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The best place to buy cat tree furniture is the web. No local store will have such a great selection of products, and everybody knows your furry friend deserves the best treatment in the world. With multiple platforms, small openings and textured surfaces, a cat tree is a great way to keep cats active and happy.

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Durable cat tree with wooden construction finished in white color. It also includes some red accents. This tall tree provides many branches and compartments, so it is entertaining for more than one cat.

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Butterfly Tree ★ happy playground of happy cats

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Cat tree in the shape of tree. Construction is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Modern accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

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Safety net enclosure for cats. If your cat is not reasonable enough to stay close to the window sill, buy a cat run - as simple as that. The see-through net doesn't lower the quality of the view, but it keeps the kitty inside the house / porch.

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Seven Modern Design Cat Trees (and Two Modern Cat Shelves)

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Really cool modular cat perches. This perch uses an IKEA stolman closet pole and clamps, and then you purchase the steps and platforms from Whisker Studio. The last picture on the home page is really cool, but unfortunately is in Flash so I can't post it

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Original cat bed in the royal style. It is covered with richly decorated fabric and fitted with canopy. Includes removable pillow for easy cleaning. Suitable for small and medium sized pets.

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Amazing cat tree that provides large playing space for many cats. This interesting construction provides space for jumping, scratching and sleeping. It is durable and safe for home living animals like cats.

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(Insight) "Buying an enormous carpeted cat tree makes me feel like a cat lady - but my cats aren't happy unless they have something to climb on." (Concept: Make something utilitarian into something beautiful.)

Cat tower corner climbing cat tree 68

Cat Tower Corner Climbing Cat Tree 68
If you’re a cat owner and your little kitties always act hyperactive and have no place to play, just take a look at this wonderful, corner-installed climbing tower with a scratching post in it. Your cats will love it!

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That's the highest cat tree in the world. It's actually a tree with thirty six branches and each of them features a plate where a cat can comfortably sit on. The cats will not only relax there, but it's also a great indoor playhouse for them.

62" Boston Cat Tree

62" Boston Cat Tree

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Cat Tree Design Ideas, Simple DIY Cat Furniture

13 diy cat tower ideas clicky pix

13 DIY Cat Tower Ideas - Clicky Pix

Carson says its a doctor who thing i have no

Carson says its a doctor who thing, I have no idea what that is . He has to build this. For our two cats

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Cat Trees That Look Like Trees For Sale To buy or not to buy a cat

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A cat tree that's actually a tree might be the only kind of cat tree I don't hate.

Cat perch tree

Activity Cat Tree Furniture

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Cats are children of tigers - they love to climb the trees, even those domesticated should have the opportunity. Hence, some buy such a cat tree furnitures. A real playground for cats. Surrounded by a pleasing soft plush fabric that is suitable for scratching.

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I am so going to try and make this for my cats!!!

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree

50" Premier Kitty Pad Cat Tree
Lady and sir cats, we have something for you! This cat tree has a solid wood construction and is perfect for every size of a kitty - for these bigger and smaller ones. It is worth highlighting that this piece has been made in the USA - for an American quality!

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If I ever won the lottery I would buy a big house and make a whole room dedicated to my kitty's :) crazy cat lady...I think so... lol

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Cactus Cat Climbing Tower

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Crazy cool cat furniture that you can actually afford (i.e. make yourself vs. buy for $800 through SkyMall)!

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how to make a cat climbing/scratching tree without buying new plastics

Unique book shelf 8

my living room by ~outboxdesign on deviantART this is what i have been wanting to make for a very long ime. I just haave to buy all the stuff and affix it to the wall

71" Cat Tree I

71" Cat Tree I

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Can't believe she made this from cardboard, dollar tree, & garage sale stuff!!

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Modern Pet Furniture & Accessories for Design Lovers

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If you are looking for some comfy beds for your furry friends, this multifunctional set might appeal to you. It can be used both by cats and dogs, comprising a bed with stairs, place above a compartment with built-in bowls with food.

Mouse pet bed crochet pattern

Mouse Pet Bed Crochet Pattern
A funny contemporary cat bed hand crocheted of durable grey yarn. It has the form of a ... mouse with a long tail, large ears, black eyes and whiskers. An oval sleeping surface has a wide raised edge.

Homemade cat tree plans

Out of the Dog House: 25 Awesome Pet Habitats | WebUrbanist Can we pleassseee do this, please, please, please!!!

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Customer Trees - Cat Tree Plans - How to Build Cat Furniture - Do-it Yourself - Make A Cat House - DIYS Cat Condo Plan

Diy crochet pattern chunky t shirt yarn

Diy Crochet Pattern Chunky T Shirt Yarn
Crochet cat bed - cozy and welcoming, and pretty stylish in addition; a modern Scandinavian style, preferably with a slight cottage hint, would make use of such a design a lot. In gray and white, with cover.

46" Premier Large Cat Pagoda Tree

46" Premier Large Cat Pagoda Tree
Pretty large standing tree for cats. It is made of wood solids covered in beige plush carpet. This pagoda-stylized tree has a rectangular foot, a few bent-down shelves, 3 poles, a scratching slat wrapped with rope. It's crowned with a cozy box.

Solid wood cat furniture 2

This cat looks really pleased with its brand new cat furniture crafted skillfully from solid wood. Blending perfectly with minimalist contemporary style, this cat house features lots of compartments with stairs and cutout round peek-a-boo holes.

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Naked Cat Tree by fennelgrl, via Flickr

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#bookshelf #DIY DIY bookshelf: I really need to buy some more power tools.

Lotus cat tower and ragdoll cats in australia

Lotus Cat Tower and Ragdoll Cats in Australia

Tubby two seater cat tree the moon shaped tubby two

tubby two seater cat tree the moon shaped tubby two seater cat tree ...

Mommy is cheap and wont buy this for me

Mommy is cheap and won't buy this for me.

What we do

What We Do

Amazing inspiration from germany elegant simple cat climbing towers scratching

Amazing Inspiration from Germany: Elegant & Simple Cat Climbing Towers & Scratching Posts by Profeline

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Your cat will love napping on this bed. You will love the stylish, space-saving design.

Ikea hack cat climbing pole diy cat climbing shelves

Ikea Hack Cat - Climbing Pole - DIY Cat Climbing Shelves

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Unique Play Cat Areas - We were going to do this. Love how clean it looks

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Cat tree in traditional form. Construction is made of wood. It consists of 4 levels in various sizes. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

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Halloween tree with cat mummies

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