Napkin Holder With Weight

Napkin holders are surely details but they can still make for a nice decoration, don’t you think? This collection offers an insight into an incredibly diverse choice of such holders, all of which are elegant in their own manner. Do you want to check out all of them or do you already have a favourite?

Classic Napkin Holder

Classic Napkin Holder
This highly elaborate napkin holder has been made of aluminum by skilled artisans. Just look at these decorative elements - they look so classic. It has been finished in bronze. A perfect piece for everyone who values quality.

Napkin holder with weighted arm

Christmas Ceramic Napkin Holder with Tree Shaped Weight

Mariposa napkin holders

Napkin holder with turtle theme. It is made of metal with silver finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and elegant design.

Napkin holder with weight 13

Large and square distressed wood napkin holder is braced on all sides with metal strapping and incorporates a dumb bell metal bar as the paper weight. brbrliDimensions: 9.5"w x 9.5"dlibrBR...

Cast Iron Napkin Holder

Cast Iron Napkin Holder
Napkin holder made from strong and durable cast iron. Openwork pattern on the edges adds a rustic style. Should be cleaned with damp cloth. It is well appreciated by the customers.

Wooden serviette holder

Natural Wooden Napkin Holder with Weighted Arm. Perfect display for dining rooms to hold serviettes and napkins! 01353 665141

Napkin holder with weight 19

Mariposa Beaded Napkin Box with Starfish Weight

Fleur de lis metal napkin holder w hold down weight

Fleur-De-Lis-Metal-Napkin-Holder-w-Hold-down-Weight-Tuscan-Saints ...

Weighted napkin holder

Tides Cocktail Napkin Holder with Seashell Weight

Napkin holder with weight 7

Mariposa Beaded Napkin Box with Little Piggy Weight

Napkin holder with weight 28

The Paper Store Mariposa® Beaded Napkin Box with Open Heart Weight

Napkin holder with weight 33

Recycled Sand-cast Aluminum Beaded Napkin Box with Dragonfly Weight.

Napkin holder with weight 15

Great item for rustic decorated rooms. This napkin holder will be great addition to raw style of the decor. Weight with stone in the top of it will allow to keep the napkins in one place. Simply and small, but very effective.

Napkin holder with weight 2

An attractive classic napkin holder crafted of metal with a beautiful bronze finish. It features a rich ornamented square frame with low angle feet and elevated corners of top edges. It's equipped with a fleur-de-lis weight on a chain.

Country porch provides this iron cocktail napkin holder the weight

Country Porch provides this iron cocktail napkin holder. The weight ...

Napkin holder with weight 30

Napkin / Serviette Holder in White with White by chocberryavenue, $28.00

Hanover Napkin Holder

Hanover Napkin Holder

Square napkin holder

A pretty and elegant gadget which is a napkin holder. It's made of top quality bamboo wood with subtle decorations on the sides and a practical weight to keep the napkins still. You can place it on a dining table or in the bathroom.

Napkin holder with weight 5

Some people may laugh, but napkins can influence a lot a interior character. That's why the holder with weight, made for napking, of antique brown steel - can be your napkins best friend. Don't worry about wind, when you have such a solid, full of heart item.

Napkin holder with weight 14

A pretty vintage rustic style napkin holder made of metal with a distressed finish in grey and brown tones. It has a rectangular base on tiny ball feet and decorative side rails with scrolls and leaves. It's equipped with a flip-up bird-like weight.

Napkin holder with weight 3

Perfect bamboo napkin holder with little tiny weight. Wooden design looks perfect on big, restaurant or dining tables outside, where you're too afraid the wind would blow to much, you can use these cool holders.

Napkin holder with weight 36

Metal Pine Cone Napkin Holder With Pine Cone Weight-5.5" Square

Napkin holder box

Rustic Beige Wood Napkin / Serviette Holder with Clay Heart Weight

Creative Co-op DA2228 Wood Cocktail Napkin Holder, 8.5-Inch

Napkin holder with weight 25

Chalkboard Napkin Box w/ Stone Weight on A charming gift or whimsical addition to the indoor or outdoor table, this stoneware napkin box has a chalkboard finish, as well as a stone-shaped weight with the word, "stay."

