Steel Outdoor Fireplaces

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Outdoor fireplaces are not only beautiful additions to any backyard, but they also bring real value and performance. Studies show that having an outdoor fireplace is the second-most desired outdoor living feature. They bring a feeling of coziness and warmth, create a living focal point and extend the patio season. These five steel outdoor fireplaces are good choices as they are all weather resistant, strong and relatively inexpensive when compared to other outdoor fireplaces. 

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Updated 27/07/2023
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Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace with Chimney

Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace with Chimney

Fleur De Lis Living

Perfect For: Cozy evenings in traditional outdoor settings

What We Like: Functional chimney to direct smoke up and away

This outdoor wood-burning fireplace features a classic design of ceramic tile and powder-coated steel, perfect for your traditional outdoor setting. The functional chimney directs smoke up and away, while a mesh screen provides protection from embers and sparks. A removable grate ensures easy ash clean-up, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of an open fire, without the hassle of open fire pits.

Designer Advice:

Place this fireplace on a leveled patio surface, surrounded by comfortable seating. Add some decorative outdoor lighting and cozy blankets for an inviting and relaxing outdoor gathering spot.

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66” Tall Steel Outdoor Fireplace

66” Tall Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Wrought Studio™

What we like: Smoke goes straight up the flue

What we don’t like: Doesn’t come with a grate for wood logs

Perfect for: Backyards that provide 20’ of wall clearance

Not so good for: Apartments and condos

Handmade from heavy 12 gauge steel, this outdoor metal fireplace is built to last many years without requiring any maintenance. It comes fully assembled and weighs 125 lbs. Requiring a 28” by 22” footprint, make sure to place it on a non-flammable, not a wood surface.

At 66” high, the design of this steel wood-burning outdoor fireplace makes sure that smoke will be drawn up the chimney flue and away from faces. The fire is laid in the center part of the fireplace with a generous area below that holds your split and dried logs. The black steel will develop a rust patina over time and look even more natural as years go by. 

$1099.99 $1179.99

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Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

17 Stories

What we like: The chance to have a real wood fire in the backyard

What we don’t like: No spark screen is included

Perfect for: Homes without a gas line

Not so good for: Areas of the country with frequent fire bans

At 48” across, this round steel outdoor fireplace is made to burn real wood logs. It comes fully assembled and weighs a hefty 215 lbs. The black steel develops a natural oxide patina over time and will look even better the longer it sits in your backyard. Gather some wooden Adirondack chairs around it and bring the cozy with patterned fleece blankets.

$839.99 $979.99

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Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Fleur De Lis Living

What we like: Comes with a fire poker and spark screen

What we don’t like: Can’t stay outside year round in heavy winter conditions

Perfect for: Wood decks with a heat-resistant barrier

Not so good for: Roasting or grilling food

Made of ceramic tile and rust-resistant powder-coated steel, this outdoor wood-burning fireplace comes with a removable log grate for easy cleaning. A mesh screen on three sides provides protection from embers and sparks. Choose between black steel with bronze details or black steel with faux copper details.

Before using, it is highly recommended that you clean this outdoor steel fireplace completely with a soft dry towel. When not in use, wipe free of any dirt or loose objects. Wash with a mild solution of soap and water; rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Do not use strong detergent or abrasive cleaners. Place the polyester cover over the fireplace once it is cold to touch and cleaned.

$819.99 $1040

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Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace with Chimney

Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace with Chimney

17 Stories

Perfect For: Transforming your patio into a cozy relaxation spot

What We Like: Functional chimney for directing smoke up and away

This outdoor wood-burning fireplace features a classic design made of manufactured stone and powder-coated steel, perfect for elevating any traditional outdoor setting. The functional chimney directs smoke up and away, while the mesh screen protects from embers and sparks. The removable grate makes ash clean-up a breeze. Enjoy a delightful evening under the stars or invite loved ones for a marshmallow roast with this versatile fireplace.

Designer Advice:

Place this fireplace in a well-ventilated area on your patio with comfortable seating around, and add some warm throws or cushions for an extra touch of coziness during chilly evenings.

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House Shaped Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

House Shaped Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Wrought Studio™

What we like: Compact size

What we don’t like: No place to store logs

Perfect for: Developing a color change as it is exposed to water and oxygen

Not so good for: Larger crowds who want to stay warm

With only a 28” by 26” footprint, this compact wood-burning outdoor steel fireplace can sit on the smallest, non-flammable patios and backyards. It weighs 80 lbs and can easily be relocated to different parts of your yard when there’s no fire, and it is cool to the touch. A small shovel (not included) can be used to remove the ashes. Investing in a fireplace accessories kit will give you a pair of fire tongs, a fire poker, and a small shovel on a handy stand.

