Ceramic Utensil Holder Crock


Are you tired of digging around in a drawer looking for the utensil you need when you need it? Have you had it with those cheap flimsy plastic utensil crocks they just keep falling over when you put too much weight in the back? Then you are ready to upgrade to a ceramic utensil Holder crock. These are well made, and we have plenty of styles for you to choose from to accent your kitchen.

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Our Picks

Vibrant Utensil Holder

Vibrant Utensil Holder


Featuring a fluted design, this yellow utensil holder is a multi-functional piece that can work in different contexts. Its glossy glaze adds to its contemporary appeal while its textured surface provides a good grip when holding or cleaning it.

Designer Advice:

Its versatile look and design make it a great pick for different interior styles, especially those in the contemporary, farmhouse, maximalist, cottage, and bohemian range. Pair it with other bright-colored kitchen accessories, if you’re aiming for a cheerful look in the kitchen. Aside from a utensil holder, this can also be used to organize paint brushes, writing tools, and even flowers.

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Cottage Style Utensil Holder

Cottage Style Utensil Holder

Gracie Oaks

Rustic and charming, this blue ceramic utensil holder exudes the chic functionality of farmhouse décor. Its body is embossed with subtle floral and geometric motifs that add to its character. Meanwhile, the rim has a distressed finish that lends a vintage touch. 

$24.42 $25.99

Embossed Utensil Holder

Embossed Utensil Holder


Organize your countertop with this large yellow kitchen utensil holder. In front, it is embossed with the word “UTENSILS” which gives it a cute and quirky appeal. It has a smooth glaze which makes it easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher.

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Caribbean Inspired Utensil Holder

Caribbean Inspired Utensil Holder

This blue kitchen utensil holder brings the images of a breezy ocean on a warm summer’s day. Its curved silhouette and ribbed middle part make it easy to hold. Offered in two sizes, you can easily organize your kitchen based on the utensils that you need to store.

Designer Advice:

The perfect piece for a coastal, bohemian, or shabby chic kitchen. This particular color will look great when placed with white, teal, or black dining or cooking utensils. We recommend getting both sizes so that you have a designated piece for large and small implements instead of bunching them in one large holder. 

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Oversized Utensil Holder

Oversized Utensil Holder

Winston Porter

Large white cutlery holder with a cylindrical form, rimmed edges, and a ribbed center. This piece comes with a divider so you can arrange your utensils into three sections. A non-slip pad keeps the divider secured from the inside.


Designer Advice:

The clean and crisp white color of this piece will look great atop a dark gray or black countertop. While it is versatile, pairing it with gold, brass, or rose gold pieces will definitely lend a glam factor to your kitchen. A great choice for contemporary, transitional, modern, and traditional kitchens.

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Ceramic Utensil Holder Crock

Buying Guide

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the home which is often likely to get messy and untidy. Keeping it clean is often an effort which must be collectively managed by the entire household. If you're struggling to keep on top of your kitchen, a good way to improve instantly is to buy storage items for various pieces of cutlery and crockery. You will soon find that your kitchen looks less messy than it did before! Here are a few things to think about when buying ceramic utensil holders for your kitchen.

Most utensil holders are capable of holding around six large utensils. Based on this, you can check out the drawers and cupboards of your kitchen to decide how many utensil holders you think you need to buy.

You should think about how many items you have in your kitchen which could be stored in a ceramic utensil holder crock. If you have quite a large collection, you should consider buying more than one utensil holder and splitting the items between them.

Matching the color of a utensil holder with the kitchen's color palette will depend on the number of items you are going to purchase. If you are going to buy more than one, you should think about either a matching pair or several holders that match and complement each other.

