Light Up House Numbers

Never get lost trying to find a house number in the dark wIth light-up house numbers. Available in solar powered, LED and neon backlighting, there are many great options to match your style, and outdoor decor. The perfect addition to a contemporary home, especially if you entertain on a regular basis. And they can be ordered by individual digit, or as a multi-number combination.

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Light up house numbers 1

This beautifully made house number on the backlight with LEDs is a perfect solution for home decor and functionality. Silver top and bottom of backlight beautifully presented in a day and is visible at night.

Led house numbers signage apartment number signs contemporary house numbers

Led House Numbers Signage Apartment Number Signs Contemporary House Numbers
This beautifully illuminated LED number on the wall of the house is a perfect decorative and functional element. Contemporary design impresses with a modern and very stylish atmosphere. Robust construction works well outside.

Light up numbers

With this laser-cut in aluminum, solar-powered number plate, you will have a bright way to display the number of your house. It is 4'' tall, covered in black, and equipped with a solar battery that absorbs energy from the sunlight to power two LED lights at night.

Light up house numbers 2

LED house number mounted on aluminum frame. Designed for outdoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers for high quality and modern design.

5" Surface/Flush Mount House Number

5" Surface/Flush Mount House Number
The sophisticated look of these light-up house numbers will welcome your guests with style. Upscale and modern, these stainless steel house numbers come in multiple sizes and are installed easily, without tools. The numbers light up from behind, outlining the sleek silhouette while being highly visible.

7 in. Floating Mount House Number

7 in. Floating Mount House Number
Personalize your home with a made-to-order plaque with your house numbers made of galvanized steel with a powdered finish for long-lasting durability. Blending with modern and contemporary exteriors, this plaque includes LED lights which project onto the back of the plaque, activated using dusk/dawn sensors.

Solar Powered House Address Plaque Frame

Solar Powered House Address Plaque Frame
This solar-powered plaque sticks into the ground outside your property and lasts 8-10 hours, illuminating your home day or night. The plaque lights up completely, displaying the adjustable house numbers in contrast. Direct guests effortlessly to your front door with this ingenious light-up house number plaque.

5 in. Floating Mount House Number

5 in. Floating Mount House Number
Enhance your curb appeal with these illuminated house numbers, which provide outstanding visibility day or night. The latest LED technology and satin-nickel finish blend well with contemporary homes and can be seen from 100 ft. away. Rust-proof and weather-proof, there are three different installation methods to suit your home.

Ideabooks 126

Inventive neon house number, lit up for visibility and for style's stake! A bold neon glow is almost impossible to be missed, yet from distance it gets a desirable subtleness. Light up numbers have blue light within.

Light up address signs 1

These LED house numbers are powered by rechargeable battery fed from a solar cell and are made from anodised aluminum, while the black finish will easily absorb the light during the day to power it.

Light up house numbers are wonderful to have to make

Light up house numbers are wonderful to have to make people find you ...

Our advice Buying Guide

Discerning homeowners know the fact that house numbers make or break the aesthetics of a home's exterior. More often than not, your guests and neighbors base their first impression of your home on its exterior. Since your house number is visible when one approaches your residence, it must be as striking as possible. Fortunately, stunning lighted house numbers are now available for purchase! Let's take a look at the general things you need to keep in mind when buying the best light up house numbers.

How to determine the right house number size?

The key to determining the right house number size is by measuring how far the mounting location is to the middle of the street (this is where guests read a home address).

Once you got that down, select the size that's readable and clear from the street's midpoint. You may need large light up house numbers depending on the mounting location's distance to the street.

Remember that a house number's height is measured starting from the top to the bottom part. Signage rules on vehicle speed don't apply to light up house numbers since people slow down when in a residential area as they try to locate the house numbers.

What's the best fort for light up house numbers?

When choosing the perfect light up house numbers, you need to be careful when considering the type of font you will use as it will have an impact on your home's aesthetics.

Scrip fonts, thin, decorative font styles, and serif-style fonts can decrease your address' visibility from the road. For instance, Victorian and vintage light up house numbers, including Art Deco tend to be stylized. This makes them difficult to read or see from a distance.

Sans serif fonts that are thick like Helvetica will maximize your lighted house number's visibility. Many contemporary and modern house numbers are designed to be highly visible. This must be your goal.

Homeowners who are style conscious would readily trade readability of house numbers for a unique font style. As for safety-conscious homeowners, they know that it won't only be guests who'll drive by one's home as emergency response personnel who'll be responding to an urgent crisis right at your residence will check for house numbers as well. It’s, therefore, vital that you prioritize readability instead of style.

Even the spacing of light up house numbers is crucial for readability. Designers call the spacing as "kerning." When your light up house numbers are mounted closely, this lack of kerning will create visibility issues.

Conversely, lighted house numbers that are too far apart will not appear to be of a single numeral. Take for example "12390;" it'll seem as if it's "123" and "90" which will add confusion to those who are trying to find your home.

Should you customize your house numbers?

What we always recommend is to have customized light up house numbers. In this way, you will have the chance to adjust the font type and size to ensure the house numbers you mount are the ones that guests and neighbors admire year after year. If you won't be customizing your house numbers, remember that you should only select a design that’s most visible when in the middle of the street.


