Metal Garden Arbors And Trellises

Add some metal garden arbors and trellises to your backyard, and it will instantly look like a garden out of a fairytale or the most luxurious home brochures.

Welcoming nature into your decorative choices, you can make these structures unique by finding the right combination of flowers and plants for your personal taste.

Torn between the two?

A metal trellis is the wisest choice if you haven’t got plenty of available space or are planning on creating separate areas in your garden. While some of them are designed to lean against a vertical surface and others can stand on their own, it usually makes sense to place a trellis right by a wall. That’s why they’re also the perfect choice to liven up your house.

Shaped like an archway, a larger garden arbor will result in the most whimsical feel whenever you walk through it.

Simple metal garden arbors and trellises for your garden

Simple metal garden arbors and trellises for your garden

While metal arbors are bigger than trellises, they don’t necessarily need to take over your entire garden. If you were only planning on using them for a limited number of plants, choose a simple model, either with some decorative motifs or a more minimalist design.

Once it’ll be covered with climbing plants and flowers, it’ll still become the most instagrammable spot.

Metal garden arbor with gate

Metal garden arbor with gate

To add to the fairytale-esque experience of accessing a magical area, you could choose a metal garden arbor that includes an actual gate.

That way, walking through it will feel even more special, and we particularly recommend this option if you have a couple of garden areas that could easily be used as separate sections. 


Metal arbor trellis in descending or ascending order

Metal arbor trellis in descending or ascending order

A metal arbor trellis on its own is enough to give your bare wall the revamp it needs.

However, if you have room for them, you could consider creating an interesting composition by placing two panels in slightly different heights next to each other.

Long metal garden trellis

Long metal garden trellis

Fancy covering your entire wall? Then look for longer metal garden trellises consisting of 4 panels or more.

Choosing them in the same style will allow you to ensure a balanced symmetrical effect, while decorating them with different plants will avoid a repetitive feel. It’s a win-win!

Large metal arbor

Large metal arbor

If your motto is ‘go big or go home’, you can’t go wrong with a pergola-style metal arbor that’s around 7 feet tall. This will ensure the most dramatic feel and allow you to unleash your creativity when it comes to choosing which plants and flowers to add.

At the same time, be realistic: if your garden is on the small side, such a tall metal arbor could end up looking a bit overwhelming. 

Metal garden arbor as a gate

Metal garden arbor as a gate

While metal arbors can act as magical passages even when placed in the middle of your garden, another trick is to add them to an existing fence or hedge to keep two areas visually separated while connecting them with a gate.

Once your metal arbor will be covered in leaves and greenery, it’ll look even more cohesive! 

Ornate wisteria trellis for sale

Ornate wisteria trellis for sale

Whether you decide to use it for the most colorful wisteria or a different plant, it’s not a bad idea to think beyond traditional trellis relying on the namesake shape.

In fact, choosing a metal trellis with harmonious lines and decorations will mean that you can get creative when growing plants around it (for example, by only covering half of it).

$129.95 $179.95

Decorative wrought iron trellis ideas

Decorative wrought iron trellis ideas

As well as geometric shapes and harmonious lines, you can find metal garden trellises with more recognizable designs, too.

For example, some wrought iron trellis ideas that we think you’ll love include floral patterns or even animals like little birds, making it look as if they were perched on it. How adorable is that?!

Elegant and ornate large metal arbor

Elegant and ornate large metal arbor

If you’re set on the idea of choosing a metal arbor with gate, you can find even more decorative models.

To prolong the archway effect, it helps to stick to large metal arbors with wider sides. At the same time, to keep it consistent, why not choose a model where the side decorations match those of the gate doors?

Accent metal arbor

Accent metal arbor

Not all metal garden arbors and trellises are black! If you were hoping for a different and more original feel, you can scout for gray or white designs, too.

This is particularly worth it if you already have some garden furniture or decorative elements in the same finish. 

