Ceramic Kitchen Canisters Sets

Ceramic kitchen canisters are a classy addition to any kitchen decor. You'll find them very useful for storage and also decorative. They look good placed on the counter as an eye-pleasing array and fill the blank space between the lower and upper kitchen cupboards. Check the designs below.

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Ceramic kitchen canisters sets

Your kitchen can be stunning too! Details makes the room more interesting, just like this Tuscan kitchen set, which includes three canisters. They are made of cream ceramic with iron accents. They are great for spices and more.

Ceramic kitchen canisters

These simple elements play functional roles in any kitchen. These are special canisters for salt, sugar and other spices, etc. These ceramic canisters are durable and they also decorate kitchen indoors.

Ceramic kitchen canisters sets 1

Set of 3 canisters with gloss finish. It is finished with sophisticated ornament and fitted with lids. Suitable for storing food. Elegant addition for each kitchen.

Made to order kitchen set of 3 canisters

Made To Order Kitchen Set Of 3 Canisters
Containers for kitchen utensils in the form of ceramic elements are an excellent solution for any decor. Beautiful colors and functional lids allow you to store different things and occasionally make a great decoration.

Ceramic kitchen canisters sets

A simply sublime set of three canisters that ooze charm thanks to the polka dot pattern of the structure and the yellow finish. They will provide you with the best solution to keep your sugar or coffee neatly organized in your kitchen.

Ceramic kitchen canisters 1

To store sugar, flour, groats or seasonings while maintaining the Tuscan style of a kitchen, this three pieces canisters set is just fit. Colored burgundy red with dark lids, it's both decorative and practical.

Ceramic canisters

Polka dot pattern is as timeless as they get. This set of ceramic kitchen canisters is all you'll ever need for keeping your sugar or spices. It's important to mention that ceramic canisters are safer to us in the kitchen than plastic ones.

Our advice Buying Guide

One of the best ways to organize your cooking and baking supplies is by investing in ceramic kitchen canister sets. No matter whether or not you have an interest in canisters that have a twist or cork lid, it's possible to find a canister set that fits your kitchen's theme and your taste. There are many things to take into consideration when selecting your canisters. Before making a spontaneous choice, be sure to weigh your options and think about their best uses.

Decide on Your Materials

While kitchen canister sets are available in a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, and glass, choosing ceramic is an excellent option. One of the main reason for this is because they work great for storing coffee, tea, spices, flour, sugar, and any other kitchen item. Ceramics tend to be long-lasting and hard-wearing due to their considerable durability.

What Sizes Do You Need?

When picking out the best ceramic kitchen canisters sets, it's critical that you take into consideration the sizes you'll need. For example, if you like to bake a lot, you'll need storage canisters that will accommodate large quantities of sugar, flour, and other baking essentials. That way, you're not in need of refilling your supplies constantly. It isn't uncommon to find kitchen canister sets at varying heights for holding different cooking supplies and spices, also.

Choose Stylish Containers

More often than not, your ceramic-kitchen-canisters-sets will be displayed on your countertops, so take into consideration how they match your theme. Because they're designed to help provide convenience with meal preparation, you're less likely to store them in your cabinets. Therefore, choosing canisters that coordinate with your kitchen's styles will help create a clean and fresh look. Ceramic canisters are reminiscent of traditional or "old-fashioned" kitchen styling featuring a country theme.

Your Canister's Lid

While the style of the canister is essential, it's lid plays a significant role. The main reason is that it must have an air-tight feature to help ensure the integrity of its contents remains preserved. Additionally, it's vital that you have lids that will easily open and close. Otherwise, you could experience chipping or breaking on either the ceramic canister or the lid's seal. Look for lids that close hermetically, have button closures, or can open with one hand.

What Are the Average Costs?

Because ceramic kitchen canisters sets are available in a myriad of styles and sizes, their prices are going to vary significantly. You could find some ceramic canisters priced as low as $19.99 for the set, and upwards of over $100.00 for more elaborate designs. The costs of the canisters will also vary depending on where you’re purchasing them. High-end retailers will charge more for these storage items despite the fact that they’re made from the same materials as retailers featuring them for a more affordable price point. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to shop around for the best deal when making your final selections.