$849.99 $969.99

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Propane Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Propane Steel Outdoor Fireplace

Latitude Run®

What we like: Gas conversion feature

What we don’t like: Hard to hide the 10’ propane hose

Perfect for: Outdoor tabletops or as a DIY table insert

Not so good for: Really chilly nights

This tabletop outdoor steel fireplace is only 29” by 9.25” but can create enough heat to roast marshmallows and make smores. An electronic ignition control is located on one of the fireplace ends. Colored glass stones surround the long flame, which can be adjusted and controlled by a handy switch.

While this steel outdoor fireplace is designed to be used with a 20 lb propane tank, it can quite easily be converted to a gas fireplace. A gas conversion kit will need to be purchased separately, and if you’re a bit of a handyman, you can do the conversion yourself. If not, we recommend you hire a professional gas fitter. While converting to gas makes this a fixed fireplace, you’ll never run out of fuel!

$249.99 $217.99

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Laser Cut Tall Fire Drum

Laser Cut Tall Fire Drum


Perfect For: Backyard gatherings and cozy outdoor events

What We Like: The simplistic yet striking laser-cut bird design

This laser-cut tall fire drum is an excellent addition to your backyard, delivering warmth and ambience for your parties and gatherings. The elegant and straightforward bird pattern brings a touch of flare to this functional piece, creating a truly captivating visual effect when illuminated by the fire. Constructed with durable materials, it promises to be a long-lasting and stylish solution to your outdoor heating needs.


Designer Advice:

To enhance the atmosphere, consider surrounding the fire drum with comfortable seating, soft lighting, and cozy blankets for a memorable and inviting outdoor experience.

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Wood Fire Kazan Oven with Skewers

Wood Fire Kazan Oven with Skewers

Simond Store

Perfect For: Outdoor cooking and barbeque enthusiasts

What We Like: Unique design for enhanced fuel combustion

This Wood Fire Kazan Oven, crafted from durable and sturdy steel, offers a unique design for enhanced fuel combustion. The cool airflows that enter through the oven's holes allow the wood to burn steadier with less smoke output. Featuring easy assembly, the oven comes with a manual for hassle-free installation. The added skewers make it a perfect companion for barbeque lovers, while the portable design and handles make moving it around a breeze. Its easy-to-clean surface is an added bonus.

Designer Advice:

Place the oven in a well-ventilated outdoor area, use hardwoods like oak or hickory for the best flavor, and experiment with your favorite marinated meats and vegetables on the skewers.

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Steel Outdoor Fireplaces

Buying Guide

If you are on the lookout for a hardwearing outdoor fireplace that can withstand constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, then a good choice for you is a fireplace made of steel, more specifically, stainless steel. A stainless steel outdoor fireplace isn't just resistant to corrosion. It's also environmental-friendly from the fact that the material is recyclable.

Steel outdoor fireplaces come in various designs and styles. Check out our quick buying guide to get the outdoor fireplace that matches your outdoor lifestyle!

Portable outdoor fireplaces or chimineas made of steel offer lots of advantages, so we suggest you check a unit's portability, most especially if you have a large outdoor space. A portable fireplace will allow you to move your heat source to different areas in your backyard. Portability is also a feature that you need if you have to store the fireplace as your yard is too small for a permanent addition.

You'd also find portable outdoor fireplaces as more affordable as they come in smaller dimensions, perfect for small patios. If you don't have a budget set for your new purchase, then you can find a kit with dimensions that go as high as seven feet in height and ten feet in width. Since it is bigger and portable, expect the price to increase as well. A smaller portable 360-degree fireplace will warm your outdoor space efficiently while adding steel's decorative appeal.

An insert is a fireproof box fronted by insulated glass and surrounded by steel or cast iron, which trap the heat inside and increase the unit's efficiency. Consider inserts if you want to incorporate a versatile, indoor-style steel fireplace into your outdoor space. They are a favorite among homeowners from all over the country as they can be installed in a masonry cavity, wall or wood-framed structure.

With outdoor fires, there is no wall or ceiling that can trap smoke and any other emission. But, it is still important for your outdoor fireplace to be vented, if necessary, and properly positioned in order for you to avoid harm or discomfort.

Most gas-burning steel outdoor fireplaces are freestanding models with flues or chimneys that vent smoke and byproducts. A contemporary ventless design will offer you outstanding combustion and fuel burning efficiency of 99%. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer which will be in the owner's manual to provide sufficient clearances and ventilation to your steel outdoor fireplace.