$225.26 $500.99

Large metal arbor with room for potted plants

Large metal arbor with room for potted plants

When you place a trellis against your wall, it’s easy to add potted plants right next to it. However, if you were hoping for a metal arbor in the middle of your garden, things can get tricky, especially if you have pets running around.

To protect your plants and maintain a cohesive effect, look for a metal arbor with some crate-style room for your potted friends. 

Metal arbors and gazebos

Metal arbors and gazebos

Be honest: even the largest metal arbor won’t be good enough for you. You have a different vision. You want to take the magical and sheltered elements to the next level, don’t you?

Then look for gazebo-style metal arbors, and get ready to take pictures of every single one of your guests standing underneath it (trust us: they will ask!).

$164.6 $184.99

Minimalist garden arbor

Minimalist garden arbor

Like the sound of a new garden arbor but, being a minimalist at heart, you’re a bit put off by all these highly decorated designs?

Then you’ll be glad to know that you can also find much simpler arbors relying on more streamlined shapes. 


Extremely large metal arbors for a tunnel like effect

Extremely large metal arbors for a tunnel like effect

Maybe you don’t want just a special passageway. You want an entire tunnel to walk underneath while gazing at all the colorful flowers and plants around and above you.

Then the trick is to pick three or more metal arbors in the same style and place them in front of each other. 


Wall mounted metal arbors

Wall mounted metal arbors

Finally, if you’ve been daydreaming about introducing a metal arbor in your garden but the fact that it’s way too small kept bringing you with your feet back on the ground, cheer up.

Did you know that you can find smaller wall-mounted metal arbors, too? Perfect to wow your guests by placing them right above your front door!


Our advice Buying Guide

How many times have you walked into a professional flower garden and marveled at the bouquet of colors and shades that seem perfectly layered to channel your gaze? Maybe your garden looks pale in comparison. Or too flat maybe?

Creating a beautiful, awe-inspiring backyard is not as difficult as it seems. Time-tested, simple architectural structures like arbors and trellises make for excellent garden accents and do so much more than lend a supporting structure for climbing plants.

The conundrum though, is should you add an arbor or a trellis? Maybe, a pergola will be better suited for your garden. Here’s a brief overview of each one and a small buying guide to help you with your purchase.

What's the difference between a trellis, an arbor, and a pergola?

  • Trellis: A trellis is a panel of latticework that can be used for delineating an area, adding privacy to a part of the garden or just for displaying your favorite climbers. They are easy to install and when placed correctly, can completely transform the look.
  • Arbor: An arbor is a network of latticework that creates an archway (often curved) which gets shaded when the climbers mature. It can be used to create a doorway to the garden or a separate shaded seating area with a bench thrown in for good measure.
  • Pergola: Pergolas are often called outdoor rooms. They consist of four posts that have an open rafter and a retractable canopy. Fixtures such as lights and heaters can be added to further the décor and utility. Pergolas are usually installed in spacious gardens with plenty of room to spare.

While arbors and trellises are available in a variety of materials, metal provides the most durability and strength for the plants. There’s no dearth of designs and you can pick from a black or white finish. Black blends seamlessly into the background whereas white adds a focal point that pops out.

What's the best type of metal for garden arbors and trellises?

Undoubtedly, the most important aspect is the quality of the metal itself. You need something that can withstand sun, snow and rain. Stainless steel should be your first choice followed by galvanized iron. These offer excellent weather resistance when sealed and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Copper looks stunning when it develops a patina, but can be ridiculously expensive. Apart from the metal used in the main structure itself, look at the ground fittings too. Arbors and trellises are usually staked into the ground and the fittings are as important as the structure.

What are the different designs of garden trellises?

When it comes to trellises, you can choose between a flat trellis, typically used to anchor to walls or fences, an obelisk trellis, which is a pyramid shaped, three dimensional structure or a fan trellis which is freestanding and can be mounted anywhere. Your choice should take into account the size of your garden, your budget and the look that you aim to create with it.

How to select the best garden trellis?