  • One utensil holder: For those buying just one holder, consider the décor of your kitchen, paying particular attention to any existing storage items which you already have. If you have holders already to contain other items, try to find something which matches the color or at least complements it. For example, if you already have a black ceramic utensil holder, buy another which is white or cream. You could even be a little more adventurous and opt for something bright such as red or blue, but always taking into account the colors already in the kitchen.
  • Two utensil holders: This is a common number of utensil holders to buy, since not many people have in excess of ten utensils. The nice thing about buying a pair of utensil holders is that you can experiment with the colors. For example, if you have themed your kitchen around two particular colors, you can use these as inspiration when you go shopping for utensil holders.
  • More than two utensil holders: Choosing the right colors when you're buying three or more utensil holders can be a challenge. You can choose either two of the same colors and one different one, three of the same color, or three different colors altogether. With ceramic holders, there is a wide range of colors available once you start shopping, and you may even come across utensil holder sets which already have suitable colors that work together.

Once you've decided that you want to buy ceramic utensil holders, the only things left to decide are how many holders to buy and which colors you want. This can be a fun shopping trip, and there are plenty of ideas to be found online.

Best Ideas

Yellow ceramic crock

Yellow ceramic crock

Ceramic crock finished in yellow color. This simple looking and practical element provides useful space for holding kitchen accessories. Each element of this type features two small handles for better transportation.

Monogram kitchen utensil holder

Monogram kitchen utensil holder

Ceramic kitchen utensil holder crock in nice shade of pale aqua green, with a monogram on it. I immediately think of French country home décor; it would bring a hint of colour into a crisp white kitchen

Ceramic utensil holder crock 2

Sometimes a substantial, attractively looking jar (yellow!) is an icing on the cake that your carefully curated kitchen decor needs. Check out these earthenware untensil jars. Their design got its inspiration from colors of spring.

Sur La Table Deruta-Style Utensil Holder 514 DERUTA

Utensil holder with pocket tan utensil crock pottery spatula holder

Utensil holder with pocket, Tan utensil crock, Pottery spatula holder

Ceramic utensil holder crock 28

Solid, ceramic finish and beautiful yellow painting stand behind the awesomeness of this stoneware and ceramic utensil holder. Its vibrant appeal will add a gorgeous accent to one's kitchen.

Ceramic utensil holder crock 30

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Utensil crock stoneware pottery utensil holder ceramic crock

... Utensil Crock - Stoneware Pottery Utensil Holder - Ceramic Crock

Ceramic utensil holder crock 4

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Le creuset stoneware utensil crock 2 25 qt black onyx

Le Creuset Stoneware Utensil Crock (2.25-qt.) (Black Onyx) at Cooking ...

Pottery utensil crock

This old fashioned pot is made of burned up clay. It is covered of olive paint and it is little worn-out, there is inscription, but it is obliterated. In spite of it is will be very useful in your kitchen - you can storage flour there.

Ceramic utensil holder crock 29

Utensil Holder Pottery Crock by JenniferBurkePottery

Ceramic utensil holder crock 32

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Crock utensil holder

Metric Ceramic Crocks. Small: 8" wide x 7" deep x 8" high. Large: 9.5" wide x 8.25" deep x 10" high

Ceramic utensil holder crock 20

Pottery Utensil Crock - Brown and Seafoam Green Ceramic Utensil Holder

Ceramic utensil crock

Mason Jar Ceramic Utensil Crock

Pottery utensil holder extra large utensil by laurenbauschoriginal

Pottery Utensil Holder Extra Large Utensil by LaurenBauschOriginal, $ ...

Ceramic utensil holder crock 26

I could actually use something like this. I currently have all utensils like this thrown into two drawers.

Ceramic utensil holder crock 7

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Look what i found on zulily white rooster 7 utensil

Look what I found on #zulily! White Rooster 7'' Utensil Crock by Home Essentials and Beyond #zulilyfinds

Stoneware utensil crock

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Kitchen utensil crock stoneware and ceramic utensil holder kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat bestthisthat

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Ceramic utensil holder crock 27

Kitchen Utensil Crock - Stoneware and Ceramic Utensil Holder #kitchenutensilcrockbestthisthat #bestthisthat

Le Creuset Stoneware 2 3/4-Quart Utensil Crock, White