Deck Benches

For tending a garden, lounging on the patio, or just stepping out for a little fresh air, deck benches are an easy to install solution to seating on your deck. No more chairs to move around. These all wood benches blend with the rest of the deck for a smooth continuity, and offer plenty of seating for all your guests. So throw a barbeque, invite some friends, and know, the seating is good to go.

Best Products

Deck Bench Bracket

Deck Bench Bracket
This deck bench was made of durable and resistant plastic with powder coat finish and is stylized and finished to a wood look. It can be use commercial, require easy installation. It's resistant for weather conditions.

Deck benches 1

Beautiful deck benches are the perfect solution for a functional garden, patio or terrace. The wooden structure made of recycled wood is fascinating and allows to create a comfortable corner. Simple design with backrest is very comfortable.

Deck benches

Deck benches are an excellent way to get an interesting patio or terrace decor. Simple wood constellation is easy to implement and very practical. Perfectly looks for many occasions and looks very neat.

Cedar bench without a back

Cedar Bench without a Back

Deck benches 12

Ideal for your patio or garden decor, this deck bench will be a good spot to gather your family or friends together. Crafted from bright, densely grained, natural wood, it warms up the space, creating a cosy ambience.

Decking benches

Small landscaped backyard : various levels define areas

Great design on this deck privacy screen and bench seats

Great design on this deck. Privacy screen and bench seats.

Our advice Buying Guide

How deep should a deck bench be?

A deck bench should be between 15 and 20 inches in depth, although you can even find models around 30 inches if you want to enhance the casual, relaxation side of things. However, we recommend that you avoid going over this measurement as your deck bench won’t be very comfortable otherwise.

If you’re planning on using your deck benches as a seating solution for dining too, then the sweet spot is around 17 ½ inches.

What is the best design for a deck bench?

The best design for a deck bench depends on your deck style and the space you have available. Deck benches can either be freestanding pieces or built-ins. Once you choose which type works best for you, there are several specific design styles to choose from, including linear, L-shaped, or U-shaped. Both U and L-shaped deck benches can include planters in the corners for ornamental flowers or growing herbs and small vegetables.

One of the best designs for a deck bench is a straight line, either parallel or perpendicular to the house. For those with larger decks, this is a good option for providing the most seating and leaving plenty of room to barbecue or walk around.

For large or medium size decks, a U-shaped design creates a cozy way for family and friends to gather outdoors. All decks sizes, including smaller ones, benefit from installing an L-shaped deck bench for optimal seating options and encouraging conversation among visitors.

How do you build a garden deck bench?

To build a deck bench, you'll first need to gather your tools such as circular saw, hammer, varnish, stain, power drill, and wood bit, as well as your screws. Next, you'll need to make the frame. You may use existing deck material to make your bench. Then decide whether you want your bench to sit against the wall or on all four legs. If you choose the latter option, make the legs and screw them onto the frame.

Finally, cut leg bases, bolt them to the center of legs, and lag bolts. Then round outer edges and ends of seat boards, using a router. Finally, attach three seat boards to the frame and paint or stain according to personal preference.


Building a park bench

Use deck seating to create a barrier for the edge of your deck as well as to proved extra seating.

Outdoor waterproof storage bench 1

Create the fantastic benches with storage spaces and add them to your porch or patio. The natural wooden finish is excellent for any outdoor space. It's a great idea for conversations with friends.

Deck bench part railing part bench

Deck Bench, part railing, part bench

This ironwood bench is lit from inside with tubular lighting

This Ironwood bench is lit from inside with tubular lighting

Redwood deck bench plans

redwood deck bench plans

Deck benches 7

Deck Benches

Outdoor storage box waterproof

An unique patio bench with storage is an excellent idea, especially for storing tools and for spending lovely time with friends. It looks classic and it creates the inviting place to seat.

Deck benches 2

Oh. I like the multi color decking benches and fire pit. neat idea

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Deck benches

Contemporary design gets married with unrivaled sturdiness within this wooden deck bench. Its back has substantial railing, the seat is thick, and the base is supported by heavy duty metal brackets in black.

Built in deck bench bench jpg

Built-in deck bench-bench.jpg

Deck bench plans

deck bench plans

Decking bench

Back Deck Ideas on a Budget by The Everyday Home Some version of this L bench/sectional on the kitchen patio, but the back needs to have a pitch, not be 90 degrees to the seat

Mangaris tm redwood deck with arbor benches

Mangaris™& Redwood Deck with Arbor & Benches

Deck benches

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2004 bench on lower deck of stained tri level treehouse

2004 Bench on Lower Deck of Stained Tri-Level Treehouse

Curved fire pit bench 1

A great half-moon bench for outdoor use that can be a nice way to surround your fire pit with. Standing on iron legs, the bench holds an all-weather seat made of wood planks in a natural finish, making the whole durable, comfy and stylish.

Garden storage benches 2

A bench that allows for creating a stylish and functional outdoor area. This bench features a construction that allows for corner placement. Its solid frame supported by wooden elements holds adult users without problems and damage.

Plastic covers for patio furniture

Simple and pleasant furniture on the terrace makes the holiday more enjoyable. All in a neutral style you can integrate into different styles of decor. Plastic details are inexpensive and very functional.

Cedar deck fence and bench with built in planters

cedar deck, fence and bench with built in planters

Wood deck benches

Awesome built-in deck seating, this is happening. 0a532ad0a21bd616a1a3481af1fb67fe

Cheap outdoor benches

Cheap and original idea for an outdoor backless bench. Solid horizontal wooden slats are combined with cinder blocks that provide support and stability. This bench include additional pillows for more comfortable seating.

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