  • Decide on the type of structure you need.
  • Explore different designs in metal arbors and trellises
  • Select the design
  • Understand the difference between different types of metals and anti-rust coatings
  • Look at the ground fitting quality
  • Compare prices

Metal arbors and trellises are multitasking architectural structures that add a distinct and old worldly charm to any garden. We hope that this guide helps you narrow down on the right one for your backyard.


Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis
Outdoor garden trellis made of metal. Original round shape of these elements play decorative role in different outdoor areas. These elements provide support for plants and they are resistant to ageing or bad weather.


These steel ring trellises constitute a great garden decoration, providing a contemporary character to your outdoors. Embellished with a creeper, it will create a magical corner.

French Chic Garden Metal Plant Trellises

French Chic Garden Metal Plant Trellises
A metal plant trellis, with solid cube base and tower. Constructed in French chic and style. Black, glossy finish. Water and weather resistant. Perfect addition to your garden to display special flowers or plants like vine.

Emerald Series Lattice Trellis

Emerald Series Lattice Trellis
It is a lattice trellis that is perfect for every garden. It has got a good quality and it is perfect for a climbing rose bush or other flowers. It will make an amazing decoration in your beautiful garden.

Metal garden trellis

If you are looking for an outdoor rebar that is durable, well-crafted and weathers well, then you should try this fine piece of steel. The rebar is relatively easy to set, stylishly sticking out of the supporting structure. A perfect choice for growing vines.

Metal garden arbors and trellises

Add beauty and style to your garden and choose the pergola arch. It has the excellent structure for public and private outdoor spaces, especially for climbers and other. It measures 280 centimeters of high.

Metal garden arbors and trellises 1

Wall trellis made of aluminum. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great solution for plant arrangements in the garden, patio and more.

Metal arbors

This spectacular passageway is an excellent way to create a romantic and slightly exotic garden climate. Robust design of metal and wood looks incredibly natural and efficiently creates a quiet space around the house.

Metal garden arbors and trellises

Make sure your garden is truly an example seen in tales and magazines thanks to this welded wire structure that will make for a perfect environment for your vines to grow over it quickly and create a perfect atmosphere in your space.

Rebar trellis

If you want a gazebo in your beautiful garden, you can always use steel garden arches and trellises to assemble it all together. Then, you can plant some vines and climbers, and you will have a lovely place to sit and marvel at your blooming plants.

Metal arbor

Metal rose trellis with ingenious branch design; crafted from stainless steel, covered entirely with solid brown powder coating. It is fixed on ground stakes and adjoined with bolts that keep it close to the wall.

Large iron garden trellis pictures

Large Iron Garden Trellis Pictures

Metal garden arbor

This stylization includes wooden doors with glass. Upper area of this entrance includes a durable constructions for plants or shades, so the whole entrance area looks very attractive and protects people from the sun.

Metal trellis panels

This item includes reinforcing bars made of solid steel. They are responsible for supporting the growth of plants. They also protect plants from wind and other weather conditions. What is more these bars decorate garden areas.

Trellis as screen i want to do this along neighbors

Trellis as screen..I want to do this along neighbors fence and grow climbing plants on them!!!Would love the privacy this would make!!

Metal garden arbors and trellises metal garden arbors

Metal Garden Arbors and Trellises | Metal Garden Arbors

Arbors and trellises

Install this black trellis in your garden, then plant some climbing flowers, and you have a beautifully blooming decoration for outdoor areas. The trellis is made of metal, so it can withstand many years of usage.

Rebar garden trellis

Mrs Sunshine: Rostiga krukor för beställning

Metal garden arbors 1

Beautiful wild garden with stone flowerbed and wide metal arbor that defines the path to it... Extended garden arbor leads the way to the garden transforming it into a cozy and inviting fairytale retreat.

Iron trellis panels

Contemporary setup for a mysterious and moody retreat in an outdoor garden, providing a nice conversational area surrounded by plants. The area is furnished with a small coffee table with a large plate on it.