Ceramic canister set 4 vintage hand

Ceramic Canister Set 4 Vintage Hand
Very practical and original kitchen canisters. These vintage hand painted faux books provide storage space for spices and other kitchen products. These multi-color elements are resistant to wear and they are able to improve kitchen aesthetics.

Canister set in aqua

Canister Set In Aqua
Clean lines, ergonomic appearance, and lovely finish are the things that make this classy set a really nice decoration for each type of home. Made of fragile ceramic and beautifully glazed, each of these fine pieces can easily change the energy in your room, complementing every aspect of the decor.

Home kitch album photos lapausekitchkatt picture

Home Kitch Album Photos Lapausekitchkatt Picture

Canisters sets for the kitchen 4

Unique character, craftsmanship, elegance and precision-these features evidently favor the use of porcelain at home.The classic set of three porcelain canisters, has the blue theme of flowers and birds. Delicate decorations fit perfectly for the kitchen.

Bohemian canister set multicolor with

Bohemian Canister Set Multicolor With
Original additions make the interior very unusual in any interior, so this unique set of containers with lids will be a perfect variation on the decor. Beautiful coloring and design on the ceramic design captivate.

Kitchen canisters ceramic 9

Ceramic canisters for kitchen use. This construction combines glazed ceramic porcelain, stainless steel and clean, simple lines. These canisters are finished in neutral white color, so they keep kitchen ingredients in storage and match any kitchen design.

Pottery canisters

Love the handles Canister set handcrafter pottery

Ceramic canister sets

These kitchen canisters are suitable for the storage of different spices. Each canister is finished in a very attractive red color and it includes some decorative carvings. All canisters stand on decorative bases.

Canister set of four urban fusion

Canister Set Of Four Urban Fusion
Set of 4 richly decorated kitchens canisters with lids. It is completely made of earthenware. Suitable for storing food. Handy gadget for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Kitchen canisters ceramic sets

This set of three, ceramic canisters in different sizes is probably must-have in every kitchen. They are decorated of colorful paint. You should use them to storage spices, flour, sugar or other food additives.

Kitchen canisters ceramic

Three canisters set in Italian style. Cast aluminium base (chocolate brown) features Fleur De Lis motif. The canisters themselves are ceramic, finished smoothly and slightly polished, sporting cream hue.

Kitchen canister set of three in

Kitchen Canister Set Of Three In
A fantastic decoration for almost any room in your home. Those three kitchen canisters are hand made from clay that is glazed and covered in turquoise. Each piece boasts of beautiful patterns and a truly charming design.

Kitchen canisters ceramic 4

A pair of wonderful kitchen canisters in a traditional Mexican style. The pieces are made of high quality ceramics and features beautiful, flowery patterns with the dominance of black. They will be a beautiful accent of your kitchen countertop.

Travis and tina wedding registry 1

Travis And Tina Wedding Registry
Imagine a coherent, modern-looking but natural-style spice set - kitchen canisters ceramic, that will put your coffee, salt or icing sugar in the best possible way, clogging the cork top. Ceramic white is varied with blue , green and brown shades.

Canisters sets for the kitchen 1

Canisters set for storing food and others needed stuff. It is made of ceramic and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Handy gadget for any kitchen.

Ceramic canisters sets for the kitchen 2

Solid, attractive and practical canisters for kitchen use. They are suitable for storing salt, pepper, sugar and different spices. Their stylish bottom accents perfectly decorate any type of kitchen indoors.

Speckled canister set of 3 kitchen storage colorful silicone seal

Speckled Canister Set Of 3 Kitchen Storage Colorful Silicone Seal
Set of 3 kitchen canisters made of high quality ceramics with gloss finish. Suitable for storing food. Functional design for each home. Perfect gift idea.

Nautical kitchen canisters

Maybe most of the spice racks look good, but they are not practical. This set of small canisters for spices will be both functional and decorative. They are small, aluminum boxes with transparent lids so you will always see what is inside.

Kitchen canisters pottery

Presented here Mercury Moss ceramic kitchen canisters appear to be mirrored, glass and stylized on antique glamor at the same time. Golden round covers perfectly match the whole set, which also proposes an initial shade of ivory.

