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Teapot accent lamps are an interesting way to accentuate your eclectic style while showing you have a bit of class and swagger that is a little old school. They are creative and attractive and will easily lamp any space you need. And they can fit just about any bulb including LED. If you are looking for a fun and crazy lamp look no further than our collection of teapot accent lamps.

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Updated 24/09/2023
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Moroccan Teapot Lantern Tiffany-Style Decor Piece

Moroccan Teapot Lantern Tiffany-Style Decor Piece

Astoria Grand

Perfect For: Enriching your bedroom, living room, or office space

What We Like: The unique charm it brings to any room

This Moroccan teapot lantern features an exquisite Tiffany-style design, imbuing your space with a warm and exotic atmosphere. The intricate details and colorful glass panels evoke the magic of Moroccan nights, making it an eye-catching addition to any bedroom, living room, or desk. Transform your interior by simply placing this striking decor piece, which captivates with its alluring blend of form and function.


Designer Advice:

Place the lantern on a dark wooden tabletop or shelf, alongside other elements inspired by Moroccan culture, such as patterned cushions or a richly textured rug, to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

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Tiffany-Style Teapot Accent Lamp

Tiffany-Style Teapot Accent Lamp

August Grove®

Perfect For: Adding a touch of whimsy and warmth to any room

What We Like: The unique teapot design with vibrant stained glass

This charming Tiffany-style teapot accent lamp features a delightful blend of green, pink, orange, and beige stained glass, casting a warm and inviting glow. The free-standing design allows you to place the lamp on the floor, desk, or any table of your choice, making it a versatile and eye-catching piece of decor. Its distinctive teapot shape and exquisite stained glass make it a conversation starter and a perfect addition to any living space.


Designer Advice:

Pair this teapot accent lamp with vintage or eclectic furnishings, and use warm-toned bulbs for an even cozier atmosphere.

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Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Teapot Table Lamp

Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Teapot Table Lamp

Fleur De Lis Living

Perfect For: Tea enthusiasts and lovers of Montclare elegance

What We Like: The exquisite artisan craftsmanship

This Tiffany-style teapot table lamp brings a warm glow to your tea time with its vibrantly-hued, hand-crafted authentic art glass and 28 stunning cabochons. Set within a designer resin handle and spout, the bejeweled illumination adds a touch of Montclare sophistication to any space. The charming table lamp is compatible with a 25-watt candelabra bulb, featuring a handy switch on the cord for easy use.


Designer Advice:

Position this delightful lamp on a side table during your next tea party or place it on a mantle as a statement centerpiece, complementing your elegant decor.

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Traditional Tiffany Teapot Table Lamp

Traditional Tiffany Teapot Table Lamp


This small-sized 10.5” x 7” x 7” teapot lamp base has a 252-piece stained glass mosaic coating for a vintage color ambiance. The short spout and dainty rounded attached handle create the traditional teapot look. 

Designer Advice:

There are various teapot lamps, from small ones that look like the kind you use for boiling water for coffee or tea. Other styles are tall and look more like a genie lamp you expect to rub and get free wishes. Most teapot lamps have a glass mosaic design that refracts light in various colors. 

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Turkish Mosaic Moroccan Tiffany Lamp

Turkish Mosaic Moroccan Tiffany Lamp


For a darker, more dramatic Tiffany teapot lamp, try this Turkish mosaic dome shade in blue or black multicolor on an antique metal bronze base. The 4.5” x 5.3” x 15” size makes this lamp ideal for nightstands, desks, or side tables.

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Beautiful Bronzed Mosaic Decorative Teapot

Beautiful Bronzed Mosaic Decorative Teapot


This silver teapot lamp has a flared ribbed base under a beautiful boldly colored glass ball in five predominant colors. Then on top, the bronze lamp has a gracefully arching neck, a flared bulb, and grooved curving handles and spouts.

Designer Advice:

A fun teapot lamp design is an antique genie lamp kettle. This lamp style will be taller, as the teapot is a decor topper rather than the part with the light bulb. Underneath the lamp is a glass shade that protects the lightbulb. This shade also serves as a style piece due to being made of different colors of glass shards. The design can be random or have a pattern. 

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Pretty Petite Multi Colored Stained Glass Pot

Pretty Petite Multi Colored Stained Glass Pot

This short 6.5'' small teapot lamp consists of yellow stained glass background and multi colors to create decorative flower motifs. The black handle and spout have slender curves for a stylish, bronzed Tiffany table light.  

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Subtle Boho Globed Table Lamp

Subtle Boho Globed Table Lamp


This Moroccan Tiffany stained glass teapot lamp has a flared, non-slip pedestal base that leads to the multi-colored mosaic glass globe. A teapot with dramatically swerving handles mounts at the top of the glass dome.