Napkin holder with weight 26

OGGI Napkin Holder w/ Lift-up Bar. Why It's Cool: Clean and sleek design with enough weight to keep napkins in place in the stiffest breeze

Copper napkin holder 1

Napkin holder for residential and commercial premises. It is made of copper with antique finish. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is very well appreciated by customers for high quality and elegant design.

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Copper napkin holder 12

Napkin ring made of copper. Elegant accent for the kitchen, dining room and others interiors according to taste.

Copper napkin holder 8

Antique, copper napkin holder with a slightly rusty, weathered design and a hammered surface which adds to the authentic look of this piece. The little decorative floral pin on the side gives it a fresh appearance.

Hand woven rattan basket comes complete with 20 3 ply

Hand woven rattan basket comes complete with 20 3-ply cocktail napkins and a fan shell weight. From Mudpie

Copper napkin rings

This square napkin holder constitutes an antique masterpiece. Made from copper, it successfully withstood the test of time. It will be an eye-catching accent in almost every kid of decor.

Napkin holders 10

Napkin Holders

Brass napkin holder

This old-fashioned napkin holder is inspired of medieval style. It is made of solid brass and it has sculptural decoration. It will be very useful in your vintage living room and you can use it too in traditional restaurant.

Napkin holder with weight 34


Ceramic napkin holder white

5 inch clear acrylic lunch square napkin holder with rod weight. I would use it it my garden during throwing a party for my family and friends. Cool idea for stormy days and windy nights, when you know your nappkins are safe! ;)

View larger stone napkin holder

View Larger Stone Napkin Holder

Napkin holder with weight 1

Make sure your household is styled to the maximum with this napkin holder that sports the stripe design and comes with the shell weight to ensure that they are secure and won't scatter all over the house.

Stone Napkin Holder

Stone Napkin Holder
It is an elegant stone napkin holder that adds beauty and style to any home. It is great as a gift for your friends and family. You will be impressed how amazing and nicely finished this product is.

Napkin weights

Antique Brown Arched Pattern Napkin Holder with Weighted Arm. Table Decor and Storage Idea! Just £9.50! 01353 665141

Versailles Napkin Holder

Versailles Napkin Holder
It is a stylish Versailles napkin holder that is handcrafted and is made of iron and antique patina. Everyone will tell you how beautiful and nicely finished this product is. It is a very good choice.

Napkin holder with weight 29

Pewter Cocktail Napkin Box with Feather Weight | Ewin's Dry Goods

Napkin holder with weight 4

Prettily topped with a petals napkin weight, Salisbury's napkin holder is handsomely crafted. The wood body of the holder is sleekly polished to reveal the grain and texture of the wood.

Buddy Napkin Holder

Buddy Napkin Holder
It is a great and extraordinary buddy napkin holder that is made of molded wood and plastic and has got a matte black finish. It is perfect as a gift for your friends, or as an addition to your office space.

Stones Napkin Holder

Stones Napkin Holder
It is a stones napkin holder that adds beauty and style to any home. It has got a stainless steel construction and finish. It is great as a gift for your friends and family. You need to have it.

Napkin holder with weight 31

Perfect when paired with a napkin holder, our stag weight is perfect for anyone who celebrates the outdoors.

Hanover Napkin Holder

Hanover Napkin Holder
Add style and elegance to any home with this beautiful napkin holder. It is made of copper and has got a copper finish. If you looking for a great napkin holder, you need to choose this one.

Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder
This charming napkin holder is a charming accent practical and decorative table setting. Beautiful colors and subtle embellishment makes it ideal for on a daily basis.It holds a lot of napkins and while this looks great.

Handcrafted wooden cocktail napkin size holder complete with polished great

Handcrafted wooden cocktail napkin size holder complete with polished great heron detailed napkin weight.

Scroll Napkin Holder in Black

Scroll Napkin Holder in Black