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If you want your cat to get some fresh air outdoors, but worry it will stray and possible get into trouble, we recommend an outdoor cat enclosure. With areas to perch for a view of its domain, plenty of playful areas, and lots of room to roam around, an outdoor cat enclosure shows you care for your favorite feline enough not to let them seek out mischief.

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Updated 30/03/2023
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Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure Cage   71" L x 38 5" W x 71" H

Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure Cage 71" L x 38 5" W x 71" H

What we like: The sturdy and attractive design features enough room for multiple cats

What we don’t like: Takes approximately two hours to install with tricky instructions

If you can get past the confusing assembly instructions, this outdoor cat enclosure is the perfect combination of smart design and affordability. Inexpensive cat enclosures usually lack quality, but this solid fir catio is built to last.

The frame is covered in strong mesh wiring to protect your pet from wandering away and stops lurking predators from getting into the enclosure. The frame is sealed with a pet-safe bonding, and the roof is flat and boasts an asphalt cover that offers superior weather protection. To make things simple and accessible, the front door latch is easy to use, providing quick access to hang with your buddy, and six tiers ensure there is plenty of space to entertain your pet. 

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PawHut 71" x 32" x 44" Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure Catio Cage with 3 Platforms

PawHut 71" x 32" x 44" Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure Catio Cage with 3 Platforms

Aosom LLC

What we like: Light enough to be moved around once assembled

What we don’t like: Locks on the door are a bit flimsy

If you’re looking for a spacious catio for sale, this is the right choice for you. This impressive outdoor pet enclosure has three elevated platforms for your kitty to snuggle up on. With its oversized door, it’s easy to join in the fun or change out toys.

Built of solid fir wood and coated with a pet-friendly sealant, this fully enclosed wooden catio can comfortably house two smaller cats as they enjoy the 365° view. The roof is flat and asphalt-coated to boost its weather protection and keep your pet shaded.

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Pfister Portable Outdoor Playpen with Door

Pfister Portable Outdoor Playpen with Door

Tucker Murphy Pet™

What we like: Portable and durable construction

What we don’t like: No carrying case

This is another great option for those living in smaller quarters or those traveling with their feline companions. Made from rugged nylon, it can fit in the trunk when folded. The simple setup and breakdown make it easy to stow away when not in use.

If 4’ isn’t long enough for your cat, the structure is modular, so you can add a second one to allow more room for your cat to strut. When it comes to portable outdoor cat enclosures, this one offers exceptional versatility, allowing a full range of view through the mesh sides while still providing protection from the rain.

It features roll-up sides that close to provide shade and security and has a top and bottom to protect your cat from the elements.

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Best for multiple cats
Open air large outdoor cat enclosures

Open air large outdoor cat enclosures

Tucker Murphy Pet™

Perfect For: Multiple cats

What We Like: Various sitting areas

This 68” tall outdoor playpen is a reliable and secure solution to provide your furry friend with a safe space to be outdoors. Its durable solid fir wood framing ensures that it can withstand different weather conditions, providing a long-lasting area for your kitty. It is best used to keep your pets safely contained while they enjoy the sun, and is suitable for use in backyards, gardens, or other outdoor spaces. It’s a great way to provide peace of mind knowing that your pets are safe.

$480 $500

Designer Advice:

This spacious open air playpen is perfect for placing in a shaded spot in your garden, near a bench or picnic area so you can enjoy time outdoors with your favorite pet. Additionally, adding a string of lights to the outside of the enclosure can create a stylish look in the garden as well as light up the area for you and your pet.

What Users Say:

Great product. Easy to assemble. It looks exactly as the picture. The quality is good and the parts fit perfectly.

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Cat House for Outdoor Feral Cats Enclosure with Large Balcony, Wooden Kitty Shelter, Waterproof

Cat House for Outdoor Feral Cats Enclosure with Large Balcony, Wooden Kitty Shelter, Waterproof


What we like: Low price point, adorable design, and easy to assemble

What we don’t like: Not very water-resistant. Performs best when kept under a covered patio

If you’re seeking stylish cat patios for sale, this charming catio is recommended for cats under 18 lbs. and features an adorable flower bed built into the left side of the house, perfect for planting feline-friendly herbs. It’s easy to assemble without power tools; all you need is a Phillips screwdriver.

The bottom floor can be removed to create more space, and the roof is designed to open up for easy cleaning access. There are multiple balconies for lounging and two openings for your cat to use. The emergency opening on the back has an acrylic flap door for a quick exit.