Solar house marker

Luxurious house number. Decorative bronze finish underlines the design of your house, while the illumination system makes sure everyone is able to find your place. It's charged by solar energy, so don't worry about batteries.

Whitehall Products, Illuminator Solar Address Standard Wall Lamp 14247, 2 inches wide by 6.875 inches high, black

A eco-friendly way to equip your house with beautiful address signs that glow in the dark. Each of these address signs is has a solar panel that absorbs sunlight during day to recharge itself for effortless usage.

Light up address

Everyone who has home (especially in a village or suburbs), needs visible address sign next to front door. If you want to be original, you can use this lamp with home's number - it connects function of sign, decoration and illumination.

House number light

Mark your home with this outdoor address stone that glows in the dark. The stone uses a solar-powered address plate that shines up to 8 hours, using one rechargeable AA nickel-cadmium battery.

Modern Acrylic Address Plaque

An excellent decoration for modern homes, this transparent address plaque can be a nice invitation for all your guests. Made of durable acrylic, the plaque includes black numbers printed on the inside, along with different themes that make the whole piece even more appealing.

Light up door numbers

Led number dedicated for outdoor use. It is made of durable aluminum. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Light up address signs

House number with a durable construction and neutral color. This Arabic number is large and readable from distance. It also includes a solar light, so it is also readable at night without problems. It also decorates outdoor areas.

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Brighten up the front of your house with this solar address sign that glows in the dark. The plaque absorbs energy from the sunlight, so it could properly display your address, even at night.

House number sign with numbers and

House Number Sign With Numbers And
An elegant contemporary house number sign of metal with a bronze finish. It has a shape of an upturned letter 'L' with a craved apron and a light built-in a top arm of 'L'. Large white numbers are arranged vertically. It has to be screwed upright.

2 Light Outdoor Address Plaque

2 Light Outdoor Address Plaque

Lighted house number signs

Details about Solar LED Light Up House Number Sign Garden Rock Light

House number plates with light

Really light and visible in the dark light-up led house number. When you live on the street where the lighting in not a good-quality, maybe it is a solution for always lost guests looking for you place for living.

Lit house numbers

Decorous address sign post with a craftsman lamp on top. Cedar-clad post features illuminated house numbers cast from black metal. Light up house numbers are essential when there are few street lights in your neighborhood.

Modena illuminated house number up down wall light grey 02

MODENA Illuminated House Number Up / Down Wall Light Grey 02

House numbers 15

House Numbers

Edgewood Vertical Lighted Address Plaque

Edgewood Vertical Lighted Address Plaque
This address plaque is a bit different than others, as it is not only rectangular but also oriented vertically! A nice option when a surface you want to mount it on is somehow narrow. The frame is resistant to peeling and cracking!

Light up house

Minimalistic yet stylish approach to a set of house numbers done in Helvetica font. The numbers are made out of stainless steel with a grey coat of paint and have a backlight behind them, which proves handy at night.

Solar House Address Plaque

Solar House Address Plaque

Solar powered lights

Solar Powered Lights >

Modena illuminated house number up down wall light steel 01

MODENA Illuminated House Number Up / Down Wall Light Steel 01

Solar powered illuminated house door number wall light lit up


4 Light Large Stepped 4" Light Address Plaque

4 Light Large Stepped 4" Light Address Plaque

Westek AL301B Outdoor Low Voltage Address Light

Edgewood Large Lighted Address Plaque

Edgewood Large Lighted Address Plaque

House number light bulb

In this case, no one will have any illusions about how to get to your apartment - even in the dark, and that you are individualists. The metal plate with the light up house number is delightfully highlighted with orange LED light.

Sarah Peyton Outdoor Solar LED Address Plaque

Edgewood Oval Lighted Address Plaque

Edgewood Oval Lighted Address Plaque

Deep engraved natural riven slate house door sign name number

Deep Engraved Natural Riven Slate House Door Sign Name Number Plaque
I really like the idea of changing your old, ordinary house plate with something unique and beautiful. This one has a very nice, modern look with the name and number engraved in stone, which gives it a natural look.

Modena illuminated house number up down wall light black 03

MODENA Illuminated House Number Up / Down Wall Light Black 03

Lamppost hanging house numbers carved

Lamppost Hanging House Numbers Carved
Handmade with meticulous care to the detailing, this hanging piece with your house numbers was made in carved stone and is the perfect option for when you want everyone to find your house easily, while it corresponds to the elegant finish of the decor.

House numbers 12

house numbers

5W Incandescent Light Address Plaque

5W Incandescent Light Address Plaque
Choosing this 1-line wall address plaque, you can properly mark your home and make it more inviting. The frame is made of metal and covered in a black finish, and the plaque itself is very easy to install. Measurements: 6.75'' H x 12.5'' W x 2.25'' D.

Address Plaque

Address Plaque

Edgewood Oval Lighted Address Plaque

Edgewood Oval Lighted Address Plaque

Battery charged up by day light up to 8 hours

Battery Charged up by day light, up to 8 hours light at night. Never ...

Solar house numbers solar powered house number sign stainless steel

Solar House Numbers /Solar Powered House Number Sign Stainless Steel ...

Solar power 2 led illuminated house door number wall light


House numbers are really just to help people find your

House numbers are really just to help people find your house, right ...