Metal trellis ideas grid trellis can be

Metal Trellis Ideas Grid trellis' can be

Metal archways for gardens

An archway is always a wonderful decoration of your garden as it gives a more sophisticated look. The archway in the picture is made of wood in a natural color. The top of it is beautifully decorated with subtle, violet flowers.

There are whole foods markets all over the world mine

There are Whole Foods Markets all over the world... mine is in North Austin. But the world headquarters in downtown Austin is more than a store... here's an example of why.

Metal trellises

Practical contemporary frame for easier cultivating e.g. grapes or raspberries. The entire construction comprises of large arched supports and long thin rods which are horizontally attached to them.

Metal garden arbors 2

This metal garden arbour will create a magical ambience in your garden, alluring you with its warm atmosphere from the very first seconds. It combines white, pink and red roses.


Diy metal trellis

Garden arbor consisting of metal wires. Ideal for growing ivy and others climbing plants. Elegant addition to the garden, patio and others outdoor places.

Copper trellis for sale

Elegant gate with curved trellises. This gate will be used as an entrance to your possession or your garden's arbor. This minimalistic, luxurious element is made of metal and has fancy shape. It will be great decoration of your garden!

Simple and elegant shade laser cut sheet steel

simple and elegant shade--laser cut sheet steel

Arbor metal

A pergola is an element of garden architecture, usually in the form of a row of beams - modern forms can be like these ones - metal garden arbors and trellises - oblong rectangular shapes which are waiting for flowers, attached to the outside of the house.

Solid metal garden arch

Wisteria in Bloom in Park Slope Garden by Kim Hoyt Architect, Gardenista

Metal garden arbors 6

Do you dream about your own strawberry fields? This looks really easy to do it yourself. SImply brilliant! Metal garden arbors with wooden bowls for strawberries make it such an easy but cool idea to DIY!

Plow & Hearth Oversized Grand Garden Metal Arbor With Scrollwork - Powder Coated Wrought Iron - Black - 86"L x 24"W x 81"H

Metal trellis for vines

25 Ideas for Decorating your Garden Fence#more-196259

Wall trellis design

Those three delightful trellises can be a very useful decoration in your blooming garden. Designed in cathedral style, each trellis boasts of metal pipe construction and nice metalwork, perfect for growing green vines and climbers.

Trellis metal

Metal Arbor with Gate.../Made like this but of wood.

Metal wall trellis

No idea for rose trellis? How about using standard water pipe to create such a naturally-looking arbor accessory? It's coated with metallic copper paint, but the tubing used for its construction is also copper.

Like this trellis

Like this trellis.

Metal garden arbors

Kitchen Gardens Can Be As Stunning As Any Flower Garden. TIP: For a rustic look, wrap metal arbors with willow branches.

Metal garden arbors 3

A simple, metal arbor will let you create a dream garden. Place it above the garden path and wait until it's covered with flowers or just live it alone to obtain a nice, metal decoration of your garden path.

Metal trellis

Garden arch and trellises never go out of fashion. They change ordinary gardens into mysterious, mystical meadows. The one here is wooden, with artificial birds on top – perfect setting for getting married, don't you think?

Panacea Products Arched Top Garden Arbor with Gate, Brushed Bronze

Narrow metal garden arch

Scarlet Emperor beans climb up the wood and metal entry arbor. Clumps of lavender grow at its feet.

Garden obelisks wrought iron

A fence like this might be an inexpensive solution to the deer in our backyard.

Garden arbors pergolas and trellises a great focal point for

garden arbors pergolas and trellises a great focal point for your ...

Umbrella trellis

Antique design for a couple garden arbours and trellises with a decorative, ornate style. The decorative pieces are made out of brass metal with a rusted, patina covered finish giving them a primitive appearance.

Obelisk trellis garden immagini

Obelisk Trellis Garden Immagini

Iron garden arbor gate iron trellis fa005

iron garden arbor gate, iron trellis FA005

Metal garden arbor 1

Metal Garden Arbor |

101 5 tall steel mission arbor metaltrellis

101.5" Tall Steel Mission Arbor - MetalTrellis