Cheap Outdoor Benches


These inexpensive outdoor bench ideas are a great way to get a lot of seating without breaking your budget. Sit a spell and take a nice, long look at all the fun and creative thoughts organized below to add seating to you outdoor venue. There's sure to be an idea or two that will work for your next big event.

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Polywood%c2%ae Vineyard Plastic Garden Bench

Polywood%c2%ae Vineyard Plastic Garden Bench

It is a garden bench made of plastic. It is white. It has a comfortable backrest and armrests. It is a great element to equip the garden or terrace. It is simple, but at the same time is not trivial. Just perfect.

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Rustic Garden Bench

Rustic Garden Bench

This is a very interesting and extraordinarily beautiful bench, which is ideally suited to every rustic garden. It is small. In its appearance it is very strict, which also speaks for its rustic style.

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Cheap benches

A set of durable benches with simplistic design, weather-proof benefits and sturdy wood construction. Each of those picnic benches has a long narrow seat supported by well-balanced, criss-crossed legs.

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Backless Wood Picnic Bench

Backless Wood Picnic Bench

This backless picnic bench can be use in multiple way- as a table, extra seat space, decorative bench... It has a durable wooden construction in natural finish, so can be customize and adjust to needs.

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Maitland Outdoor Backless Aluminum Picnic Bench

Maitland Outdoor Backless Aluminum Picnic Bench

This simple shaped bench is suitable to use outdoor. Its frame is made of aluminium with powder - coated, silver finish. Comfortable, wooden seat is made of eco - friendly eukaliptus is smooth and hand-buffed.

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Cheap bench seating

Although it seems that the wedding must always carry unbelievable costs, taking care of every detail. There is one important detail that will not cost much and will introduce a rustic atmosphere. It's wooden cheap outdoor benches with wooden piles.

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Fire pit benches 1

This DIY patio fire pit bench is inexpensive though contributing to a convenient, atmospheric and cozy outdoor ambiance. Simple, traditional design utilizes unfinished wooden logs and some limestone bricks.

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How to build a garden bench a 4 garden bench

How to build a garden bench. A $4 garden bench?

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Cheap bench

Rustic benches are an excellent way to make cheap and attractive garden decor for a variety of celebrations such as weddings. The whole is based on wood is very impressive and romantic. Ideal for special days.

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Outdoors Sojourn Teak Garden Bench

Outdoors Sojourn Teak Garden Bench

Great teak garden bench. This wood is known for its resistance to external factors such as moisture, frost, the sun's rays. Recessed seat provides great comfort. The bench can also be used in the sauna, swimming pool or in the bathroom.

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Best Ideas

Cheap outdoor benches

Simple, solid and cheap outdoor wooden patio bench finished in nice green color. It includes four X-shaped legs for more stability and support. Wide seat of this outdoor bench provides space for many adult users.

Wedding benches

You already know, that connecting the seemingly garden furniture at home-can be great. Just like this bench made of two types of wood - white on the base and cherry one on the top. Or you can leave it on your backyard grass. It's your choice.

Rustic outdoor bench plans

Canvas or cloth-covered haybales make quick, easy seating. Perfect for outdoor gatherings such as concerts, weddings, or amateur open-air theatricals. Set-up is quick and easy, the fabric covers can be cleaned and saved for re-use at future events.

Bench cheap

Need a fast bench setup? Nothing is easier than planks placed on rectangular haybales. Just be careful to support the one-inch lumber at regular intervals to support the slightly flexible wood planks. Afterward, all parts can be used in other projects.

Stone concrete garden furniture

Long-lasting and resistant to weather conditions, this outdoor bench is easy to maintain and ensures good stability even while accommodating more people. It's made of hardwood reinforced with concrete cinder blocks.

Diy outdoor seating ideas

Stunning natural outdoor bench carved directly from natural wood. The piece features sturdy construction, making it a great choice even for extreme weather. It’s also quite large and can accommodate up to five people. It’s perfect for your backyard.

Outdoor backless benches

Simple and interestingly designed outdoor backless bench is a stylish decorative and functional element. The slim legs, the beautiful green shade, and the comfortable seat combine to form a cozy resting place.

Cheap outdoor benches 1

If you are a fan of classic garden furniture, this outdoor bench will be a great choice. It features the white distressed finish and wooden construction, which brings the comfort and solidity into any exterior.

Cheap garden bench this year and you can buy another

cheap garden bench this year and you can buy another cheap garden ...

Forest wedding benches you know if i can find a

Forest wedding benches! You know, if I can find a forest to have my wedding in.

Cheap outdoor benches 2

outside country wedding ideas

Inexpensive outdoor seating ideas

A very simple yet original idea to prepare a comfortable set of seats for your country wedding ceremony. Those lovely benches have bases made of hay bales, and seats created of long wood planks placed on top of them.

Cheap outdoor bench

How to economically and beautifully manage your backyard? The most simple outdoor bench! Created from many, equally arranged stones.The perfect base for the longitudinal seat,cheap-easily accessible cushion.To all of this - a plethora of decorative pillows.

Cheap wooden benches

Original, solid and cheap outdoor benches with multicolor cushions. They are made on the basis of old wooden pallets. These benches feature soft, comfortable cushions with additional pillows for more softness and style.