great in out garden zone.

Playhouse with platform and slide pc120221 tree house playhouses outdoor

Playhouse with platform and slide (PC120221) - tree house, playhouses outdoor, garden playhouse, children's play house, outdoor wendy house, wooden playhouse

Spielhaus bauen ein haus fur kinder holzarbeiten mobel

Spielhaus bauen- Ein Haus für Kinder | Holzarbeiten & Möbel |

Forts and slides are always backyard favorites if youre feeling

Forts and slides are always backyard favorites. If you're feeling ambitious, a setup like this may take a long weekend to complete, but the memories made for your children will be with them for years to come.

2 storey playhouse plans

make a platform for a playhouse and add a slide and porch. They will love it

I love the playhouse swing kingdom cottage escape playhouse vinyl

I love the playhouse! Swing Kingdom Cottage Escape Playhouse Vinyl Swing Set in Clay, Red & Yellow features a playhouse connected to a swing set with a fort, rope ladder, slide, swings and trapeze bar.

Diy outdoor slide

Big Whinsical Playset with Big Playhouse and swingbeam, dormer, slide, inside loft, outside play platform, shutters, front door and more......

Playhouse with slide 8

Outdoor playhouse with green slide. This construction provides stability and safety for playing children. The house includes a sandbox and an upper area with windows. It decorates gardens and enhances aesthetics.

Treehouse with slide

A multifunctional surprise for your little ones, who will not want to live your backyard. This outdoor playhouse is wood-made, including a high-pitched roof, glass windows, a front door, a fenced porch with stairs, a blue slide, and a large sandbox underneath the house.

Playhouse if you ll be installing a plastic slide for

playhouse if you ll be installing a plastic slide for the playhouse ...

Slide directly from playhouse to water awesome

slide directly from playhouse to water = awesome

Childrens playhouse with slide

Childrens playhouse with slide

Kids playhouse with slide

Large playhouse made of wood and plastic. Includes climbing wall, swings, slides and more. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Play house slide

a dream outdoor playhouse for kids AND adults!!! :) (minus the sand cause we all know how much i HATE sand!!) ;)

Playhouses with slides

A fantastic playhouse for children that will turn your backyard into a cozy little cottage world. The house is made of sturdy wood, including a high-pitched roof, a front door, glass windows, a built-in staircase, a small balcony, a swing and a slide.

Playhouse with slide and swing

recycle some wood pallets to cut down on the cost of this and it would be both awesome and much more affordable for our all ready stretched budget.

Childrens playhouse with slide

Do you remember when you were a kid? You dreamed about the large playhouse with slide, just like this one. Now, your kids want this in the garden. So choose it and enjoy the sandbox, slide and the wooden house.

Kids clubhouse kits

With this kids playhouse kit your children will never again complain of boredom, since it provides them with plenty of possibilities for fun and enjoyment and will keep them occupied for hours with the slides and swings.

Play house with slide

Beautiful playhouse with a slide. It resembles a hobbit hole straight from Lord of the Rings movie, so we’re sure your kids are going to love it. Lively colours keep it interesting and complete.

I would love to sit in my mushroom in a

I would love to sit in my mushroom in a comfy chair and foot rest, with a cup of Lady Grey Twinings tea, an apple & cinnamon candle burning, a good book, and a soft blanket tucked in around me ... pure joy.

Childrens playhouse with slide and swing

Your kids will be impressed how amazing this loft bed is! The sleeping and playing area in one furniture, it's a great space saver idea. It features the blue and white colors, stairs and slide.

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