Stainless Steel Spice Rack

Buy the best stainless steel spice rack selected and recommended by interior designers. By Tara Gosselin.

Here's a wonderful option to keep spices within arm's reach while you're busy in the kitchen or even outdoors at your grill! The easy clean and sleek look of stainless steel, and the space saving ability to keep your cabinets and counter space for other items makes these wall mounted spice racks an easy go to choice for anyone who enjoys cooking. This spicy collection is bound to have exactly what you need.

Zero Gravity Spice Rack and Jar Set

Zero Gravity Spice Rack and Jar Set

Zero Gravity Spice Rack and Jar Set



If you tend to lose or drop your spice jars often, this stainless steel spice rack is the best solution for you. It holds 12 airtight jars with magnetic bases that attach easily and securely to the top and the bottom of the rack.

Designer Advice

This kitchen spice rack is a space-saver and will do wonders for your organization. Its magnetic feature allows you to grab your spices and put them back with ease. It can be conveniently attached to the doors of your pantry, refrigerator, or even your walls with screws or heavy-duty double-sided tape. The black and silver finish on the rack and jars look sleek and stylish — perfect for modern kitchens.

Countertop Steel Spice Rack

Countertop Steel Spice Rack

Countertop Steel Spice Rack



This stainless steel spice rack is a multifunctional addition for busy and tiny kitchen countertops. It holds multiple kitchen tools in its three-tier frame that is designed to fit into corner spaces. The rack comes in a sleek silver finish.

Designer Advice

If you tend to make a mess in the kitchen, then you’ll find this countertop spice rack quite helpful. It comes with a durable body that’s resistant to water, smoke, and rust. Plus, its shelves come with hollowed-out tiny holes that ensure your items remain dry and clean. Meanwhile, its anti-slip feet prevent the rack from moving or slipping on smooth countertops.

Compact Stainless Steel Spice Rack

Compact Stainless Steel Spice Rack

Compact Stainless Steel Spice Rack


If you have fewer spices to store and a small kitchen, then this stainless steel spice rack is an ideal choice. It has a sleek white magnetic body with protective rails and attaches to any metal surface. It stores three to six spice jars.

Designer Advice

This stylish spice rack for the kitchen is a neat and convenient way to store spices on your refrigerator wall. It comes in a glossy white finish that complements contemporary-minimal decor styles. It also works well in small and cluttered spaces because of its clean lines and simple construction. The white protective rail prevents your spice bottles from falling while enabling you to see your jars’ contents.

Stainless Steel Spice Rack and Jar Set

Stainless Steel Spice Rack and Jar Set

Stainless Steel Spice Rack and Jar Set



This stainless steel spice rack and spice jar set is a great choice for busy kitchens and cooks. It can store 20 jars in its compact body and offers easy accessibility with its spinning carousel design. The rack has a silver finish.

Designer Advice

Help your family locate spices quickly with this smart stainless steel rack for spices. It takes very little space and fits snugly in a packed corner on your countertop. Accessing every spice is super easy with its spinning design. Its brushed stainless steel surface in silver and black-capped clear jars blend with urban and traditional aesthetics.

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Stainless Steel Spice Rack

Buying Guide

Stainless steel spice racks with wall mounts can fit different spices depending on the model you opt for. To give you an idea, twelve is a popular starting point that lets you store the most common herbs and spices as well as a couple of your favorite ones.

However, you can find both smaller and, especially, larger stainless steel spice racks with wall mount.

When opting for larger models, the trick is to look for a design that matches the layout of your kitchen: for example, you could choose two long shelves or, if you only have room for it in a tight corner, a spice rack consisting of multiple small layers.

Spice racks work extremely well mounted on a kitchen wall within reach of your preparation station. You should hang the wall mount spice rack proportional to your height so you can easily reach each item and place it back without straining. If you’re using your spice rack outside, you can attach it to your grill so that it hangs from the bottom, making each spice jar accessible while grilling.

A stainless steel spice rack wall mount works well in almost any kitchen. Not only aesthetically pleasing but also saving space, these models can last for an extremely long time if maintained and looked after well.

Best Ideas

Metal spice rack wall mount

Prodyne M-912 Stainless Steel Spice Rack, 12-Bottle by Prodyne. $24.97. Sits on counter or mounts to the wall. Screws included. High-quality, brushed stainless. Includes 4 extra sifters with smaller holes, if needed. Includes removable sifters. Prodyne M-

Spice rack stainless steel wall mounted

Arrange your spices beautifully and without too much hassle by opting for this amazing spice rack. It includes the glas spice jars to and a small window to make it easier to pick the piece you want.

Wall or cabinet space consider hanging a spice holder over

... wall or cabinet space, consider hanging a spice holder over the metal

Stainless steel spice rack wall mount 2

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Metal spice racks wall mounted

Wall Mounted or Counter top Spice Rack to hold commonly used spices near the stove. Doesn't appear to take up too much room.

Custom diy spice rack in your ikea kitchen

Custom DIY spice rack in your IKEA kitchen



Wall mounted 15 bottle spice rack made from stainless steel. You can keep your favourite spices or herbs inside this tiny bottles. Would be very handy and practical in every kitchen or didning area.

Stainless steel spice rack wall mount

A great pot rack that combines simple elegance with functionality. You can easily mount the piece to the wall and get quick access to your pots. It's also equipped in 15" deep top shelf where you can keep other kitchen necessities.

Metal spice racks

1-Line Spice Rack: Wall mounted stainless steel spice rack with 13 glass jars with cork tops. Available at DESU DESIGN

Stainless spice rack

Olde Thompson 25-680 20-Jar Stainless-Steel Spice Rack with Spices: Kitchen & Dining

Hanging pan rack ikea

Keep your spices handy and visible with this hanging stainless steel spice rack. It can be mounted almost anywhere, but having it close to the stove would certainly make your spices accessible. Practical, minimalistic, and quite easy to install.

Stainless spice rack wall mount

6 Wall Mounted Magnetic Stainless Steel Spice Jars & Rack ,

Lipper International Soho 20 Piece Stainless Steel Container And Large Board Set

Lipper International Soho 20 Piece Stainless Steel Container And Large Board Set

A beautiful set of twenty stainless steel and large board containers for your spices that will help you keep your interior clean and perfectly organized from now on, while your spices stay fresh and never lose taste.

Stainless steel spice rack wall mount 4

i want a magnetic spice / knife rack... they're so convenient and amazing.

Wall mounted honeycomb magnetic glass

Wall mounted honeycomb magnetic glass

Wall mounted spice rack with stainless steel frame and magnetic glass jars for the storage of spices or other products. Honeycomb stylization of this rack is not only practical, but also very aesthetic.

Stainless steel spice rack wall mount 1

A stylish wall mounted rack for spices, made from stainless steel, embodies style and sustainability. Its minimal design, will for sure find its adherents in many contemporary apartments. Made from 1/4" thick brushed steel bars, design to resemble a seamless, floating line.

Three layer stainless steel hanging spice rack wall

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2 pack single tier wall mounted holder stainless steel

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Prodyne stainless steel 12 bottle spice rack

Prodyne Stainless Steel 12 Bottle Spice Rack -

Oia stainless steel wall mount spice rack reviews wayfair

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