Stainless Steel Griddle Plate

Buy the best stainless steel griddle plate selected and recommended by interior designers. By Tara Gosselin.

Do you love to cook on a griddle and want the easy cleaning and natural sanitary advantages of stainless steel? Then get that pancake batter ready, or prep your grilled cheese, because you are about to take your tastebuds for a ride when you cook on one of the stainless steel griddle plates. Take a look at what we are talking about in this collection.

Stainless Steel Griddle With Drip Tray

Stainless Steel Griddle With Drip Tray


Stainless Steel Griddle With Drip Tray




What We Like: Generous cooking surface

What We Don’t Like: May not fit smaller grills

Not So Good For: Charcoal grills

Perfect For: Cooking for a crowd

Transform your grill into a flat-top griddle with this stainless steel griddle. It offers 224 in² of cook space, perfect for entertaining or cooking for a large family. The high side walls keep in juices and sauces so that you can lock in flavor.

Use the built-in grease well for easy drainage and quick cleanup. The griddle sits front to back on your grill and may also fit on larger 6-burner gas stovetops. Use the griddle for burgers, seafood, pancakes, bacon, eggs, and more. It’s great for big family breakfasts or cooking multiple dishes at once during neighborhood cookouts.

Stainless Steel Griddle Plate For BBQ

Stainless Steel Griddle Plate For BBQ

Stainless Steel Griddle Plate For BBQ



What We Like: Heavy-gauge steel construction; two handles for easy portability

What We Don’t Like: Narrow grease well

Not So Good For: Stovetop cooking

Perfect For: Charcoal or gas grill

This stainless steel griddle plate is the ultimate BBQ accessory. The heavy-duty plate won’t warp under high heat and is compatible with charcoal or gas grills, so it could be used at home or on a camping trip. The two handles help to move the griddle plate between cooking surfaces.

Use the griddle for anything that you’d use in a skillet or frying pan, from french toast to sausage to hashbrowns. It’s also perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and vegetables, and since it can handle high-volume cooking, it is an excellent addition to a food truck.

Non Stick Stainless Steel Griddle

Non Stick Stainless Steel Griddle

Non Stick Stainless Steel Griddle



What We Like: Pouring spout and off-set handles

What We Don’t Like: Slightly small cooking surface

Not So Good For: Commercial cooking; tailgates

Perfect For: Fits on most burner cooktops

This stainless steel griddle plate features a pouring spout that can be used to drain grease or save juices to create a gravy or sauce. The signature design has off-set handles that simplify lifting and transferring the griddle without tipping juices or grease onto the floor. The griddle is constructed from heavy-duty Tri-Ply for optimal temperature control and even cooking.

The griddle can be used with most burner cooktops, including gas, electric coil, induction, and smooth electric cooktops. Cook burgers, steaks, and pork chops, all from your own kitchen. After use, the griddle can be washed in the dishwasher, making it a great option for busy families.  

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