Large Kids Playhouse

These tremendous playhouses will keep your kids busy for so long, they will lose track of how long they have been having fun. With a host of designs, plenty of play space, and a safe and sturdy construction, these large kids playhouse will be quite literally their home away from home. Check out all the very spacious large kids playhouse options in this collection, and pick yours, today.

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The large and beautifully made kids playhouse is a great place to play, learn and rest. The higher floor with a ladder, rocking chair and various shelves for trinkets create a sensational whole that delights.

Large 2 Storey Playhouse Dorma Windows Front End Veranda Kids Garden House

Large 2 Storey Playhouse Dorma Windows Front End Veranda Kids Garden House
A cosy contemporary playhouse built of wood with a natural stained finish. It has a verandah with a vertically slatted balustrade, rather small windows, a dark grey-finished gable roof and an attic room with a same colour gambrel.


Beautiful house for little housewives or princesses on your yard. This wonderful cottage playhouse offers a plenty of ways for your children to play. Your child can create a lovely magic home, where her's imagination will grow.

Large childrens wooden playhouse wendy house play castle

Large childrens wooden playhouse wendy house play castle
Original playhouse made of wood and finished with castle theme. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition for the garden, patio and others outdoor places as needed.

Happy Children's Playhouse

Happy Children's Playhouse
This cheerful plastic playhouse / house for children to play was styled in the cottage. Beautiful colors, beautiful ornate details and the size perfect for kids makes it perfect for home and garden.

Little Lodge Playhouse

Little Lodge Playhouse
This little lodge playhouse includes 2 fixed front windows, solid board floor, solid board roof and mineral roofing felt. Your kids will have so much fun in this playhouse. You will be impressed how amazing this playhouse is.

Loft Market Playhouse

Loft Market Playhouse
This well-made solid wood construction market loft playhouse is a great place for children to play. Works great in every place where toddlers come. Numerous cupboards and plenty of space to play We assure plenty of options to use.

Our advice Buying Guide

A place for your kids to play and explore is valuable for many reasons. Kids play to learn, develop, and help exert all that extra energy. Parents also hope that their kids develop a good sense of creativity and aren’t too reliant on the tv, tablet, or smartphone for entertainment. A large kids playhouse is a great gift for your child and for yourself as well. That’s because they’ll be busy playing instead of bothering you!

Large kids playhouses come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. There are different themes and some for indoors and others for outdoors. The right kids playhouse depends on several different factors. Check out our list of what to consider to ensure you get the right type of playhouse for your kid to enjoy.

Where to best place a large playhouse for kids?

The big location factor is whether you’ll be placing it inside or outside. This changes the size and materials you should consider. Obviously, outside will allow for more room, but at the same time you’ll need to invest more to ensure the material is durable and able to withstand weather.

How big should a kids' playhouse be?

Large can mean several different things depending on the circumstances. You’re going to need to consider how much space you have available for the playhouse. The size of your child or children will also be important to consider.

Toddlers are fairly small and don’t need much space. 6, 7, and 8-year-olds, on the other hand, are starting to grow more and will require more room to play. If you plan on having your child use the playhouse throughout their childhood, then go on the larger size so they don’t outgrow it too fast.

What are large kids' playhouses crafted from?

Playhouses made for indoors are commonly available in a tent-like material that is lightweight. This allows for the playhouse to be moved around easily and is a safe choice for small children. Hard plastic is also common, though it makes it more difficult to move the around.

For outdoor playhouses, it’s always good to go with wood and hard plastics since these materials aren’t affected much by weather. Metal is very reliable but might not be the best material for young children.

What are the common themes of kids' playhouses?

If your child or children have a favorite theme, then it may make sense to choose a playhouse that fits their preference. A toddler boy may enjoy a tent playhouse that is designed to be a firetruck or firestation. A young girl would love a “house” or restaurant themed playhouse. Outdoor playhouses always win with a treehouse/cabin theme. Ask your child what they like and you might be surprised to hear their preference.

A playhouse for your child is exciting and should be chosen with care. Safety is always the most important things to consider. If your child is still young, try to get a playhouse that they can keep on using as they grow older to get the most out of this item for your home.


Large playhouse

The beautiful and large kids playhouse is a perfect wood construction and performance with attention to the smallest detail. All the royal designs will appeal to every little princess. Great place for inspirational fun.

Ebay wooden playhouse

If you want to opt for something elegant and truly lavish for your child then this playhouse is the perfect option, since it sports a huge structure and a truly well-detailed design, allowing for play at the highest level.

Large kids playhouse

Treehouse for children, premade, with door at base and steps, a playhouse for kids

Big playhouses for sale

Construct the play house for your kids, and be proud of yourself! Or choose this playhouse with the slide and sandbox underneath. Everything is safe, solid and nicely finished.

Large play house

A lovely solution for making your outdoor area more child-friendly. This fantastic playhouse is crafted of wood, featuring a spacious inside and outside area, a fenced balcony, a green high-pitched roof, a sturdy ladder and a curved off-white slide.

