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Every cat loves a cat tree. They are fun, they are versatile, and they can allow those kitties to climb out of the hands of children that won't let them relax. These come in a multitude of styles and sizes, different carpets, and a few special treats for you cat they might not expect. Give you cat the gift that will benefit you both. Give them a cat tree.

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Stylish cat tree with a relatively taller design and sturdy wooden construction. The piece is the ultimate play center for your kitty and comes with a large condo at the top and several scratching posts for your pet. It also offers a mix of visually appealing colors that will add elegance to your décor.

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Cat tower corner climbing cat tree 68

Cat tower corner climbing cat tree 68

If you’re a cat owner and your little kitties always act hyperactive and have no place to play, just take a look at this wonderful, corner-installed climbing tower with a scratching post in it. Your cats will love it!

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Well-built cat tree featuring a sturdy wooden post for a frame and several compartments for your cat to play, live, and relax. First, the tree comes with a sandbox cabinet below and several scratching pots all built in. There are also additional cat condos to ensure your pet has a cozy and warm place to relax.

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Beautiful cat tree with a superb and vibrant pink appeal and velvet padding all around. The cat tree also comes with a nice condo at the top and several scratching posts for your little kitty to enjoy. It’s also built with a strong wooden frame to deliver long-lasting service.

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Highly modern cat trees designed to look like a large cabinet. Featuring several steps and condos, the cat tree comes with a tall design, giving your kitty enough space to play and relax. Its beautiful light brown finishing also makes it a great décor addition to any living room.

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46" Premier Large Cat Pagoda Tree

46" Premier Large Cat Pagoda Tree

Pretty large standing tree for cats. It is made of wood solids covered in beige plush carpet. This pagoda-stylized tree has a rectangular foot, a few bent-down shelves, 3 poles, a scratching slat wrapped with rope. It's crowned with a cozy box.

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Durable cat tree with wooden construction finished in white color. It also includes some red accents. This tall tree provides many branches and compartments, so it is entertaining for more than one cat.

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50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree

Lady and sir cats, we have something for you! This cat tree has a solid wood construction and is perfect for every size of a kitty - for these bigger and smaller ones. It is worth highlighting that this piece has been made in the USA - for an American quality!

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13 diy cat tower ideas clicky pix

13 DIY Cat Tower Ideas - Clicky Pix

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This is a fun indoor tree for your cat. It’s made of wood and is durable, steady and sturdy. It has seven fun steps for your cat and a well-padded top for your pet to lounge and relax without getting in your way.

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Buying Guide

The best type of cat trees for your cat will have proper perches and allow your cat to feel safe. Since not all cats are created equal, you will need to consider your cat's features and tendencies. Start by looking for scratching surfaces that have a combination of sisal and carpet covering.

The cat tree should also have toys and activities to keep your feline busy. The tree should also come with plenty of branches or levels and allow your cat to perch wherever he wants to, safely and comfortably.

Cat trees are straightforward to assemble and do not require a large amount of time to put together. Some models come assembled when you purchase them, and other types have very few steps involved in the process. Most cat trees can be put together using a screwdriver or a hex key.

When you buy cat tree models, ensure the design you choose is the most suited to your pet. For example, some cats are larger than others, some are more energetic, and some like to relax. Consider your cat’s tendencies and opt for the design with features that keeps your cat entertained, allows them to relax and hide, and lots of scratching posts to keep their claws in great condition. The more features the cat tree has the more involved it will be to assemble.    

You can also add toys to your cat tree that don’t require much effort to assemble. For example, balls of string can be hung on the top level of the tree; this simple and easy addition provides your cat with hours of fun.

Best Ideas

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I am so going to try and make this for my cats!!!

What we do

What We Do

Lotus cat tower and ragdoll cats in australia

Lotus Cat Tower and Ragdoll Cats in Australia

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Cat tree in the shape of tree. Construction is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Modern accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Homemade cat tree plans

Out of the Dog House: 25 Awesome Pet Habitats | WebUrbanist Can we pleassseee do this, please, please, please!!!

Buy cat bed 6

Your cat will love napping on this bed. You will love the stylish, space-saving design.

Mouse pet bed crochet pattern

Mouse pet bed crochet pattern

A funny contemporary cat bed hand crocheted of durable grey yarn. It has the form of a ... mouse with a long tail, large ears, black eyes and whiskers. An oval sleeping surface has a wide raised edge.

Diy crochet pattern chunky t shirt yarn

Diy crochet pattern chunky t shirt yarn

Crochet cat bed - cozy and welcoming, and pretty stylish in addition; a modern Scandinavian style, preferably with a slight cottage hint, would make use of such a design a lot. In gray and white, with cover.

Buy cat tree 6

Plumbing pipe and paddle-shaped shelves provide a fun area for kitty to climb and to rest. There is one large shelf in the middle, and one at the top, interspersed with smaller shelves that act as a stair. Easy to clean.

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Amazing cat tree that provides large playing space for many cats. This interesting construction provides space for jumping, scratching and sleeping. It is durable and safe for home living animals like cats.

Buy cat tree 11

That's the highest cat tree in the world. It's actually a tree with thirty six branches and each of them features a plate where a cat can comfortably sit on. The cats will not only relax there, but it's also a great indoor playhouse for them.

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Cats are children of tigers - they love to climb the trees, even those domesticated should have the opportunity. Hence, some buy such a cat tree furnitures. A real playground for cats. Surrounded by a pleasing soft plush fabric that is suitable for scratching.

Cat perch tree

Activity Cat Tree Furniture

Buy cat bed 1

Original cat bed in the royal style. It is covered with richly decorated fabric and fitted with canopy. Includes removable pillow for easy cleaning. Suitable for small and medium sized pets.