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Best for adult cats and kittens
Year round outside cat enclosure

Year round outside cat enclosure


Perfect For: Cats of all ages

What We Like: Enclosed sleeping area

This 76” long outdoor enclosure is a fantastic solution for cat owners who want to provide their felines with a safe and secure space to get some fresh air. It features a ramp into an enclosed 68” tall area and a main cage providing cats with plenty of space to play and exercise. The sturdy wood and wire construction can withstand a variety of weather keeping your kitty safe all year round. 

Designer Advice:

This playpen is an excellent addition to backyards or patios, allowing cats to sunbathe and play while remaining safe. The enclosed area can have a heat pad added to create a warm and cozy spot for your pet during chilly days or at night. Consider planting catnip in and around the pen so your cat has something safe to smell and chew on.

What Users Say:

Awesome purchase! I bought it for an aging cat that tries to go out with the dogs. It is good quality, was easy to assemble alone and my cat LOVES it! Even my small dogs enjoy it!

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Kittywalk Deck and Patio Outdoor Cat Enclosure

Kittywalk Deck and Patio Outdoor Cat Enclosure

What we like: Well suited for areas with limited space and highly portable

What we don’t like: On the smaller side, so only suitable for a single cat home

Live in a smaller space with a patio or balcony? Want your furry friend to keep you company while you watch the world go by? The Kittywalk deck and patio is a great outdoor cat cage option if you have limited space.

This 4’ pen is made of solid steel wickets and rip-stop netting. It’s a fantastic choice for apartment balconies, small patios, or even backyard decks. Two doors enclose this open net construction, so there’s plenty of ventilation and total visibility.

Although it’s weather-resistant for all seasons, you won’t want to leave your cat outside during inclement weather due to open construction.

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Best for single cats
Spacious vertical cat cage outdoor

Spacious vertical cat cage outdoor

Tucker Murphy Pet™

Perfect For: One adult cat

What We Like: Private sleeping box

This durable and spacious vertical cat cage is perfect for a single adult cat, or a senior cat that needs a safe space to call their own. Made from solid fir wood with heavy duty wire screening, this cat cage can keep your favorite feline safe and secure while enjoying the outdoors. Measuring 71” tall with a 31” by 31” footprint, this vertical tower can be used as-is or connected to another unit to make a wider space for your cats.

$319.99 $325.99

Designer Advice:

This vertical cat cage is the right size for placing on a small balcony or in a narrow garden space. Secure it to a window so your cat can enter the house or enjoy the sunshine from their own outdoor area whenever they please. Consider hanging toys inside the cage for your cat to enjoy when they are soaking up the sun too!

What Users Say:

We moved and didn't have a fence and my 20 pound cat needed to be outside more. Well this is the best gift I could have gotten him! He loves it so much!

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Purrfect Portable Outdoor Playpen with Door

Purrfect Portable Outdoor Playpen with Door

Purrfect Fence

What we like: Comes with an optional nylon cover to provide extra protection from the elements

What we don’t like: There’s a learning curve to set it up and break it down.

For outdoor enthusiasts who love to take their cat along for the ride, this outdoor playpen offers your kitty their very own 32 ft² tent for protection against predators.

Whether you’re hanging out in the backyard or visiting a park, this portable outdoor cat enclosure is ready for adventure. This pen has a solid yet flexible framework that is easy to set up, and the cover features two doors with a strong zipper for easy access. The removable weather guard and durable carry bag are convenient and won’t weigh you down when trekking to your favorite campsite. It’s a unique choice among cat enclosures for nature lovers. 

$136.35 $149

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Outdoor Cat Enclosures For Sale

Buying Guide

If you have a kitty that loves to be outdoors, you might wonder if there are outdoor cat enclosures for sale. There certainly are, in many ingenious designs. You are sure to find one that will suit you and your cat.

Cats love the sun. They also like to nibble on grass, chase insects, chatter at birds and exchange “words” with neighborhood kitties. A cat enclosure allows them to do most of those things while remaining safe from contentious feral cats, and from dogs, humans, and automobiles. If the enclosure is attached to your house via a door or window, your kitty can spend time out-of-doors without causing you worry about whether he or she will come home again.

Enclosures can easily be equipped with perches, snug sleeping spaces, toys, and tall scratching posts. If you have a large cat many of the indoor scratching posts are too short for your cat to stretch out and exercise his or her claws. If you have multiple cats, provide cozy “dens” where your territorial little hunters can stake claims and have their own space. If the enclosure doesn’t have free exchange with your home, a weatherproof shelter is a nice addition – just in case you’ve run to the store shortly before a rainstorm.