Big kids playhouse

The Cottage Playhouse has a partial-wrap country porch, bay window with window box, shingled roof and an octagonal window in its large gable. It is shown here in yellow with white and periwinkle trim. This playhouse, designed and built by Alan Mowrer, can

Large kids playhouse

A gorgeous playhouse for outdoors, that will bring tones of wild fun for your children. The playhouse looks identically as a real house, with a high-pitched roof, working glass windows, a built-in lighting system, a white-fenced porch and a spacious inside.

Kids cottage playhouse

A wonderful playhouse that your kids will absolutely love. It looks like a typical cottage with doors and a small window with shutters. It's surrounded with a railing. An extra fun element is a slide on one side of the house.

Big play houses

This kids cottage white playhouse is just awesome! Imagine warm, sunny days spent playing for hour in the backyard. What could make this beautiful childchood memories even better? A perfectly child-sized space they can call their own.

Amazing childrens playhouses

If we had 7k just to make the kids a play area,...but i am determined to do a budget version for them... Swing Kingdom Playhouse Swing Sets

Kids tree house kits

If you get this mini playhouse for your backyard, you can be sure your children will go mad with joy. The house is, simply, exquisite, offering a railed porch with a swing set, a high-pitched roof, a front door with glass panels, glass windows, and even a fireplace.

Kids playhouse plastic

2012 playhouses Apartment Therapy I would love this play house as a studio!

Large plastic playhouse

The enchanting large playhouse is a great combination of functionality, robust design and interesting details. The slide, swings and sturdy wooden construction of the building impresses. Perfect item for the garden.

Large outdoor playhouse

A great place to play for the smallest garden and yard users.Thanks to its construction it will provide a safe place to play and will make the child have a sense of spending time in his own home.Large kids playhouse has a natural finish made of oak,maple wood.

Huge playhouses for sale

Playhouse for the garden and others outdoor places as needed. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Big wooden playhouses

Wooden Playhouses and Wooden Wendyhouses | Outdoor Toys Direct

Huge play houses

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from Stairs for the playhouse loft bed. Featuring lift top storage, behaving much like a large hidden toybox. Give your child easy safe access to their bed! Special thanks to Kimberly for sharing her

Big plastic playhouse

Playhouse 8 Outdoor Playhouse | CedarWorks

Large playhouses


How cute are these 2

How Cute Are These !!!

Render photograph childrens playhouse in golden gate park

Render & Photograph - Children's Playhouse in Golden Gate Park

Large childrens playhouse with external staircase and slide

Large Childrens Playhouse with External Staircase and Slide

Expensive playhouses

Grand Victorian Playhouse. For those who believe that their little ...

Big wooden playhouse

This big kids playhouse is a great solution for the garden decor and creating a great play area for kids. The Beautiful wooden structure resembles a charming cottage with windows and doors resembling a saloon from the west.

Large indoor playhouse

An amazing addition for large backyards, this lovely playhouse for children looks like a genuine house. Includes a high-pitched roof, glass windows with pot plants, a white-fenced porch, a decorative front door, and a roomy inside.

Mercia 8x6 double storey playhouse

Mercia 8x6 Double Storey Playhouse

Large wooden playhouse

Large Cardboard Castle Playhouse to Decorate and Play Inside

Large kids playhouse

... 09 438 4660 for these prices for more playhouses see our extras page

Photo of our unique childrens playhouse walnut cottage

Photo of our Unique Childrens Playhouse - Walnut Cottage

Large childrens playhouse wooden wendy house garden playhouse

Large Children's Playhouse | Wooden Wendy House | Garden Playhouse

A very well thought out plan including a rope and

A very well thought out plan, including a rope and pulley so cubs can haul their toys in a basket from the ground up to the deck.

Large wooden playhouses

These kids’ playhouses are so cool, I want an adult-sized one!

Wendy houses on raised platform

Wendy houses on raised platform

Childrens playhouse plastic

Double platform with roofed seating area and large net

Big play houses for kids

Kids indoor playhouse Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Green kids plaroom ideas 35 adorable kids playroom ideas

green kids plaroom ideas 35 Adorable Kids Playroom Ideas

Large play houses

Pirate+Ship+Playhouse+Plans | Home » Outdoor Wooden Playsets » Large Noah’s Ark Ship Playset

If you have a large enough room this is a

If you have a large enough room this is a great idea for an indoor playhouse!

Large cardboard castle playhouse

To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at or at

Huge playhouses

A splendid idea to accommodate your under stairs space by using this fantastic playhouse for children. The front is shaped like a front of the house, with a high pitched roof, 1 round and 1 square window, a hollow front door, and a spacious inside with a built-in lighting system.

Big playhouse for sale

playhouse: check out the adorable details like the keyhole in the door and the shutters at the window

Large playhouses for sale

this weekends DYI project: Finally have all the materials!!! Ari will finally have a personalized playhouse

Pre painted wooden playhouse large garden wendyhouse kids den

... Pre Painted Wooden Playhouse Large Garden Wendyhouse Kids Den