Ceramic canisters sets

Ceramic Owl Storage Jars

Lina 3 piece canister set

Lina 3 Piece Canister Set
Enhance your kitchen decor with the Lina 3-piece canister set. These stylish, yet functional canisters are ideal for dry storage and provide a great classic look. Beautiful light blue color is a big plus and cool choice!

Mexican canisters

No more dull kitchen canisters! Why one should have a plain colored one when a multicolor set of three captivating receptacles lik these ones exist. Best of all, each canister is hand painted, so it bears uniqueness!

Kitchen canisters cream

Take a look at this Red Chalkboard Canister Set by Home Essentials and Beyond on #zulily today!

Ceramic canisters sets for the kitchen

Canister Set of Four Urban Fusion Colorful

Tried true 3 piece lissa canister set

Tried & True 3 Piece Lissa Canister Set
I know people who would go crazy at the sight of such beautiful ceramic containers for coffee, sugar and salt.Ceramic canisters have a vintage character - gray color with copper elements, beautifully decorated. And also they keep fresh your ingredients!

Grape canister sets kitchen

Arranging the kitchen zone in your apartment?Details are very important, so we suggest you this beautiful ceramic canisters set with floral design and blue, white and red colors.

Stoneware canisters for kitchen

new canisters - on my list. need to figure out what color the kitchen will end up.

Ceramic canisters sets for the kitchen 5

The charming set of these cute ceramic containers for kitchen utensils makes the decor is stylish. The Japanese retro design and functionality of the set impress and makes every kitchen possible for them to become unique.

Set the country porch features the early riser ceramic canisters

... set the country porch features the early riser ceramic canisters set

Canister sets for kitchen 1

Practical canisters for spices and other food products. These elements are suitable for kitchen use. They feature durable construction finished in red color. Its bases and lids are also decorative thanks to their carvings and gold finish.

Tuscan canisters

Set of 3 kitchen canisters for storing flour, white sugar and brown sugar. It is made from high quality ceramics and fitted with convenient lids. Neutral and functional accent for any kitchen.

Vintage 1950s lustroware redwhite set breadbox salt pepper retro kitchen

Vintage 1950s Lustroware Redwhite Set Breadbox Salt Pepper Retro Kitchen
Set of kitchen carnisters in various sizes. It is completely made of plastic. It consists of container for sugar, tea, flour, breadbox and more. Functional design for any kitchen.

Beige kitchen canisters

Bill Campbell Pottery for Sale | Bill Campbell Page 7: Matching Accessories

Cambria cansiters

Cambria Cansiters
Pretty and aesthetic though quite simple traditional kitchen canisters and bowls. They're crafted of patternless white and greenish glazed ceramic and adorned with bottom and top collars. Round lids have small mushroom-like handles.

Black abstract design kitchen canister set home kitchen 1

Black Abstract Design Kitchen Canister Set Home & Kitchen

Fruit canister sets

Comfortable kitchen is very important to make cooking a real pleasure, also how we decorate it. Imagine dropping a shelf in the kitchen with ceramic canister set for kitchen, hand-painted with cobalt flowers, and cobalt ceramic jugs.

8 piece set of vintage mervyns japan seafoam green teal

8 Piece Set Of Vintage Mervyns Japan Seafoam Green Teal Canister Set Ceramic
The gorgeous set of kitchen containers in Japanese style and the beautiful turquoise shade are the perfect combinations of unique details and exquisite form. The whole consists of eight parts and is made for vintage style.

Owl canister set

Attractive, solid and functional storage jars in interesting shapes of owls. They are available in white, yellow and orange colors. These jars are suitable for storage of salt, pepper, sugar and other spices.

Country store kitchen canister set flour sugar coffee tea ceramic

... Country Store Kitchen Canister Set Flour Sugar Coffee Tea Ceramic New

Kitchen canister sets ceramic

Made of clay and olive wood, this set of beautiful containers is a great example of handmade crafting. Made in Italy, these dishwasher-safe items have the size of 8"H, 5.5" diameter each.

Ceramic canisters by gg collection at horchow

Ceramic Canisters by GG Collection at Horchow

Italian canisters

Sears Merry Mushrooms canister set

Vintage set of three ceramic house

Vintage Set Of Three Ceramic House
Charmful set of ceramic canisters, house shaped - typical example of vintage kitchen accessories. Produced in Japan in the 1970s. Each 'house' differs in details, having different roof, windows and doors.