Steel Outdoor Fireplace

If you are looking for an effective way to heat a small area during the colder months , or just really love the idea of an outdoor fire that is contained but still accessible for ambiance , then you will want to take a look at our steel outdoor fireplaces. They come in plenty of styles to match your specific desires, and are very sturdy, only made of the best steel. Look at this collection for more.

Best Products

Steel Metal Chiminea Chimenea Outdoor Wood Fire Place Heater Pit Chimnea

Steel Metal Chiminea Chimenea Outdoor Wood Fire Place Heater Pit Chimnea
An awesome wood fire place heater pit for outdoors that will keep you and your friends warm during cooler nights. It looks, simply, stunning, even if not in use. Measurements: height: 165cm x width (triangular base) - 50cm each side.

909 modern landscape los angeles

909 modern landscape los angeles
The carton steel not only makes for a wonderful backdrop in a modern garden but also makes the outdoor fireplace safe to use. Concrete construction makes it durable and trustworthy – a great choice of a fireplace for a contemporary or modern garden.

Firepan outdoor fire pit movable

Firepan outdoor fire pit movable
This heavy-duty portable fireplace can be the ideal outdoor fire pit for your garden or backyard. Designed to serve its role for years. It is being manufactured from 1991.

Nuvo Wall Mounted Steel Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace

Nuvo Wall Mounted Steel Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace
Decorative modern wall-mounted fireplace for indoor and outdoor use. It has a twisted tube body of black-coated steel. It doesn't emit heat, is gel and bio-ethanol fueled, match or lighter ignited and equipped with a snuffer.

Steel outdoor fireplace

Fireplace designed for outdoor use. It is made of steel and fitted with compartment for storing wood. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Functional accent for the garden, patio and more.

Steel outdoor fireplace

A cool contemporary garden fireplace manufactured of brown-coated steel. It looks like a letter 'C' with a narrower and more bent up bottom part and a wider upper part to better protection against rain.

Steel outdoor fireplace 10

Perfect for garden parties or outdoor events - this steel outdoor fireplace is available in the size of 1469mm x 677mm x 774mm (HWD). It will make all your barbecues unforgettable parties.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you are on the lookout for a hardwearing outdoor fireplace that can withstand constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, then a good choice for you is a fireplace made of steel, more specifically, stainless steel. A stainless steel outdoor fireplace isn't just resistant to corrosion. It's also environmental-friendly from the fact that the material is recyclable.

Steel outdoor fireplaces come in various designs and styles. Check out our quick buying guide to get the outdoor fireplace that matches your outdoor lifestyle!

What are the benefits of portable outdoor fireplaces?

Portable outdoor fireplaces or chimineas made of steel offer lots of advantages, so we suggest you check a unit's portability, most especially if you have a large outdoor space. A portable fireplace will allow you to move your heat source to different areas in your backyard. Portability is also a feature that you need if you have to store the fireplace as your yard is too small for a permanent addition.

You'd also find portable outdoor fireplaces as more affordable as they come in smaller dimensions, perfect for small patios. If you don't have a budget set for your new purchase, then you can find a kit with dimensions that go as high as seven feet in height and ten feet in width. Since it is bigger and portable, expect the price to increase as well. A smaller portable 360-degree fireplace will warm your outdoor space efficiently while adding steel's decorative appeal.

What are fireplace inserts?

An insert is a fireproof box fronted by insulated glass and surrounded by steel or cast iron, which trap the heat inside and increase the unit's efficiency. Consider inserts if you want to incorporate a versatile, indoor-style steel fireplace into your outdoor space. They are a favorite among homeowners from all over the country as they can be installed in a masonry cavity, wall or wood-framed structure.

Do outdoor gas fireplaces need to be vented?

With outdoor fires, there is no wall or ceiling that can trap smoke and any other emission. But, it is still important for your outdoor fireplace to be vented, if necessary, and properly positioned in order for you to avoid harm or discomfort.

Most gas-burning steel outdoor fireplaces are freestanding models with flues or chimneys that vent smoke and byproducts. A contemporary ventless design will offer you outstanding combustion and fuel burning efficiency of 99%. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you follow the instructions of the manufacturer which will be in the owner's manual to provide sufficient clearances and ventilation to your steel outdoor fireplace.

How to ensure the safety of outdoor fireplace usage?

Before you start enjoying your new outdoor fireplace, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher nearby. Keep it within easy reach from where you'll be lounging.

As you shop, check the warranty and return policy of the manufacturer. Most brands will offer you with lifetime warranties. Don't use a portable outdoor fireplace on a wooden deck or lawn. Also, don't move it when you've lit a fire.

Before you install a steel outdoor fireplace, you need to ensure that your project will comply with the local zoning commission regulations. Also, don't forget about the rules and regulations set by the homeowner's association. If required, you must acquire the necessary construction permits.


Steel outdoor fireplace 17

A great indoor-outdoor fireplace in a luxury modern villa. It's in a wall between large paned surfaces. A fireplace has transparent walls so one can see scenery through it. A tall frame of brown materials feature an intricate open lace design.

Steel outdoor fireplace 3

Trying to find and create the outdoor fireplace in porch, yard or garden? This one is made of iron and steel and works well with the wooden furniture around.

