Stainless Steel Roasting Pan With Lid

For longer than most of us can remember, stainless steel has been the go-to cooking option in pots and pans. Now we give you our collection of stainless steel roasting pans with lid. With this, feel free to roast just about anything, with the knowledge that it will not stain the pan, and will be easy to clean after. Roast meat, vegetables, or whatever your pleasure. The sky's the limit.

Best Products

11.88" Roasting Pan with Cover

11.88" Roasting Pan with Cover
Well-built indoor roasting pan featuring a neat combination of white with touches of black for incredible appeal. The roasting pan also comes with a cover on top and two chrome-plated metal handles on either side for easy portability. It’s also large enough to be used for barbecues for a crowd.

Old Britain Castles Pink Sugar Bowl with Lid

Old Britain Castles Pink Sugar Bowl with Lid
Wonderful antique style sugar bowl crafted of quality ivory-coloured earthenware and all featuring an intricate design showing an 18th century castle, a date of its setting and landscape in pink hues. It has small feet, 2 lugs and a lid with a grip.

Stainless Steel 16" Roasting Pan with Rack and Turkey Forks

Stainless Steel 16" Roasting Pan with Rack and Turkey Forks
This beautifully made of stainless steel roasting pan with rack and turkey forks is the perfect solution for the kitchen. It is rugged, ergonomically-made, well-suited to any home. Easy to use and keep clean.

Deep Fry Pan With Lid

Deep Fry Pan With Lid
An aesthetic round deep modern frying pan of dark grey finished metal. It has a non-stick inner coating. Its long handle and C-shaped handle as well as a C-like handle of a round glass lid (having a metal rim and a vent) are of chromed steel.

Stainless steel baking pan with lid

Now you can make the roast for your entire family, since it will never prove easier than with this amazing stainless steel covered roaster. It offers the design that includes a large meat rack and riveted handles.

Kitchenaid stainless steel 18 in double roaster

KitchenAid Stainless Steel 18-in Double Roaster

Stainless steel roasting pan with lid

This elegant, smoothly-designed roasting pan is made from stainless steel, which ensures high quality and solidness. It features removable steamer inserts, heat-resistant handles, and a built-in thermometer inside the glass lid.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are stainless steel roasting pans good?

Equipping your kitchen with a stainless steel roasting pan is an excellent idea. These types of pans hold heat well, which allows you to use less energy and keep your foot as hot as possible. They’re easy to clean and store without needing much protection. These types of pots and pans tend to be cost-effective, and they’ll last for a very long time. If you look carefully enough, you might even find a stainless steel pan that’s dishwasher-safe, which could save you a lot of time scrubbing!

Should a roasting pan have a lid?

A roasting pan should have a lid. A covered roasting pan will cook food quicker than an uncovered one. It creates a mini-oven within your regular oven.

The lid traps moisture which condenses and then drips back on the food. You can remove the lid if you want the meal to have a crispy crust. In case browning is happening too fast before the meat is cooked to the right temperature, the roasting pan lid will slow the process. The lid may have corrugated or protruding areas to encourage the condensation and dripping.

A lid reflects heat back onto the food ensuring more even cooking. The lid can also help food stay warm after you remove it from the oven. Some roasting pan lids can be flipped over and used as a roasting pan in their own right. You have more cooking options when your roasting pan has a lid than when it does not.


Stainless steel roaster pan with lid

A simple, stainless steel oblong pan. Perfect both for cooking and roasting, perfect for preparing food for a family gathering. The simplistic steel makes it fit any kitchen design and looks great on your oven.

Stainless steel turkey roaster with lid

This rotating pan is the perfect equipment for dishing your food at large family gatherings or at parties. It’s made from stainless steel so it doesn’t rust even after long periods of use. It can also rotate around its axis and comes with a lid.

Fox Run 10-Quart Stainless Steel Oval Roaster Set

This oval roaster set from stainless steel comes with a rack and high domed lid to provide utmost convenience and the new quality of cooking, making it childishly simple to cook a meal for your entire family from now on.

Cuisinox PAN-3526 Covered Rectangular Roaster with Rack, 35 by 26cm

This simple and elegant ractangular roaster with rack and cover is ideal vessel for cooking delicius dishes. Made of stainless steel is durable and well suited to the preparation of many delicacies.

Stainless steel roaster with interior rack lid doubles as a

Stainless steel roaster with interior rack. Lid doubles as a saute pan ...

Stainless steel roasting pan with a rack 0 7mm thickness

Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with a Rack, 0.7mm Thickness

WMF Stainless Steel Deep Oval Roasting Pan, 16-1/4-Inch

A stainless steel oval roasting pan, perfect to suit your every need in the kitchen, even if you are just the most demanding user possible. Not only is it durable, but also easy to use and of the best quality.

Stainless steel roasting pan with lid 1

This multi-functional pan is a must-have of every well-equipped kitchen. You can use it for roasting, searing, browning or sauteing. It features loop handles which guarantee a safe grip and a lid made of stainless steel.

GraniteWare Collection Black Covered Roaster

This sensational roaster is the perfect dish for roasting meats. Fits easily turkey. Made of carbon steel construction is extremely durable and this has a porcelain interior, through which food does not stick during baking.

Mainstays Stainless Steel Roaster

Looking for something a roaster able to easily contain the whole chicken? This Stainless Steel Roaster provides 4 qt capacity, and sturdy construction for proper treatment of your roasted birds. The high lid and pan are equipped in convenient handles.

Stainless steel roasting pan with lid

Functional kitchen accessory made of stainless steel. This roasting pan is equipped with a durable lid. It is finished in shiny silver color and its materials are resistant to wear caused by negative factors.

Stainless steel roasters with lids

WMF Large Oval Roasting Pan with Lid

Metal roasting pan with lid



High roaster pan made of stainless steel, each will feature a culinary composition. The pan can be used for roasting chickens or ham or even for making lasagna. Easy to clean. It measures 10.25 inches wide x 14.25 inches long x 4 inches deep.

All-Clad 650618 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe 6-Quart Round Roaster/Cookware, Silver

This elegant and very stylish round roaster / cookware is the perfect vessel for cooking perfect dishes. Made of stainless steel has a cooper core, which gives the whole style and character.

Stainless steel high dome oven roaster pan m e heuck

Stainless Steel High Dome Oven Roaster Pan M. E. Heuck Company 36040

Lindys stainless steel roaster with rack lid 3 quarts

Lindy's Stainless Steel Roaster with Rack & Lid, 3 Quarts