Tiffany Swag Lamp

All of us use lamps a lot. Those that you can admire down here, are not only functional but artistic, too. Their colours, shapes and designs can impress even those uninterested in art, so feel free to browse through these photos and pick the model that you find most appropriate for your house.

Tiffany swag lamp 3

Pendant lamp mounted on adjustable chain. Frame is made of metal and covered with glass. Lampshade is finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Neutral design for each place.

Stained glass swag lamp

A lovely decoration for indoors, this Tiffany style swag lamp is shaped like a blooming flower, emanating with antique accents and captivating craftsmanship. The shade is made of rustic-finished metal, holding pieces of opaline blue glass.

Vintage tiffany swag lamp 1

Vintage Tiffany Swag Lamp
The vintage Tiffany swag lamp is a remarkable craft and beautiful combination of details that captivates. The whole is interestingly decorated to bring to the interior an interesting character, and at the same time, it is functional.

Tiffany swag lamp 2

A gorgeous Tiffany swag lamp that sparkles with an exotic design and geometric pattern. The lamp features a powder-coated metal frame with pieces of stained glass embedded in it - all suspended from a strong metal chain.

Tiffany swag lamp 6

A chic vintage electric table lamp with a sleek candlestick-like stem on a wide round foot crafted of slag in bluish and brownish tones. A canopy-like lampshade of stained glass tiles in greens and blues features an indented bottom edge.

Tiffany swag lamp 8

Now you can illuminate your room with warm light, thanks to this pretty Tiffany swag lamp. The shade is made of various pieces of stained glass, adorned with cherry embellishments, and suspended from a strong chain.

Vintage ornate victorian glass flower pendant tiffany swag chandelier light

Vintage Ornate Victorian Glass Flower Pendant Tiffany Swag Chandelier Light Lamp
The delightful Tiffany swag lamp is a Victorian design in a spatial form. Beautiful glass floral details delight and make the lampshade a unique element of interior design. Beautifully illuminated is charming.

One Light Downlight Pendant with Honey Glass And Amber Jewels Tiffany Glass in Dark Granite

Honey glass and amber jewels make this Tiffany glass shade an absolutely stunning decor proposition. Finished in dark granite, it will add elegance and charm to the space. Measures overall 11.25'' H x 15.5'' W.

Vintage swag hanging glass lamp 60s 70s chain globe antique

Vintage Swag Hanging Glass Lamp 60s 70s Chain Globe Antique Gold Quilted Des
Richly decorated pendant lamp mounted on metal frame. Lampshade is made of glass and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Ideal as main or additional light source in the living room, kitchen, dining room and more.

Tiffany swag lamp 9

Pendant lamp mounted on metal frame and covered with colorful glass. Traditional form and elegant design for the living room, dining room, kitchen and others interiors as needed.

Genuine capiz shell purple white tiffany design swag lamp

Genuine Capiz Shell Purple White Tiffany Design Swag Lamp
This simple chandelier inspired by Tiffany style give your interior more elegance. It is made of bright stained glass work and minerals. This hanging lamp looks more unique due to beautiful shell pattern.

Tiffany swag lamp 4

19182m - 22W Tiffany Floral Rose Bouquet Pendant Swag Lamp

Tiffany swag lamp 25


Tiffany style slag leaded glass hanging lamp lavender fleur de

Tiffany Style Slag Leaded Glass Hanging Lamp Lavender Fleur De Lis 12 ...

Tiffany swag lamp 1


Tiffany swag lamp 7

Are you searching for a chandelier that would spruce up your ambiance? The Tiffany Buckingham chandelier is a sophisticated addition into any home. It features the three lights with vintage design and colorful finish.

Tiffany swag lamp 13

Vintage Tiffany Green/Gold Swag hanging chandelier by ThePearlSwan, $65.00

Tiffany swag lamp 19

Just like in our old kitchen!! Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Leaded Swag Lamp by rmckie13, $80.00

Tiffany swag lamps

One-of-a-kind, Tiffany swag lamp. Floral decoration makes it really great for the spring when you want to show your connection to nature. But it’s equally good during the winter, to fight the monotony and grey weather.

Tiffany swag lamp

A gorgeous Tiffany swag lamp that creates a truly romantic atmosphere - full of warmth and soothing light. The shade is made of tiny shards of stained glass with blooming rose embellishments, with all suspended from a strong rustic metal chain.

