Multiple Mailbox Post

For the home that has multiple tenants, or if you life on a street that is only populated by a handful of folks, these useful multiple mailbox posts are a great way to keep the mail separate, and give everyone their own mail space. Use it how you choose, but we think your family, or your neighbors, will appreciate this contribution to their mail's safety.

Best Products

Medium Belmont Post Mounted Mailbox

Medium Belmont Post Mounted Mailbox
It is a medium Belmont post mounted mailbox that has got a gray and red colors. It is a nicely finished and high quality product. If you looking for a perfect mailbox, you need to choose this one.

Lewiston Fluted Base and Ball Finial Mailbox Post

Lewiston Fluted Base and Ball Finial Mailbox Post
Mailbox which is not only a very beautiful piece of art but also very durable and practical. It's resistant from rust thanks to aluminium which was used to construction instead of other types of metal.

Hazleton Mailbox Post

Hazleton Mailbox Post
Traditional mailbox mounted on a stable basis. Construction is made of Highwood unique synthetic wood. Dedicated for freestanding houses. It has many positive recommendations from customers.

Newport Plus Mailbox Post

Newport Plus Mailbox Post
This rugged and very effectively executed mailbox post is a great way to put the mailbox under the house. Made of materials resistant to weather conditions is durable and beautifully presented all over the place.

Lewiston Fluted Base and Ball Finial Mailbox Post

Lewiston Fluted Base and Ball Finial Mailbox Post
Mailbox post which was made to make your lawn look more pretty thanks to it. There is no worry about rust in this mailbox because it was made from aluminium which is rust resistant. It's very durable and resistant also from other bad weather factors.

Decorative Mailbox Post

Decorative Mailbox Post
A traditional mailbox post. Lightweight, made entirely of aluminium and finished in black. In -ground mounting. Decorative post and perfect for rural or urban type mailboxes. Solid and durable post.

Completed projects

Completed Projects

Our advice Buying Guide

There are various reasons why you may need to buy a multiple mailbox post. Here is some more information about the designs available and which ones might be most suitable for you.

Who can benefit from a multiple mailbox post?

One of the uses of a multiple mailbox post relates to community housing, where there may be estates with multiple homes and there is no need to install individual mailbox posts for each house. Alternatively, you might own or live in a property where one building is divided into several apartments or flats. In this case, multiple mailbox posts outside the building are ideal for ensuring that everybody is able to receive and access their own mail.

What are the most popular designs of multiple mailbox posts?

Wooden posts with mailboxes

This design works well if there are four or five homes situated in a remote area or in a location that is difficult to access. Rather than forcing couriers and the mailman to come all the way to your front door, you can position a multiple mailbox post at the end of the road and affix several boxes to it. You will need two wooden posts positioned vertically, and then one post which fits across them horizontally. You can then nail the mailboxes to the horizontal wooden post to create an efficient and practical set of mailboxes for you and your neighbors.

Cast iron multiple mailbox post

A sturdy cast iron post is installed into the ground, and is able to withstand almost all weathers. On each side of the cast iron post are two mailboxes – securely fixed and with the respective neighbors' house numbers painted or identified in another way. Curved iron beams extend from mid-way down the post – these act as a support frame for the mailboxes which are positioned on this unit. In some cases, there are small colored flags on the mailboxes to either add some color and interest, or simply to distinguish between the mailboxes.

Long wooden post with multiple mailboxes

A long horizontal post which is around 15-20 feet in length is able to hold enough mailboxes for the entire neighborhood. You may find that you need to buy a multiple mailbox post which will fit 30-40 mailboxes. With this design, there is either a long horizontal post or two horizontal posts which are next to each other. There are around 4-8 vertical posts, which ensure the whole unit is sturdy enough to maintain its practical uses. White paint is often used, since this isn't too bold and blends well with many neighborhoods which have white windows and doors. The mailboxes themselves are often difficult colors, with some neighborhoods able to choose their own mailboxes, and others being assigned a certain color.

What to personalize a multiple mailbox post?

Like with many other items of furniture, you can look for feature pieces in order to make them stand out from the rest or add some extra interesting detail. Some multiple mailbox posts have animals, such as horses, engraved or created from iron or wood. For longer posts, there is normally more than one feature piece, and so you may see duplication along the post.

What are the rules for mailbox design?

The house number on a mailbox must be at least 1 inch tall and positioned on the front or flag side of the mailbox. The door or slot must be at the level of 41 to 45 inches from the ground.


