Solar Garden Globes

Garden globes give off a wonderful, soft light that seems to add a vibrance to any garden, A night walk through the tulips, roses, or whatever you have planted for your viewing pleasure, is an experience all its own, and these globes are charged by the sun, and turn on automatically at night, using a photocell system. A lovely thing to place along your garden path.

Best Products

Ocean Mist Illuminaries Gazing Globe (Set of 2)

Ocean Mist Illuminaries Gazing Globe (Set of 2)
Glow in dark gazing globe, with luminescent crystals absorbing solar light, making this dreamy garden decoration glow for hours after dusk. More than that: the orb emits soothing green glow when it's dark.

Solar Gazing Globe with Stand

Solar Gazing Globe with Stand
A huge solar gazing globe with a stand. The stand is crafted from high-quality metals to provide maximum strength and durability. The globe itself looks magnificent and mysterious. It is a perfect addition to any home decor.

Solar Garden Stake Light

Solar Garden Stake Light
A beautiful garden stake light which collects solar power during the day and turns on automatically at dusk to glow for 4-8 hours. It is also equipped with AA rechargeable batteries and a photo light sensor.

Antique Stoneware Ball Decorative

Antique Stoneware Ball Decorative
Interesting garden decor giving environment a rustic tone. It has a form of a not very large weathered ball-shaped stone with a ragged surface in greenish hues. It is crafted of stone and quite heavy.

Glow in the dark garden globes

I saw this solar garden globe, and I knew that I need to have it! I really love the clear gazing ball effect, and a magic atmosphere in all garden. Everyone are impressed how cool this product is.

Homemade gazing balls

Attractive solar garden globes in clear luminescence cast provide a briliand glow. These elements are powered by the sun at day and they are able to glow at night, so they play decorative roles outdoors.

Solar garden orbs

The enchanted garden attracts with its mystery and magical elements, like the solar garden globes, that was made of light-enhancing cracked glass in purple shades. Globe based on a gray stone-look pillar. Perhaps this is a garden fortune teller?

Our advice Buying Guide

Solar garden globes add interest to gardens and yards day and night. When natural light is out, the colors of the globe add points of interest to an area. At night, after they have been powered by the sun, they glow. Venetians are credited with introducing glass ones in the 13th century for use in their gardens. In the early 20th century, wealthy Americans began adding them to their gardens.

They get their name because at various times in history they have been used to, among other things, keep an eye on courting couples and to see when guests need attention. Among the many names given to them have been:

  • Gazing globes
  • Gazing garden globes
  • Mirror balls
  • Lawn balls
  • Solar garden globes

Optimum Conditions

When using them, you can feel good because electricity is not used. Let them get at least eight hours of full sunlight each day for several days to reach their power potential. Then they can light the inside of the ball to display the beautiful patterns painted on them for approximately eight hours. Place them in a garden away from floodlights and street lights that could trip them on.

Avoid installing them in areas exposed to salty air or fertilizers to help minimize corrosion of its parts, which include a battery, post and more. Whereas their batteries can usually be replaced, the LEDs inside them cannot. Keep solar garden globes free of dust and clean them with a wet cloth. During winter, store them indoors.

Selection Choices

Most garden globes range in size from 2 inches in diameter to around 24 inches. Green, blue, red and yellow are popular colors. Materials they are made of include glass, stained glass, and ceramic materials. Mosaic patterns are also available.

Most solar garden globes are displayed on stands. Some stands are stone pedestals, while others are wrought iron. A very interesting stand looks like a vase made of tree branches. Simply place your globe inside it. This stand is a good fit for your porch or inside your home. With bird feet, another stand allows you to place a globe on a horizontal pole.

One globe is literally a black-and-silver globe/world map comes with a short stand attached to it, which makes it perfect for placing on a table. A really different take on the presentation of a solar globe is a wrought iron cage that can be hung from a tree branch. Globes do not have to be hung. They may be placed on the ground.

The pendulum has swung. Solar garden globes are popular in America again. Make your selection soon to add color and something new to the grounds of your home.


Hanging solar globes

Gorgeous solar glaciers are an excellent way to create an attractive garden, terrace or patio. The whole gives an exceptionally beautiful light after dark bringing a unique ambiance to the outside. The beautiful form adds an entirely unique style.

