Curved Outdoor Bench


For the garden, for the backyard, or even as an instillation in the park, these are one of the more fetching seating options many people will ever see. Curved benches for outdoors are interesting, winding, and comfortable for short sitting needs. And they are made to be outdoors, and last a long time. See all we have in this collection.

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Our Picks

Solid Wood Curved Outdoor Bench

Solid Wood Curved Outdoor Bench


Featuring a classic slatted design made from solid Eucalyptus Grandis wood, this beautiful curved outdoor bench is sure to impress. It sits on six sturdy legs and has a natural oiled finish which gives it a warm reddish hue.

$273.99 $311.99

Designer Advice:

This beautiful bench can be used on its own or in combination with other benches to create either a semi-circle bench or a complete circle—around a tree or a firepit, for example. Like teak, this wood will age over time to a soft silvery hue if left outside. However, with regular cleaning and oil application, it will stay looking bright.

Rustic Style Outdoor Curved Bench Seat

Rustic Style Outdoor Curved Bench Seat

Loon Peak®

Crafted from solid fir and pinewood, this stunning bench is sturdy and strong, with a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. It can be used either alone or with additional benches to form a semi-circle or full-circle.


Padded Sectional Curved Patio Bench

Padded Sectional Curved Patio Bench

Available in a choice of ten colors, this sectional outdoor bench is an ideal choice for modern patios and outdoor spaces. The all-weather design is made with a sturdy plastic frame, padded with high-density foam, and durable PU-leather upholstery.

Designer Advice:

For those who love entertaining outdoors, this durable curved patio bench is an excellent choice. The padded seat makes it wonderfully comfortable to sit on, and it can be placed with other curved pieces or alongside rectangular sections to create almost any shape you desire. This makes it a great option for small and large patios alike.

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Elegant Curved Outdoor Bench With Back

Elegant Curved Outdoor Bench With Back

Featuring a rose design on the backrest and a gently curving seat, this beautiful bench is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your patio. It’s available in a white or bronze finish and is suitable for year-round use.

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Curved Stone Outdoor Bench

Curved Stone Outdoor Bench

Astoria Grand

Crafted from cast stone, this stunning bench is full of intricate details that will add a touch of traditional charm to your garden. It’s available in a choice of nine finishes, including natural, English Moss, Aged Limestone, and more.


Designer Advice:

This beautiful curved outdoor bench will look great in mature gardens, as well as patio areas where you want to add a touch of grandeur. The stone will naturally age over time, giving it a unique look depending on the climate. This bench is very heavy and arrives in three pieces, so help may be required for assembly.

Plastic Curved Outdoor Bench

Plastic Curved Outdoor Bench

With an elegantly curved design made from durable plastic, this outdoor bench is a practical choice suitable for year-round use. The minimalist design makes it an excellent choice for modern patios and outdoor areas. An ideal choice for harsh climates!

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Curved Outdoor Bench With Back

Curved Outdoor Bench With Back

Great Deal Furniture

Crafted from durable aluminum with a classic diamond-cross design, this attractive curved bench is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your patio. It has a beautiful antique copper finish and can comfortably seat two people.

Designer Advice:

The intricate design of this curved bench gives it a French-country look that will add a touch of provincial charm to any outdoor patio area. Because it’s made from aluminum, it’s fairly lightweight and easy to move, which is ideal if you want to be able to move it when necessary.

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Curved Rustic Wooden Outdoor Bench

Curved Rustic Wooden Outdoor Bench

Union Rustic

Made from solid fir and cedar wood with a classic backless design, this chunky curved wooden bench is built to last. It has a natural finish as standard, which you can leave to age naturally or paint if you prefer.

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Curved Outdoor Bench

Buying Guide

Curved outdoor benches can be a charming addition to your garden or patio. They easily fit into meandering path edges or along the edge of a circular garden patio design. Your selection might be influenced by the location and type of garden or patio where the bench will be placed.

Curved outdoor benches can provide resting places for people, but more than that, they can set the tone for your garden, yard, or green space. They can be used as part of a formal garden setting or they can just be a comfortable lounging spot for family or friends. They come in so many different styles and materials, you are sure not to have any problem finding the right one for you.

Char-Log Backless Bench

This bench will be lovely in a rustic setting or in a moderately formal garden. It could be placed in a park, along a walking trail or even in a tiny greenspace in front of a store or at a bus stop. Simple, unpretentious, and understated it could be used almost anywhere people might need to stop and rest or look at a view.

Oxford Essex Bench

This one has a back, and is a tiny bit more formal than the backless bench. Still, it will fit into a variety of settings, including more formal areas such as a courthouse lawn or an area near a library. It could even be used in a central green space in a mall area. Not too fancy, but it has a little more presence than a wooden backless bench.