Before you start enjoying your new outdoor fireplace, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby. Keep it within easy reach from where you'll be lounging.

As you shop, check the warranty and return policy of the manufacturer. Most brands will offer you with lifetime warranties. Don't use a portable outdoor fireplace on a wooden deck or lawn. Also, don't move it when you've lit a fire.

Before you install a steel outdoor fireplace, you need to ensure that your project will comply with the local zoning commission regulations. Also, don't forget about the rules and regulations set by the homeowner's association. If required, you must acquire the necessary construction permits.

Best Ideas

Steel outdoor fireplace

Fireplace designed for outdoor use. It is made of steel and fitted with compartment for storing wood. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Functional accent for the garden, patio and more.

909 modern landscape los angeles

909 modern landscape los angeles

The carton steel not only makes for a wonderful backdrop in a modern garden but also makes the outdoor fireplace safe to use. Concrete construction makes it durable and trustworthy – a great choice of a fireplace for a contemporary or modern garden.

Anna outdoor fireplace we love it in corten steel or

anna outdoor fireplace we love it in corten steel or stainless steel ...

Prometheus outdoor fireplace

Prometheus Outdoor Fireplace

Steel outdoor fireplace 10

Perfect for garden parties or outdoor events - this steel outdoor fireplace is available in the size of 1469mm x 677mm x 774mm (HWD). It will make all your barbecues unforgettable parties.

Steel outdoor fireplace 17

A great indoor-outdoor fireplace in a luxury modern villa. It's in a wall between large paned surfaces. A fireplace has transparent walls so one can see scenery through it. A tall frame of brown materials feature an intricate open lace design.

All products outdoor fire pits accessories fire pits

All Products / Outdoor / Fire Pits & Accessories / Fire Pits

Steel Metal Chiminea Chimenea Outdoor Wood Fire Place Heater Pit Chimnea

Steel Metal Chiminea Chimenea Outdoor Wood Fire Place Heater Pit Chimnea

An awesome wood fire place heater pit for outdoors that will keep you and your friends warm during cooler nights. It looks, simply, stunning, even if not in use. Measurements: height: 165cm x width (triangular base) - 50cm each side.

Outdoor metal fireplace 25

Why not opt for a truly sublime outdoor fireplace that offers the metal structure and is truly safe, while being just breathtaking. It comes with the matching bench and will let you enjoy the warmth and charm of its looks.

Metal outdoor fireplaces

The stylish combination of modern metal form and functionality makes this steel outdoor fireplace captivates the details. The robust and durable structure allows safe use and is a significant element of outdoor furniture.

Unusual outdoor fireplaces made of steel modfires

Unusual Outdoor Fireplaces Made of Steel – Modfires

Steel outdoor fireplace 3

Trying to find and create the outdoor fireplace in porch, yard or garden? This one is made of iron and steel and works well with the wooden furniture around.

Steel outdoor fireplace 7

This sublime idea for a fireplace is just the best option for your outdoor setting, allowing you to sit with your friends, enjoying the warm atmosphere, while this charming piece complements your modern setting beautifully.

Steel outdoor fireplace 6

This bent metal hanging fire pit constitutes an eclectic proposition for those who want to add some charm and warmth to their outdoors. Its steel, geometric construction will enchant all fans of simplistic or industrial design.

Steel outdoor fireplace 18

Zeno’s fireplaces are Dutch-designed and crafted. And although the company’s Colonna model (pictured) is not custom-built, its unique shape cast from Cor-Ten steel melds naturally into outdoor installations. Dens van Laarhoven, the company’s preside

Steel outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces can be nicely crafted into your outdoor scenery. This one here is a part of the little stone fence, which makes it subtle yet effective. The copper back protection makes it safe to use, and overall construction is pretty solid.

Steel outdoor fireplace 14

Modern Interior Design Blog – Just Seen » Fireplaces

Steel outdoor fireplace 2

Tree of Life Fire Pit Sphere 37" is an inventive fireplace, which replaces wood burning with a gas burning pit. Buying the set, you may choose between various options, deciding about match-light, push button or electronic starters.

Modern outdoor fireplace designs

A truly sizzling hot masterpiece for modern interiors, which will create a soothing atmosphere, excellent to relax with a glass of wine. It's made of robust steel with a large fireplace placed in a wall recess.

Corten steel fireplace

Corten steel fireplace

Prism steel chiminea terrain

Prism Steel Chiminea, Terrain.

Solid cast aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware fasteners and

Solid cast aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware, fasteners, and mouth screen, the Prairie Chiminea is built to last.

Decorpro absolute steel bio ethanol outdoor fireplace

Decorpro Absolute Steel Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace