Cast Iron Pot Rack


Sometimes pots and pans can be very heavy and difficult to store. For this particular conundrum, quality pot racks were created to hang above kitchen islands and out of the way until needed. We offer the rugged strength of cast iron pot racks for your kitchen that will support as many pots as you need to put on it. See collection for more details.

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Corner pan stand

Display and store your cast iron pans! Fantastic idea for do-it-yourself iron pot rack. Ideal thing when you wanna keep pans and kitchen items handy. The only minus is that they can get dusty very quickly.

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Cast iron pot rack

This cast iron pot rack and pan display was made from wood pallets and sports the recycled and repurposed materials of the structure to ensure an original look and give a bit of an oomph to your household decor.

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Cast iron pot rack 1

Pot rack in industrial style. It is completely made of cast iron with antique finish. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Functional design for each kitchen as needed.

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Blacksmith wall mount bar hooks

Blacksmith wall mount bar hooks

The strong finish, in deep brown - gives birth to an impressive look in a simple element that becomes decorative. This is a pot rack made of heavy iron. It has five hooks that give enough freedom even to the heaviest coats, and biggest hats.

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Classicor Series Wrought-Iron Semicircle Pot Rack

Classicor Series Wrought-Iron Semicircle Pot Rack

Decorative pot rack made of wrought iron with satin nickel finish. Its design is quite rough, yet charming, great for a traditionally styled decor. With this rack you get twelve hooks and necessary mounting accessories.

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Cast iron pot rack 7

Well-built freestanding cast iron pot rack offering up to seven shelves and an array of metallic hooks to organize your kitchen. The rack is supported by three strong frames and stands on sturdy legs too for extra bit of stability. It’s a great piece for the modern kitchen.

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Buy hahn single bar wooden ceiling rack espresso online at

Buy Hahn Single Bar Wooden Ceiling Rack, Espresso Online at Pot rack; saw it hung with just cast iron frying pans.

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Old dutch 60 inch cookware stand graphite kitchen

Old Dutch 60-Inch Cookware Stand, Graphite (Kitchen)

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Corner pot rack stand

A simple rack for pots in a minimalist design. It features a metal pipe attached to the wall with a few standard hooks. It doesn't need much space, but it will store all your pots and you will have easy access to them.

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Oval Pot Rack

Oval Pot Rack

Dutch style ceiling pot rack hanging on sturdy silvery chains that supports oval black frame with multiple black racks. Centre grid shelf creates some additional display and organization space. Essential in a kitchen area.

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Cast Iron Pot Rack

Buying Guide

The best place to hang a cast iron pot rack would be where you can easily access it. For this reason, pot racks are usually hung over an island where you can use them for prep work while cooking.

Hang your pot rack approximately 40 to 48 inches above your island as a general guideline. When considering the pot rack's weight, take in factors like the weight and number of pots you will be hanging as well. Also, ensure the area is cool and dry to avoid the build-up of rust. You can also wrap your cast iron pots in paper towels to protect them from moisture.

Cast iron can be susceptible to rust if it isn’t regularly treated with a protective layer of carbonized oil. This layer of oil is called seasoning and is what preserves the cast iron from moisture damage. Seasoning cast iron pots is simple, but protecting your cast iron pot rack is more challenging.

To prevent your cast iron pot rack from rusting, hang it in an area that is not exposed to moisture. A dry environment limits oxidation and rust formation.

You can also buy rust-inhibiting spray, which you can apply to your cast iron pot rack annually. If your pot rack becomes chipped or dented, repair the damage and apply a sealant as soon as possible. These weakened areas provide an exposed surface for the rust to develop.

Best Ideas

Cast iron pot rack idea 1

Cast iron pot rack idea

Cast iron pot rack 5

Extra strong cast iron pot rack designed to help you organize your kitchen. The rack comes fitted with several hooks for your pots and a large shelf at the top for additional storage space. It’s easy to mount too and its neat industrial black finish will easily match up to any wall.

The rail anchor pot rack system is a functional piece

The Rail Anchor Pot Rack System is a functional piece of heavy duty Railroadware with a rustic lacquer finish that is wall mounted. It will make an handsome addition to any home or restaurant. The rack is mounted on the wall and sits in two rail anchors

Cast iron pot rack 14

Wrought Iron Decor Rectangle Rack by Enclume

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Cast iron pot rack 1

A casual rustic style wall-mounted pot rack manufactured of cast iron finished in black. It's built of 2 small flat rectangular backplates and 2 sturdy quite long horizontal rods equipped with hooks.

Cast iron saucepan stand

Turn a quilt rack into a pot and pan rack

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