Exercise Equipment For Children

Your kids learn by the example set by grown-ups, especially their parents. With exercise equipment for children, your healthy lifestyle will pass on to them, in a safe and confidence-boosting medium. You needn't worry that they will hurt themselves on the special weight bench or rowing machine. All exercise equipment for children is certified safe.

Best Products

Qaba Kids Fun Fitness Exercise Equipment Childrens Elliptical Glider Air Walker

Qaba Kids Fun Fitness Exercise Equipment Childrens Elliptical Glider Air Walker
Exercise equipment designed for children. It is mounted on metal frame. Base is fitted with anti slip pads.

Hopscotch Ring Agility Training Equipment

Hopscotch Ring Agility Training Equipment
This multi-colored hopscotch ring agility training equipment helps strengthen kids’ balance and motor balancing skills while encouraging body movement. Contains 10 sturdy rings with 15 connectors that can be set to any shape to accommodate all your child’s play style, and is ideal for all ages.

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat Exercise Mat, Yoga for Kids with Fun Prints - Playtime for Babies, Active & Calm Toddlers and Young Children (60" L x 24" W x 3mm Thick)

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat Exercise Mat, Yoga for Kids with Fun Prints - Playtime for Babies, Active & Calm Toddlers and Young Children (60" L x 24" W x 3mm Thick)
This yoga mat comes in different vivid colors and bright patterns guaranteed to capture your little yogi’s attention. Its surface is textured and non-slip to hold the mat firmly on the ground during stretching or exercising. What’s more, every purchase comes with a downloadable bonus yoga class to give you a headstart.

Goal for It! 3-in-1 Trainer Goal Soccer Equipment

Goal for It! 3-in-1 Trainer Goal Soccer Equipment
Help your football-loving child hone their skills with this 3-in-1 goal soccer equipment. Easily converts to rebounder or target shot net, making it an ideal practice aid. It’s manufactured with weather-resistant plastic to ensure it lasts longer without losing its sparkling appearance. Suitable for ages 5+.

Indoor Punching Bag for Kids - Home Gym Youth Workout Equipment - Complete Boxing Set Includes Gloves & Small Pump - Free Standing Bag with Adjustable Height - Great Gift Idea for Boys or Girls

Indoor Punching Bag for Kids - Home Gym Youth Workout Equipment - Complete Boxing Set Includes Gloves & Small Pump - Free Standing Bag with Adjustable Height - Great Gift Idea for Boys or Girls
Introduce a fun way to relieve stress as well as enjoy productive exercise with this indoor punching bag. The height is adjustable to fit even the smallest child, with its portable design allowing you to carry it anywhere. To get started, fill up the base with 15lbs of water or sand.

Kids Quick Circuit Total Power Six Excercise Station

Kids Quick Circuit Total Power Six Excercise Station
Professionally designed, this Exercise Station in Red & Grey Finish is suitable for schools, training rooms, playrooms, and can be a great gift for your kid. Includes 6 various type of exercises, focus on lower and upper body, and very durable metal construction.

Zoo Adventure Bouncer 48" Trampoline with Enclosure

Zoo Adventure Bouncer 48" Trampoline with Enclosure
A cool and fun trampoline with enclosure for better safety. It will prove to be the perfect gift for your children and an excellent physical activity for your kids. The woven, round-shaped jump surface comes with animal print and the steel frame offers more reliability.

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Small children must be taught the value of fitness and exercise at a young age. Exercising won’t just control their anger which is good for parents, but it helps them boost their brain power and immune system to fight illness apart from making them feel and look better.

It's easy to see why exercising is beneficial for kids, but it's hard to make a decision on which exercise equipment to get them. That's what we'll be helping you today; we have listed the common types of exercise equipment for kids to ensure you select the type that is right and safe for the child.

How to make sure the exercise equipment for children is safe?

Before you purchase any equipment for exercise, you need to know first whether it follows the safety standards that are provided by the CPSC, which ensure the fitness tools are light, capable of offering kids safe resistance, and don’t include any spindles.

What are the benefits of exercising on a trampoline?

A trampoline is one of the best exercise equipment for kids. It takes effort and time to master trampoline skills, which teaches kids the value of persistence. When they get even one of the most difficult moves right, they learn the importance of hard work. What's more, a trampoline is a great avenue for kids to develop or gain confidence, which translates to having a better self-image. A trampoline offers kids a fun physical activity, but choosing the right trampoline requires you to do a little bit of homework.

How to select the best trampoline?

Regardless of whether you are searching for one that offers support for toddlers or one that comes with extra safety features that experienced little athletes need, you’ll have so many options to choose from.

  • A good feature for a trampoline for kids is portability as it allows for exercising both indoors and outdoors. If you have a younger kid, the product that has some support handles will make jumping a lot safer and easier for the child.
  • To ensure a child’s safety while using its new trampoline, set up a safety net around the perimeter so it doesn’t fall off the side. There are also units that already come with safety netting as well as soft, stretchy bands to provide bounce instead of springs. They are the safest options.

What are the benefits of treadmills for children?

A treadmill that’s specifically made for children allows their young hearts to work a lot more efficiently. It also increases flexibility and improves a child’s range of motion apart from enabling it to perform better when it takes up dancing, martial arts or sports. But, not all treadmills for kids are made equal. What is ideal is for you to get your kid a treadmill that has all the safety features necessary for it to exercise without sustaining injuries.

How to select the best treadmill for kids?

  • Foldability is one feature that you need to look out for, so you can store it and the child won’t trip on it when it’s not using its exercise equipment.
  • Another safety feature for treadmills for kids is a safety key that’s tethered. It attaches to the clothes of the child; in the event that the child falls, the key will be pulled out of its exercise equipment and the motor turns off. The key can also be taken with you, so your child won’t be able to switch on the treadmill when you’re not there to supervise.

These are some of the exercise equipment for kids. Remember that although promoting fitness is good, your priority as a parent is ensuring a kid’s safety.


Lily Pad 3.3' Trampoline with Enclosure

Lily Pad 3.3' Trampoline with Enclosure
This sensational springboard for home use is a combination of fun and safety. It has a high quality lock and high protective screen that prevents falling over. Your child will be delighted.

Exercise equipment for children 1

This stationary bike may be a great entertainment for the youngest sportsmen. It has all the features of its full-scale brother, including variable tension, an adjustable seat, and a working odometer.

Kids gym equipment

An extraordinary toy for kids that promotes active and healthy living. It's ftiness equipment that looks like a professional kit to do exercises. It features a weightlifting bar with colorful plates and a bench.

Exercise equipment for children

Fitness equipment for kids - like a real multi rower for adults! The colours are vibrant (yellow, blue, red) so kids like the design, and the exercise equipment itself is fully functional. Fun to use, without doubt!

Kids fitness equipment

Make sure you captivate your child as many have been before with this amazing cardio kids moonwalker that offers simple movement and teaches balance and coordination, helping your youngest ones maintain a proper heart rate.

And fitness exercise equipment for kids weight bench set kids

... and Fitness Exercise Equipment For Kids~ Weight Bench Set ~ Kids Gym

Exercise bikes for kids

Indoor playground set for kids, with ample of bars, free-hanging ropes and ladders to climb and pull up on. Painted blue and yellow. Cool idea to make the house more kids-friendly; kids can play even if it rains.

Exercise equipment for kids

The snowboarding is not so easy like some people think. To protect your kids against million fall down, there is a special training set to teach them how to use snowboard. It allows to teach them the proper habits before they start on slope.

Kid exercise bike

Who wants a buff baby!? Get your child fit with this #exercise equipment! #fitness for life yall! diet-excercise

Fitness equipment for kids 2

If you’re looking for a perfect toy for your kids that will make sure they stay fit and healthy, take a look at this cute dumbbell for kids made out of plastic with foam weights on each side so the kids can have their own play gym.

Exercise equipment for children

Multi-color metal exercise equimpent intended for children. This incredible stationary bicycle can stand in the garden or in your child's bedroom, but above all it will be perfect element for outdoor gym.

Kids exercise equipment

If you love sports ad fitness, consider having this cool complet of excercise and fitness equipment, for kids and adults! Multiple choice of excersice equipment makes it a cool, tiny, private gym! In fresh black and lime colors!

Pro Kid Boxer Children's Beginning Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag w/ Pair of Gloves, Adjustable Height 35 - 50"

Kids workout equipment

Wod toys.... ahahaha I was laughing so hard!! Kid cross fitters

We know the key is to make exercise fun our

We know the key is to make exercise FUN! Our “KidZ OK” product line has been carefully chosen to offer a fun-filled workout for children’s growing bodies. Look for our “KidZ OK” symbol for equipment that can be installed with children in mind.

Child workout equipment

Such a creative way to make your kids love exercising. This stunning, self-propelled kids’ treadmill is a great addition to any kid’s room. Easy to use and bound to help your children stay healthy.

Exercise equipment for children 5

small home pool for water therapy

Gym equipment kids

Here is a great workout for younger kids. We just installed this at the Pittsburg Penguins building. It is a soft toddler indoor play arena. We design and manufacture. You can also get soccer, football and basketball.

Kids exercise machines fun and fitness air walker

kids exercise machines fun and fitness air walker

Qaba lil exerciser fitness equipment for kids stair stepper 1

Qaba Lil’ Exerciser Fitness Equipment for Kids – Stair Stepper

Redmon Fun and Fitness Exercise Equipment for Kids

Exercise equipment for children 3

The Best No-Equipment Upper Body Exercises For Children | Breaking Muscle

Redmon For Kids Fun and Fitness Trampoline

Creative kids watch out for the alligators and hot lava

CREATIVE KIDS: "Watch out for the alligators and hot lava!" Children can exercise growing bodies and imaginations, too. The Wesco Alfresco series. Wesco-38559-ALFRESCO-KIT-The-Crest

Support your childs development by purchasing the proper fitness equipment

Support your child’s development by purchasing the proper fitness equipment. With so many sedentary activities, it's important that your children stay active. Swinging is great exercise for you and your child. Look for items that will promote social int

Zumba fitness r pilates bootcamp and fun fit kids and

Zumba Fitness®, Pilates, Bootcamp and Fun Fit Kids and more!

Home outdoor fitness mfs 012 outdoor fitness equipment children 1

Home / Outdoor fitness / MFS 012 Outdoor fitness equipment children

Fitness equipment for kids 15

Start thinking more about your health by controlling your weight and improving its muscle strength. This universal list is an easy set of activities, that everyone can perform in his or her own interiors.

Stepping Stones: Exercise Balance Kit For Children

Treadmill for kids now i can see how this would

Treadmill for Kids. Now I can see how this would be good...kids exercise with mom or dad. Safe cause it is auto power by them just walking. :) Kids love to imitate their parents this is something good!

Kid gym equipment

Loving this Trampoline on #zulily! #zulilyfinds Lol! Children can exercise like mom and dad. This is so cute! Home baby gym equipment (think: Gymboree) just like grown up stuff

Fitness equipment for kids

Cool contemporary fitness equipment for kids. All pieces are manufactured of durable metal, wooden and plastic materials featuring finishes in vibrant colours. They serve for exercising various body parts.

Check it out and let me know what you think

Check it out and let me know what you think. Is this an up and coming ...

Child exercise equipment

This download is a collection of 60+ quick sensory motor activity cards. The mini movement breaks are quick and require no equipment. The movement breaks can be done indoors. Most of the movement breaks can be done with one child or a group of childre

Fitness equipment for children

These suspended climbing hoops move slightly as the children try to clamber through them - making for a great and challenging exercise... or an imaginative chair as seen here!

Childrens tricycle dirt king the dirt king r child tricycle

Childrens Tricycle - Dirt King The Dirt King® Child Tricycle is built tough and rides like no other, heralded by day care centers and parents as ‘the world’s best tricycle!” The Dirt King® is virtually indestructible, equipped with all terrain pne

Kid exercise equipment

Check out this website for sports training workouts, and exercises for children and older adults using the AirEx Balance Pad!

Exercise equipment for children 2

Snowflake is a self-regulating therapeutic aid that addresses the needs and likes of children with Sensory Processing Disorders. It is made of individual barrels that when linked together form a barrel system that youngsters can use to rollover or enclo

Parks and recreation centers unite communities they allow residents a

"...parks and recreation centers unite communities. “They allow residents a common setting to congregate for recreation and exercise,” Dugan says. “My family used to use the playground equipment but now that my children are older, we fly kites, p

Fun and Fitness Kids Stationary Bike

Fun and Fitness Kids Stationary Bike

Childrens exercise equipment

Kid's are enjoying while exercise what about you?

Exercise equipment for children 3

Double Under Jump Rope ✮✮ Best Exercise Speed Ropes for MMA, Boxing Endurance Training ☆ Must Have Workout Equipment in Every Gym Bag for Men, Women, Boys & Girls ☆ Fully Adjustable for Adult or Children Size �

Exercise equipment for children 1

Redmon Happy Rider Fun And Fitness- Kids Exercise Equipment 9206