Steel outdoor fireplace 19

The old boiler steel outdoor fireplace may not be best associated with a cozy room - but believe us, looking at the photo that a huge boiler furnace with a dark steel finish, will introduce unique industrial warmth to your home.

Anna outdoor fireplace we love it in corten steel or

anna outdoor fireplace we love it in corten steel or stainless steel ...

Stainless steel fireplace

Stainless Steel Fireplace

Fireplace zeno is for you zeno outdoor fireplaces are made

... fireplace zeno is for you zeno outdoor fireplaces are made of corten

Outdoor metal fireplace 25

Why not opt for a truly sublime outdoor fireplace that offers the metal structure and is truly safe, while being just breathtaking. It comes with the matching bench and will let you enjoy the warmth and charm of its looks.

Steel outdoor fireplace 6

This bent metal hanging fire pit constitutes an eclectic proposition for those who want to add some charm and warmth to their outdoors. Its steel, geometric construction will enchant all fans of simplistic or industrial design.

Steel outdoor fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces can be nicely crafted into your outdoor scenery. This one here is a part of the little stone fence, which makes it subtle yet effective. The copper back protection makes it safe to use, and overall construction is pretty solid.

Corten steel fireplace

Corten steel fireplace

Steel outdoor fireplace 15

Every time I see a fireplace like this I think of Howl's Moving Castle. >3> CALCIFER! Warm up my bath!

Bamboo outdoor curtains

Copper is an unusual material for a water wall. Used simply here, it has an understated elegance

Prism steel chiminea terrain

Prism Steel Chiminea, Terrain.

Natural steel outdoor modern fireplace on discount

Natural Steel Outdoor Modern Fireplace On Discount

Steel outdoor fireplace

Depending on how it is to be used, select the right type of fireplace - closed or open. On the patio the steel outdoor fireplace is enclosed in a brick segment in a bright color, deeply hidden flames will light up summer evenings.

Steel outdoor fireplace 14

Modern Interior Design Blog – Just Seen » Fireplaces

Steel outdoor fireplace 7

This sublime idea for a fireplace is just the best option for your outdoor setting, allowing you to sit with your friends, enjoying the warm atmosphere, while this charming piece compliments your modern setting beautifully.

Steel outdoor fireplace 18

Zeno’s fireplaces are Dutch-designed and crafted. And although the company’s Colonna model (pictured) is not custom-built, its unique shape cast from Cor-Ten steel melds naturally into outdoor installations. Dens van Laarhoven, the company’s preside

Steel outdoor fireplace 12

from Dwell:Balcones house outdoor fireplace. Nice use of wood-formed concrete. Love the asymmetry & wood storage.

Solid cast aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware fasteners and

Solid cast aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware, fasteners, and mouth screen, the Prairie Chiminea is built to last.

Modern outdoor fireplace designs

A truly sizzling hot masterpiece for modern interiors, which will create a soothing atmosphere, excellent to relax with a glass of wine. It's made of robust steel with a large fireplace placed in a wall recess.

Steel outdoor fireplace 8

Wine Barrel Fire Pit - Rust Features: 90,000 BTU 12” stainless steel corrosion resistant dual burner ring Blue Flame keyed gas valve for safe fuel flow 1/2” x 24” reliable gas flex pipe 20 lbs of iridescent lava rock

Unusual outdoor fireplaces made of steel modfires

Unusual Outdoor Fireplaces Made of Steel – Modfires

Decorpro absolute steel bio ethanol outdoor fireplace

Decorpro Absolute Steel Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace

Prometheus outdoor fireplace

Prometheus Outdoor Fireplace

Trae fire pit 300

TRAE fire pit $300

Outdoor fireplace metal

Designed for outdoor areas to make your evening gatherings surrounded with warmth and coziness. The firepit is crafted of rubost steel and squarely shaped, so you can be sure, you are getting a long-lasting flame of romantic ambiance.

Steel outdoor fireplace 4

Contemporary patios are often surrounded by cement, so fashionable in this decade - with additional natural elements like benches made of strong brown wood. In this case, a square, cement-covered fireplace was added - a patio steel outdoor fireplace.

Steel outdoor fireplace 9

Kijk voor vuurschalen, vervaardigd van bijvoorbeeld corten staal of gietijzer, eens op

Outdoor fireplace steel

If you want to arrange outdoor steel fireplace in your garden or another place this steel model will be perfect. The simple square shape is modern and very functional, and thanks to it allow to create a pleasant place for a bonfire.

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Metal outdoor fireplaces

The stylish combination of modern metal form and functionality makes this steel outdoor fireplace captivates the details. The robust and durable structure allows safe use and is a significant element of outdoor furniture.

Ecosmart fire stix outdoor ethanol fireplace brushed steel finish

Ecosmart Fire Stix Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace Brushed Steel Finish

Steel outdoor fireplace 5

40 Coolest Modern Terrace And Outdoor Dining Space Design Ideas - @Dawn Amos... inspiring!!!

Steel outdoor fireplace 2

Tree of Life Fire Pit Sphere 37" is an inventive fireplace, which replaces wood burning with a gas burning pit. Buying the set, you may choose between various options, deciding about match-light, push button or electronic starters.

Stainless steel detail with misting system in foreground

Stainless Steel Detail with misting system in foreground

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Enok corten steel outdoor fireplace from

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