  • Free-Standing Kennel: One of the easiest types to set up and use is a free-standing kennel with a secure top. It’s similar to a portable dog kennel, but dog kennels often have spaces around doors that can allow an enterprising cat to escape, even if it has a top. In addition, dog kennels are often constructed using standard chain link fencing, the meshes of which are large enough to allow a young kitten to escape. An enclosure built for cats addresses this kind of problem. One small disadvantage of a free-standing enclosure is that you must transport your kitty to and from the outdoor play space, providing an opportunity for escape.
  • Patio Run, with Window Access: This type of kennel allows your kitty to access the play space without having to consult with humans. The disadvantage is that human access to the space – for cleaning, or for cat retrieval – is through an outdoor hatch. Even so, it provides your cat an opportunity to get some fresh air and sunlight – both veterinary recommended. The small mesh means that your kitty won’t be able to catch unwary birds who might be attracted to treats or water if you keep those items in the kennel, but also means that stray dogs or wandering feral cats will not be a problem.
  • Large Patio Run, with Door Access to your House: This is probably the ideal solution for you and your cats if you have enough space for it. Put a cat door in the house access door, and your little hunter can stalk imaginary monsters and naps in the sunlight.

Outdoor cat enclosures for sale are the perfect solution to keeping your cat safe while providing quality choice of indoor/outdoor time.

Best Ideas

Cat enclosure

Cat Enclosure

Outside cat enclosure

If you have outgoing cat, but you afraid that he will hurt his, you should buy this outdoor cat enclosure. It is safe and equipped with toys intended for cats and another pets, for example little dogs or rabbits!

Suncatcher sectional outdoor cat enclosure jpg


Outdoor cat cage

Cat enclosure good for indoor and especially outdoor use. This large octagonal cage features a durable metal frame in black color. It includes a cat tree that provides comfortable and safe place for cats. It assures good fun and rest.

Les serres de jardin en bois

les serres de jardin en bois

Cat run and cat cat house to keep your cat


Outdoor cat enclosures for sale

Spacious dog house with wateproof roof and wood logs construction (not only sturdy, but also aesthetically pleasing) allows your dog (or cat) to enjoy outdoor air and sun safely. Kennel for cats and dogs.

Cat outdoor enclosures available at cagesbydesign com 1

cat outdoor enclosures available at cagesbydesign com

Side view of cat enclosure

Side view of cat enclosure

Outdoor cat enclosures for sale

This large cat enclosure is the perfect solution for home cats, who will enjoy with it a lot of fun space. The robust construction of wood and mesh is impressive and stable. Each cat will be such a delight.

Outdoor walk in cat run enclosure 1

Outdoor Walk In Cat Run Enclosure

Indoor cat kennel

This impressive design is the perfect solution for extra space for domestic cats. The net protects the cats from escaping, and many attractions inside make the cats have a particularly interesting time to spend.

Outdoor cat enclosures 8

Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Sale multi level cat enclosure 95cm x 60cm x 142cm

SALE Multi Level Cat Enclosure 95cm X 60cm X 142cm

Gazebo Outdoor Pet Playpen with Portable

Gazebo Outdoor Pet Playpen with Portable

Tailor-made for energetic pets that want to safely explore the outside world, this outdoor enclosure is the perfect compromise. Suitable for pets up to 24” tall, the hexagonal gazebo-style enclosure is made from durable rip-stop netting to deter any feline escape artists and can be set up easily and quickly.

Cat cages for sale

Clever and interesting setup for an outdoor cat cage made out of wire fence with a handy door so it is easy to reach inside. The cage is fitted with drawers made out of birch wood, which provide a lot of space for cats to play.

Portable outdoor cat enclosures our quality animal enclosures

Portable Outdoor Cat Enclosures Our quality animal enclosures

Catio for sale

Spacious and functional, this greenhouse works well if you have a large enough backyard or a garden. It has an extra strong aluminum framework and enamel finish, also equipped with an automatic ventilation system that shoots out the stale air outside.

Hand crafted cat furniture

Hand Crafted Cat Furniture

Figure 3 4 constructed off living room window onto existing

Figure 3 & 4: Constructed off living room window onto existing patio ...

Idea outdoor cat enclosure jpg


Cat enclosures for sale

With this large patio for cats, your furry pet is going to have an amazing time, while jumping, scratching, and having fun. The frame is made of sturdy wood, thus being very stable, and surrounded by a lattice-wire fencing.

Alley cat rescue inc the national cat protection association 1

Alley Cat Rescue, Inc. - The National Cat Protection Association

Indoor cat cage

This enclosure for cats is going to put a big smile on your cat's face. The structure is fully secured, with a wooden frame, lattice panels, and plenty of space inside for your cat to not be bored to death.