Garden solar globes

upcycled Candle lanterns ... add a solar light and watch them glow?

Solar garden globes

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Solar stars hanging globe pendant lantern hang multiple lanterns under

Solar Stars Hanging Globe Pendant Lantern - Hang multiple lanterns under trees for an outdoor wedding reception

Solar garden globes 6

Garden Globes

Solar garden globes 3

Solar Garden Globe HUMMINGBIRDS

Illuminarie Globe Glows in The Dark Gazing Globe

Illuminarie Globe Glows in The Dark Gazing Globe

Solar balls

Glowing orbs for garden use. These solar globes provide good level of outdoor illumination. They not only provide light on outdoor paths or dining areas, but they also decorate outdoors at day and night.

Solar glowing globes by grandinroad

Solar Glowing Globes by Grandinroad

Solar garden globes 2

Beautiful solar garden globes is an eye-catching and fascinating way to decorate the garden. Beautiful colors and patterns bring an absorbing atmosphere and are delightfully present in the green.

Solar powered garden globes are the new garden garden is

Solar powered garden globes are the new garden garden is ...

Solar light balls

Solar fairy lights from repurposed ceiling light fixture globes. I see possibilities for indoors here too.

Mosaic blue solar hanging gazing ball

Mosaic Blue Solar Hanging Gazing Ball

Solar Hanging Gazing Globe

Solar Hanging Gazing Globe

Solar gazing balls for gardens

Glass garden tower made from stacked and glued thrift store glassware

Solar powered garden globes

Driftwood light...LOVE!! Looks like just one of those globe bulbs with low wattage.

Outdoor solar globes

Glass & Yard Art Mason jars & glass pebbles, flat marbles-- maybe insert a solar light... Ideas, ideas!

Gazing ball stand ideas

You can do the glazing balls by yourself for your garden, doing it in a unique way. For example by buying glass balls and personalizing them with a spray.Choose the color you want for your gazing ball, and spray paint the inside of the sphere.

Solar balls for garden

A garden decor idea: decorous totem constructed from colorful glass globes stacked one on another to form a tower. There's also an openwork scroll motif globe among them. I think there are solar lights inside.

Solar garden globe

Globe Solar String Lights - hang them anywhere in the yard, don't have to worry about cords!

How to attach the chain and ring i have created

How to attach the chain and ring. I have created some of this with 99 cent store solar lights, they are hanging from my big tree in my front yard.

Solar garden globes 5

Easy DIY Glowing Garden circles (found in clear colors at dollar store, sold as decorative adds to vases). Glue on a glass outdoor light globe (can find in home improvement stores or even better at thrift stores). Place glove over solar li

Outdoor garden features lighting solar globe garden marker

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Solar powered earth globe


Solvinden solar powered lighting ikea no cost for electricity the

SOLVINDEN Solar-powered lighting IKEA No cost for electricity. The solar panel converts sunlight to energy.

Solar light globes

solar balcony lights ideas | quirky-solar-balcony-lights-bird-legged-glowing-globes.jpeg

Solar Power LED Color Changing Globe Night Light Lamp Garden Decor Waterproof Floating Swimming Pool Party Decor (Color Changing)

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Solar balls for gardens

Vintage globe solar light beats the boring out of solar lights for the garden!

Solar Wholesale Crackle Glass Globe Solar Lawn Light, 3.5" Dia

Solar 10 purple mosaic gazing globe with metal stand

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Sunnydaze garden gazing globe with led solar light

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Solar light garden stake swirl globes garden art

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Multicolor solar crackle garden globe with fairy lights

Multicolor Solar Crackle Garden Globe with Fairy Lights ...

Evergreen flag garden hanging solar gazing globe

Evergreen Flag & Garden Hanging Solar Gazing Globe ...

Murano solar garden globe midnight

Murano Solar Garden Globe - Midnight

Evergreen flag garden solar hanging gazing globe

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Hanging solar garden globe 217502 solar outdoor

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Murano solar garden globe aqua

Murano Solar Garden Globe - Aqua

Trilogy solar globe yard decor power energy glass

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Solar light garden stake flower globes garden art

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