Tapco 20-M V-Loc Multiple Mailbox Support System

Mailbox support system including 20-VR3 V-Loc socket with SW-1 wedge, 2-inches OD 14 gauge 48-inches height formed post with tek screw (which prevents the post from rotatiing) and 5 pieces of MBB-M mailbox bracket kits.

Multiple mailbox post 6

A practical contemporary triple letter box of metal with glossy black coating. It's built of a sturdy straight rectangle section ground mounted post in the shape of a letter 'T' and 3 boxes with protruding front edges and recessed lockable doors.

Multiple mailbox post 7

This custom steel multiple mailbox post allows to save money and space. Functional and stylish, contemporarily designed, this multiple mailbox can comprise from 4 up to 9 mailboxes.

Multiple Mailboxes

A clever mailbox system if you’re living in an area where a plenty of houses are built in close proximity to each other. This wrought iron, dark shelf with multiple mailboxes makes it easy for the postman to find the correct house.

Multiple mailbox post

Mailboxes made of custom steel. Designed for outdoor use. Includes 4 compartments arranged horizontally. Great solution for multi family houses.


Custom steel t posts and racks for multiple mailboxes 2

Custom Steel T-posts and Racks for Multiple Mailboxes

This unique style of multiple mailboxes on one post provides

This unique style of multiple mailboxes on one post provides for a ...

Heavy Duty Rural Mailbox

Heavy Duty Rural Mailbox

Click here to view the single unit mailboxes cut away

Click here to view the single unit mailboxes cut away view to see how ...

The mailbox builder

The Mailbox Builder

Multiple mailbox post 4

Multi-Unit Mail Boss Locking Mailbox Packages

Multiple mailbox post 5

... antique classic rural mailbox antique classic rural mailbox dimensions

Classic Mailbox Post

Classic Mailbox Post

Multiple mailbox post 8

post and rack descriptions example selection quantity a single post ...

Multi mailbox units 1

Multi Mailbox Units

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We sell quality made wood pvc and metal mailbox posts

We sell quality made wood, PVC, and metal mailbox posts.

Multi home mailboxes we offer more than curb appeal for

multi home mailboxes we offer more than curb appeal for multi home ...

Multi unit mailboxes

Multi-Unit Mailboxes

Multiple tenants decorative mailboxes system 4

Multiple Tenants Decorative Mailboxes System # 4

Salsbury Industries Spreader 2 Wide for Designer Roadside Mailbox

Mailbox posts stands 5

Mailbox Posts & Stands

Mulitple Mailbox Support Kit

Multiple mailbox post 1

If you and your neighbors live in terraced house or semi-detached house - this incredible rack with four mail box is intended special for you. It is made of metal and you can insert it near your front door.

Architectural Mailboxes 5112 Duo Spreader for Bellevue / Coronado / Oasis / Oasis Jr. Mailboxes

Multiple mailbox post 3

Rockport Double Decorative Mailbox Post 5811 By Mayne

Dover Mailbox Post

Dover Mailbox Post

Tubing 4 small post is for the small standard mailbox

tubing. 4" Small Post is for the Small Standard mailbox. 5" Large Post ...

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Multi post mount multi mailboxes contentpod jpg


QualArc The Hanford Mailbox Post System Triple Post with Fluted Base #8 and Scroll Supports

A nice mailbox post that sports the scroll support and is just one of the finest options for all those, who want to go for elegance and utter class. The black finish and the iron structure works perfectly with the triple post with fluted base.

Lewiston Equine Mailbox

Lewiston Equine Mailbox

Multiple mailbox post 2

Salsbury Industries 4365D-NIC Standard Pedestal Bolt Mounted for Designer Roadside Mailbox, Nickel. Salisbury Standard Pedestal Bolt Mounted for Roadside Mailbox and Mail Chest. Minor assembly is required. Standard posts accommodate 2 wide and 3 wide spre

Multi box packages double triple and quad mailboxes

Multi-Box Packages...Double, Triple and Quad Mailboxes

Standard Mailbox Post

Standard Mailbox Post

Double Mailbox Support Kit

6pcs 5cm Christmas Decoration Colorful Balls

Architectural Mailboxes Grande Side Support Bracket Single

Architectural Mailboxes Grande Side Support Bracket Single

Basic in ground post black post haste if you need

Basic In-ground Post Black - Post haste. If you need a mailbox post ...

Architectural Mailboxes 6900B Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box Black

Lewiston Equine Mailbox

Lewiston Equine Mailbox