Cat Ramp For Bed

Not only dogs need a ramp to get on your bed. Sometimes your friendly feline can use a helper, too. Introducing cat ramps for beds. Maybe your cat has gotten a little order, or has a problem with their legs. That is no longer any reason for them to be denied an audience with their sleeping owner. Let that kitty join you, then prance away after a few good pettings.

Best Products

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp

Bedside 25" Pet Ramp
It is a perfect ramp for the dog or cat, which you can put near the bed. It is particularly useful for dogs with short paws. This dog is able to walk up and down from a high bed, so the ramp as perfect support for him.

Pet Ramp with 14" Tall Landing

Pet Ramp with 14" Tall Landing
Help your tiny pets take benefits from better accessibility to various home nooks with this two-pieces ramp. The pieces may be used together or separately. They are made of resilient foam with beige fabric cover. They are easy to move around.

Folding Pet Ramp

Folding Pet Ramp
This practical folding ramp for animals, a great solution especially for smaller breeds. You can easily climb into the car, the higher sofas or armchairs. Made on the basis of solid wood has carpeting with polyester blend.

Designer 3 Step Pet Stair with Storage

Designer 3 Step Pet Stair with Storage
It is a three step pet stair with storage that is very functional and perfect for home with pets. They look more like furniture than other stairs. They are perfect for high bed and little pet. You will be impressed how great this stairs are.

Cat ramp

Who wouldn't want their pet to be able to climb onto the bed without any difficulties? With this ramp it will finally be possible and it will also prove extremely stable and durable to last for a long time.

Cat ramp for bed 1

If you don't mind your dog sleeping in your bed, but it's so tiny that it can't reach it, get this useful ramp. It's a wooden construction with a carpeted ramp that will let you dog reach your bed quickly and safely.

Ramps for cats

Some cats can't jump or climb dexterously anymore, due to illness or elderly age. In such moments, a cat ramp comes - your bed will be still accessible to your kitty when a wooden ramp is set next to it.

Our advice Buying Guide

Prolong your pet’s health by getting it its own ramp to access your bed. Although your cat is still young, the joints, hips, and spine of a cat experience a lot of stress when it lands on its feet from a great height. For older cats, a cat ramp for bed isn’t optional, but rather a tool that’s necessary for alleviating the pain that they experience whenever they need to get in and out of your bed.

What makes a cat ramp for bed safe?

A safe cat ramp that can be used with a bed is one that has non-looping carpeting. The carpet is optimal as it gives the animal traction and will prevent your dear pet from slipping off. But, the nails of your cat can get stuck into the carpet if it has small loops. That is the reason why you need to choose one with a non-looping carpet (plush).

Safety rails at the sides of your cat’s ramp will stop the animal in its tracks when it starts to fall off. It's especially important if the cat is already losing its sight. Also, the cat will be able to use the safety rails as a guide to know where it’s going.

If your pet loses its vision, it will happen slowly. It will also be hard for a pet owner to recognize there’s a problem as the animal can memorize the locations of items inside your household. It will also act as if there’s nothing wrong. However, if you start noticing that the cat bumps into furniture when it’s moved into your home, that’s how you know your cat is visually impaired. It may also seem reticent in jumping from high spots.

In order to reach your bed in the safest way possible, give the cat a cat ramp that’s high enough that its highest spot is of the same level as your bed’s surface.

If your cat has mobility problems, choose the cat ramp that’s low-lying. This will ensure that your cat is as close to the ground as possible. You can get a ramp for your bed as well as the other furniture in your home. We suggest you get several ramps so you won’t have to follow your cat all the time.

How to measure for a cat ramp?

Measure your bed’s height and use your trusty old tape measure in estimating the angle that your cat will be able to handle. After that, just look for the ramp that has the measurements you’ve taken. Taking the measurements of your bed is as important as taking the cat’s size. Cats need an incline that’s both comfortable and sturdy to hold their weight.

Remember, you should not push a ramp’s abilities beyond their limit. Also, you should take special consideration when you’re choosing the ramp’s length. This means the higher your bed is, the longer the cat ramp has to be. A ramp’s length affects how steep it is for your pet.

A cat ramp is for a cat regardless of its age. So, don’t delay the purchase and get one today for the sake of your cat’s health and well-being.


Cat ramp for bed

Make life a little easier for you, your older cat or for kittens with this cat ramp that gives your furry feline easy access to your bed – where your fur baby will prefer to sleep, even with its own bed.

Cat ramp for bed 2

Cat or dog/ pet ramp for bed. Constructed from wooden light base and very fashionable soft fabric, eases your pet straight way to your bed. Ideal for small dogs or pets, who can not climb or jump that high.

Cat stairs for bed

What a creative piece of furniture! A gorgeous ramp for your pet to help him get up to your bed. Perfect for the cute, little pets that might need a little help, or the old, lazy ones! Matches the design of the bedroom very nicely.

Cat ramps

Beautifully constructed dog ramp designed to help your kitty climb up and down the bed with ease. The ramp is 24-inch high, making it a great option for all types of beds. It’s covered in a nice neutral fabric, imprinted with whimsical kitty paws for that superb look.

Pet folding ramp dog cat stairs steps beds car suvs

... Pet folding Ramp dog cat stairs steps beds car suvs trucks couches

Ramps for cats will let your kitty stroll on up

... ramps for cats will let your kitty stroll on up to their favorite spot

Cat ramp for bed 1

Wide pet ramp to help your older, very young, or small pets to get from the floor to the bed. Even if your pet has its own bed, it will like your bed, with you, the best of all.

Normal cat ramp for bed

Normal Cat Ramp for Bed

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Couch and bed pet ramp

Couch and Bed Pet Ramp

Dog bed ramp

Your dog or cat has problems with getting onto your high bed? Help your pet with smart dog ramp. Some dog breeds, like dachshunds or chihuahuas, may take great advantage of a tall wooden ramp that makes bed accessible for them.

Cat scratch ramp

Cat Scratch Ramp

Cat steps for bed

Cat Steps, Cat Stairs and Cat Ramps are fast becoming an indispensable aid for concerned owners who value their cats' independence. Cat stairs are useful not only for elderly or infirm cats but for the little creatures that can not reach their favourite p

Cat ramp for bed

This wonderful playset will be a fantastic entertainment for cats. Sisal-wrapped post combined with love ramp creates great climbing activity, encouraging your cat to spend time actively.

Cat ramp for bed

Pet Gear StRamp Pet Stair Ramp Combo for Cats and Dogs, Chocolate -

Convertible Pet Steps/Ramp

Why not go for these amazing pet steps / ramp that can become a very practical tool for enabling your dog to climb all those higher surfaces? It is beautifully finished with the dog paws to make it look more charming.