Cast Aluminum Mailbox Post

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Cast aluminum mailbox posts are lightweight enough to install yourself but strong enough to withstand certain impacts that might otherwise knock over a wooden post. They are sustainable because the aluminum can be recycled which will lower your carbon footprint and they are very well made so you don't have to worry about them Being damaged. See collection for more.

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Updated 02/11/2022
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Ornate Mailbox

Ornate Mailbox

Fleur De Lis Living

A cast aluminum mailbox that is durable under sun, rain, and snow. It follows the traditional front-load mailbox shape with a powder-coated finish. Intricate twirls and embossed leaf details on all sides lend a stylish touch. 

$203.99 $221.1

Designer Advice:

Offered in various antique metal tones and in white and black, these mailboxes are perfect for homes with farmhouse, cottage, and vintage eclectic facades. We recommend installing it atop a post with a baluster and fluted details to match the mailbox’s intricate character. You can even opt for a post with scrollwork brackets or a ball finial on top for a simpler look.

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Vintage Modern Mailbox

Vintage Modern Mailbox

This cast aluminum mailbox post serves its purpose with added modern industrial aesthetic. Its classic lines and weather-resistant finish blend excellently with its chic black color. Intricate metal curls are added below for elegance. 

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Curved Mailbox

Curved Mailbox

Architectural Mailboxes

A modernized take on a classic aluminum mailbox shape. Fully powder-coated inside and out for longer durability against the elements. Its sleek aluminum pull, steel flag and handle add modern touches to the piece. 

$57.49 $80

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Unique Mailbox

Unique Mailbox


Unlike traditional ones, these cast aluminum mailboxes open from the center rather than on one end. Fully coated to weather harsh conditions. The cover opens with a charming clasp, and the piece comes with hooks to hold newspapers. 

$47.97 $59.99

Designer Advice:

This mailbox will take up a small space on your exterior wall. You can add visual weight and point of interest by mounting it underneath an outdoor wall sconce. The ideal lamp matches for this are those with angular silhouettes framed in metalwork. If you already have said sconce, choose a mailbox finish that closely resembles the wall lamp that you have.

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Wall Hung Mailbox

Wall Hung Mailbox

Keep your mail safe with this aluminum mailbox post that attaches to a wall. Its chic black exterior has ample space for your house number. Crafted from aluminum and opens from the top to access mail.

Designer Advice:

The black, silver, and French bronze units of this mailbox would look stunning when installed on a textured white or brick wall façade. Its distinct colonial look would work perfectly with traditional, rustic, and vintage industrial home exteriors. Meanwhile, the white version matches well with farmhouse, cottage style, coastal, and transitional residences. 

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Cast Aluminum Mailbox Post

Buying Guide

A cast aluminum mailbox post is an excellent addition to most homes. An adequately matched mailbox post can increase the curb appeal of a house and a lawn. Together with the mailbox, it serves an essential function of receiving your mail.

Keep in mind that there are different varieties of cast aluminum mailbox posts so choosing the right one can be a tricky task, so here’s a buying guide to help you with that.

A cast aluminum mailbox post may be categorized into a standard post, classic post, decorative post, or deluxe post. Knowing the pros and cons of each type is a big help in finding the right one for you.

  • A standard post is your "regular" post. There's nothing fancy with it, but it can do the job pretty well. The advantage of the standard post is it's economical.
  • If you like something that is out of the ordinary, then decorative posts may be the one you are looking for. This kind of cast aluminum mailbox post comes in a lot of design varieties, and all are aimed at enhancing the looks of your front lawn. Be wary though - these kinds of posts can get very expensive.
  • A classic post comes with a traditional look. It typically includes a lot of intricate designs and curves. It's suitable if you want that classic front yard look.
  • A deluxe post is something that is designed to hold more than one mailbox. It's a good option if you want a couple of mailboxes for different purposes.

The most common types of finish include mechanical finish, pretreatment, bright dipping, anodizing, liquid paint, powder coating, and sublimation.

  • Mechanical finish improves the surface quality of the aluminum so cosmetic additions will be more durable.
  • Pretreatment is aimed at improving paint adhesion. It also enhances the corrosion resistance of the aluminum used.
  • Bright dipping is an excellent choice if you want the aluminum to be naturally "bright."
  • Anodizing finish boosts the aluminum's exterior durability.
  • Liquid paint is sort of "baking-in" the paint color into the aluminum. Thus, it's a good finish if you don't want the aluminum's color to last for a long time.
  • Powder coating provides the similar effect of liquid paint, but without the use of Volatile Organic Compounds; which are harmful to the environment. Also, it makes the aluminum material very durable.
  • Sublimation is aimed at giving the aluminum a sort of an etched pattern. Since the pattern is "carved" directly into the aluminum, the design will be more durable.

Keep in mind that no single cast aluminum mailbox post is "perfect" for every homeowner. It's because everyone has different wants and needs. When shopping, it's important to know what factors are important to you. You also need to consider your budget. Your geographical location will also play a role as your local climate will have an impact on how the aluminum performs.

