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House number lights are a smart choice for evening guests and package handlers to find your house at night. With a well-lit house number your online ordered packages are more likely to land on your front porch and not your neighbors. So, whether you choose warm lit, cool lit, backlit, or front lit, you have plenty of options to choose from below to make it easier for visitors to find you.

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Updated 03/04/2021
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Modern Led House Number 5 Outdoor By Luxello Led Modern House Numbers

Modern Led House Number 5 Outdoor By Luxello Led Modern House Numbers

A modern accent of your house facade. It's a large house number with a LED lighting. It not only looks cool, but it will also make your house well visible even at night. The number is a solid piece, resistant to weather conditions.

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House number lights 1

If you need your house numbers to be really visible, thus making your household easy to get to then these 8 backlit LED house numbers will help you achieve that goal with the modern look and boost of practical use.

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Illuminated bronze house numbers 8 outdoor backlit signs modern house

Illuminated Bronze House Numbers 8" - Outdoor Backlit Signs - modern - house numbers - los angeles - by Surrounding - Modern Lighting & Furn

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Custom house numbers

An aesthetic modern house number sign made of weatherproof stainless steel. It has a square black wall mount. Large stylised numbers are fixed to it on short round rods, arranged horizontally and have delicate metallic shine.

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Address light

Everyone will find your home in the dark, because you will have the easy-to-install solar light house number. It works without any batteries and as got a large size.

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Light up address signs 1

These LED house numbers are powered by rechargeable battery fed from a solar cell and are made from anodised aluminum, while the black finish will easily absorb the light during the day to power it.

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Irving residents eclectic landscape san luis obispo

Irving residents eclectic landscape san luis obispo

Rustic and industrial design for a handy and easy way to decorate the front of your house with. This house number plaque made out of wrought iron with a backlight behind it makes sure the number stays visible even during the night.

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Diy address plaque

Wanna make your house look original? We've got an idea! With this cool, black and white, round house address plaque your house entrance will look different. It's got a built-in light so it can light up the number of your house at night.

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Albert stainless steel house number light with led

Albert stainless steel house number light with LED

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House number lights

Modern House Numbers Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor

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House Number Lights

Buying Guide

To install house number lights, select a good location, figure out a stress-free power source, and use lots and lots of meticulous measurement strategies. First, you’ll want to choose a place for your number lights that’s easy to see from the street, and also easy to drill in for installation purposes. Place your number lights there in the desired configuration, step back, and make sure that’s where you’ll want them to go. Then, using appropriately waterproof hardware and brackets, install the mounting hardware in that location. It’s a good idea to use LED house number lights so you don’t have to worry about hardwiring—and, in addition, LEDs will also last longer.

House number lights should be displayed in a place that is visible for all to see. It should be visible from the road or street in front of the house. Thus place the light on the side of the house facing the street. In the event that the house is too from the road and the lights may not be clear or properly visible from the street, rather display your house number lights on your mailbox.

Ideally, your house number lights should always stick out from the wall it's displayed against. So, a light background would call for dark-colored numbers and vice versa for easy visibility.

There’s a wide selection of colors and finishes you can choose from when it comes to house numbers, so make sure you pick one that contrasts with your home’s exterior. For instance, a black, grey, or orange number can be seen clearly on a white or wooden surface, whereas a white design would be best for concrete, brick, and stone walls.

If you don’t mind adding a splash of personality to your front entrance, go for vibrant, multi-colored house numbers instead of a plain-looking, monochrome finish.

As for the backlights, white, yellow, red, blue, and orange LEDs are common choices for illuminating house numbers in the dark. Plus, these colors are sure to give your main door a stylish and atmospheric look!

Best Ideas

Designer's Choice Super Bright Modular House Number

Designer's Choice Super Bright Modular House Number

An amazing super bright modular house number that will make it much more easy for your guests to find your home and will give it a more complete look, while the design is strong and sturdy, allowing years of problem-free use.

Wayside remodel addition greenbelt homes austin texas eclectic spaces austin

Wayside remodel addition greenbelt homes austin texas eclectic spaces austin

Set of outdoor accessories, intended to insert in the front of door. Set is composed of solid turquoise door with window vents, doorbell, electric alarm and whimsical house numbers (there is no one sign, but four independent numbers).

Light up address signs

House number with a durable construction and neutral color. This Arabic number is large and readable from distance. It also includes a solar light, so it is also readable at night without problems. It also decorates outdoor areas.

House number lights 11

A great patent to illuminate your house and distinguish it a bit from the surrounding neighbourhood. Helpful particularly when you look for a number during the night.

Light up numbers

With this laser-cut in aluminum, solar-powered number plate, you will have a bright way to display the number of your house. It is 4'' tall, covered in black, and equipped with a solar battery that absorbs energy from the sunlight to power two LED lights at night.

House number lights 2

Reportedly these metal house number lights belong to the so called modern (aka mid century) style, but as long as I'm concerned, their sleek and simple design might fall on the contemporary side as well. What's your opinion?

House number lights 3

Really the front yard. -CUSTOM Mission Style Vertical House Numbers in Rusted by studio724, $99.00

House number lights

This is really important to keep the house number on the same style as a facade. The image's coherence guarantees that it will look great. This kind of modern numbers will probably look good on the plain, simple wall surface.

Mid century modern wall decor


2 Light Address Light

2 Light Address Light

House number lights 12

Teak horizontal slatted rainscreen and nice modern house numbers.

House numbers 10

house numbers

House numbers are mounted on a wooden deck or fence

House numbers are mounted on a wooden deck or fence post. NEED to do - our house #'s are hard to see, especially at night :/

Do it yourself personalized lighted house number sign kit

Do It Yourself Personalized Lighted House Number Sign Kit