Tiffany Cat Lamp

Tiffany's is known for many of the more beautiful offerings in home decor, and we have a new item we think you will enjoy for your living space. A tiffany cat lamp is a lovely way to accentuate your home with something not only gorgeous, but also useful. It gives off light in many colors through the myriad of individual stained-glass panels. See collection for more.

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Tiffany style sleeping cat lamp

Tiffany style sleeping cat lamp
A truly exceptional lamp that looks like a sleeping cat. It was made of many glass squares that appear in different tones of beige and brown color, which will give warm light. It's high quality glass that will serve you a lifetime.

Bronze tiffany style cat lamp with bat shade

Bronze tiffany style cat lamp with bat shade
This amazingly crafted table lamp with stained glass lampshade and cat's sculpture in the base delight in detail and beautifully presented in the decor. The whole made with attention to detail is durable and beautiful.

Cat tiffany style lamp

Cat tiffany style lamp
Exquisitely adorable cat Tiffany lamp. With the precisely resembled figure, it creates a real masterpiece. Recommended for pet lovers as well as all enthusiasts of rustic charm.

Tiffany style bobble head cat lamp

Tiffany style bobble head cat lamp
The bobble head tiffany table lamp in cat shape. The stained glass-work was made by the multicolored pieces of glass, so when it is lite up the color are very vibrant and it looks really breathtaking.

Lotus Bud Bastet Cat Table Lamp

Lotus Bud Bastet Cat Table Lamp
If you are a cat lover, you will appreciate this table lamp. It has the famous Bastet cat as the base, referring to the ancient Egyptian mythology. The shade is made of shards of glass and has been beautifully adorned.

Sassy Cat 7" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Sassy Cat 7" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
This 7-inch height table lamp in a sitting cat design, features a gorgeous, gray art glass body, with glistening glass jewels playing role of cat's eyes. The lamp is hand-crafted, and accommodates one 15W candelabra base bulb.

Tiffany Style Sleeping Cat Lamp

Tiffany Style Sleeping Cat Lamp
This is a very creative and innovative tiffany style lamp. Made from colorful glass pieces, sleeping cat shape. Gives very dim and smoky light. Great for garden spaces or as your new night table decoration.

Our advice Buying Guide

A Tiffany cat lamp is undoubtedly an excellent addition to any table that you may have. For one, it's a stylish piece. It also provides an essential function of being a lighting source. If you are a lover of cats, then a Tiffany cat lamp will always be a good idea for you.

However, just because you like the idea of a Tiffany cat lamp doesn’t mean you can pick out the first one you come across. To make the most of your purchase, you need to consider a couple of factors. And, that's what this article is all about as it will feature a buying guide for Tiffany cat lamp.

What do you need a Tiffany cat lamp for?

When buying a Tiffany cat lamp, the first thing you need to consider is the type in relation to your primary purpose. When it comes to this specific kind of lamp, it could be for task, the ambient or decorative.

Task lighting is a type of lamp that comes with the primary purpose of providing you with illumination for reading, drawing or any other task. If this is what you are looking for, then you look for the kind of lamp design that projects most, if not all, of the light downwards.

If you are thinking of buying a Tiffany cat lamp because you want to add more light to the room, then what you are looking for is categorized as ambient lighting. For such purposes, you'd want a lamp design that allows light to escape sideways and upwards.

The decorative type is a kind of Tiffany cat lamp that's mainly used for decoration purposes. Hence, how the light shines is not a big concern. When buying for this purpose, you'd want to put more focus on how the lamp will look in relation to what's in the table and the rest of the room's theme or design.

What are the most common designs of Tiffany cat lamps?

If you check out a few tiffany cat lamps in the market, you can sort them into two major categories. You can either buy a lampshade with a cat figure or a lamp that's entirely designed like a cat.

If you are buying for lighting purposes, then get the one that has a lampshade with an integrated cat design. When choosing this type, another thing to consider is the shape of the lampshade. For ambient lighting, you'd want a box or a shape that focuses more of the light to the sides and upwards. For task lighting purposes, a coolie, bell or empire shape is the ideal choice as it projects more of the light downwards.

If you are buying a lamp that is entirely designed like a cat, then it's usually for decorative purposes. Typically, the lighting source is inside the cat. The lighting direction is not a big of a deal. Rather, you'd want to focus on ensuring that the cat's design will fit into the theme of the room.

Choosing the right Tiffany cat lamp can be confusing because of the many options. After referring to the key points above, you should be able to effectively weed out the unnecessary choices.


Tiffany cat lamp 26

Tiffany Style Multicolor Stretching Cat Stained Glass Accent Table Lamp

Tiffany cat lamp 10

The strange tiffany lamp with the colorful lampshade. I totally don't catch the designer's idea, which put the tulip shape on the cat's tail. If they decide to use the nature motives, it will be good to pair it logically.

Cat lamp retro mid century bronze green eyes glass tiffany

Cat Lamp Retro Mid Century Bronze Green Eyes Glass Tiffany Style Shade Haunting Ambience 2 Light Bulbs Included.