Ornamental Stone Bench

Not all backless benches lack presence. An ornamental stone bench can be an asset in the most rigidly styled garden. Ornamented with swirls or with grapes, leaves and vines, such a bench is reminiscent of Greek or Roman formal gardens. More than that, a stone bench will outlast any wood – even cedar.

Rustic Log Bench

This one depends upon being able to find a tree with the right curve and cutting the log in half – a delicate process. Add three thick, log supports, and you have a conversation piece that will stand up to a lot of weather, romping children and large adults.

Iron Scrollwork

You just can’t beat iron for durability. Improve its comfort by using removable cushions that can be brought in when they are not in use. Scrollwork can be used by itself, or it can be combined with wood – cedar is very nice in this context – to create a bench that could have been in a school or old-time church.

Front Porch Storage Bench with Back and Cushion

You will want an overhang or portico for this one, but it just could not be handier. Relax on a long bench with a padded seat that lifts up to reveal other lawn furnishings or toys and games for outdoor use. If the location is sufficiently protected, you could even stow some extra cushions and light throw for those chilly evenings.

Best Ideas

Curve Teak Garden Bench

Curve Teak Garden Bench

Designed for outdoor areas, this Curved Garden Bench is durable and comfortable, crafted of a sturdy Teakwood. The bench features 6 solid legs, a slatted design, a half-moon back, and accommodates up to 3 people.

Round bench seating

Outdoor bench which will play its role the best in your garden or in public area. This curved bench has fancy shape of mirrored letter S. It has metal kickstands and seat made of wooden, lacquered boards

Curved garden bench curved garden bench bespoke item poa

curved garden bench curved garden bench bespoke item poa

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Curved benches with back contemporary outdoor stools and benches

... curved benches with back contemporary-outdoor-stools-and-benches

Curved fire pit bench

Very comfortable bench with a nice curved design. It is suitable for fireplaces and other outdoor areas. Durable wooden frame is paired with a soft seat cushion finished in red color. The bench features a backless construction.

Curved benches outdoor 4

Adorable path and sitting area. Although, that Japanese maple is planted way too close to the fence. Better to get a very dwarf variety and grow it in a large pot.

Curved bench

Designed for outdoor areas, this curved bench seat really adds up to the whole landscape. Assembled of wooden planks, the bench provides a comfy seat, and a wide, tilted back for a quality relax time.

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Curved Boulder Garden Bench

Curved Boulder Garden Bench

Designed for outdoor areas, this Curved Garden Bench is crafted of a polished granite boulder, with natural edge. The design is maybe simple but also eye-catchy, ensuring that this piece is going to last you a lifetime.

Curved house

Curved house

Change today means modernity - even in urban and commercial spaces. A beautiful curved outdoor bench in the courtyard,in the "U" shape, is made of cedar wood, which radiantly reflects the natural light. The narrow boards have metal seats with blue upholstery.

Curved benches 2

An extraordinary bench created for an outdoor use. It offers plenty of storage space due to an extra large size. The bench is made of countless, wooden panels, which create a cool 3D impression. A great element of any garden.

Curved benches outdoor 3

Garden Art Design Ideas - Get Inspired by photos of Garden Art from Australian Designers & Trade Professionals -

Curved bench

Curved bench

Oxford Garden Essex 83-Inch Curved Shorea Bench

It is a beautiful and comfortable curved shorea bench that has got a classic and simple design with solid wood construction. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful it looks in your patio, garden and other.

Woodworking curved outdoor bench plans pdf free download

Woodworking curved outdoor bench plans PDF Free Download

Diy patio benches redwood outdoor curved bench benches wooden benches

DIY Patio Benches | Redwood Outdoor Curved Bench | Benches, Wooden Benches

Circular garden bench seat

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Built in bench perfect for where the retaining wall is

Built-in Bench perfect for where the retaining wall is going to hold up the hill near the aspen trees.

Curved benche

curved benche

Circular outdoor bench

A contemporary approach to a garden bench made around a concrete fence. The garden bench is made in a curved style out of shiny and polished birch wood, which provides a natural, rustic touch to the dull backyard.

Curved bench seating

An interesting modern garden bench of weatherproof materials in beige and grey. This boomerang-shaped bench can accommodate at least 10 persons. It's equipped with poly-filled seat and back cushions in washable beige, green and grey covers.

Curved benches

Half rounded bench designed for outdoor use. Base is made of durable stone and fitted with removable pillows for easy cleaning. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great solution for the garden, patio and more.

Outdoor bench sofa from rock wood

Outdoor Bench & Sofa from Rock Wood