Outdoor Wooden Benches

Many of us love the outdoors, and to best enjoy it, a brisk hike, or a nice place to sit, can make the day even better. Just relax on an outdoor wooden bench and take it all in. The wonder of nature can be yours to view in a different way if you put in your very own outdoor wooden bench. See all the options in wooden benches in this extensive collection.

Best Ideas

Baltic Wood Garden Bench

Baltic Wood Garden Bench
Simple and functional garden bench made of extremely durable hardwood, designed to last for years. Features rigid frame, quality wooden finish, comfortable seat and back, and additional armrest for extra support.

Phat Tommy Metal Wood Lehigh Garden Bench

Phat Tommy Metal Wood Lehigh Garden Bench
This garden bench has a contemporary style and is a good choice to furnish any outdoor area. It's sturdy metal construction has a lacquered finish, available in varied colors. This bench can be also use indoor.

Outdoor wooden benches 1

This outdoor simple shuted bench made of wood is stylised on coach. It is very comfortable. You can stand it on your garden or terrace, it will be very useful during spring - you can used it to relaxation in the fresh air.

Outdoor wooden benches 2

A simple but robust traditional garden bench created form planks and frames from wooden pallets in natural colours. It has straight wide legs and arms of rectangular frames. A slanted back and a seat are of lengthwise arranged planks.

Outdoor wooden benches 3

Beautiful hand-carved wooden benches constructed directly from large tree trunks. The benches are natural and finished with a weather-resistant sealant that will enhance longevity. They are also large enough to sit three or four people with ease.

Outdoor wooden benches

Being a good example of the contemporary design in applied arts, this wooden outdoor bench enchants with its unique style. Despite the heavy metal framing, the construction maintains a lightweight appeal.

Outdoor wooden benches

Outdoor bench in rounded shape. It consists of wooden strips. Simple form and modern design for each outdoor place according to taste and need.

Outdoor wooden benches

Garden bench in traditional form. It is completely made of wood. Back consists of horizontally arranged strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Neutral design for the garden, porch and more.

Outdoor wooden benches 9

Stunning farmhouse-inspired three-seater outdoor wooden benches. Featuring a beautiful vintage appeal, the bench comes with a high back design, armrests on both sides, and several cushions for comfort. You also get additional accent pillows for a super classy appeal.

Outdoor wooden benches 12

An inspiration for those, who love roof-top gardens. A beautiful combination of unrestrained nature with some human decor elements. It will take your breath away in the morning.

Outdoor timber benches

A square wooden bench around an outdoor fireplace makes a serviceable bench seat. Squares often involve mitered corners, but by alternating the two inch by four inch lumber, a sort of faux miter can be achieved, creating interest and effective design.

Modern slat top outdoor wood bench

Modern Slat Top Outdoor Wood Bench

Outdoor wood benches

This garden bench is made of the best of handcrafted wood from cedar trees. The backrests have vertical slats highlighting the simple design of the bench. The seats are also vertical slats of wood and can accommodate three to four people.

Outdoor wooden benches 16

A quite simple but sturdy rustic style garden bench crafted of solid wood with a natural finish. It has straight angular legs and wide hexagonal arms. Its upright back and a seat are of longways arranged planks.

Arboria 880.33661 Idlewild Outdoor Wood 4 Foot Serenity Garden Bench

Simplicity, elegance, comfort and natural wood- this is how I can describe my new purchase. The garden bench looks wonderful in my garden. I like to sit on it with cup of coffee.

Outdoor wooden benches 5

I want to turn the sunken patio into a sunken deck w/ wooden benches

Outdoor wooden

I love the built-in bench seating on the balcony. Maybe we could even make it all the way around so there's always more than enough seating outside.

Sauna benches 13

Maybe building sauna room to keep there still a very hot temperature is not easy, but the furniture there is a piece of cake. You just have to polish the pine planks and bind it with small crosswise plank. The mounting is dead easy also.

Cheap wooden benches 17

Simple, but solid, supportive and comfortable bench for outdoor applications (patio, garden, etc.). Its backless seat is made of horizontal slats that assure good support. Four legs are thick and also supportive.

Cheap outdoor benches

The ultrasimple wooden bench made of the old pallets elements. The raw timber will compose very well with the garden's greenery. This piece of furniture is really small, so there will also fit the micro-gardens.

Sauna benches 1

Classy design for a homemade sauna with a contemporary design for the bench. The bench itself is made out of light wood with a tiny throw pillow on each seat, giving them a nice, elegant detail.

Martin Rolling Wooden Bench-Style Artist Easel

Sauna benches

Sleek and modern, this refined sauna project is proposition for sophisticated houses. Made from bright, teak wood, this construction is smoothly built-in the wooden interior.

Hardwood garden benches 5

Extremely durable and boasting of clean lines, this solid wood bench is made for outdoors and able to withstand weather conditions. It's characterized by a simplistic design, but is easy to maintain, capacious and comfy.