Tiffany cat lamp 2

Lovely table lamp mounted on metal base in the shape of cat. Lampshade is covered with stained glass. Elegant accent for the living room, bedroom and more.

Tiffany cat lamp 35

Tiffany-style Cat Accent Lamp

215 sm tiffany style lamp w bronze cat base lot

215: Sm. Tiffany Style Lamp w/ Bronze Cat Base : Lot 215

Tiffany cat lamp 7

Tiffany Lamp Posh Cat

Tiffany cat lamp

With this attractive piece of antique, your room will be swimming in coziness and warm light. The tiffany-style lamp comes with a black metal body shaped like a slender cat that holds a flower-like stained glass shade hanging on the tip of its tail.

Tiffany cat lamp 37

Tiffany Styled Handcrafted Cat & Dragonfly Novelty Lamp

Tiffany cat lamp 9

Antique Tiffany Inspired Table Lamp Cat w/ by AccruedAntiques, $300.00

Tiffany cat lamp 13

Multicolor Tiffany Style Cat Lamp GOVERNMENT AUCTION

Vintage tiffany style cat lamp

Vintage Tiffany Style Cat Lamp

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Cat Tiffany Stained Glass Pendant Lighting Fixture 19.5 Inches W

Pendant lamp fitted with stained glass lampshade. Frame is made of metal. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Classic form and elegant style.

Cat lamps

Try not to get enchanted, while looking at this lovely Tiffany cat lamp set. It brings unbelievable warmth, charm and vividness. Wonderfully designed, with big attention to details, will truly illuminate every interior.

Art deco cat lamp bronzed with tiffany style tulip shade

Art Deco Cat Lamp Bronzed with Tiffany Style Tulip Shade ~ VintageVille ~ Old Vintage Variety and Dime Store Stock Merchandise General Store Items

Stained glass cat lamp

A cute table lamp that can be a nice decoration for children's rooms. Designed in Tiffany style, the lamp is shaped like an adorable cat with green eyes and black whiskers, resting on a flat octagon base. It's all made of small pieces of stained glass embedded in a black metal frame.

Tiffany cat lamp 19

Bronze Cat and Ginger Mica Dale Tiffany Accent Lamp

Tiffany cat lamp 31

Tiffany cats

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Stained Glass Kitten Cat Night Light - White with Light Sensor Base

New Arrival Colored Glass Cat Tiffany Table Lamp Lights Children'S Lamp

A beautiful example of Tiffany style at its best. This cat lamp will enchant everyone, regardless their age or sex. Big attention to details, characteristic for this style combines with solidness, ensured by zinc alloy construction and high-quality glass shade.

Tiffany cat lamp 24

Halloween, Witch, Goblin, Black Cat, Jack-O-Lantern, Bat, Ghost, Spooky, Full Moon, Pumpkin, Trick or Treat, Autumn, Fall

Tiffany cat lamp 21

Tiffany Style Dragonfly Shade with Cat Accent Lamp

Cat light

Cat light

Tiffany cat lamp 4

tiffany cat lamp

Tiffany cat lamp 6

A cute table lamp that is in the shape of a sweet cat. The lamp is made of stained glass with a bulb inside. It will be a nice, decorative accent of the living room or your kids' bedroom. It emits very delicate light.

Tiffany cat lamp 16

The Cat's Meow Lamp

Dale Tiffany 84207 Cat on the Moon Accent Lamp

Tiffany cat lamp 25

Kashiya Cat Table Lamp in Bronze Tiffany Connection

Tiffany cat lamp 4

Back to the classic interior design,eases the accented Dale Tiffany lamp - which combines a metallic finish with beautiful natural stone material. The basis is the historic sculpture of a cat, made of bronze. At the top there is a natural mica mineral.

Cat lamp base

An amazing table lamp featuring an amusing base of bronze modelled on a playing cat with a raised tail. It has an unscrewed head so one can install a bulb there and eyes glow. Its dome lampshade of colourful stained glass has a wavy bottom edge.

Tiffany cat lamp 20

6" Zinc Base Stained Glass Tiffany Beside Desk Lamps with Metal Cat Base

Tiffany cat lamp 5

Lamp: Cat Louis Comfort Tiffany-Style SophistiCat Accent Lamp

Tiffany cat lamp 3

This unique lamp in cat shape will be unusual decoration in your room. Eye-catching, tiffany style lamp will light your room with it's unique look. Great fit in kids room as well as in living room or modern bedroom

Tiffany cat lamp 15

Antique Art Nouveau Bronze Tiffany Style Stretching Cat Lamp #ArtDeco

Tiffany cat lamp 12

Tiffany style sculptured Cat lamp

Dale tiffany lamps tulip with cat 1 light accent lamp

Dale Tiffany Lamps Tulip with Cat 1 Light Accent Lamp - TA10900

Tiffany cat lamp 6

acl010025 description tiffany lamps china headshake cat tiffany lamp ...

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Tiffany cats

Tiffany cats

Tools home improvement lighting ceiling fans lamps shades lamp sets

tools home improvement lighting ceiling fans lamps shades lamp sets

Tiffany Nautical Koi Table Lamp

Tiffany Nautical Koi Table Lamp