Designer Advice:

A tall Moroccan Tiffany teapot lamp does best with a non-slip base to prevent the light from being knocked over. The glass globe surrounding the lightbulb isn’t the only way your genie teapot lamp can serve as fancy decoration. You can also get creative with the spout and handle on the teapot.

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Teapot Lamp

Buying Guide

A teapot accent lamp is an adorable piece of decor that adds charm to your home. When deciding where to place your teapot lamp, consider the amount of light the lamp gives off and where you want that light to shine.

Teapot lamps create cozy, ambient lighting. This is wonderful for smaller spaces where you enjoy reading, sipping tea, and visiting with friends. Teapot lamps also work great in your bedroom, where you can relax under the covers with the soft light easing you to sleep.

Teapot lamps are not ideal for areas where they get lost among other furniture pieces or where bright light is required. It is best if you place your teapot lamp in a quiet, cozy room where it can shine as a subtle light and design centerpiece.

Your teapot accent lamp will be made out of, likely, either ceramic or a metal such as bronze. These materials are easy to form, and also easy to take care of.

If your teapot accent lamp is made of metal, be careful about touching the base or putting it in a location where it might easily be touched, as it can become warm after the lamp has been in use for a long time.

Best Ideas

Teapot accent lamp 4

Another lamp that provides good level of light at night and decorates indoors at day. This element features a teapot frame that stands on four solid legs. This solid metal construction provides support for a traditional, white shade.

Teapot accent lamp

A lovely table lamp that looks like a teapot. It features a pure white structure with beautifully etched patterns. The ornaments have little holes where the light can show through. A fab decoration of the table that will subtly glitter.

Walmart 13 25 charleston silver teapot table lamp with black

Walmart: 13.25" Charleston Silver Teapot Table Lamp with Black Fabric Shade

Teapot lamps for sale

Tea cup lamp

The golden teapot table lamp add a cute touch to

- The Golden Teapot Table Lamp - Add a cute touch to your desk or a side table with one of these beautiful single-light gold table lamps. The elegant teapot used for the base gives the piece a whimsical appearance that is accented by the li

Handcrafted tiffany style 9 7 8 victorian inspired teapot accent

Handcrafted Tiffany Style 9-7/8"Victorian Inspired Teapot Accent Lamp

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Add it to your favorites to revisit it later.

Midwest antique silver teapot accent lamp

Midwest Antique Silver Teapot Accent Lamp

Product au76346 a beautiful gift thats sure to complement any

Product # AU76346 - A beautiful gift that's sure to complement any elegant or modern eclectic décor! Ceramic teapot body is decorated with a lovely hand-painted floral design, and is accented by the off-white fine fabric shade with piped seam. 40W maximu

Teapot accent lamp 14

This teapot antique lamp constitutes a great accent to your living or dining room, adding an original, vintage charm. Retro teapot resplendent in burnished silver creates a quirky lamp base. It has the approx. height of 14".

Teapot accent lamp 2

... Tiffany-Style 8.75'' Butterfly Floral Teapot Stained Glass Accent Lamp

Teapot accent lamp 2

Cool teapot accent lamp, nicely finish with teapot shape base, made from brass. It looks super shiny, like a little mirror. I love this long creamy beige lamp shade as well. Looks a bit old school and modern at the same time.

White teapot lamp two teapots and jagged saucers by thistleandjug

White Teapot Lamp Two Teapots and Jagged Saucers by ThistleandJug, $93.00

Small silver teapot accent table lamp from cbk only save

Small Silver Teapot Accent Table Lamp from CBK Only Save %, Rating: 4.3/5, 23 reviewers

Teapot accent lamp 1

Handcrafted Tiffany Style 9" Teapot Accent Lamp

Teapot lamp


Teapot accent lamp 3

A beautiful china lamp that will astonish all with its weird yet stylish design - it offers a stunning base with teacups and coasters, all in a white finish and with the look of real porcelain and comes with a charming teacup on top of the shade as well.

Teapot accent lamp 5

... about Tiffany Stained Glass TEAPOT Accent Lamp - FREE SHIPPING

Lamp from old tea pot

lamp from old tea pot

At sterling industries creativity and imagination are the founding pillars

At Sterling Industries, creativity and imagination are the founding pillars of this great home accents business. This company is best known for its lamps, mirrors and accent pieces.

Teapot accent lamp 16

At Sterling Industries, creativity and imagination are the founding pillars of this great home accents business. This company is best known for its lamps, mirrors and accent pieces.

Teapot accent lamp 9

Accent Lamp Stained Glass Tiffany Style Coffee or Tea Pot

Teapot accent lamp 10

Tolbert Teapot Accent Lamp

Margies lamps

Margie's Lamps ...