Cast Iron BBQ Grill

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A cast iron BBQ grill is the best of both worlds – tough, useful, and durable. Not only is cast iron a heavy-duty material that will hold up throughout the years, but its low-melting temperature point is perfect for grilling. Ranging from compact barbecues you can take camping to larger outdoor for big gardens, you can find your perfect pick below. 

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Updated 01/06/2022
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Vintage Cast Iron Barbeque Grill

Vintage Cast Iron Barbeque Grill

Oklahoma Joe's

What we like: Easy to control temperature

What we don’t like: Difficult to find appropriate cover

Not so good for: Carrying around all day when outdoors

Perfect for: Smoking or searing food

We love the chic and retro look of this grill. It takes all the best traits of a charcoal grill and makes them accessible and easy to transport. The charcoal tray is height-adjustable, whereas large air dampers make it easy to control the temperature.

The thick cast-iron grates will be perfect for creating deep sears on your burgers or steaks. All-black in color, this BBQ has a cool barrel design and is primarily made of steel with a cast iron grill. It additionally comes with a removable ash catcher, though not a cover. 


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Small Cast Iron BBQ Grill

Small Cast Iron BBQ Grill


What we like: Sleek design

What we don’t like: Temperature settings aren’t clear

Not so good for: If you want a side section for storage

Perfect for: Small gardens

Small enough to carry around comfortably, this BBQ weighs 43.5lbs. The cooking surface area is 280 square inches, more than enough room for a couple of burgers and a few skewers.

Powered up via electricity, it has non-stick porcelain-coated grates. Two heat retention liners will help to create an even grill. Plus, the sleek design and stylish dark gray finish mean it will look good even when not in use. A removable drip tray is included. Best of all, this BBQ is rust-resistant so you won’t have to worry about grit in your sausages. 

$399 $499

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Compact Cast Iron BBQ Grill

Compact Cast Iron BBQ Grill

Fire & Flavor

What we like: Comes with extras

What we don’t like: Could get expensive replacing biodegradable pod

Not so good for: Large families

Perfect for: Camping and outdoor activities

Measuring only fifteen inches wide, this BBQ grill weighs less than 10lbs. An excellent option for camping trips, it is collapsible to the size of a standard laptop. This means your back won’t be hurt when carrying it around. It’s just a perk that it also happens to be environmentally friendly by containing a biodegradable charcoal pod.

Ready to use in 10 minutes, the grill is just as easy to extinguish – simply pour water on and dispose of the pod once cool. Not just a grill, this set comes with a carrying case and bamboo chopping board, as well as a grilling tool. 

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Large Charcoal BBQ with Cast Iron Grill

Large Charcoal BBQ with Cast Iron Grill

Royal Gourmet

What we like: Side tables included

What we don’t like: On the pricier side

Not so good for: Small outdoor areas

Perfect for: Feeding large groups

Featuring a more elegant and classic design, this charcoal barbecue comes with either just the grill or with a grill and cover. Although expensively priced, it has a large surface area, ideal for entertaining. The height-adjustable charcoal pan allows you to control the temperature quickly and with ease.

The grill can be moved around due to two casters and two wheels. Plus, a full-size ash pan can be pulled out to make cleaning up at the end of the day nice and easy. If that wasn’t enough, this grill has side tables and a cupboard below for extra storage, making it a great all-round option. 

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Silver Iron BBQ Grill

Silver Iron BBQ Grill


What we like: Affordably priced

What we don’t like: No ash catcher included

Not so good for: If you want something heavy-duty

Perfect for: A cheap yet effective barbecue

Affordably priced at under 50 dollars, this grill is designed to give your food an unbeatable smoky flavor. We love the shiny silver finish, which makes it stand out from traditionally black designs. It is made of stainless steel with a cast iron grate. It is also extremely lightweight at only 8.5lbs. Air vents are included on both sides for temperature control.

As no cover is included, we recommend placing this BBQ under a covered patio to ensure it doesn’t get weather damaged over time. However, the legs are foldable, meaning you could store it in a shed if preferred. 