Best Ideas

Cast aluminum mailbox and post

Mailboxes are not often exchanged. Their execution must therefore be reliable and long-lasting. The presented item is made of brushed and polished solid cast aluminum, and hand painted.It has a very stylish, luxurious carved shape.

Cast aluminum mailbox post 2

Very unique Victorian mailbox that will make every postman at least astonished. The figure of a man on a horse on the front of the mailbox reminds us of the past times. The times that inspired this very special box for letters with a British crown on the top.

Cheap mailboxes with post

Manufactured from the die-cast, rust-free aluminium, this elegant mailbox will add a refined character to your outdoors. Mounting and hinge hardware is protected from the weather, thanks to the weather-resistant powder coating.

The Williamsburg Mailbox System, Style 211

Choose a traditional and strong mailbox that will ensure that your post is always kept safe and sound until you have time to collect it. This piece is made from the high quality cast aluminum and sports the number of your home on top.

Wheat granite post with copper mailbox and newspaper tube copper

wheat Granite Post with copper Mailbox and newspaper tube & copper ...

The German Style Tower Mailbox, Rust Brown, Locking

A stunning and beautifully decorated German styled tower mailbox that comes in the most exquisite rust brown finish and will make for a truly original choice for your household, letting you accent the decor.

Savannah Curbside Mailbox with Tacoma Mailbox Post Unit

Savannah Curbside Mailbox with Tacoma Mailbox Post Unit

With this mailbox post unit you will finally get the functionality beyond measure and a nice touch to your household, making it feel truly complete and create a warm atmosphere in your backyard and a vintage vibe to it.

Cast aluminum mailbox and post 2

How about an outrightly traditional mailbox on a lawn in front of the house? This essentially structured one is cast from high quality aluminium, it has some decorative floral swirls and a red flag of course.

Metal mailbox posts

If you want to complement the front of your house with something highly attractive, why don't use this impressive mailbox? Crafted of cast aluminum, the mailbox features a beautifully turned post, fine scrollwork, a paper box and an address plaque.

Cast aluminum mailbox and post 8

A mailbox with sturdy post - classic design is emphasized with swirls corbels and Fleur de Lis motif. Cast out of aluminium, this outdoor accessory sports black finish. The mailbox has a lock, of course.

Aluminum mailbox post

The Victorian style of this beautifully finished mailbox is an excellent way to decorate the original garden. Beautifully carved into an aluminum cast form adds total charm and details. The large letter board compartment and the red flag form a beautiful whole.

Better box mailbox

Yesteryear Cast Aluminum Locking Mailbox and Post Set

Metal mailboxes and posts

The Gaines Classic Mailbox And Post ClBro, Bronze + Polished Brass by Gaines. $477.00. Sixteen separate castings of areospace-grade aluminum and accented with solid brass or aluminum.. The Classic Mailbox, unlike most, includes the post.. Accents in solid

Aluminum mailbox

An elegant set of steel with weatherproof black coating. A large mailbox with an arched top rests on a bracket. A round post has a square base to set in the ground with concrete. Two aluminium personalised address plaques have golden lettering.

Cast aluminum mailbox parts

This Oversized steel Classic rural mailbox unit with cast aluminium decorative bracket and large base from Brandon Industries constitutes a magnificent proposition for one's retro or industrial surroundings.

Cast Aluminum Pedestal Mailbox

Cast Aluminum Pedestal Mailbox

Pedestal mailbox made from heavy-duty cast aluminum. This charming mailbox will be a practical and cheerful addition to your garden. The mailbox has powder coated finish, is weather resistant and hold several days of mail.

Aluminum mailbox posts 2

Durable and practical post for mailbox. Its durable aluminum construction provides resistance to weather effects and many other negative factors. It is finished in neutral white color, so it matches any outdoor area.

Victorian Barcelona Decorative Cast Aluminum Better Box Mailbox Bronze

Brandon industries inc front mount classic mailbox unit 4 square

Brandon Industries, Inc.-Front Mount Classic Mailbox Unit-4" Square Pole by Brandon Industries, Inc.. $193.00. Oversized steel Classic rural mailbox unit with cast aluminum decorative bracket. 4" OD smooth square mailbox post. Direct burial installation

Iron mailboxes decorative cast

Useful and decorative mailbox with a post. This box features a cast aluminum construction, so it is lightweight, but very durable. The mailbox includes golden numbers and signs that are readable and aesthetic.

Lewiston Ornate Base and Pineapple Finial Mailbox Post

Lewiston Ornate Base and Pineapple Finial Mailbox Post

Cast aluminum mailbox and post

This wonderfully crafted rural mailbox post, covered in desert bronze, constitutes a great example of the Victorian style. It's cast aluminum construction protects from rust and undesired weather conditions.

Mailbox cast aluminum

According to the postal law, the mailbox should be on every property. But it depends on us how elegant it will be. This antique mailbox made of resistant cast aluminum will allow you to receive letters even for several generations! Traditional bronze shape.

Decorative cast aluminum mailbox black

Decorative Cast Aluminum Mailbox - Black