Tiffany swag lamp 36

For Sale - Vintage swag tulip lamp 6914 -

Tiffany swag lamp 5

Tiffany's beautiful artistic glass - this time merging with the grape symbol. Interesting shades of blue, give refreshing associations to this swag lamp.Finished in elegant bronze. A little purple when it flashes - gives a beautiful setting to the dining room.

Amora lighting tiffany style cascades pendant lamp

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Cascades Pendant Lamp
The efficient design of this Tiffany swag lamp makes the decor of the kitchen or living room gain a unique climate. Cascading pendant light impresses elegance and captivate thoughtful details.

Vintage tiffany lamp

Such lamps were particularly popular in the 1960s/70s. Made of acrylate lucytin. In the middle we have the flashes blue, marine light bulb. It has a round,full ball and undoubtedly retro chuck. Tiffany swag lamp resembles the psychedelic colors of those years.

Europa t14 edison bulb brushed nickel multi light pendant 2r026

Europa T14 Edison Bulb Brushed Nickel Multi Light Pendant - #2R026-U5000 |

Chloe Lighting 2 Light Victorian Large Hanging Pendant

Chloe Lighting 2 Light Victorian Large Hanging Pendant

Tiffany swag lamp 4

A fantastic swag pendant light that will brighen up your room with its soothing, warm light. Designed in Tiffany style, the lamp comes with an espresso-finished frame with small pieces of white glass embedded in it.

Tiffany swag lamp 15

Tifffany Style Ruby Flora 19" Wide Swag Pendant Light - #glo #lampsplus #makesummerbright

Meyda tiffany 19184 7 light romance rose swag large pendant

Meyda Tiffany 19184 7 Light Romance Rose Swag Large Pendant, Verdi Washed Mahogany Bronze

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Ebay image 1 tiffany style coca cola hanging lamp light

eBay Image 1 Tiffany Style Coca-Cola Hanging Lamp/Light

Tiffany swag lamp 35

Shades of the Tiffany look 1972

Tiffany swag lamp 14

tiffany style dragonfly table lamp aqua red

Chloe Lighting Tiffany 2 Light Inverted Pendant

Chloe Lighting Tiffany 2 Light Inverted Pendant
Very magnificent hanging pendant with decorative stained glass which gives some of charming look to this pendant. Material of shade is a Copper foiled glass which is not onlyu durable but also very pretty.

Budweiser Clydesdale Tiffany Lamp Light Fixture

Budweiser Clydesdale Tiffany Lamp Light Fixture
Extraordinary lamp which is a great light fixture that adds some type of unusual feeling to any room. It was handmade of stained glass that is very enduring. This is very good type of shade for fans of popular drink.

Toltec Lighting 10-DG-995 Pendant Light With Blue Mosaic Tiffany In Dark Granite

Tiffany swag lamp 12


Tiffany style green kokomo glass hanging swag lamp light fixture

... Tiffany Style Green Kokomo Glass hanging Swag Lamp Light Fixture

Meyda tiffany victorian floral girl on swag k shade

Meyda Tiffany Victorian Floral Girl On Swag / K Shade

Vintage tiffany swag lamp

vintage tiffany swag lamp

Tiffany swag lamp 32

Arrowhead Tiffany table lamp

Art deco dancer bronze lady wonderful tiffany style multicoloured stained

ART DECO DANCER BRONZE LADY Wonderful Tiffany style multicoloured stained glass,

Victorian 9


Duffner kimberly mosaic glass table lamp art glass bronze ny

Duffner & Kimberly Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Art glass, bronze NY, early 20th century Quatrefoil shade on a cast bronze base, Colonial No. 519, with reeding, swag and foliate motifs in relief, four socket cast brass cluster with heart-shaped heat vents an

For sale swag stained glass hanging chandelier light lamp tiffany

For Sale - Swag Stained Glass Hanging Chandelier Light Lamp Tiffany Style c FREE SHIP US

Love this idea for the kitchen funky retro

Love this idea for the kitchen funky retro!!

One Light Downlight Pendant with Honey And Brown Mission Tiffany Glass in Dark Granite

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For sale vintage tiffany style rose stained glass swag ceiling

For Sale - Vintage Tiffany Style Rose Stained Glass Swag/Ceiling/Light Fixture

For sale antique 6 sided brass stained glass swag hanging

For Sale - Antique 6 Sided Brass & Stained Glass Swag Hanging Lamp ~ Heavy & Large