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Cast Iron BBQ Grill

Buying Guide

If you own a cast iron barbecue grill, you’re in luck - this versatile tool is excellent for summer barbecuing. Cast iron is inherently nonstick, as long as it’s seasoned well, so you should be able to barbecue or grill even delicate foods that would usually come apart on a regular grill.

The benefit of cast iron goes beyond the simple integrity of the food; cast iron gets very hot and manages to retain heat very well, so you can be absolutely sure that your food will cook in minutes. This allows you to get food to your table quickly, enjoy tender food that isn’t overcooked, and even get those grill marks that look so good on any piece that you’re barbecuing.

The best way to clean cast iron grill gates is gently yet effectively. Washing your grill gates in a sink filled with hot soapy water and using a stiff brush or steel wool is one of the best ways to remove any built-up seasoning and remove surface rust.

Once you've removed the rust and seasoning on your grill gates, rinse them thoroughly before allowing them to dry completely to avoid any formation of rust. A great tip is to dry your cast iron barbecue grill in the oven on low heat for a few minutes.

Some people prefer using a vinegar soak, especially for removing the rust. Thereafter, use the same process to rinse and dry.

Best Ideas

Cast iron barrel barbecue cast iron finish cast iron cooking

cast iron barrel barbecue cast iron finish cast iron cooking

Classic Charcoal Grill

Classic Charcoal Grill

Make those barbecues more enjoyable this summer with this cast iron charcoal grill designed for outdoor use. The grill is fitted with two wooden cutting boards on each side too and four caster wheels for easy mobility. You also get a large shelf below for your sauces and other barbecue supplies.

Cajun cookware grills round seasoned cast iron hibachi grill 8

Cajun Cookware Grills Round Seasoned Cast Iron Hibachi Grill

Cast iron charcoal grills

Lightweight contemporary design of this horseshoe shaped barbecue grill is a DIY welding project cast in quality iron to get a charcoal flavor of grill meals. This method with cast iron grill is used in many restaurants.

Vista Barbecue Charcoal Grill

Vista Barbecue Charcoal Grill

Are you a fan of original but practical solutions? Then, this amazing and modern grill would be a great option for you! Check it out now and enjoy a barbecue season in a very comfortable and stylish way.

18" Charcoal Hibachi Grill

18" Charcoal Hibachi Grill

If you're looking for simple and convenient solutions for your garden, this amazing grill may be a perfect opportunity for you. Check it out and enjoy the upcoming summertime in a very functional way!

Mrk Lodge Cast Iron Grill

Mrk Lodge Cast Iron Grill

This kind of product is a high quality grill made of durable pre-seasoned cast iron. Its black colour looks very stylish in different indoor and outdoor stylization. This is a small product that saves a lot of space.

Details about new cast iron barbeque grill compact barrel camp


Campfire grate stand bbq grill handle

Campfire grate stand bbq grill handle

A cool traditional standing charcoal grill handmade of iron elements. Its sturdy base is welded of ... horseshoes and railroad spikes. It has a round fireplace casing and is equipped with removable steel grates and a handle.

96" BBQ Island 4 Burner Gas Grill with Side Bar

96" BBQ Island 4 Burner Gas Grill with Side Bar

If you're a fan of intriguing and luxurious solutions, you're gonna be totally amazed by this unique grill! Check it out and enjoy an amazing barbecue season and an extraordinary summertime in your garden.

Prestige I Gas Grill with Rear Burner

Prestige I Gas Grill with Rear Burner

Silvery finish cast iron gas grill on four lockable wheels, with storage cabinet and tools hooks. Three burners are included in a cast iron cooking system. Compact size make the grill applicable in limited spaces.

Spirit® E-210™ LP Gas Grill

Spirit® E-210™ LP Gas Grill

Compact but roomy grill with 2 gas burners and electronic ignition. It is made of resistant steel finished in grey and black. It has 2 iron grates, a built-in thermometre and a warming rack. Practical, with 2 side folding tables and 4 wheels.

Cast iron barbecue grill

Oven table designed for outdoor use. It is made of durable cast iron. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Simple form and functional design.

45.2" Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill with Metal Side Shelves

45.2" Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill with Metal Side Shelves

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